Lucky Stars – Boxed Set by 7 Paranormal Romance Authors

Lucky Stars CoverI’m proud to announce the release of “Lucky Stars” From the folks who brought you Three Times Lucky, our original menage boxed set, comes:

Thank your Lucky Stars…
Seven romantic novellas take the reader out of this world and into worlds of sexy heroes and strong feisty heroines. From the stars in futuristic sci fi, to wolf shifters, to Greek gods, to ancient curses and fairy tales, seven of today’s hot romance authors take you on journeys of the heart where the only rule is a happily ever after.

7 complete stories-500 pages of romance happily ever afters.

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I’ll share a teaser from “Submit to Him” soon..

#Author News – Imprint Editor at Assent Publishing Seeks #Erotic Novels

I’ve recently taken over as the Imprint Editor for Ardent Books, the erotic arm of Assent Publishing!  This is a larger chance to give back to the community that spawned and supported me. Below you’ll find what we’re seeking in erotic fiction!  Please feel free to forward this to your writer friends!

Ardent Books, a royalty paying house, is proud to publish the finest in quality erotica novels.  We’re actively accepting submissions from aspiring and established authors in a wide range of erotica and erotic subgenres.  Stories must have a clearly recognizable hook from the start, appeal to our wide female audience and capture the male mind as well.

Accepted Erotica Subgenres include:

Science Fiction

If you write in an erotic subgenre not listed, feel free to query!


We won’t shy away from tales of Lifestyle love or poly themes but we do have some additional guidelines. For BDSM, no hardcore BDSM acts may be portrayed, the Lifestyle itself contains plenty of mental aspects along with physical things and we’d like to see that reflected in your stories.  This does not mean put the whips away; it just means no brutality or kink for kink sake.  We’re less concerned with the number of partners and more concerned with story dynamics, plot, and great characterization. If your triad has a fourth, fine as long as it makes sense and adheres to our guidelines.

Of course, don’t forget the sizzling sensuality. Capture the passion between the characters for all levels of the novel, not just the sex.

We accept completed manuscripts of 50,000 words up to 120,000 words.

What we will under no circumstances publish:

NO BESTIALITY (shifters in paranormal/sci-fi/fantasy don’t count)
NO RAPE (Consensual Non Consent had better be very well written and clear.)
NO NECROPHILIA (Undead doesn’t count)

Sending in your manuscript:

If your manuscript is complete and as polished as you can make it, and you think it’s a good match for Ardent Books, we’d like to hear from you. We accept queries for completed manuscripts only. Please do not submit a work in progress. Due to the large number of submissions we receive, your best opportunity for acceptance is to carefully read and follow all submission guidelines. We use this criteria as evidence of your professionalism and will delete unread any submission that does not follow these guidelines.

All initial submissions should be electronic. Please do not send us original materials or artwork as we will not return any materials to you.

It is not necessary to copyright your work prior to submission. You are protected by law as long as it has not been published. Should we accept your book for publication, we will register it with the copyright office at the Library of Congress.

If you have followed the submission guidelines, you will receive a confirmation email reply within two weeks. It may take up to thirty days to receive a decision in the form of either a request for more information along with the complete manuscript, or a letter stating that we have not found a match with your work at this time.

Your query email must include:

  1. A standard professional query letter that includes your 25 – 30 word book pitch and the word count of your manuscript
  2. A 250 word synopsis of the work
  3. Your marketing plan – we would like to see that you understand who your target reader is and how you would reach them
  4. The first 50 pages of the work, with your name and the title of the book in the header, and page numbers in the footer; attached as a Word (.doc) document

Manuscripts should be double spaced, saved in 8-1/2” x 11” format with 1” margins. Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font. The body of your submission email will be considered the cover letter. The above four separate appropriately named Word (.doc, .docx or .rtf) documents are required to be attached to your submission email. Please type your name, the title of your book, and the genre in the subject line of your email. We do not accept submissions from literary agents.

Your Query Letter should contain the following:

Pen name
Contact Phone Number

If you are a match for Ardent, our editors will be giving you the call!

Send submissions to

The publishing industry has changed drastically over the past decade and because of these changes, authors must now carry the responsibilities of marketing, promotions and publicity for their books. This is a daunting task, and many authors fail, losing their publishing contract or possibly any future contracts. It’s a hard, cold fact … an author’s books must sell and sell well for the publishing machine to keep moving.

Understanding these challenges, Assent Publishing has taken special efforts to offer success tools for our authors. The Assent Academy was developed specifically for Assent Publishing authors.

The Real 50 Shades

I had an incident the other day that required me to think really hard about fiction vs. reality in the BDSM realm.  The run in involved a fan of that 50 Shades nonsense that’s passing for erotic fiction these days.  The person loved the book and from what I understand, Christian Grey is quite the dominant.

