More adventures in #Hungary with the #OpethPack

Turned in Raining Kisses and will be working diligently to get the third book in mad shape for release in a few more Cover for Raining Kissesmonths.  We’re in the process of working on the fmm piece with two wolves, one who has a secret to admit to Eva,  who has a world of secrets she’s unaware of.

I decided to mix things up where as the previous two Opeth Pack books were mfm, this one is definitely mmf, with definite bisexual fun shared by all.

There will be more digging in Hungary, more to share about parts of California and a lot more concerning this mysterious Prophecy surrounding the pack!

Once I’m settled in Tennessee, I’l throw up an unedited excerpt!

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Yesterday’s excerpt VS THIS ONE! Faeries galore!

Chapter One


“Move the fucking line faster you cum shot posers!” HisReignGoddamn nothing irritated Millie more than when the line at her favorite Earth based Goth club moved slower than molasses. “What the fuck does it take to check ID, collect a few pitiful dollars and stamp some hands or get head from some underage human?”

“Shut up bitch!” A voice from behind yelled out, irritating her further.

Sucking in a deep breath, Millie prepped herself to butt heads with the irritating asshat who dared talk back to her. She huffed, tugged the hem of her mini skirt down over her thighs and started to march toward the sound of her annoyance, fists balled and ready to knock some heads. She spun around, seeing the few gawkers, the goth dominatrix wannabes and the skinny boys who liked the idea of sucking blood from some poor woman just so they would put out.

Before she knew it, she’d run into a wall of…

Thick muscle.

“You know he plays an extended set, shit woman. What in Diana’s name is wrong with you tonight?”

What indeed. “Virus.” That wall of muscle belonged to the shapeshifting wolf who’d saved her ass a few times from scuffs she couldn’t handle here. In true form, he’d marched up to her, clapped a hand on her barely covered ass and gave it a squeeze.

She smirked. “What the hell are you doing here?”

He eyed her up and down, looking all the more lupine and ready to devour her. “I could ask you the same thing. Last you said, you weren’t coming back for at least a few more months.”

“Yeah,” she shoved back from his chest and resumed her place in line, much to the chagrin of some of the club goers. “I changed my mind.” She couldn’t ignore the depth of his lupine scent on the cold November wind, letting it tickle her senses in that sweet way she enjoyed but would never admit to.

“Oh?” He followed, quirked a brow and moved his hand to the small of her back.

She sighed, let herself feel the comfort of his touch before nodding to his question. “Yeah, I need break, okay?”

“Trouble in Faerie?”

He had no idea. Still, she turned, studied him. All six foot five, two hundred and seventy five pounds of him, to be exact. He grinned, baring sharp fangs, “Hi.”

“Hi yourself, you big dope.” Black pants clung to all that muscle of his thighs, a shirt hung loosely off his frame, exposing more muscle than God, and of course, his hair had been pulled back into a ponytail that hung down broad shoulders most women would die to feel.

Or lick.

Green eyes sparkled, “You’re hiding something, aren’t you?”

She shook her head, aware that the punishment for lying as Fae no longer applied.

“You’re going to have to talk soon,” he moved his hand up the small of her back and pulled her into his warm embrace while the line moved forward.

“I don’t feel like talking. I feel like getting drunk and dancing my ass off.”

“You could dance it off my cock if you wanted.”

She licked her lips but let the thought slide from her memory when she remembered the type of sex he enjoyed.


Love making.

Sweet and syrupy. Nothing like fae sex. Which, of course was why she’d braved the human earth’s winter, forgetting it got pretty cold in Dallas. Not quite like the snow covered shithole she called home, the Unseelie Cyber-Kingdom, but still too cold for a miniskirt, stockings and boots. Oh, and a tight top that left her midriff showing.

He ran a hand through his midnight black hair and grinned. Then he pulled her tighter into his chest, walking with her the few steps needed until the line stopped. She allowed herself to settle against him, grateful for the comfort he provided. He’d been a friend of the family, saving her ass from one faerie court incident after another when she was younger, supporting her even though he hated her desire to enter the military.

