FROLICON Schedule!

I’m back at Frolicon with my fellow writers and kinksters in an attempt to put forth fun and engaging panels, along with enjoy some of the festivities myself.  This 394521_guby_pomada_seksi_vishnya_1680x1050year’s Frolicon takes place Easter Weekend, April 17-20th at the Airport Sheraton in Atlanta, GA.

From the website:

We frolic in the spring. That’s what we do. Frolic. We are Frolicon.

Think Virgin Sacrifices, live-action Candyland, Drag Queens, Art, Spanking, Sex, Massages, Pagan Rituals, and parties – lots and lots of parties!!
Whether you are interested in Educational Classes, Games, Rocky Horror, Dancing, Self Expression or one of the many other things that interest us all – come Frolic with us at Frolicon 2014! You just have to experience it for yourself!!

Friday, April 18th, 2014
Writing Female POV 10:00-11:15 Junior Suite
Craft Writing Dialogue – Friday 4:00-5:15 Junior suite
Cigar Herf 5:30-7:00 Smoking Deck
Bedtime Stories – 7:00-9:00 Club Room

Saturday, April 19th, 2014
Editors/Agents panel – 10:00-11:15 Cyprus 1
Secret Lives of Authors Saturday 1:00 PM – 2:15: Junior Suite

Also, pop on and listen to the interview conducted by The Sex Geeks with me last year!


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Unedited Audio Excerpt – aimed at 1NS

My excerpt from Hot Knight, a potential 1NS for the fabulous folks at Decadent Publishing.  I thought I’d share something from that too.  Again, the audio quality is a little rough but that will change over time as I upgrade equipment!

Enjoy the sweet tale of Mark Knight and “Katie” Harpner in Fiji and remember to tell that special someone you love them!

Excerpt read by the author for Hot Knight


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Mistress Kitty – Tales of FemDomme Romance

Mistress Kitty 2012Another  updated cover on a book that got lost after rights were returned was Mistress Kitty, originally “Mistress Kitty and Trent” from a previous publisher.

The stories that launched Sascha Illyvich’s career as a master of BDSM erotica. Follow the adventures of Miss Kitty and her submissive, Trent, through humiliation, punishment, training and on straight through to ecstasy. This powerful collection, available for the first time in a deade, includes such Kitty and Trent tales as So Help Me, Mistress!, Sex Swing, School Marm, Trust, A Sensual Seduction, Playtime, Spanking Trent, Just Who’s in Control, Anyway?, and more than a dozen other contemporary classics. “A Powerful Look at Female Domination!” That’s how Sensual Reviews describes the work of Sascha Illyvich. From the author they call “The Bad Boy of Romance.”

Of note, the newer cover to the right- best represents the way I tried to capture a D/s couple.  From the very beginning, Mistress Kitty was a sweet, seductive dominant with an evil streak a mile wide!  Trent, looking for something deeper, finds it in the lovely curvaceous body of a Female Dominant all while learning to serve and discover his true place in this world.

This cover has actually gone through a few incarnations.  One that  never made it because the artist was killed by a raging pack of wolves during a coke deal she’d been trying to arrange with the Colombians.  Rumor has it Spetsnaz were involved too…


Very first cover for Mistress Kitty and Trent – a book I cannot ever escape

The book was actually a tribute to Mistress Kitty’s inspiration, stories spanning the entire year or so of a relationship ending in hopefully a romantic manner fit for a D/s couple.  Originally debuting on Males In Slavery Stories, with an occasional piece thrown on Celebrate Male Submission, these tales differ from the traditional BDSM stories in that the romance is much more important AND is shown more  from the point of view of both characters.

This book was accepted by eXtasy books at the same time Sizzler Editions (then Renessaince E-books) published “Sensualities” and the cover goes WAY back to the early days of ebooks.

Another cover was fashioned for the Amazon/Fictionwise crowd featuring those who prefer a more censored cover.  I liked it least of all because of the clothing option but what can you do?

How about an excerpt?

Thirty minutes later, Trent lay naked atop her bed, bound with silk scarves.  His own anxieties had been masked by his arousal and Kitty’s seduction.  She had coaxed him free of his clothes while she remained dressed.  The thought of being naked before a sexy, clothed woman was enough of a turn on.  One of his fantasies, in fact.  The bondage thing was different, and he was afraid, just a little.  She was a stranger, after all.

Kitty came sauntering into the room, glancing down at Trent’s body.  His cock was large, thick and full for her.  She felt the thrill of seduction coarse through her veins and the smile across her face was hard to conceal as she played her role of Mistress.

“What do you want?”

Her breath fell on his ear and his cock strained upwards.

“Tell me, what do you want?” she whispered again.

Trent said nothing.  He sighed and strained his arms against his bonds, but Kitty had him bound pretty well.  He was surprised, but silent.

“Close your eyes,” she said.  Kitty produced a feather from behind her and ran it over Trent’s stomach.  He tried not to laugh, but he was ticklish.  The feather grazed over his chest, his face, back down his torso and finally, over his cock.  Kitty seemed pleased with his body’s reaction as his cock pulsed for her.

He was a magnificent creature.  Would he submit to her?  Just for tonight, would he be that hungry for her?  The look on his face, even with his eyes closed said yes.  Every muscle in Trent’s body was tight with anticipation, the same feeling Kitty had when she was first bound, tied and teased, and a glance at his cock made her smile.

She reached down for his cock, gave him a stroke and listened to him breathe.  She slapped his thigh to break his concentration and his eyes shot open.

“Shh,” she said.  Kitty did something out of role for a test.  She freed one of his hands, lowered her lips over his and kissed him.  He was reticent at first, but went willingly as she stroked his cock with one hand.  It was like his body was giving in, but his mind resisted.

“Savor,” she said when she pulled away from the kiss.

Trent nodded, eyes still closed.

“Your mind won’t let you see that you want me because you’re bound.” She said in a calm voice, “but what do you want?”

Now it was Trent’s time to speak.  He was sure she wouldn’t hurt him, but the slap on his thigh made him question her.  His cock ached to be inside her, his hands needed to be all over her body.  His needs drove him to thrust his hips upwards towards her hands, but she kept them just out of reach of his cock.  Trent began to sweat; he licked his lips and parted them to speak, but nothing came out.  His body was in shock.

“Tell me, what do you want?” she said, this time her voice was strained and dispassionate.  Kitty took his cock in her hand gently, stroked him slowly just a few times before waiting for his response.

Still silent, his erection throbbed in her hand.  His body was comfortable, but his mind felt trapped, constrained.  What was wrong with him?

“Your mind won’t let you see that you want me,” she whispered.  Kitty stood and released his cock.  The warmth from his body had gone, but his arousal still remained.  Trent had no idea what was wrong with him, other than the fact that he wanted badly to fuck this woman, to release everything to her and keep his hands on her curves.

“Watch me,” she said.

Kitty walked over to the stereo, turned it on and music came from the speakers.  She started to sway her hips, sensually.  Trent’s eyes followed her hips.  He watched her remove her top inch by inch, exposing cream colored flesh against the soft hues of candlelight.  She caressed her breasts, taking one in each hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“You can’t touch me just yet,” she said.

“I want to.”

“You don’t get it.  This is for me,” Kitty growled.

“You’re an insatiable woman.”

“And you’re a bad boy.”  Kitty smiled, she had Trent where she wanted him until he flashed a cheeky grin.

Trent frowned.

“That’s my little devotee,” she said.  Her movements continued until she’d slipped her hands over her hips.  His gaze followed over her and he seemed to be devouring her every inch of bared flesh.

She stepped closer, leaned over him and let her hair fall over his skin before pressing her breasts to his.  His chest was warm to her touch.  She knew exactly what he was feeling because he was fire to her cool.  “What do you want?”

Trent wasn’t able to resist much more.  Even the failures that held him back mentally couldn’t stand the amount of desire rushing through his body for this woman.  The voice insides his head kept telling him to speak up, tell her of his desires.  Submit.

“Fuck me,” he said.

“That’s what I wanted to hear.”  Kitty pulled off her skirt, revealing her naked figure.  She picked up a foil packet, ripped it open and sheathed Trent’s engorged organ.

“Now, just follow my lead.”

Trent nodded.

“You may not come until I tell you to.”

Trent started to protest but her lips had already engulfed him.  Heat warmed his cock, made him feel at home, at ease.

Kitty untied his other hand.  She sealed her lips over his.  She felt full as she sank down on him repeatedly.  His cock brushed over her clitoris when it slipped out and she made a crying sound from the pleasure.

Trent ran his fingers through her smothered them in her brownish blonde hair.  He almost felt like he was being fucked by Lady Godiva as her hair fell over her body and his, each strand a different sensation on his skin.

She gripped his shoulders, raked her fingernails across his chest and tried not to let go so quickly, but her orgasm were always so powerful when the males she was with knew how to take directions.

Trent lay beneath her, bucking and thrusting inside her until she’d slammed down just as hard against him.  The sounds of flesh against flesh echoed throughout the room, drowning out music.  Sweat covered Kitty’s brow as she cried aloud and fell forward over Trent’s body.

He couldn’t help it; her orgasmic clenches around his cock had brought him near the edge.  He was almost to that point when she reminded him that he was not to come just yet.

“We’re not finished yet,” she said with a sigh.

Trent didn’t know what to expect yet, so he kept still.  Her heat wasn’t just warmth, it was scotching fire that made him weak.  His knees trembled as she sat atop him.

Slow, steady movements of her hips had him clenching the sheets with his fists.  Even his toes had curled up from the pleasure.

Kitty fell forward, pressed against him.  She couldn’t help but move for her own pleasure, but she sat up and lifted her arms above her head, swayed her head to one side and let her hair fall over her face.  Her breasts swung full in tune with her increased rhythmic rocking until she was on her way to another orgasm, followed by two more.

Trent finally grabbed her hips and thrust upwards while holding her in place.  She tried to resist but passion took control from her dominant sense and she found herself urging him to fuck her.

It didn’t take but a moment for him to explode inside her with such a fury that he’d dug his fingernails into her thighs.  She cried out from the pain and was rewarded with the pain and joys of one final orgasm at the same time as his.

God, he felt so good.  Repeatedly filling her up, taking her visual cues and mental dominance, he would be such a perfect submissive.  He could fill the gap in her life until she’d figured out what to do.

Kitty pressed against his chest and started to let her body drift off to sleep, but Trent stirred.

An early rendering concept of the newer cover art.

“I know this seems a little awkward, Kitty, but would you mind if I stayed the night?”

“Well, you did come in my car.  What about work in the morning?”

“It’s Saturday.  I figured my depression would have compelled me to do something incredibly stupid, so I wouldn’t be in anyway.”  Did he just do something incredibly stupid? 

“Mind if I pry?”

“I’m not really depressed.  Lonely.”  He paused, “or I was until tonight anyway.”

“It’s all right.  I understand.  I felt that way earlier.”

“Yeah, I saw those two college students.”

“They were babies.  I couldn’t have brought them back home.”

“I understand.  It’d be robbing the cradle.”

Kitty laughed.  “You shit!  I am not that old.”

“You’re old enough for me.” Trent grinned.

“Hush boy.  What time is it?” Kitty reached over Trent and turned the clock back over.  It was after twelve thirty.


The censored version

“Would you be a doll and fetch me a glass of water, Trent?”  Kitty rolled onto her side and stroked Trent’s smooth chest with her fingernail.

“Sure, where at?”  Trent slid off the bed and stood up, his hard body outlined by the soft light from the hallway.  Kitty looked at him, his eyes still burned with unfinished passion and lust.  Maybe she’d been mistaken, but she’d deal with it in the morning.

“Right cupboard above the sink.”  Kitty turned on a small lamp and rolled over to set her alarm for half an hour later.  She could afford to sleep in tomorrow.

“Okay.  Stay right there, sexy.”

He still flirted with her.  Kitty didn’t want him to leave in the morning, nor did she want to go into work the next day.  She felt a high from earlier that was only topped by Trent’s acceptance of kinky sex.

“Come crawl into bed with me and let’s go to sleep, Trent.”

* * *

The next morning, Kitty dropped Trent off at the parking lot where he left his car and watched him walk away.  He’d left his card on her seat and told her to call him.  Then he kissed her, sweetly at first until he let the buildup of passion between them simmer and slipped his tongue between her lips, brushing his teeth over her lower lip.  She sucked his tongue into her mouth eagerly, swatted him on the ass and broke their kiss, looking coquettish and sassy at the same time.

“You are a cad,” she giggled.

“You like it.”

“Mmm, I do indeed.”  His low voice hummed in her ear as he nipped her ear.  “Bad boy,” she chided.

“I can’t get enough of you,” he cupped her breast in the palm of his hand and felt her nipple pebble, but Kitty pushed him away.  “More, later.”

A new cover from the older publisher - looks like love IS eternal

A new cover from the older publisher – looks like love IS eternal


She took his face in her hands and kissed his forehead.  “Later.  I’ll call you.  Promise.”  Kitty couldn’t believe she wasn’t lying this time.

“I think that’s a good idea.”  His voice was warm, inviting.  Kitty didn’t want to leave exactly, but she had to go to work.

She let him leave.  Annoyance and anxiety filled her at the same time, as did other powerful emotions.  This wasn’t good.

BUY MISTRESS KITTY – Tales of Romantice Female Domination from Sizzler Editions

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DragonCON Sunday

Woke up late.  Of course since I went to bed around 5 AM again LOL!  One roommate had driven me back to the hotel room and some time later my handler showed up.  I had a meeting shortly after that I couldn’t miss, but it needed to involve food and a cigar, so it got moved from the airport area to Buckhead Cigar shop, where I talked to the owner and then sat down to enjoy a Liga Undercrown while enjoying Four Roses Small batch.

I wish to hell I could have actually done more but after my meeting I was dropped off at the Hilton for my first panel of the day.  A 4 PM panel on marketing (last night’s panel was on Where should I submit!) with Kiernan, Cyn, Gail Z. Martin and Kayelle Allen I’m pretty sure.  Kayelle moderated, talked about our strengths and let us go for a few minutes before taking Q/A from the audience.

Afterwards, hanging out, wandering and food called before I met my friend Geoff and his lady for a cigar.  Then it was off to BDSM 201, which was straight up Q/A.  Brutal.  That’s all I can really say, because the questions were FAR from easy.  But the people asking questions showed a great deal of courage

After the BDSM panel let out (it was almsot 1 AM) I took more Q/A and chopped it up with some folks, readers, etc.  Got to hang with people I met last year.

I DO know there was at least one woman who was disappointed that I didn’t cross dress for the BDSM 201 panel and I have to apologize, I didn’t have room to pack my dress and heels!  Lame huh?

An hour later, handler located, ride located, other roommate located, and back to the hotel for food and SLEEP!  Bedtime was..around 5:30 AM.

Next post…Monday.

50 Books better than 50 Shades of Grey!

I can’t help but milk this to the very last drop.  The book isn’t on my anything list other than “fuck this book” list.  Laura Antoniou even gave us a parody that rocked as it was just funny as hell…

I’m probably not going to be able to list 50 titles.  So suggestions are welcome!  Anything that drives traffic and helps my SEO bwahahaha!

The books in question here are superb in every way, from plot, to originality, to the most basic writing skill.  And are listed in no order.

  1. The Ice Queen – Joey W. Hill
  2. Jack’s Christmas Wish – Bonni Sansom
  3. Gift of Her Submission – Sascha Illyvich (Think I wasn’t going to include my own titles here!  HA!)
  4. The vampire Queen’s Servant – Joey W. Hill
  5. Bound for Romance – Various.  I only edited this anthology but all four authors have a unique spin on BDSM
  6. Master of the Shadowlands – Cherise Sinclair (A very astute student of mine!)
  7. Broad Horizons – Edited by Beth Wylde (Admittedly I’m in the second anthology)
  8. Siddella’s Surrender – Sascha Illyvich
  9. The Gift – Kim Dare
  10. Yuletide Greetings – Sue Lyndon
  11. Dance Macabre – Laurel K. Hamilton (Even in first person too!)
  12. The Vampire Queen’s Servant – Joey W. Hill
  13. Rosy Cheeks – Marianna LaCroix
  14. Submissive – Anya Howard
  15. The Marketplace series -Laura Antoniou
  16. The Velderet – Cecilia Tan
  17. Trouble in Cowboy Boots – Desiree Holt
  18. Ride’sm – Tilly Greene
  19. Members Only – Ann Jacobs
  20. Siddella’s Submission – Sascha Illyvich
  21. The Ice Queen – Joey. W.  Hill
  22. Fallen Star – Morgan Hawke
  23. Wicked Intent – Lora Leigh
  24. Wonderland:  King of Hearts – Cheyenne McCray
  25. I Will Submit to You, Master – Sascha Illyvich
  26. The Playground – Sascha Illyvich (yeah, I’m not vain.  I swear it!)
  27. The Irish Devil – Diane Whiteside
  28. Wolf Tales Series – Kate Douglas (Not traditional BDSM but strong elements of D/s are involved)

As I said, this is just a partial list, but all of these authors are way better than 50 Shades of Grey.  Hell I haven’t read it yet but I’m sure Andrew T. Shaffer’s 51 Shades parody is better too!  Incidentally I’ve actually read most of these books AND I know most of the authors.

Bwahahaha, so give some authors some love!  Feel free to add more current reads to this list in the comments!

Treasure’s Gift – Out now! A Decadent Publishing EDGE story

When Mark pops in on a work visit to Houston, the lovely and curvaceous Treasure not only plans to make his fantasies come true, but ups the ante by adding an equally delicious friend to the mix. Can Mark resist Treasure’s temptation or will two women double his pleasure?


“I’m not buying your bullshit. I’m proud of you. But you can’t waltz in here and stay with me without giving me warning so I can rearrange my schedule.”

He lifted his glass and poured more scotch into the settled ice. “I’d rather you not—”

Her eyes widened, “You don’t love me?”

He arched a brow. How could she doubt his love for her? Hell, he’d tried to show her every time he’d come to town, but it became impossible when she’d found a boyfriend two years earlier. Hanging with her had felt awkward even when the two split. “With all my heart, I love you.”

Her frown deepened. “Then quit belittling me!”

“I’m fine, dear. Okay?”

Treasure slapped his shoulder.

He caught her arm, dropped the timbre of his voice. “I’d slow down for you.”

“You haven’t yet.” She lifted her chin.

“Make me?” Mark spun around in the chair and stared at the documents spread before him. Loan papers, contractor bids, materials lists, and schedules for the next few weeks lay scattered across the desk. He glanced over his shoulder.

“Maybe I will.” She glared, flicking her tongue over her plump bottom lip.

His cock hardened. “You haven’t yet.” Straddling him with her ass pressed against his taut stomach, Treasure giggled.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he slid his fingers up her belly slowly, inch by inch.

“You really like the way I look?” Doubt laced her voice.

“You’re beautiful, a full figured woman with—” A knock cut him off.

He turned his head toward the front door. Nothing was going to ruin this perfect moment, dammit! “What the hell?”

A wicked grin crossed Treasure’s puckered lips. “That should be Cristina.”

Buy from Decadent Publishing
Buy from All Romance E-books

New Contract – Treasure’s Gift at Decadent Publishing!

Received two new contracts, one for Treasure’s Gift, a story I reworked about a woman who tired of her best friend coming over and ignoring the heat between them.  So she uses creative methods to get him into her bed…with their cute redhead friend.  This is for Decadent’s Edge line of erotica.

The other story they picked up was my last 1NS, Menage Bound – about a mouthy yet tired corporate executive who needs a break and wouldn’t mind if that break came in the form of two hunky dominant males.  And a little bit of pain.  And a lot of poking, prodding, plundering and…well you’ll have to see.

  Until those two are ready and in edits, here’s a brief excerpt from Surrender to Love (available at Decadent Publishing and

Bruce studied her, shifted his weight from one foot to the other. “You’re a very beautiful woman.”

Heat rushed up her cheeks and her eyebrows rose. She’d never heard that from anyone. “Thank you?”

“I know that moving fast with you is probably not the way to go.” The tone of his voice sounded as though he controlled the impact behind every word.

She swallowed hard. What would his hair look like if he freed it? “No. I’m….”

Before she knew it, he was on his knees before her. He reached for her hand, captured and clasped it in his. The sheer difference in size intimidated her.

Rough, calloused fingers smoothed over the top of her hand in a gentle motion. Bruce’s lips pressed against her skin.

Goose bumps appeared on her arms and a shiver raced through her. She didn’t know what to do, but she didn’t want to pull away. Her heart did a double thump against her chest.

His eyes traveled up her body, stopping briefly at the tops of her breasts. She realized then just how naked she was. The purple robe was parted enough to show her black, mid-thigh chemise with slits up the sides. It fit her curves very well. Beneath it, she wore nothing.

Bruce’s eyes met hers. She stared back into the depths of his gaze, holding it for a moment. Violet eyes smoldered with lust.

“You find me attractive?”

“I do.” He nodded.

She turned away, still holding his hand. “Oh. I suppose you have to.”

His fingers stiffened against her palm. “What does that mean?”

She spun to face him, the swish of her hair blanketing her shoulders, “It means you’re paid to seduce. I know your type!”

Bruce cleared his throat and started laughing. He slapped his knee with his free hand.

Livia yanked her hand from his and stalked back toward the desk. “See!”

Bruce rose to his full height, lowering his gaze. “No. I am a blind date, not an escort. 1Night Stand is a matchmaking service, you do know that, right?”

Livia smirked, bumped into the desk, and leaned into it. Matchmaking was the same as an adult service. Right? She was supposed to get laid, right? Wasn’t this what Dr. Gena wanted for her? Setting her hands on her hips, she stared at Bruce. “Yes but….”

“Madame Eve, the owner, is very thorough with her clients and very particular with their needs and wants. Trust me.” He reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a handkerchief, wiped his brow. Then he folded it back into a perfect square, stuffed it into his jacket, and continued. “I went through hell to use her service.”

Curious, she relaxed her posture, just a touch. “What do you mean? Why would you need a blind date or matchmaking service?”

Color filled his cheeks and tinged his fair skin with a light shade of pink. “Well.” Bruce held his hands out to his sides. “Some time back I was in a relationship that didn’t go well. I loved her, but she left me for a woman named Alexandria Rayne.”

Livia had to cover her mouth to stifle the laughter that threatened to bubble up from within. “Some woman left you for another woman? I find that hard to believe!”

He sat at edge of the bed and smiled nervously “It does seem sort of ridiculous, doesn’t it? But this woman was a powerful romance author who wove spells around her audience with her words. It seemed that even I was ensnared by her net until I realized she wanted nothing to do with me. Alexandria was selfish, she’d strung me and my girlfriend along. She broke my heart.”

She really wanted to laugh but she tried to contain her giggling.

“Go ahead, laugh!” Bruce’s voice boomed through the room.

She thought he was annoyed until she saw the corners of his full lips turn upward in a grin.

“It is a little embarrassing now, but I didn’t find it funny then. In fact, it caused me to overwork and end up in the hospital because I was pushing myself so hard—” His voice dropped. “To put her and Alexandria out of my mind. Then one day I was talking to a coworker who wanted to go out for drinks. You know, as friends.”

“I can see where this is going.” She pursed her lips together in a thin line. She crossed her arms over her chest and straightened.

“No, not entirely. I wasn’t going to sleep with her, if that’s what you think.” He leaned forward. “We went to a different type of club. She asked me to go with her and to obey her every whim.”

Livia cocked a brow, “This sounds suspicious.”

He nodded. “Yeah, it did to me too. I wasn’t sure what was up, but I hadn’t left the house or office in several months. I had a heart attack, and when I got out of the hospital, she was there waiting to pick me up. We had only seen each other outside of work that one time when she took me to the club.”

“And you didn’t question it?”

Bruce shook his head and a few strands came free of his ponytail. She realized his hair had been pulled back by a large black scunchie, not a neat rubber band like she’d thought.

“I was just glad to be alive. The next few weeks with Lilith were interesting”

He was supposed to seduce her? Livia had heard enough. “Let me guess, she taught you a valuable lesson and then you ended up being left alone by Lilith only to realize you needed yourself? Tired story. My therapist has given me that line numerous times.”

“No.” He shook his head again. “It doesn’t end quite that way. Please, let me show you what I did learn. Lilith, taught me things I’d like to share with you. Her suggestion that I approach 1Night Stand surprised me, but I’ve found them to be very thorough. Don’t worry.” He shed his suit coat and set it neatly on the bed beside him. “I’m just a single man who didn’t know what to expect. And I haven’t had a partner in a very long time.” He stood and approached her, bending down on one knee while setting his hand out before her. “Please, let me show you how to own control?”

She gasped. The words she’d wanted to take back had come to her in the form of a person. A real, live person who…she didn’t know what. Livia watched him bow his head. What was with a man who could control the entire universe, dominate her rather large space, and still make himself subservient before her?

What would cause that behavior?

Worse yet, the way he knelt before her gave her a view of very broad shoulders beneath his black T-shirt. His hair hung thickly in a loose tail that stopped just at the small of his back. His musk, so male and potent made her nostrils flare. Something tightened low in her stomach. Her thighs grew damp. “Okay. So, how does this work?”

He looked up from the floor. “I have found that freedom, true freedom comes from when the body is restrained, stimulated and—” Standing, he leaned forward, pressing his lips into hers. “Forced to let the mind and heart work in tandem.”

He brushed his lips against hers one more time, the words echoing like silk over her mind. His voice caressed her, causing pinpricks to race up her spine. Her nipples hardened beneath the satin. She tried to move back from Bruce, but the desk and his large frame trapped her.

Slowly, his mouth caressed hers then his tongue swept over her bottom lip.

She tasted his plump lips. Fresh, sandalwood, hints of rose and cinnamon swirled around her nose, knocking her senses off balance. Her mind zeroed in on the image before her, a powerful man, willing to do her bidding while focusing on her pleasure. Some part of this still confused her.

Finally, Bruce pulled back from the kiss, set his hands on either side of her body, and returned to a kneeling position.

Her head swam and she had to steady herself against his shoulders, only to find that his face was at the level of her sex. “How would you go about restraining the body and stimulating it?”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a two bundles of dark blue rope. “Silk helps for those who are afraid of iron.”

An eyebrow rose.

“The chair, a perfect place to hold you,” he indicated with a nod of his head. “You’ll sit with your hips at the edge, legs spread. Arms tied lightly.”

“It won’t hurt?” She looked at the chair, a high-end leather and wood piece of furniture with arms that could be used to hold her hands down if he tied her to it.

“If it does, I’ll loosen the ropes. Just ask.”

That was the problem. She could trust him; she felt somewhat safe with a man who seemed to be in so much control over himself. He could easily hurt her, but she didn’t get the sense that Bruce would. It was odd, but she really found him worth at least a shot. Livia had never asked for anything in her life. She’d always done for herself or gone without. Life had been tough going without, even as her income grew. Still, she wanted things and feared asking for them.

The question jumped from the back of her mind to her lips before she could stop it. “What if I get scared?”

Bruce looked into her eyes and smiled. “You simply say Bluetooth.”

“Bluetooth?” Her eyebrows furrowed.

“Yes. That’s your safeword. If you feel scared and want me to stop, you simply say it and all play of any sort ceases.”

The thought of all things ceasing at her asking gave her a rush as did the tone of his voice. The words again seemed to wrap around her ears in a symphony of seduction that curled like smoke over her bare skin. Her pussy tightened at the thought of him touching her. Her body thrummed with arousal.

“You start by taking control of yourself. You have already done that.” Bruce set a hand on her exposed thigh.

Tingles raced up straight up her back. Anticipation at how this could turn out built like butterflies buzzing in her stomach. She wanted this man. “Okay. So what now?”

“Indulge me, so I can indulge you. Sit on the chair, rest your hands on the arms. Strip off the robe.”

Slowly, Livia moved toward the chair. She let the robe slip off before tossing it on the bed. “Here?”

Bruce blinked, looked at the chair, the window, and then back at Livia. “Well, we could move it away from the window if you’d like, but frankly if I were to look up and see you in all your naked glory, I’d want to know your name. I’d want to devour your body and share nothing but immense passion with you. I’d want to make sure I pleased you continuously, sexually and otherwise.” He stood and held the ropes in his hands.

She felt herself blush again. The rich timber of his voice did things to her insides. After the kiss, she felt empty. She wanted another taste of Bruce but didn’t know how to ask.

“Tie me up facing the window.”

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New Release from Decadent Publishing – The Playground by Sascha Illyvich

I’m proud to announce the release of An erotic BDSM story 1Night Stand from Decadent Publishing:

Newest Release by Sascha Illyvich, erotic romance author at Decadent Publishing

Buy Now

Blurb Jet setter and playboy Devon has a BDSM side he wants to make reality, the only catch is Shelly, the woman who would serve him perfectly left him years ago and is afraid of what living with him means. While in a Las Vegas casino he spots her. Using 1Night Stand, he sets her up in a park, have her bound to playground equipment with only a blindfold on…and his Dominance to hopefully teach her the meaning of true love, using the one thing he knows will capture Shelly’s attention.

Out now!

Finally, after last year’s abysmal release record (I had a lot of back office admin stuff going on!) I’ve got a new release.

Sascha Illyvich

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Friday Flash erotic Fiction – Fae Troubles

Another short flash fiction piece.  Enjoy!

The little redhead spoke in a light, fluttery tone.  ‘If you come closer, I’ll show you what I want to do to you.”  She nuzzled his neck.

Breathing in the scent of lush green forest and earth, Reinhold stroked her cheek, a finger sliding over the softness of her skin.  “But they’re angry at me.”  Reinhold lifted his head from her lips.  The redhead faery sat in his arms, a tiny figure with porcelain skin and blood red hair with pert breasts and a sweet, curvy ass.

“I don’t care. You’re mine, sweetheart.”  She nodded, nuzzling his chest with her mouth.

He nodded, his grin widening to reach his eyes.  “I want you, little fae.  You’re perfection in my hands.  You’re sweet and loveable and wicked.”

Her lips curled upwards.  Taking his hand in hers, she slid off the couch and pulled him down the hallway into a room.  She pushed the door open and stretched out a hand. “After you, my wolf.”

Reinhold stepped into the room. His sight as a wolf adjusted to the candle lit darkness.  A bed sat in the center, surrounded by candles of varying sizes and scents that overwhelmed him at first.  Sweet scents perfumed the room, jasmine, lavender, sandalwood.  He inhaled deeply, feeling her hand at the base of his hips.  After a moment, the different aromas began to calm his fears.

The faery stepped past him and turned to face him.

Reinhold followed her closely, keeping her body beside his to feel her warmth, her arousal.

Katiera had told him to go with the flow, to be accepting of his little fae; she was a gift.  A sensual, magical gift that could lighten the wolf’s mind and help his aura.

He needed that.  Being around his Essence had given him a newfound strength, time spent with his Mistress Crissy had given him…what?

He still had to figure that out.  The time spent between the two had been sparse.  But he cherished the moments with each of his dominants even as he rebelled internally towards them.

It wasn’t right, humans telling a wolf what to do. But Lynne and Mistress Crissy held a lot more than typical humans did. And for a young pup, Katiera had a wealth of wisdom.

She was truly someone he trusted with his entire heart. So when she told him to come visit his little fae, and stay for tea and sex, he didn’t disagree.

Clutching his hand, the little fae led him to the bed, settling herself down on the comforter with daintiness that he didn’t miss.

Patting a space beside her, she urged him towards her.  “Please?”  She rubbed her naked thighs with both hands.

He couldn’t stand it much further.  His cock hardened.  Every nerve and muscle in his body tensed, ready for something more than standing around.  His body was on fire, she’d only kissed him moments ago.  Her lips tasted like cherry and vodka.

Then, perfection.  Soft and pliant, her lips were moist and gentle beneath his.

Taking his tongue inside her mouth, she let his hands glide over her breasts, pinching the nipples to hardened peaks until she’d cried.

“You hurt,” she grinned.

“You like it,” he nipped her face with his.

She bit along the line of his jaw.  “I do indeed, my sweet.”

His voice dropped to a hushed whisper.  “This is for you.  Just you.”

She nodded in understanding.

His heart swelled with pride.

She climbed on top of him and began a slow, sensual movement that picked up into a rhythm.

Both enjoyed the sensation of skin against skin, her bobbing up and down on him, their lips meeting for rough kisses that were sure to bruise.

He broke out in a slick sweat, panting, moaning at her tightness.

She cried aloud, impaling herself harder and harder on his prick.

His balls slapped against her, fingers digging into her flesh.

She jolted up and down wildly on him, swirling her hips around, mouth hanging open with each his every thrust.

When she came, he did too, wrapping his arms around her slender waist and burying his head in the crook of her neck.  “I love you, little fae” he whispered.

She pushed him back and remained on top of him.  “I love you too, sweet wolf.”

A few hours later, he woke to the sound of loud pounding on the door.  His little fae had remained on top of him, legs stretched out alongside his.  The contrast of her blood red hair against white skin brought a smile to his face.

“Come in,” he threw the sheet and blanket over them.

Two large men appeared, fully dressed in jeans and work shirts.  “You’re on our little sister.”

The faery tensed her thighs around him.  Meeting his gaze, she narrowed her eyes.

He rubbed the back of her head and forced her to rest against his chest.  “Actually,” he cleared his throat, “She’s on me. And she started this.  Now unless you have business,” he growled in a whisper, “leave us.  She’s sleeping.”

The larger one of the two arched an eyebrow.

“I would fear for my health, if I were you both.” Reinhold motioned with his eyes at the large black knife on the bedside table.

Eyebrow backed off.  “Fine.”  He scowled before turning to leave.  His brother joined him and shut the door behind them.

Yawning, Reinhold’s little fae stirred, her mouth moving against his bare chest.

With a yawn, she looked into his eyes.  “Are my brothers giving you any trouble?”

He shook his head. “No sweetheart.  Nothing I can’t manage.  They’re only human.”  Stroking the back of her head, he ran his fingers through her short curls, playing with the baby hairs at the base of her skull.

She arched against him and reached between her legs to feel him inside her.  “This could be fun.  Do me,” she shot him a wicked grin.

His cock stirred to life again inside her. Hands cupped her bottom and pulled her tighter against him.  “Anytime.”

Siddella’s Surrender at Amazon

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Dance of Tails

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Story Snippet – Whiskey Spread

Actually this is half of my erotic story “Whiskey Spread” that’s in the Cougar Anthology, edited by Jolie DuPre.  I too have a thing for older women ;)

The Cougar Book - featuring Sascha Illyvich

Morganna washed the last glass of the afternoon before casting a longing glance at the door.  Her bar was clean, liquor cabinets were stocked full and ready for more patrons to come in and fill the place with lively stories, cigar smoke, and booze until 2 a.m. when the place closed.  She set the rag down on the wood bar and sat on a stool beside a rather large collection of whiskeys, bourbons, and cognacs.

All the ashtrays had been wiped out again, the humidor stocked full of premium smokes and a few empty match boxes with the bar’s name had been thrown out, replaced by fresh, full boxes for her regulars and the casual stranger who strolled in.

It was Tuesday, meaning her favorite customer would probably wander in around eight or so; thirsty and ready to stare at her breasts while she worked.

Nicholas was an unusual man.  For starters, he was young.  She guessed he was probably in his early twenties, but that was based on his appearance, not what he chose to drink or where he decided to hang out.  The age of her normal clientele averaged mid-fifties unless someone stumbled in, not knowing this was a cigar bar, not a club atmosphere.  Nicholas never paid any attention to women closer to his age, either.

Also, he normally ordered a high-end scotch, neat.  And he always smoked his own cigars, usually Nicaraguan or Dominican high-end like Padrón or Diamond Crown Maximus.  Said he liked the older flavors.

She liked the fact that he liked mature things.

Licking her lips, she walked past the bar to the door and flipped the sign to reflect that they were now open for business until 2 a.m. Making her way towards the humidor, she slid the glass case open, pulled out a vitola and scanned the bar for a cutter.  Spotting one by the beer tap, she retrieved it, held the uncut end of the cigar to the guillotine and clipped off a part of the cap.  Bringing the cigar to her lips, she pulled out her torch lighter and lit the end of her cigar, puffing until the entire end was on fire.  She cut the flame and took another puff, sending a thick cloud of sweet smoke billowing throughout the air to erase the faint yet distinct smell of cleaning products.

She took her time to savor the earthy, coffee flavors of the Honduran made cigar before returning to behind the bar.

A few minutes later, the stereo played old school jazz music and a few older businessmen had come in ordering mixed drinks and smoking.  Morganna tended to their needs, keeping a watchful eye on the front door in hopes that Nicholas would show up sooner, rather than later.

After a few more hours had passed, the bar had begun to fill with the after-work crowd.  The business set from the financial district in downtown San Francisco came in to smoke, chat and unwind in a smoker-friendly haven.  John, the new second shift bartender, handled most of the customers while Morganna slipped off into the office behind the bar to handle paperwork and freshen up.

Shutting the door behind her to drown out the music, Morganna looked into an old mirror that hung on the back of the door.  The little makeup she wore emphasized jade green eyes while ruby red lips accentuated her freckled skin.  She tugged at her sweater, adjusting it so her ample bosoms showed better.  Jeans fit her hips snuggly complete with ankle high boots with pointed toes.  Her hair had been held away from her face by a clip in the back that centered a pony tail down the length of her back along with the rest of her mane.

She had no idea why she was going to all the trouble to make sure she looked so good for this one customer. He was probably in a relationship like many men his age.

Chalking her insecurity up to her age, Morganna shrugged her shoulders and reached for the door.

She stepped back into the bar area but took a quick step back out of sight.  Nicholas was sitting at a seat by the window, and there was a brunette with him.

Her heart sank.

The brunette leaned forward on her elbows, waving her hand through the thick cloud of smoke coming from Nicholas’s cigar.

His hair hung down the length of his back and caught the light off the fixture above so that it reflected a deep blue so dark it looked black.  His charcoal gray shirt fit snuggly over broad shoulders and was tucked into navy colored slacks.

Morganna licked her lips; her nerves ready in anticipation of Goddess only knew what.  Then she took a glance at the brunette sitting across from him nursing a…cola?

Was she his girlfriend?

Sizing her up, Morganna stepped out from behind the spot she was in.  A tall patron caught her attention, waving a credit card.

“Damn it.”  Impatiently, she waved at him to signal he had her attention.  “What can I do for you hon?”

He blushed, ran a hand through his curly, blonde hair and opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out.

She followed the line of his baby blue eyes roaming down her body until they’d met her assets.  Or rather, her breasts.  “I see.  You’re new here, aren’t you?”

He nodded.

She cleared her throat.  “No wonder.  You’re too obvious.  I take it you’d like to close your tab?”

He set his card down and nodded. “Yeah.  I’m sorry.  It’s been a long day and seeing someone as pretty as you made my day.”

Morganna forced a smile to her lips and took his card.  “Just the two beers, Rob?”

He shrugged. “I just don’t have it in me to drink much anymore.  I’m getting older. Have to rein it in after a few, ya know?”

An eyebrow rose. Pursing her lips together at the sight of the brunette leaning into Nicholas and brushing a hand across his arm irritated her further.  “Just how old are you?”

Rob winked, dropping his tone so that clearly he was flirting.  “I could ask you the same thing.”

She smirked.  “Yeah, but I’d answer honestly.”

Frowning, Rob took the slip from her and put his card in his pocket.  He offered her a fake smile and slid off his bar stool. “You a regular here, hon?”

He was trying for more charm.  Great.  “Yeah.  I happen to know the owners very well.”  She winked for emphasis and waved him off while another customer ordered a beer.

Morganna sighed and looked in the direction of where Nicholas and the rather annoying brunette were sitting.

He was gone but she remained.

Something possessive inside her drove her to maneuver past John to get a better look at this annoyance who felt she could capture Nicholas’s company.

Grabbing a bottle of eighteen-year–old Glenlivet, she poured a scotch into a rocks glass and made her way to Nicholas’s table.

The brunette wore a simple black skirt and a salmon-colored top that came down about half shoulder. Her hair was pulled back tightly, her lips were too thin and her eyes reminded Morganna of the vacuous stares of too many stupid, nonsensical thoughts running around her head just waiting for someone to ask, “What’s on your mind?”

Setting the drink down on the table, Morganna picked up Nicholas’s empty glass.

The brunette spoke in a high pitch that irritated Morganna further.  “Excuse me, we didn’t order another round.”

Morganna shot a vicious grin at the brunette. Her shoulders stiffened but she forced herself to remain polite.  “I know.  Nicholas is one of my regulars.  This one’s on the house.”

The brunette waved a hand to cut through the thick smoke from Nicholas’s cigar.  “Ugh, I hope he’s almost done here.”

Morganna spied him outside pacing back and forth with one hand up to his ear to cover it from the noise that often occurred around Pine Street.

Reaching for the window, she slid it open. A breeze blew in and sucked some of the smoke away from the stupid bitch.  “You his girlfriend?”

Brunette coughed into her hand.  “As if.  I couldn’t date a man like him.  He’d have to quit smoking and drinking.”

Morganna snorted.  As if.

Stupid Bitch turned in her seat to face Morganna, giving her a clear view of the woman with too-thin eyebrows and a waifish face.  She crossed her arms over her tiny chest in a defensive posture. “My name’s Shannon.  You are?”

“Morganna.  I own this bar and am quite fond of smokers and drinkers, at least those with sophisticated taste.”

Shannon spoke dryly.  “Pleasure.  Hopefully we’ll be done soon as we do have personal business to tend to after this is over with.”  She gestured with a hand.

Blinking in disbelief, Morganna cleared her throat and stuck out her chest.  “Tell Nicholas once he gets back in that this one’s on the house.  He’ll know who from.”  Satisfied, Morganna sauntered back to the bar to assist John with the rest of the night until her shift ended.

Dragging herself out of the bar around 12:30, Morganna took one look up and down Pine Street and decided to head home.  She’d already had a few drinks, smoked her share of sticks for the night and had worked her ass off.

The cool breeze that San Francisco was known for whipped around her, blowing her hair back from her face.  Deciding to grab a taxi back home, she sighed in exhaustion and made her way down Pine towards Market Street where most of the cabs would still be running this late at night.

Once she’d acquired a cab, she piled into the backseat and gave the cabbie the address to her home.  Slumping against the seat, she pondered what Nicholas was doing with such an airhead of a woman.  Shannon said they had personal business together, which meant she wanted to fuck Nicholas.  But he wasn’t the type to go for the rip it and dip it girl.

He liked longevity.  Maturity.

And a woman with a figure.

She swallowed hard.  What if she’d avoided his flirtations too much back at the bar and he’d decided to move on.

No, she told herself.  That wasn’t possible.  He’d been a regular on Tuesdays for the last three years and hadn’t once brought a woman in with him.  He’d always come alone.

By 1:30, Morganna had slid into the warmth of her bed, wishing for company.  She knew exactly who she wanted and let the thoughts of Nicholas’s strong hands gripping her thighs while he drove himself into her settle her into sleep with a renewed determination to go after what she felt belonged to her.

The next day Morganna slid out of bed, padded into the shower and began to wash, taking time to masturbate beneath the showerhead.  She liked her curves, didn’t mind the extra few pounds and knew she had the attitude to back up her choices in life. Having spent enough years doing the various things she had made her a solid woman any man would be proud to call mate.

But Nicholas was with some airhead last night.

Bartenders often developed relationships with their regulars, but this was beginning to feel strange for Morganna.  Perhaps it was the routine of every Tuesday night for the last three years.  A girl got used to routine that excited her.

Two hours later, Morganna was exiting the BART train station when she bumped into a very tall man.  Her eyes widened when she realized who it was.


He turned around, a scowl on his face that quickly changed into a smile.

She frowned.  Despite her disappointment at seeing him so quickly, her body reacted to his presence.  Nipples puckered beneath her velvet top.  The material irritated her more.  Not wearing panties, the crotch of her jeans rubbed against her pussy when she took a step back.

Dressed as handsomely as ever, his facial hair reflected a five o’clock shadow pattern. The deep blue shirt he wore complimented his eyes and made the tint of blue in his hair stand out.  Eyes widening, he extended his arms and opened them to hug her.  “Morganna!”

She couldn’t resist his embrace.

His arms wrapped around her, pulling her into his body.

The hardness of him against her softness made her wet between her thighs.  She gave in and hugged him back.

Pushing her at arms length, he offered a shrug.  “I’m sorry about last night.”

Her lips pursed together in a thin line.  “What do you mean?  I have no claim on you.”

She covered her mouth at the realization that she’d blurted out something that sounded completely obnoxious.

Tilting his head, Nicholas blinked.  “Actually you sort of do.  See, last night was the three year anniversary that we met and I wanted to bring you a treat.”

Her heart thudded loudly in her chest. “Really?”

He nodded. “Yeah.  I figured you might not remember because you see tons of people come through your bar but…”  His voice trailed off.

She arched an eyebrow.  “But what?”

He set his hands in his pockets.  “But fucking Shannon. She’s been after me for weeks.  I tried to brush her off but she was persistent until last night.”


Nicholas nodded slowly.  “Turns out, she can’t stand the fact that I don’t go to church, like fine cigars and scotch and even worse?  Apparently I flirt with the older women.”

Heart still pounding, her lips curled upwards in a smile. She wasn’t going to give into her desires this early, but she was going to have some fun with him.

Running a hand through his thick mane, Nicholas continued, looking downward at the ground before setting his gaze on her lips.  “I wanted to spend the night with you and close down the bar.  I even planned to take the next day off.”

She saw color appear on his cheeks and had to stifle a giggle.  “What happened?”

“Shannon drove me back to my place and tried to seduce me. She got sick because I smelled of cigars and whiskey.  I had to drive her back to her car.  Ended up coming back here only to find you’d left for the night.”

Morgan’s eyes widened.  She hadn’t thought he’d come back.  He never did. “You always leave just before my shift ends.”

He cupped her cheek, his hand warm against her skin.  “I hate disturbing you at the bar.  I love your company honey but…,”  his voice trailed off.

She leaned into the palm of his hand. Sensing he was holding back information from her, she decided to press him.  “But what?  Come on, spill it.”

Nicholas dropped his hand.  Inhaling a deep breath, he let it out slowly.  He muttered the words Morganna barely caught.  “The only way…”

Her breath caught in her throat.

Grabbing both her shoulders, Nicholas pulled her to his and dropped his lips against hers.

Pressing into him, she tasted the faintness of cognac on his breath along with the velvety steel tongue of his that plowed between her lips.

Her body responded to his kiss, every nerve steadied to alertness.  Her hands clutched at his biceps, pulling him deeper into her.

Their tongues wrestled for control of the kiss and even though Morganna was a good six inches shorter than Nicholas, she won out.  Molding her body to his, she shifted so her thighs trapped one of his between hers.  She wasn’t a hussy, but damn did she get what she wanted!

Hands tangled in her mass of hair, pulling her head back to expose her neck.

Kisses trailed down along the line of her jaw, down her neck and back up to meet her mouth. His lips were pliant beneath hers.

She swirled her tongue over his bottom lip before invading his mouth, exploring, touching, caressing his until he’d pulled back and smiled.

Her heart pounded against her chest, and she staggered until he reached out and caught her with a gentle grip.

“Wow.” Morganna’s pussy clenched in anticipation of more to come, but Nicholas just stood there.

The goofy look on his face didn’t disappear but he wiped a hand across his lips.  “I’m going to remember that taste forever.  I almost need a smoke after that alone.”  He wriggled an eyebrow.

She smiled, licking her bottom lip. “I have an idea,” she reached for him, twirling a fingernail around his chest.

A sparkle appeared in those deep, sea blue eyes. “Yeah?”

“Come by the bar Sunday.  We’re doing a special scotch tasting and I think I have some stuff you’d be definitely,” her voice dropped several notches, “interested in.”  She patted her stomach for emphasis.  Fingers slid into the waistband of her jeans and down lower until she reached her pussy.  Dipping her fingers in just slightly, she kept them there a moment, watching him watch her.

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