Only he’s fantasy.

The thing about that is that in reality, those men do exist and those scenarios do happen, frequently.  There are whole sites dedicated to the fetish world.  The problem with this was, the person I spoke to saw pictures of what “I” as a top do for my bottoms.

This is relevant to the writers world from several points of view.  First, the marketing aspect.  If you’re truly a fetish person AND a fetish writer, even if it’s erotic romance, you’re going to have a hard time selling to the mainstream unless you can pull off what E. L. James did and let the world know you’re not really kinky and that it’s really twilight fanfic gone mainstream without ripping off Twilight blatantly.  Many fetish authors aren’t fetish and couldn’t really deal in the fetish world.

For our writers, a few definitions:
Top=the one doing.  Not necessarily a Dominant, but not the one being done to
Bottom=the one being done to.  Not necessarily a submissive but not the one doing.

Dominant and submissive can imply a power exchange.

The writer in me wants to go into my local dungeon, notepad and pen in hand and ask questions, take notes.  Basically, the writer in me would put the Kinky Kontingent under a microscope. The Dominant in me wants the writer in me to understand what I do is intrinsic, taught to me and there’s much more going on than what’s being seen.  The Writer in me yearns to understand the reality of a beating.

Let’s take a simple spanking scene.  Just a short few swats on the ass, and break it down.  This is adult content FYI and strap on play.

Ronan groaned, pressing his mouth against Valerieʹ shoulder. Grateful for the contact, Valerie continued to buck against Siddellaʹs cock, enjoying the contact of skin against skin while Siddella rubbed Ronanʹs swollen cock up and down her cheek.
Ronan slapped Valerieʹs ass cheek with his bare hand.
The sting burned, forcing Valerieʹs eyes shut. ʺItʹs your body, my prince,ʺ she cried through pain that was sure not to destroy her now.
Ronan slapped Valerieʹs ass again, hitting the other cheek.
Pain flared over her globes, her nipples hardening even further from the sting.
ʺYou like the spankings, donʹt you?ʺ Ronanʹs voice was gritty, hoarse from coming but his lips were firm against her skin. He licked a trail of fire up her arm, sending a shudder through her.
Valerie began purring. ʺYes, I like when your hands are on
me, my prince.ʺ

In that little bit of a scene, what happened was this:  Ronan had already established trust with Valerie AND Siddella.  Valerie trusted him from the earlier bit in the book where we established that she had a goal and so did Ronan.  Even Siddella had a goal but hers was minimal in this part of the story.  An emotional bond was deepened by his question.  Her response, both physically and mentally reinforced that bond.  Later on there is a little aftercare that helps the subs in question come to grips with what was done so they understand that Ronan is guiding them from his heart.  The lesson Valerie had to learn involved parts of her life at 40+ years of age. Aftercare addresses the actual mentality going on.

But all you’d see in reality was the spanking, and her taking the dildo in her ass, and if you stood by close enough, you’d hear their dialogue.

In Reality: people play all the time like this and harder only after they’ve talked extensively.

In FICTION unless the book is a pure BDSM story where the heroine or hero is TOTALLY NEW, then we have to focus more on a deeper plot.  In Gift of Her Submission,  three different heroines are entering the kink world at three different stages of their lives.  Siddella has been kinky all her life and yearns to explore love through pain, Valerie’s explored some but as a cougar she wants more, and Casey, is totally new to all of Ronan’s charms, yet seeks out comfort in a non traditional method.  A little bit of dialogue and talk happens throughout the stories, interweaving Ronan’s past into you the reader.

Cover for Menage Bound, a romantic bdsm tale of an impending threesome

In reality I (and good dominants/tops) DO NOT  PLAY WITH SOMEONE WITHOUT TALKING TO THEM TO LEARN WHAT THEY WANT, NEED, CAN HANDLE, CAN’T HANDLE.  This does include some sordid past shit like abuse, but I only need to know what NOT to do to trigger something in the bottom’s head, unless we’re friends. But the bottom must trust me extensively.  And as good with whips as I am, if I don’t feel comfortable with a certain tec

hnique or toy, I will NOT use it on them until I have done my research and actually played with the toy.
In fantasy, the kink still has to make make sense.
In reality, I don’t know why my bottoms laughed when I mentioned that the pill I was about to lick off her back fell off her ass.  (Well, I do know, it was funny!) But that could be a fetish all itself.

I felt like a monster after my incident.  But I’ve been told by others both Scene aware and Non that I’m not.  YOU can however as an author use that as a plot device to craft a proper evil dominant.  The evil guy always gets the plot lesson wrong anyway and that’s the reason for his or her demise.

If you’re curious about Gift of Her Submission, it’s on Amazon for a song!
If you need a menage fix, Menage Bound is here for you.

Cocktails and Books Reviews Menage Bound

Cover for Menage Bound, a romantic bdsm tale of an impending threesome

So far the hype is good!

Madame Eve is at it again, this time finding the right woman for a pair of dominate males.

Siddella is in Vegas for business but longs to find the right pair of men who will help her live out her fantasies.  Chase and Jason are also in Vegas for business, but looking for the one woman who will accept them for who they are and love them together.  When they couldn’t find what they were looking for themselves, they enlisted the help of Madame Eve and her 1NightStand service.

I’d love to know what is in Madame Eve’s questionnaire because she has the innate ability to make couples who might sign up for one night but end up with so much more.

Read more at Cocktails and Books

Buy Menage Bound from Amazon

Read an excerpt below

Grabbing her purse, Siddella pulled out her wallet and slid her ID and a credit card into a back pocket along with the room key.  She hoped it wouldn’t be needed later.

Tossing the bag on the bed, she walked towards the door and stopped in front of the mirror.  She did a complete 360 turn, admiring her curves and the casual yet seductive look she hoped she pulled off.

Then, out the door she went.

Scanning the dense crowd, Siddella spotted two very tall, very handsome gentlemen waiting at a table, cigars in hand.

One stood casually, leaning forward, his broad shoulders filling the space between him and the other man.  Short dark hair curled in a neat cut.   Tanned skin suggested a Latino heritage.  The suit he wore seemed to leave nothing to the imagination and the boots completed the look.

She swore she came right there at the sight of him.

His partner leaned back and looked somewhat tense but he wore it well.  Long blonde hair cascaded down over an equally impressive physique though he appeared to be somewhat smaller in stature.

Sea blue eyes sparkled with mischief.

Neither had seen her yet.  Good.

She could still back out.

Her nipples pocked beneath the shirt and forced the urge to cover up to the front of her mind.

Mentally, she slapped herself.  This could be it.

She swallowed the lump in her throat and strode towards the two men.  Cigar smoke hung over their heads, sweetening the stale Vegas air.


The one with his back turned to her spun around and locked gazes with her.

The blonde’s eyes pinned her in place.  “Hi.  You must be…”

Her tongue snaked out and wet her bottom lip.  The cool air with which both men carried themselves hung in the air like a prominent force.

Power emanated from the blonde.  Control, from the dark haired male.

Realization hit her.

These two were the real deal.

Her mouth suddenly went dry.

Dark haired man extended an arm, slid a chair out from beneath the table.  “You should sit with us.  My name is Jason.  This,” he waved a hand at his partner, “is Chase.”

“I’m Siddella,’ Heat crept up her cheeks.  She had to look up to see how tall both men were even though they sat and commanded their surroundings, rather than the other way around.  She slid into the chair and set her hands on the table.  Jason’s eyes gleamed with intense lust, black eyelashes fluttered against his cheeks.

Chase’s silk shirt complimented the depth of color in his eyes while offsetting the tone of his fair skin.  She liked the look, it soothed her knowing someone else had fair skin like hers.

A waitress came over with two bourbons.  “What will the lady be having?”

“Scotch.”  Siddella couldn’t quite find her voice.

“Very well ma’am.  Neat?”

Two sets of eyes roamed over her body, flustering her further.  Her blood began to boil with arousal.  Liquid flooded her core.  “Yes.  Eighteen year if you have it.”

“Of course.” She trotted away, but not before eyeing the two sitting with Siddella.

“So, Madame Eve’s quite a woman,” Chase spoke first, waving his cigar back.

A brow arched.  “Madame Eve?”

“Yes, she’s the one who picked the three of us for this.”

“Hm,” Siddella received her drink a moment later, picked it up and lifted it in toast, “So she’s responsible for…”

“Exactly,” Jason leaned in.  “She’s a wise woman I understand.  Even if she’s a little…unique.”

Nodding, Siddella took a sip of her scotch.  “I had no idea this service was run by a woman.”

“I’m somewhat familiar with the man who owns this hotel and he tells me in little bits here and there about 1Night Stand.  Not much to say really.  We did the paperwork, submitted it and here we are, a few hours later.”

She whistled, “That was fast.  I did mine earlier.  You know–”

Jason held a hand up.  “Before we all turn into nervous chatterboxes,” he motioned with his cigar at Chase, “Why don’t we toast to this harmonious, potentially euphonious experience, then adjourn to a better local.”

Hand shaking, Siddella brought her glass to the center of the table. “What did you have in mind?”

Chase leaned in, clinking his glass against Jason’s, then against Siddella’s.  “We’ve set up something up in the penthouse suite.”

Siddella managed to swallow the lump in her throat and let out the breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding.  The rich scent of cigar smoke, combined with the spiciness from Jason’s bourbon tickled her nose.  She leaned in a little closer, “Sounds fancy,” she held her glass up still, “So shall we toast?”

Chase winked, “A new beginning?”

Jason’s glass knocked gently against Siddella’s, then Chase’s.  “A new relationship.”

Both men seemed a little uncertain about what to toast.  Siddella met Jason’s gaze first, stared deep into those dark depths.  Kindness along with the embers of lust burned in his eyes.

Moving to Chase, she studied him only for a second longer than Jason. Chase’s eyes held a tranquil sway that screamed his desire to be trusted and do the right thing.  Deep passion twinkled in deep sea blue eyes.  She could go with them.  She’d at least be safe.

“Acceptance.  To full acceptance, boys.”

For a second, Jason seemed to hesitate as did Chase.

Then they brought their glasses together in one swift motion, before all three of them took long sips.

Siddella enjoyed the burn of the 18 year old scotch, letting the smoothness coat her tongue the way one of these men’s cocks would in a few minutes.  She hadn’t forgotten the buzzing of her sex, the pulse of her heart throbbing while lust fueled every movement.

Jason and Chase stood in unison.  “Shall we?”  Both men set their glasses down, finished cigars ended up in the ashtray.  They extended a hand to her.

She took them in hers, noting the size difference when they stood.  Both towered over her by a good foot at least. Their hands were huge.

Neither man left doubt in her mind about the size of their cocks when she glanced at their crotches.

Her breath caught in her throat.

She remembered to inhale, exhale.  Then, feeling the warmth from both men encircled her, she followed them like a good little girl out of the casino bar and into the nearest bank of elevators.  Aware of the overwhelming presence of male surrounding her, she couldn’t help but giggle.

“Something the matter, Siddella?  You can back out at any time.”

The tenderness came from Chase.

Back out?  Hell no!  Her body thrummed with so much sexual energy she could probably power the Vegas Strip for at least a week.  She offered an innocent smile.  “I’m good.  Let’s do this.”  Batting her eyelashes, she cocked her head to the side.

Jaosn smirked.  “Do you want a safe word?”

The smart move would be to say yes.  Somehow it wouldn’t be needed.  But…

“Unlike my partner, I’m not asking.  I’m giving you one.  Wine Bottle.  If things get too heavy, you simply say wine bottle.”  Chase didn’t look back.

The air of cool coming from Chase made her knees weak.  “Wine bottle.  Okay.”  At least they were thinking of her safety.  Yeah, they possessed the traits of true dominant males who valued her existence enough to give her a safe word.  She smiled at the gesture.

The elevator dinged. Siddella started forward but a hand on her shoulder stopped her.  She looked back at Jason.

His eyes narrowed.

She let out a sigh.  “Please, after you.”

Jason stepped into the elevator, followed by Chase. Then they turned and with the slightest of movements, acknowledged Siddella, giving her permission to enter.

The material of her shirt began irritating her already hard nipples.  Anticipation drove her wild.  What would these men do to her?

What would start things off?

Only a few more moments would pass before she found out.

Buy Menage Bound from Amazon

New Erotic BDSM story finished

As of Thursday I wrote the final 220o words on Submit to Him, my Total E-bound story that centers around the wolf pack led by Reinhold, and the three sisters.  Lynne, Crissy and Theresa.

Crissy’s book was an Alexandria Rayne title and is just as hot but the kink is mental domination.

Erotic Romance by Sascha Illyvich writing as Alexandria Rayne

Submit to Him is the tale of Theresa, powerful witch who finds her powers linked to her heart but with the block she’s placed around herself from all the hurt of the past, she’d unable to be an effective witch.

Reinhold knows his place as owned wolf of the Sisters.  But his pack comes first and the fact that his Alpha Mate is pressing him to bond with his new owners is something he has struggled with in the past.  But after he dealt with Mistress Crissy and Lynne,  he had one more sister to deal with. Theresa has always been the baby of the family, treated as such and annoyed by that fact . But if she can’t see herself for who she is, can he really love her with the full weight of his heart?

I’ll submit the story after the weekend is over and I’ve cleared my head.  For a perfectly erotic bdsm novella, check out Bound to Her out on Amazon Kindle now

Wish me luck on the submission!  It might end up at Total E-bound just as the other book had and I may have the potential for at least two more books in the series.  Reinhold was sort of a thing I created for Friday Flash Fiction as a way to jog my mind and let me write without having to worry about shit like ROI and purpose of writing.  It was an improvement game basically.  But I turned the snippets into stories and here we are with the first one, mentioned above and the second one, a kinky erotic tale of romance, submission and love just the way a wolf would offer it.


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