And now he’d changed his hair color. ‘You dyed it again?”

“You noticed. You do care!” His grin widened.

She snorted. “No, I don’t. I just thought wolves didn’t need to dye their hair to change colors.”

“We do need to. Wolves aren’t like the fae in the respect of being able to change certain aspects of our features. We’re born with one coat like humans. I just grew tired of my natural brown and wanted a change. Plus, it’s sort of a requirement for getting in here.”

Unspoken requirements aside, the standard goth uniform included but was not limited to black, black, tattoos, piercings, and more black. Why the humans chased the darkness she’d never understand, but not all here were human. Some were faerie, she’d scented them when she walked from the parking lot. The wind told her many secrets, including the types of beings present tonight.

Of course much of that was training thanks to her superiors.

Yes, they’d done a damn fine job reminding her of the past version of the Unseelie Kingdom’s beauty before the Cyber-Mage took over and mechanized everything.

The throbbing mass of his erection pressed against her ass, nuzzling the crease and pushing her already short skirt up higher. She shoved against him and glared. “Relax pal. It’s not happening. We’re not compatible, Virus.”

He sniffled, then snorted. “Why can’t you love me? Just once?”

“Your version of love and mine are worlds apart, babe.”

He nodded but stroked her red hair. “You’re not kidding. Anyway, what are you doing here? I’m assuming you’re on the equivalent of shore leave.”

She nodded. “I’m trying to blow off steam before I return. Work has been hectic to say the least. And I’m not entirely here on break.”

“Oh,” his eyes widened, “Some super secret Unseelie Kingdom mission?”

“We’re a city-state now,” she snorted. “And yeah, something like that.”

“Need help?”

Of course she needed help. Virus was probably the one person she could think of off the top of her head who could help her locate Prince Faolan, leader of the Protectors. The rest would be up to her. Seduce their leader, convince him by any means necessary to join the Unseelie forces and back them, then help them defeat their enemy. “I do as a matter of fact. I need that drink and a dance partner who doesn’t knock people upside the head when he does the Gothic Macarana.”

The wind blew, pushing her skirt up higher. She reached adjust it, wouldn’t want to show the pathetic humans all the goods, they’d never buy if they saw everything. Of course when the wind blew harder, she listened.

Hoped for a sign. Even though the bass thumped loud enough that conversation by the door became difficult, the wind could normally still be heard, even in this realm.

Of course when it said nothing, it made her nervous.

The line moved again and with it, Virus and Millie. She’d kept close, enjoying the tranquil waves of energy he’d sent her way. She never knew why but Virus’s energy always seemed to center her more than any other creature. She had to thank the Lord and Lady for small favors, even though they wouldn’t hear her prayers and gratitude. At least not at home, anyway.

The line moved again and this time, Millie slipped from Virus’ embrace and dashed inside, flashing her ID and a pouty smile. She looked back, saw him reach for her.

She couldn’t help the laugh escaping her lips when she slipped inside, past the red velvet curtains and tables by the booths on her left. To her right, the colorful trash 80s room blared, covered in black brick and décor the same. She immediately rushed past the tables and short water bar toward the main bar in front of her.

She looked around, spotted a few patrons who’d showed up to avoid the cover charge before ten PM, and noted the one man looking lecherously at her.

She shot him a flippant glance, the bird and walked past him to the bar in front of her. Planting her ass in the seat, she felt amusement at the fact that mortals kept time still. So much in Faery had changed over the years but one thing remained constant. The Fae could give a shit about the passage of time. When you lived for hundreds of years, memories were held onto, but time itself carried no meaning. Up until the last few hundred years, nothing had changed.

Then the Cyber-revolution hit the Unseelie Kingdom, changing things for the worse. The land grew cold, the machines took over.

Well, more specifically, computers and logic, rather than the natural order of the Fae.

The gods and goddesses were shoved out and the land itself grew cold.

Because computers, unlike the deities, required lower temperatures to operate at maximum capacity.

Thus, holding the proletariat hostage by the military. The humans had their series of revolutions but none were this drastic. Sure, the Communists and Nazi party did major damage to humankind, but none of that compared to the hundreds of thousands of Fae who were murdered, all while changing the landscape forever.

And sealing her fate as one of the damned.

The shit was enough to depress anyone.

Which is why she made time to come to this realm and blow off steam. Balance, she remembered her father telling her, was key to holding on to who she was.

And in this moment, she was nothing more than Millie the Fae, Unseelie at worst, a sex pot at best.

Then, something popped in the energy field around her.

She spun around on the bar stool, searched the slowly growing crowd and found nothing. Shrugging, she turned toward the bar to greet the bartender, Shar.

“Whatcha have hon?”

Leaning forward, Millie looked into the sparkling eyes of the buxom redhead and reached for her wallet, “Fae whiskey please.”

Shar made sure to show plenty of cleavage, help with the tip of course. Being Fae herself, she embraced her sensuality and reminded Millie of her purpose.


Millie snorted, annoyed at the fact that her trip here was a planned tryst. Well, a military assignment, anyway.

Didn’t mean she couldn’t fuck off a little.


“Sure thing hon. You want that like normal?”

“You remember?”

Red hair so bright it could be mistaken for fire burned brightly in the darkness, emerald eyes betrayed the roughness of her tone. The sweet, round face hardly looked menacing, but Shar wasn’t one to be taken lightly. “I remember my kin, if that’s what you’re asking. Make it a double?”

Millie nodded. Shar had defected from the military and been banished from the Unseelie by court-marshal. The Cyber-Mage had been present for that one, with the intent to make an example, naturally.

The point stuck. Those who defected were banished, rather than killed. The honor lost in never being able to return home to where one grew up was more punishment than death. At least in death the soul returned to the land it was born of, and was given care by the Lord and Lady.

Not anymore, not with the computer machines taking over everything.

“What brought you Earth side?”

“Oh,” Millie waved a hand dismissively, “The usual.”

“You want a human to fuck, eh?”

Millie nodded. “Need, but not a human.” She whispered the last bit low enough that only Shar would be able to hear her.

The older fae’s eyes widened. “Plenty to choose from. Demons, dregs of society, humans, wolves,” she drawled out the last part, “anyone in particular?”

A moment later, Fae whiskey filled a glass and set itself down in front of her. Just because the humans were blind and dumb to magic didn’t mean Shar couldn’t use it.

Millie reached for the glass, aware of the calming properties of magically enhanced booze.

The smell of clove cigarettes and lush forest wafted towards her, signaling that she’d been spotted by another of Virus’s entourage.

Trevor, also freakishly tall, sauntered up behind her, set a hand on her shoulder before blowing a cloud of smoke above her head. His shaved face gleamed with sweat. She’d seen him naked on more than one occasion and the memory of her body dancing against his made sweat or something sweeter drip between her panty-less thighs. Never mind the fact that the Unseelie Fae were forbidden from mating with the wolves despite the desire to have them on their side during their cold war with the Seelie kingdom.

She couldn’t help but want him. He’d help her blow off steam with rough, biting sex and not leave her a blood covered mess like the rest of her ilk seemed to need these days.

More tranquility seeped into her, the white light around her flesh warming her despite the chill in the club.

Millie turned and was greeted by purple and green spiked hair that stood a foot taller than Trevor, silver eyes and a smile that could light up an entire room if he hadn’t been so threateningly huge. “Hi,” she shook her chest in his direction. “What’s cookin’?”

“You, obviously,” Trevor took another puff off his cigarette. Dressed in form fitting leather pants, boots and no shirt, his ample chest and bulging muscles rippled gracefully with each movement. “What’s new?”

“Nothing,” she took the drink from Shar and slapped a bill on the bar. “Just out for a night on the town.”

“I saw Virus a moment ago. He said you’d come in for a mission.”

Damnit, how did he always know? “No, not exactly,” she let her voice sink a few notches. The less the wolves knew, the better. She had no intention of putting her friends in harm’s way because her government called for help from the elite race of wolves who governed all the beings in all the realms.

If either Virus or Trevor were hurt, she had no idea what she’d do. It would be bad, that much was true.

She downed her entire drink, glad for the burn of the Fae whiskey, then put a hand on Trevor’s well muscled shoulder. “Dance with me?”

“Sure,” he nodded. “You only have to lead the way, babycakes.”

“Ugh,” she scoffed at his pet name. “Come on,” she downed the second drink Shar had poured for her without looking and let the booze slam into her.

Anything to forget the bullshit politics of her government, or their irrational fears of the Seelie kingdom attacking.

The Seelie weren’t quite peaceful, yet they hadn’t adopted the technological ideals the city-state of Darkness had. In fact, they were still celebrating most of their heritage traditionally, she’d heard from some of the agents who’d been sent to infiltrate.

Things were normal. The Gods and Goddesses enjoyed fertile land, light, prosperity and had no desire to mess with the natural order of things.

Fear was a mind killer, however. And in her current home, fear ruled the land, backed by the military, propaganda and scare tactics.

Trevor took her hand in his, gripped it tightly and pulled her from the bar stool. She didn’t bother pulling down her skirt, let the lecher in the corner see her ass cheek. Fucker.

She found herself on the main dance floor, facing the stage with the cross and the typical person standing by it, pretending to be crucified like Jesus. Gods the humans were pathetic in their worship of a man who was Fae, but she’d never spill that secret.

Still, the music softened, Assemblage 23 kicked on and bodies began swaying. Then Trevor pulled her to his chest, forcing her into the mass of muscle before a hand slid to the small of her back, while fingers spread over heating flesh.

Then the energy did that funny thing again.

It clicked.

He’s here.

The Opeth Pack – How it All Began

Paranormal Erotic Romance featuring hot werewolves, a sexy witch and more!

Legend has it the creation of wolves was a heavenly thing, and if that was so, it might work something like this:

Emesh stood, arms over her large belly.  Standing in the middle of a clearing, she rubbed her stomach, hoping the beauty inside that was to be born soon would not hate her, never curse her though she would deserve it.

The wind blew, moving wisps of dark hair across delicate pale skin.  Emesh reached behind her ear, tugging loose strands away from her face.  A final glance over the land revealed lush grass and fields as far as the eye could see.  Her goddess powers picked up on the seawater smell of the lake several miles away.   The others promised her the land would be fertile.  They said the wolves could not occupy heaven just yet, they needed to mature first.

When Emesh first heard that her babies would be born on earth amongst the humans, she’d felt afraid.  But the Boldog Asszony, the fertility goddess reassured her that things would be all right.

She’d even helped Emesh find a suitable home for the wolves. They had chosen this land because of it’s breathtaking beauty and diverse landscape.  The flatlands of this land would give her children enough room to roam freely, the lake in the central area of what would be known as Hungary would supply nourishment and prosperity.  The people who would inhabit this land would be noble but would struggle until they reached their purpose.

To show the world that survival was the only option.

Her children, born of wolf and goddess would push forward ideals set in stone by Fate itself, the idea that wolves were the chosen inhabitants of this earth and even though they’d fall, once they learned of the prophecy, they would be given the tools to work with it.

Those the idea of her future grandchildren having to bear such a heavy responsibility pained her, made her heart ache.  Emesh stood still in the circle, eyes closed, listening.


A gentle breeze blew, whispering words that caught her attention.

It’s time.

Emesh opened her eyes, focused on a single point on the ground and blinked.  A bright red and orange flame appeared, several feet high.

Boldog Asszony’s face appeared in the flames, hair spread wide and flowing like the rivers, eyes bright yellow as the sun.  Her lips were blood red, skin the color of the moon, a pale blue that mostly looked ghostly white.  “I would not damn my own.”

Emesh read her creator’s lips and nodded.  Feelings welled up inside her, bringing tears to her eyes.  Still, she would not shed them as she birthed her babies.

The image vanished, leaving behind a smaller flame.

It was now or never.

Emesh trusted that this was the right thing, as she sank down to the ground, felt the energy ball containing the lives of her first pack extricate itself from her body.

For a moment, she felt a giant weight lifted from her shoulders.

As she looked up into the sky, then back at the ball of life, glowing with energy and smelling of lupine, thick with the scent of dirt and fur, she realized he’d only swapped one burden for a much heavier one.

That of the same burden the Christians would place upon their savior.

Tears fell down Emesh’s face as rain began to fall.

The ball of light and life hovered before her, glowing.  Within seconds, it had exploded, sending little bursts of each life in different directions, flying faster and faster from her without even so much as a goodbye, or a thank you.

One sparkle floated before Emesh.

Reaching out, she captured the sparkle of life, felt the warmth and decided then that her babies needed a guardian here on Earth who would help guide them towards the prophecy.

Emesh decided then she would give birth to a human with wolves blood.


“This clearing has power,” Emese muttered to nobody in particular, aware of the fact that she’d been followed.

She knew which pup had followed too.  He would grow to be strong, pack Alpha.  But the madness of the Flower Maiden would catch up to him sooner or later and he would have to be dealt with.

Pulling back dark hair from her face, she realized he might as well at least be given a chance before she wrote the entire pack off.

“I know you’re here Kiba.  Come out.”

Leaves and tall grass rustled, but nothing happened.  It took her a second to find him, but she let him be.  “Fine. Have it your way.  Listen to the spirits tell you of this world and it’s history.”

Emese closed her eyes and knelt down, more strands of dark hair falling into her face, hiding her eyes.

Wind blew, taking Emese’s body from the ground.  She opened her eyes and started to speak.  The words were familiar, but the voice was not her own.

“The lands that used to be the Austro-Hungarian Empire were once filled with a definite, bright spark of life.  Fields of brightly colored flowers and vineyards as far as the eye could see dotted the land.  Lush forests around Lake Balaton breathed life into the region and brought prosperity.

Then there were the inhabitants.  Wolves.

The chosen beings of The Goddess, often talked about the Fertility Goddess or Boldog Asszony.  She was the mother of all fertility, harvests, of mates and all things created amongst the wolves who inhabited the lands.

Then the humans came and brought Christianity with them, converting some of the wolves to Catholicism.”

Emese wanted to stop the story here, but the voice, the power that had control of her body refused.

“There was peace between the humans and the wolves for hundreds of years on the surface, but as humans populated the region and conquered individual lands, the Austro-Hungarian Empire became two separate similarities within the two cultures.

The earth had been burned just to make light that man could see.  Some human was never content with what he had been given in this life, so wars had been started that forced the entire world to pay a price.  Bombs dropped, bullets and smoke filled the lands, making the wolves in those areas sick and killing others.  Just for someone’s pride and discontent.”

Emese sensed the spirits discontent at man’s desire to conquer and claim what was not his.  “So many humans died during the many wars.  Scarcity of food became such a problem that the wolves were forced into hiding to avoid being hunted to remove the competition for what food there was.”

Even as the words came from her mouth, Emese knew that the silver furred pup would take in all the information, would see tears slide down her face.

“While the humans and wolves divided so did those among the wolves. Their magic began to disappear, their lands were taken from them Wolves began migrating and learning how to appear human, using the archaic magic bestowed upon them by their beloved Boldog Asszony.

HisReign_MEDToday, most humans still fear the mighty wolf, carnivore, hunter.  None seem to understand the delicate society created by the wolves in response to the gifts they were given, the paradise they had been blessed with and lost.  Many packs had been broken up and scattered throughout Europe and America.  The Opeth pack, the pack truly blessed by Her gift had managed to remain on their original lands, but only contained a handful of members.”

Tears stung the backs of Emese’s eyes.  With a curse, Emese broke free of the history lesson and dropped to the ground.   Her body was tired from being used by the spirits.  She felt like she’d been filled up by an awesome power that pressed against every bone, muscle and fiber of her being until it threatened to tear her apart from the inside out.

Kiba stood silent like a good pup.  It was bad to mess with the pack witch after events like that when no power could be offered to replace what she had lost.  She was certain he hadn’t learned to use his powers yet to heal.  He was not a healer, only a temporary Alpha until one was born strong enough to lead the pack and not be affected by the Flower Maiden’s disease.

She cried for them that night.  All of her babies, the ones she’d been entrusted to guide by the Fertility goddess, by her great grandmother.  Wolves howled a lonely song in the distance, raising the hair on the back of her neck.  The song wasn’t eerie so much as it was sad.

Hopefully the two born to her recently would survive with the help of the pack.

Kate HIll’s Halloween Hop for Readers!

The entire month of October, author Kate Hill has set up a fabulous Halloween Hop for readers, meaning prizes and more fun stuff than you can shake your broom at!  Her video will give details, but you can see it here!

Guest List:

October 1: Changeling Press + Coupon Code

October 3: Mechele Armstrong (Halloween Thursday 13) + Contest

October 4: Lisa Carlisle + Contest

October 5: Jocelyn Dex + Contest

October 6: Sascha Illyvich

October 7: Mychael Black

October 8: Shara Lanel

October 11: Beth Caudill

October 12: Selena Illyria

October 13: J.S. Wayne + Contest

October 14: Cari Quinn + Contest

October 15: Ana Raine

October 17: Sabrina York (Halloween Thursday 13) + Contest

October 18: Zenobia Renquist + Contest

October 19: B.J. McCall + Contest

October 20: Wendi Zwaduk + Contest

October 21: James Dorr

October 22: Ashlynn Monroe + Contest

October 24: Denise Agnew (Halloween Thursday 13) + Contest

October 25: N.J. Walters

October 26: Dena Garson + Contest

October 27: Lexi Post + Contest

October 28: Candace Sams + Contest

October 29: Melodie Campbell

Kate Hill's site can be found HERE
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DragonCON 2013 ROCKED!

We kicked it off late Thursday night once I landed and was escorted to the hotel by two of my fabulous readers.  In fact those readers are in SF this month to put on a play, more details about that in a moment.

DSCF3283Friday morning had me getting my badge from a friend I knew off Fetlife, then had me roaming around until 5ish where we had the cigar herf.  I missed the hotel, thought we were on the Hyatt smoking deck.  I was told No, I said Hilton and if anyone knows the layout of that area you know it’s practically a pain in the ass to get to by going through the Marriott, so I went around.

Cigar smoking resumed, scotch was consumed, then I met up with author Cassidy Kindgston, who was scheduled to be on our Friday night panel.  Aliens and relationships, which “I” moderated *cough* if you can call it that.  The original topic was supposed to be slightly different but with DragonCON being what it is, and authors being who they are, we had to alter things for the panel to make more sense.  Kiernan Kelly, Adrienne Wilder (Sp) and crew rocked it.

BDSM/GLBT Books in Literature…I sort of went off.  On a particular famous author.  They said it was because I was drunk. Sadly, no.  That’s not it.  Stress, vehement annoyance, and more stress…but the rest of the panel kicked ass.

Then I disappeared, ended off doing gods know only what…oh wait I found another one of my readers and we snuck off for some personal time.  She’d become a great friend along with a hell of a supporter since I met her last year at Frolicon and she wanted to discuss a number of things to push my books, plus just chop it up old school because we hadn’t seen each other since Frolicon and I needed to seriously reconnect with Katie Sparkles.

Saturday, woke up late, made it on time to the Social Media Panel moderated by author Anthony Francis.  (You can check out his work here) and covered a LOT of ground on dos and don’ts of social media.  Btw, I had a ham sandwich.

MMBarField-Sascha-MJI did spend a LOT of time with authors MJ FLournoy and M M. Barfield.  They signed with Sizzler Editions recently and have releases coming out soon.  Hot romances and erotic tales.  Hell, even got a picture ;)

Showed up LATE accidentally (I blanked totally) on the Pronoun Hell panel so T. C. Blue moderated and kicked ass.  And yes, I stand by what I said.  She’ll deal.  *snicker*  Then off to a third panel that day.  I progressively sobered up as the day went on LOL!  Seriously, we had the WriteSEX panel with the same as above mentioned, only Stella Price joined us in the fray to answer questions and cover important points on how to write and function in the business of Erotica.

In those first few days it was pretty awesome, unfortunately I didn’t get to bed until 6 AM in most cases.  I do have to send a special shout out to not only my fellow panelists, but my readers, my kinky non industry friends and loved ones for helping me during what’s actually a pretty stressful time of the year, especially now.  As to why I can’t reveal, but I’m about to move to Charlotte, NC.

Ponder that for a minute.

Me.  In the South. Now I’m FROM Texas but we’re not really the South. We’re Texan.  Moving in with my mentor Morgan Hawke for a few months, I need the creative recharge.  And to put some things back on straight again.  But that’s another blog post.  I have some great news, a free book coming out VERY soon, which will be a surprise to ALL of us if you’ve been following my career and stance on certain aspects in the publishing industry but I’m learning a LOT still, after 14 years.

This free book will be a menage featuring two very sexy hunks and one incredibly mouthy yet sensual woman, based on an old friend who wanted her story told…so I wrote it.  And now I’m selling it…

Excerpt to come later this week!

Exotic Settings for Stories – by guest blogger Sascha Illyvich | Attacking the Page

Stopped by briefly at attacking the page to discuss book settings and share a few fun facts!


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#Blog Tour for the Bad Boy of #Romance

Yup, this is more finality for the tour dates!  Plus I needed the SEO LOL!

July 2Cover for Endangered, my Red Sage Paranormal Menage Romance7th – Deneale’s Blog!
July 29th – Decadent 1NS Blog
July 29 – Ashlynn Monroe – HA!  Backwards!
July 30 – Gemma’s World
July 30 – Ashlynn Monroe
August 2nd – Jessica Subject
August 5th – Tara Lain’s place
August 8th – Suzanne Johnson (Talking  Paranormal Romance)
August 10th – Tina Donahue‘s place
August 14th – Skylar Kade
August 15th – Desmond Haas
August 20th – Cerise Deland
August 26th – Kathy Fawcett
September 9th  – The Writers Challenge
September 12th – Laura Kaye’s place
September 17th – Cindy Spencer Pape’s slot for Naughty Author Chicks!
October  4th – Chrissy Szarek – Paula’s Craving and more
October 6th – Kate Hill’s Halloween Hop
October 8th – Nine Naughty Novelists (Pushing ENDANGERED and Torn to Pieces
October 12th – Romance Junkies
December 2nd – Jessica Subject (she REALLY likes me!)
December 4th – Liz Crowe

#Free #Kindle #Ebook – Wolf Magic – A Romance of Witches and Werewolves in the #Twilight

From the author of the USA Today Recommended novel of lycanthropy and romance, Torn to Pieces, comes this enthralling novella of werewolf and witchTorn to Pieces_USA Today banner. Marco and Selene.He is a sexy, rebellious young werewolf whose anger and violence are legendary. She is a sexy, mature witch into whose care the elders of his pack have given Marco. At once she realizes he is more dangerous and powerful that the other werewolves. To Marco she is the most desirable woman he has ever met, and he knows he will never give up until he possesses her. As she attempts to show him wisdom, he subjects her to his very considerable charms.

Something has to give – and does. As nights of torrid lovemaking and nights of the full moon when he tears himself from her side alternate, neither suspects that they are at the center of a conspiracy by the leaders of Marco’s pack, or that they may all be pawns in an ancient prophecy from the dawn of time. For the love that binds them both is bringing death nearer with every beat of their hearts.

Marco is strong and Selene wise, but these are as nothing to the power of the danger that threatens them in this memorable paranormal romance. And don’t miss Torn to Pieces, Sascha Illyivch’s novel of two werewolves, and the woman they both love. Cover: Laura Givens.

Buy on AMAZON  – to pick this up FREE!

Cut Scene from my #Menage Torn to Pieces

Torn to Pieces_USA Today bannerThis is the original prologue I pulled before subbing the book to Sizzler Editions.  If you’re a member of the street team or on my newsletters you’ll get it faster.

USA Today recommended erotic romance!

“Full of emotion and lust and hot sex.” – that’s how The Forbidden Bookshelf describes the romances of Sascha Illyvich.

Iolite is a witch in love with two wolves, wanting, needing both to fulfill her life. Both of them are two halves of the same being who she loves. Jackob and Kerian are former lovers turned enemies by pack law, but without the witch’s solution for the disease ravaging the wolves, both packs will certainly die. Both want Iolite, both want to love again but are uncertain of the consequences. Can Jackob and Kerian get past their emotional baggage to help heal Iolite’s broken heart as well as their own in order to save their packs?

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Cold wind whipped around her shoulders, biting into her flesh so that she shivered. Iolite pulled the shawl tighter around her, smoothing her hair against her pale skin to keep it out of her face. She stared out on her balcony into the mountain ranges beyond the parking lot as the wind died down and seemed to kiss her cheek. “You’ve come early,” she whispered softly to the wind.

It blew gently against her skin in response.

“Why?” she whispered.

The breeze stopped.

Words could be heard on the wind if she listened carefully. Iolite smoothed a hand through her purple hair and set a hand on her hip. Things were certainly getting interesting around Albuquerque, especially with the two warring wolf packs. Both were trying to outdo each other and end the centuries-old feud through brutality.

Casualties had occurred on both sides, so many deaths that it became unfathomable to her how they could be so callous towards each other.

Of course the side that made the biggest noise would emerge the victor and become the predator, eradicating the lesser pack.

Why did it have to end this way? The feud was truly over a stupid issue that happened many moons ago. Why couldn’t they let the issue burn away?

Even worse, the two men she was in love with were from the warring packs. Both swore vengeance upon the other, would kill the other on sight.

She couldn’t allow that.

The safety of the territory depended on both sides coming to an agreement and defending what belonged to both of them.

Outsiders had begun taking advantage of the feud through criminal acts that got blamed on Jackob and Kerian’s respective packs.  To thwart the invaders, both packs had to stand together.

They’d grown far too weak now.

Both of her lovers were strong in different ways but neither knew about the other.

She swallowed growing fear.

Too much time had passed since she’d seen either of them. One had a job that kept him far from her. The other was a busy pack alpha, dealing with wolf politics. With an ache in her heart, she pressed her hands over her bosom and closed her eyes. Drawing in a deep breath, Iolite opened her eyes and realization hit her.

It was definitely time to bring her lovers to her.

Iolite held onto the railing of her balcony and glanced down from her third story condo.  Pedestrians passed as though the world was fine, holidays would arrive on time and there were no wolves or magic.

December’s cold wind whipped furiously again at her flesh, sending prickles along her skin and forcing her back inside.

Iolite closed the glass doors and headed to the kitchen area in her spacious loft. She reached for a glass and poured herself a Dubonnet before adding ice and lemon. The drink would soothe her parched throat and warm her before she kicked on the heater.

Closing her eyes, she patted her stomach and took a sip of her drink. Something was up, she sensed it.

Stepping onto her patio again, she looked at the sky and called forth healing energy and protection.

Iolite envisioned herself surrounded by white protective light that blocked out all negativity. Warmth filled her body along with the protective white light.

Raising her arms high above her head, wind whipped around her in a slow buildup that spiraled into a vortex. