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The folks at Red Sage suggested I answer some if not all of the questions on their form for the readers toenrique3a get to know ME more.  I think, I’ll have Josef and Livia answer these too, and Isabella of course, on The Nights of Lust site.  I might have (as a male romance author) naked when I did so.



Smoking a Masterpiece Platinum coupled with a damn fine glass of velvety merlot while relaxing in my favorite oversized leather chair. 


I think I’m actually creeped out by stuff but not really afraid of anything.


From my books? Joséf.  From others?  Wrath from Dark Lover


Let’s go with what makes me happier, it’s a shorter list.


“What if” is a fun game. 


Wounded Warrior project is one I believe in.  And RAINN. 


My life – I’d better explain.  Recently my health hasn’t been so great. Coupled with my own accidental self-destructive behavior, I thought I’d end up dead.  The ambulance trip last year didn’t help.  But it woke me up.  So, I possess my life. 


Don Cervantes cigars, books, great wine, women…


JR Ward, Christina Dodd, Lora Leigh’s older stuff. 


Michael Westen.  Or does Rick Castle count?

Endangered_final_fionaWHO ARE YOUR HEROES IN REAL LIFE?

Bill O’Reilly for protecting the folks, Our US Soldiers for protecting the country. 


I was never age five. 


Tatuaje Cojuno 2012 Habano, Flor De Las Antillas, Alec Bradley Black Market Filthy Hooligan, all three fine cigars.   And a bottle of  Bourbon to go with it.  And a hotel room. The Bunny needed some time alone away with me…

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Character Change and Growth in Erotic Romance

Many of you know I started the Opeth Pack Saga by basing Józsi on Vin Diesel’s character from Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick. Richard_B_RiddickThat trend continued for our Alpha as the stories progressed and prophecy began to unfold.  While I’m not looking for depth in the mystery (right yet) I am watching how the characters grow in unexpected ways with each book  As I stated on the Opeth Pack site, Selene has seemed to resemble my writing mentor, sage, smartassed and sassy, and that hasn’t changed from book to book.  

Lukina grows stronger in her powerful position as the messenger of the pack.   Most surprising though is Józsi.  

Damned if he doesn’t resemble Nucky Thompson from Boardwalk Empire as of late.

An earlier scene from Raining Kisses showcases his original behavior:

“Why do we want this Heaven?” Nicholaus took his cigar from Józsi and puffed on it. He tapped the ash into the tray beside him and strolled out to the balcony.

Ashing his cigar, Józsi followed him. The door closed behind him.

“Look at all the people.” Józsi exhaled and blew smoke into the air.

“Yeah. I know.” Nicholaus looked down at the sidewalk below them. His glance roamed over a couple, a wolf couple that walked past a streetlight toward The Library bar and grille.

For a few minutes they leaned over the railing, scanning, observing, watching the humans and occasional wolf pass by.

“I didn’t want to need Lukina. Or Ilona,” Józsi broke the silence, taking another long puff on his cigar before letting the steady stream of smoke escape into the air.

Nicholaus turned to face him. “Then why did you?”

“I couldn’t stop myself from caring any longer. I had nobody. Living in Houston was fine. But living alone isn’t really living, Nicholaus. I don’t know if we need bother with the idea of Heaven, nor do I give a damn. Right now, we exist on this plane. Know one thing. That woman in there loves you. She loves the wolf, the illusion of man, everything about you. Hell, she even loves the loneliness about you, as it’s something to focus on as a way of giving you a cure for it. So does Krystyna. If they’re anything like Lukina and Ilona…”

Nicholaus looked back through the glass at Katarina and Selene. Both women appeared to be chatting and hugging. It hit him that he needed that type of relationship in order to survive. Right now he was just living, if one could call it that…

“Will Krystyna forgive me for leaving her to Savas?”

“I can’t answer that question. Neither can Selene. Selene knows a lot about this pack, knows things I’ve yet to understand but that’s her duty as pack witch. How she knew any of this is beyond my understanding, but her magic is pretty powerful. The ties she has to all of us have made it difficult for us to move without her knowing, which is good. Ultimately.” He sighed. “She’s sort of a historian. I’m only now learning the hierarchy. But Selene can only hope as much as I can.”

“Fuck.” Nicholaus slumped his shoulders.

“Just be prepared to give henucky-thompson-steve-buscemi-commits-a-shocking-murder-at-the-close-of-the-season-two-finale-ofr your all, Nicholaus.” Józsi turned and leaned against the railing.

The door opened and Katarina stepped outside.

“You’ll catch a cold out here.” Nicholaus smiled weakly at Kristina.

“I’ll leave you two alone.” Józsi took a puff on his cigar and blew smoke out over Central Avenue. Then he walked inside and poured another glass of port for himself and Selene. 

Sounds like Typical Józsi yes?

Many of you know I’m ass deep in writing Fall Into Love, the fourth book in the Opeth Pack Saga, and in the next blog post I’ll detail why I think Józsi is looking and acting more like Nucky than Riddick!  I can only speculate the need for diplomacy rather than brute strength as our Alpha has tougher decisions to make nearing the end of this series.

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We approach the new year and I have….#OpethPack Edits! BWAHAHA

Seriously, I was at the cigar club last night  and decided to answer my phone’s email in between conversations with this one smoking hot waitress from next door (pun intended!) and BAM!  Editor from Secret Cravings is telling me I’ve got edits and they’re DUE Jan 5th!Cover for Raining Kisses

For those who know, I’ve been in mad teeth pain lately so that slowed down some of my writing and editing time but I’m basically back with a vengeance.

Today we start editing the second Opeth Pack Saga book and in case you didn’t get the cver reveal last post, it’s here obviously LOL!

This is Nicholaus’ story but upon turning it in, I realized Krystyna and Katarina had a story to tell also.  Plus there is the usual Opeth Pack Prophecy, shrouded in mystery.  Oooh spooky LOL!

There will be excerpts.  And because I’m on the road I’m TRYING to get the cover out to more places but with limited internet access that’s been rather difficult.  Plus, my hours are no longer normal.


His Reign – Paranormal Menage Romance out at Amazon

His Reign


Destiny for the Opeth Pack wolves overrides want as Józsi returns to Hungary to save the lovers he’d left behind from their mad Alpha.

Read the first chapter:

Chapter One


Ten Years Later.


It never snowed this early in Texas. Especially not in November in Houston. Still, looking out of the window onto the streets of downtown Houston, Józsi saw the snow fall. The faint idea that there would be a lot of people finding out that a cold winter actually did not mean shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt amused him.

Unless you were lupine. Then you simply didn’t give a fuck about the weather.

Nothing in the States could compare to the harsh winters in any Eastern European country.

Józsi inhaled sharply and cold air from the open window filled his lungs. Picking up his glass of Hungarian red wine, he took a long slow sip and sighed. The warm liquid slid down his throat but didn’t have the same warming effect as the brandy he’d had the night before.

Closing his eyes, he leaned back into the soft leather recliner and picked up the cigar he’d just lit. He took a draw and exhaled, filing the room with the scent of tobacco, cocoa, and smoke. The scent reminded him of growing up in Hungary. He smoked the same cigars his father smoked, Proprio. Drank the same red wine his father did. And ultimately ended up the same way his father did.


Oh, Józsi could get the girl if he wanted.

He’d had plenty of opportunities growing up in Hungary amongst the wolves, and even more when he’d moved to Texas. American women were infatuated with his strong jaw, soft yet masculine accent, and the way he carried himself. Women constantly asked if they could run their fingers through his long, dark hair, sighing blissfully when their fingers ran over strong, broad shoulders. He’d simply fluttered thick, dark lashes at them, smiled and laughed a rich, masculine sound that he knew made blood pool below a woman’s stomach.

Sometimes, they’d just look into his eyes and swoon. He knew there was intensity in his gaze, which was evident in his dark blue irises. There was only one who was not affected by him at all. But that didn’t matter.

A knock at the door forced Józsi’s attention from his memory.

Checking his watch, he noted it was only just after six pm. He took a puff on his cigar and set it down in the large, dark cigar ashtray. Walking to the door, he looked through the peephole and sighed. The scent of another wolf always made him anxious.

“I know you’re home,” the female voice yelled. “Let me in, it’s fucking cold out here!”

Józsi groaned. It had to be her. Of course it did.

Opening the door, Lukina stood before him, dressed in her usual white cloak. Red curls spilled out from beneath her white stocking cap, framing her doll-like face.

He hadn’t seen her in ten years. The memory of leaving her and Ilona all those years ago came crashing back into his mind followed by images of the last few times he’d been back to Hungary. Not because he was homesick, mind. Nor had his trip had anything to do with the love he had for both Lukina and Ilona. He’d thrown that away years ago when he left them.

He returned merely to keep tabs on things he found himself unable to feel otherwise. Distance wasn’t a problem for reading auras but without practice his skill set became less than what it was.

He shrugged the memories off. This was no time for memories from the past.

His gaze finally really examining her, Lukina stole his breathe.

She pushed her way past him and headed straight for his recliner.

He frowned. “How did you find me?”

She glanced over her shoulder. “I had a little help from our bond through the witch. And I did some digging on my own—”

God damn it. The pack witch must have returned and resumed her former position by now. She’d left for the same reason he had. No desire to deal with Prophecy. Her bond with all the wolves made it easier for her to keep tabs on them wherever they were. Józsi hated that shit because it meant things like Lukina showing up could happen without difficulty. He never could truly hide from the world he wanted to escape. Still, he wasn’t about to have Lukina stalking through his apartment like she owned everything. Józsi moved toward her and cut her off. “What the hell are you doing?”

Turning perfectly plump lips down in a frown, she sat down. Lukina picked up his glass of wine and took a drink. “I needed that.”

Growling low, he set his hands on his hips. “Aren’t you still underage?”

She wiped her mouth and smirked. “Does it matter with wolves?”

It didn’t. Wolf custom and age ran differently than human standards. Józsi sighed. “What do you want?”

She lifted the wine glass to her lips and peered over the rim, her blue eyes sparkling with interest. “I can’t pay my favorite pack mate and obsession a visit?”

Tilting his chin down, he glared at her. “No. When you show up it usually means something is wrong. Spill it.”

Looking up, she narrowed her eyes at him. “You’re no any fun anymore, Józsi. What happened?”

He turned away from her. Reaching for the bottle on the table beside him, he picked it up and retrieved another glass. Filling it with wine, he took another drink. Swirling the liquid around the bowl, he returned his gaze to Lukina. She was so tiny, so petite, it was a wonder that she hadn’t been killed off as a baby.

He’d never tell her that he admired her courage.

Swirling the glass around in her hands, she looked down for a moment. Speaking low, the words came loud anyway. “Anyway, you’re needed back in Budapest.”

He scoffed, crossed his arms over his chest. “No I’m not.”

Lukina cocked a brow and scowled at him, her tone challenging his. “You don’t even know what for.”

As though he gave a fuck about challenges from other wolves. The only thing that mattered was that he was left alone, as he had been for the last ten years. “It doesn’t matter.” He set his glass down on the marble countertop.

Her head shot up. “Yes, it does. It concerns—“

He shouted, “No, it doesn’t Lukina. I am not needed back there anymore.”

She set her glass down on the table beside her and stood up. Storming across the room, anger glaring in her eyes, she reached out and slapped Józsi.

The sting burned his face and made his head spin. His jaw dropped. It’d been a long time since someone had slapped him like that.

Fire burned in those deep blue eyes of hers. “How dare you turn your back on our lover! Leave the pack, fine. Let Kiba and his bullshit politics burn bridges, fine. But you gave me your word you would never turn your back on us.” Her voice rose in pitch.

His shoulders stiffened. He turned away from her, looked out the window and back at her again. “You were ten years old, Lukina. How was I supposed to know what was going to happen? Or that you’d—“

“Remember? I love you, and I loved you then, but not like Ilona. You were everything to her. You were the one who was not content with Hungary. Or the pack. So,” she said as her voice calmed and she was now in his face– a funny sight, he realized, since he was a good foot and a half taller than she–, “you’ll listen to what I have to say before you make the right choice.” She punched her finger into his chest for emphasis.

Józsi turned his gaze from her and looked out the large window.

Gray skies had grown darker.

Lukina’s small hand cupped the warm spot on his cheek and forced him to face her. “You have to come back. You know I’m right.”

Her voice had gone from angry to soft and pleading. He hated that. It made things so much harder for him.

Growling low, he let the threat between them die. He wasn’t going to play her Alpha or mate. “Fine. What do you need of me?”

She returned to her seat. “First off,” she cleared her throat, “Kiba’s gone insane.”

He shrugged. “This is nothing new. We all knew it would happen one day. His increasing behavioral issues were already causing problems when we were all growing up. It didn’t seem odd to anyone else that he picked random fights and had the crazy possessed look in his eyes. Hell, even his brother Les didn’t appear shocked, sadly. There is no one Alpha enough to take his place?”

She didn’t reply.

He understood the implied silence. “Oh no,” he backed off, “I’m not coming back to fulfill some God damned prophecy to get the pack to Paradise. I swore off prophecies when I moved to Texas.”

“Yes I know.” She rolled her eyes. “You’ll leave all that shit to the now dead Elders.”

He stiffened and gasped. “Now dead? What happened?”

“I told you.” She leaned forward, sipping her wine again. “Kiba went insane. The ones who could fight him lost, the others were killed by hunters.”

Józsi leaned back in his chair. “So be it. Old bastards were nothing but trouble anyway.”

Lukina stood and stalked toward Józsi with that angry look in her eyes. Hand raised, she swung.

He caught her fist this time. She was still cold from outside despite the invisible fur layer and coat, but something else was off.

Heaving a sob, she stepped back and then threw herself onto him, wrapping her tiny arms around his large frame.

He felt wetness on his silk shirt, tears from her. She began crying, sobbing louder. “It’s not fair what they’re asking us to do, Józsi. It’s not fair.”

Józsi wrapped his arms around Lukina and stroked her hair.

She nuzzled closer. He could feel her body was cold. He inhaled her clean rain scent, tangling his fingers in her hair. “What’s going on?” His voice dropped to a bare whisper.

“Kiba’s most recent fits of insanity have provoked others to leave and put fear into the minds of our female wolves who stayed. He’s gone off his rocker and actually abused some of our women.” She sniffled. Backing up, she looked into his eyes.

He saw himself reflected in her beautiful round eyes and wanted to tear his own heart out. Why he had left her and her sister so long ago was beyond him. It had just needed to be done, he quickly rationalized.

He had to ask. “What of Ilona?”

Her sobs grew louder. “Yes, drága.” Dear. “She has been abused by Kiba.”

He ground his teeth loudly. “How did this happen?”

She sniffled and pushed back from his body. Looking into his eyes, she spoke through tears. “She changed her name to honor your journey and Kiba punished her for it. He would not have an American wolf in a Hungarian pack. So he beat her.”

Józsi wanted to growl louder and rip out Kiba’s throat. But he kept his emotions in check. Illogical, emotional outpouring wouldn’t do any good. “He’s old and she cannot be so young anymore. Surely she could defend herself.”

Lukina nodded. “Yeah, she could. The first few times he came to punish her, she had been ready and caught him off guard. But the last time he’d brought a few other rogue wolves and kidnapped her.” Her sobs grew louder once again.

Józsi clenched his fists and looked at the ground, eyes closed. He lifted his head, rubbed a hand down his chin and let out a deep breath.

“We need you to come make things right, Józsi. Please!”

He hated hearing her beg but he stroked her soft hair and whispered, “This is the way of wolves. It truly is survival of the fittest.”

“No!” Lukina burst into hysterics, pounding her fists on Józsi’s back. “No, not like this! This isn’t us against man or nature! It’s insanity at the hands of the Flower Maiden!”

That bitch again. Their supposed goddess whose sole purpose was to guide them toward this ideal of paradise…Józsi scoffed. With Lukina’s outburst, he tried to remain calm despite the storm raging inside of him. “We all knew it would happen someday, Lukina. The prophecy said so. The pack must now make a choice.”

“No, Józsi! It cannot work that way with an insane maniac on the loose. He’ll kill us all. Even our pack witch has left us, leaving us defenseless. Her absence we can deal, with but do you not care for your other mate?”

He turned from her, shook his head. Of course he cared for his two mates, but the triad of him, Lukina and Ilona was nothing more than an experience he’d regretted because of the outcome. Why bother with the painful details? “Why do you both need me?”

“Because Kiba is losing his mind and needs to be stopped. He is causing problems with other packs and will not listen to our Elders or anyone else. And we still rightfully belong to you!”

He’d felt Kiba losing his mind from across the ocean. The weak bond had nagged at him at various times throughout the years, particularly in the winter, but there had been no way for him to be sure since he’d broken off most of his contact with the Moon pack, finally severing ties after his last trip six years ago. “What makes you think I can stop him?”

“Nothing. Ilona and I want out of Hungary. We want to be free again as we were before Kiba.”

Trailing a fingernail over her soft cheek, he wiped away tears. “The man is a fucking psycho. I cannot help you. There’s nothing I can do. I’m sorry. ”

Her eyes widened. “But you promised Ilona and me. You promised you’d always defend us, always love us. You promised that someday you’d come back for us.”

“I…I…” His mouth hung open. He had no defense. In truth, he’d given his word at an early age before he’d had all the shit to he had to deal with. He’d sworn before the moon itself to protect them from harm as they were bound to him, and he to them.

He realized now there was no other choice. “Okay.”

Her head tilted to the side and her voice lowered. “You’ll be on the plane tomorrow?”

He sighed heavily. “Tonight.”

Lukina looked into his eyes. “Really?”

He blinked. Seeing desperation in her exhausted expression tore at him. He couldn’t leave his mates alone, even if he wanted to. “Yes. Really.”

Her eyes lit up. “Thank you, drága.” Dear.

Anything for Ilona. “What is her American name now?”

Lukina ran a hand through his dark hair. “She calls herself Meredith.”

Surprised, he shifted his weight and held Lukina closer. “Does anyone actually call her that?”

She nodded. “Yes. She’s grown quite fierce and violent since Kiba lost his mind.”

He sighed heavily. “Has Kiba been talking about finding Paradise again?”

Lukina blinked and wiped away tears that streamed down her cheeks. She sniffled. “Yes. Swears he can find it, and that all of us belong there. Says the way to Paradise has to do with sacrificing certain females of our pack. He’s also been talking about showing humans exactly what we are so they can worship us.”

Paradise. The magical place wolves were said to have been created in, then kicked out of, and granted return only upon fulfilling a prophecy no one knew much about.

Pure bullshit, as far as Józsi was concerned.

He hated that she’d been here ten minutes and already he’d been brought back into pack politics.

“The man was always an old fool, ever since I can remember. Now he’s just slipped further into madness.”

Lukina pulled away from Józsi and returned to his leather recliner. She picked up his cigar and took a puff on it.

He rolled his eyes at her and let her take his cigar.

Finally he tossed her his torch. “It needs to be relit. And since when do you smoke?”

Drága, anything to be close to home again.” She referred to her father and his own. Both men used to smoke cigars while out walking around the castles on the north side of Lake Balaton. She picked up the lighter and lit the end of the cigar, taking a few short puffs before getting a deep breath. Exhaling, she blew out a thick ring of smoke that billowed above her head. “I like the smell of these things.”

“I do too.”

Neither said a word for a few moments. Józsi watched Lukina closely, wondering what exactly was on her mind. She’d loved their homeland, so had Ilona. Could they both really want to live elsewhere when the proper nourishment and environment existed for wolves in Hungary?

He had to suppose so.

Lukina had always been progressive.

She twitched nervously, fiddling with her fingers while sitting in the recliner.

“Why didn’t your sister accompany you here instead of remaining back in Hungary?”

Lukina’s eyes widened. Sorrow crossed her beautiful blue eyes.

Józsi felt like shit for asking, but the question needed to be voiced.

“Because Kiba had been chasing her. I didn’t know what else to do so I came here.”

Naturally. Józsi rubbed his temples, feeling the stress build already. “Where did they last go to?”

She took another puff on the cigar. “I don’t know. He wouldn’t say to me or anyone else who asked, for that matter.”

“I assume this behavior has to do with Prophecy.”

She nodded slowly.

His jaw twitched. “Figures.”

Lukina finished her glass of wine. “Hit me again.”

Józsi filled her glass. He hated asking but needed all the information if he was going to risk his life for his mates. “So, what’s new in this prophecy?”

Lukina took a long sip of her wine and set her glass down. “You’re still the one we’re all betting on who will be Alpha.”

He snorted. Never. He wasn’t cut out for the responsibility of giving others hope only to have it yanked it out from under them like a cheap rug. “As if.”

“Hush.” She clasped her hands together and tilted her chin up. “The witch left us, as I said earlier. She could only translate about half of the texts left by the Elders before they died. Once the pack is structured properly with all the parts are in place, the heavens will supposedly open up and let us into Paradise.”

He frowned. “The idea is pure bullshit at this point. We’ve been on this planet for how many years, and so far have been given what? A witch that left us, an insane wolf who became Alpha, and what of Les?”

She ran a hand through her red curls. Pulling her cloak around her, she sighed. “Les is staying with us but keeping mostly to himself. He made a play for the witch but Marco interfered.”

Les. The young pup once thought of as the loser of the pack. Józsi had heard of him through the grapevine, was aware that the Omega had managed to find himself dumped on American soil and that was the last he heard. “Marco, huh? What happened there?”

Lukina smiled. “Long story short, turns out he and our witch are mates.”

Shock must have registered across Józsi’s face because Lukina’s grin widened.

“Yeah,” she continued. “Surprised me too. But he’s destined as we all are, to fulfill roles in the prophecy. Just as it is writ, it has been fulfilled.”

“I want no part in it.”

“Fine.” She reached for her glass. “We hear you. I just want my mate back. And…”

Józsi nodded. “Good. Now that we’re settled with that.” He took back his cigar from Lukina and puffed on it, only to find it had gone out again.

She handed him the torch.

He relit his cigar and inhaled, sucking in the opulent creaminess of the Ecuadorian cigar before blowing out a huge cloud of smoke. “It’s time for bed.”

She stirred in the leather chair, caressing his thigh with her foot.

The gesture made him hard. It also annoyed him. He looked down at her, seeing her through her mass of red curls to see her beautiful round face. She’d developed hard lines from age and hardship, no doubt. But she still looked as beautiful as the day he met her.

That memory was one he’d keep buried.

“I’m still sober.” She thrust her empty glass in his direction.

Sighing, he poured another glass of wine and handed it to Lukina. “Drink up. Get some rest.” Taking a long, slow sip, Józsi finished off the bottle. “We must leave late tonight if we are to return and avoid detection.”

Lukina reached for the glass and took a long sip before setting it in her lap and swirling it around. “Kiba doesn’t know I left. I was out on errands when I made the choice to come find you.”

“Oh.” Józsi swirled his still full glass for distraction. “He knows you’re gone. Through the link our pack shares, weak as it is, I’m also sure he knows that you’ve found me. I’m sure he’ll have something waiting for us.”

She sighed. “Is there nothing we can do?”

He met her gaze, and saw his anger reflected in her beautiful eyes. “Get some rest. I’ll handle this.”

Lukina nodded. “I’ll help. I want to.”

He cocked his head slightly. “You’re just out to further annoy me, aren’t you?”

She stuck her tongue out.

The offer of help was definitely heartfelt, yet he remained determined to keep her from danger. “You need me to. You don’t remember the lands, I’m sure.”

He growled low again. Lukina was right. He hadn’t remembered most of the land or the way to where their pack called home. He’d left that information behind when he came to America.

It only took several years and for him to stop visiting…

Lukina slid down the leather chair and onto the floor before she leaned against his knees, resting her head on his thigh. “How have you managed avoiding discovery of what we are here?”

“I live in a large city. People here in Houston are too busy with the mundane dealings in their lives to notice what’s right in front of them.”

“So you hide out in the obvious.”

He nodded.

“Come on, let’s go to bed. There’s room for you.” He sighed heavily. He did not want to revert back to pack habits of sleeping huddled up. But the sight of Lukina’s body and the warmth she’d provide him with was something he’d missed anyway. If he could only get Ilona out of his mind.

He stood and walked down the short hall to his bedroom.

Lukina slid off the chair and followed behind him.

“Why did you leave us, drága?” Dear.

Walking to his bedroom, Józsi peeled off his shirt and turned to face Lukina.

Grinning, she licked her lips.

He tossed his shirt aside and turned away. “Because I don’t take orders very well. And I hated hearing all the bullshit about the prophecy.”

“You do know,” she said as she dropped her cloak behind her and stepped out of her pants, “that our witch is pregnant with our future ruler, right?”

Glaring at Lukina, Józsi reached into the top drawer of his dresser and found a pair of sweatpants. “Here. You are not at home, so you will sleep clothed.”

She frowned. “I could put you in the mood, you know.”

Damn right she could, but it wouldn’t be right. Not after ten years of absence and not without their third. Józsi glared at her.

She spoke in a sweet, singsong manner. “It’ll be our first time.”

Józsi continued ignoring the fire beginning to heat his body. “And I don’t care what the witch’s business is. It’s none of mine.”

“It’s Marco’s baby.”

His jaw twitched.

Marco was a troublemaker. Several years younger than Józsi, Marco was always stirring things up and causing mischief. “So the little bastard settled down finally?”

She nodded. “He nearly killed Les.”

Józsi did well to hide his surprise there. It also figured that he’d end up with a softhearted witch.

Józsi handed Lukina the top he’d picked out for her. It was oversized as well, dwarfing her. “You’ll get used to clothes.” He threw on a tank and shorts and climbed into bed.

Lukina climbed in beside him, facing him. She wore a pout on her face. “I’ve gotten used to seeing you and your large muscled body very easily.” Her voice dropped another hitch.

She was cold compared to him. Snuggling closer to him, she wrapped an arm around his waist.

He let out an exasperated breath and rolled away from her. Closing his eyes, he felt her arm snake around his waist. Józsi pushed her away and lay on his stomach. After a few minutes, he heard her breathing settle into a slow rhythm. When he was certain she was asleep, he finally closed his eyes.

Her fingers found his and interlocked. “I need this…

The warmth felt so comforting. He hadn’t felt this feeling in years and it seemed he needed it too, even if she would be naked and tangled around him in the morning because instinctively, he’d strip off his clothes and revert back to pack mentality of cuddling for warmth.


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Welcome to 2013, my sexy readers!

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Welcome to 2013! This year promises to be a much bigger year in terms of success for all of us, due to it supposedly being lucky 13!  I’m behind that, aren’t you?  *g*

One of the things I did at the end of last year was re-examine some of the things readers have said.  They love my work, they love the characters and the stories but most of them wanted longer books.  I have those, but they’re tied up with agents right now.  Both of them drafting pitch letters and looking for ways to sell my Burning Desires series and Covenant of Wolves series.  I DO have my Nights of Lust series that only I control. Except those stories need new life, because they’re all in various states of finished.

Endangered is with a beta reader who is helping me with tightening the  plot.

Separated Self will go to her next, and I’ll go back and fix/extend/slow down Cursed.  Might write a brand new novella in between Cursed and Broken and Beloved, but I’m not sure yet.  I have to really bring out a lot of the characters as I realized there is a LOT to play with.

Ultimately, Josef, Livia and Kissa are a triad BUT Livia and Isabel have been lovers for the last 400 years.  Oh, she’s got a male lover too, Josef’s second in command.  And Dave/Lucian, my “lycanthrope” (not a true wolf shifter) has a lover also but he’s possessive.  You can probably see the fun I can have with the series without telling you about WHO these people are LOL!

Since I’ve talked about the characters, here’s their profiles from  my old plotter!

Josef Staganov: Russian, 6’2 and dangerous.  Long black hair, slicked back into a ponytail sometimes, but mostly worn slicked back.  At the start, he’s addicted to drugs, all of them.  Silver eyes, Dirty habits, controlled by lust and fueled by anger at the situation, Joséf is a man with a need for control in his life.

Livia:  Hungarian, 5’4, cute and round, long black hair with pale skin that’s practically effervescent.  She’s been dead for over 3-400 years.  She’s relatively young compared to her friend, Isabella.  Blue eyes.  She and Isabella have forgone the need for last names at the moment.

In a world where vampires and shifters are powerless against the forces of evil, a queen must find her salvation in the suicidal man she’s been watching for so many years.

Endangered is the story of Livía Ilona and Joséf Staganov, female vampire and rogue cop fighting against the same enemy.  She knows he can help her recover something the Syndicate stole from her and is determined to get what she wants, but first she must get past Joséf’s desire to end his own life.

Joséf Staganov is a frustrated former cop attempting to bring down The Syndicate, a large crime organization that has created a new drug that’s very addictive.   Ultimately, Joséf must his true gift of uniting others against evil and must leave for Hungary to learn more about his heritage as a wolf with an ancient pack before returning to America to help and truly love Livía.

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Friday Flash erotic Fiction – Lost and Found

Those familiar with my Reinhold stories from earlier need to know it all started via Friday Flash Fiction thanks to Maura Anderson

Wiping his brow, Reinhold ran a hand through his hair.  He’d worn his black suit today with dress shoes.  He readjusted the ponytail he’d had his hair in.  A sword had been strapped to his back earlier but he opted to leave that in the car.  Beside him, Kathy stood.

Despite having massive powers, she chose to carry a large handgun she could draw quickly if they needed.  Their mission was simple.  Get Reinhold and his mate together and start the healing process.

“Is this the place?  He stood across the street from a beautiful ranch style home with a few cars in the driveway.  The yard had been cut recently, he could smell it.

The sun beat down on them, making him warmer than usual.  The wolf inside was dying, it didn’t belong in Michigan.

Kathy had the good sense to dress in a pair of jeans and a top that revealed perfectly rounded breasts.  “Yeah.  This is it.”  Her long, black hair had been pulled back.  Even though she had power, it didn’t look right to use her strength in public anymore than it did for Reinhold to become the wolf.

Most humans weren’t used to magic.

Shrugging, he looked at h

A sweet Romance story by Sascha Illyvich - Caressing Caitlyner. “So how do we do this?”

Letting a steady breath of air out, Kathy mimicked his movements.  “You’re the alpha.  She’s your mate.  That’s all I know from the cards.”

He sighed.  Straightening, he strode towards the house. His nerves were on fire, his senses on high alert.

Kathy followed closely behind.

Reinhold knocked on the ornate wooden door, waiting and prepared for anything.

A moment later, the door opened and a short, dark skinned man appeared.  His eyes were glazed over and he reeked of booze and drugs.  “Can I help you?”

“Yes, we’re here for Katalin.  I’m with—“

“Are you with her fucking mother?”  The man’s eyes turned an eerie shade of red. “Katalin, get out here and bring my belt!”

Reinhold resisted the urge to deck the man.  “I’m not with her mother.  We’re—“

With a smile, Kathy stepped forward.  “We’re here on behalf of her school. We are class mates.”  Kathy spoke calmly, a push of belief was held in her voice.

“Yes. Classmates.”  The older man nodded.  “Katalin, come here and bring your brother.”

“She’s busy,” a male voice called back from inside the house.

Reinhold sensed something was amiss.  “What’s going on?  Is this a bad time?”

The man nodded.  “She’s busy.  Come back later.”

He started to shut the door but Reinhold caught it.  Using wolf strength, he held it open.  Smiling, baring fangs, he reached for the old man.

The old man stepped back. Another man, a few inches taller with lighter skin appeared. “You want something?”  He grinned, malice pouring off his skin.  He smelled of alcohol and dope and sex.

“Where’s Katalin?”

By this time, Kathy had pulled the gun from its holster.  “Tell us where the girl is.  Nobody has to die today.”

Reinhold growled.  Charging the taller man, he slammed him into the wall with one arm.  Growling, he let a wave of magick wash over his face, changing his features so that he looked like the violent wolf he was.

“Reinhold no!” Kathy yelled.

“Please!”  Another voice called from behind Reinhold.

He jerked his head around to see a beautiful woman, probably not more than twenty years of age standing in ripped clothes with blood on her face.  The blood smelled of iron and copper mixed with the stench of sickness and vomit.

“Katalin,” he mouthed.

Kathy slid beside Katalin. “Hiya.”

Katalin turned to look at Kathy.

Reinhold turned his attention to the guy at arms length. He kept his tone steady, low and didn’t spare the violent undertones. “I should kill you now.”

“What proof do you have that I did anything?” He spat in Reinhold’s face.

Reinhold grinned and bit the man’s neck hard enough to make him bleed.  “Fucker, you taste like foul shit.  “I should end your pathetic life.”

A female voice called out from behind Reinhold.  “Please, no!”

Reinhold kicked the man in the ribs hard enough to hear the loud crack that followed after the blow landed.

The man doubled over, yelling in pain.

Reinhold kicked him in the jaw, knocking him back against the wall.

His eyes closed and his head lolled off to one side.

Katalin’s father ran to the younger man.  “Mi hijo, what have you done to him, you monster?”

“Not enough, “Reinhold spat at him.  Then he strode towards her father and kicked him in the ribs. “An old man like you should be ripped to shreds by the wolves and tossed off a cliff.”

“Stop, please!”  The female voice called out again with sheer agony.

Reinhold took one more kick at the old man before he turned to Katalin. “You are not a human, Katalin.  You’re a wolf.  You should have some pride.”

Katalin gasped.

Kathy slapped Reinhold upside the head.

He rubbed his head. “Look witch.”

Snickering, Kathy turned to Katalin and offered her hand.  “Look sweetie.  Reinhold is your mate.  He’s come to claim you.  We’ve talked about this on the phone before, right?”

Katalin nodded.

“Come with us?”  Reinhold knelt before Katalin, offering his hand to her. “I’m sorry I get so violent but I’m an Alpha.  It’s in my nature to protect.”

“I know.”  Katalin nodded.

“Do you believe me?”  Reinhold took her hand in his.

She nodded.

“Come with us, Katalin?  Come with me?  I accept you and promise this bullshit,” he pointed to the blood trickling down her neck, “will stop.”

She started to speak but stopped.

“I love you, Katalin.  My witch loves you.”  Reinhold touched her cheek.

Katalin fell into his arms and started crying. Sniffling, she raised her head. “Yes I’ll come with you.  I want…”

“It’s okay,” he stroked her shoulders.

Kathy threw her arms around the both of them.  Love filled Reinhold’s heart.  He took the energy and passed it into Katalin, trying to be gentle and sweet.

“Let me love you and protect you, Katalin.”

She nodded.

It’d be okay from this point on.

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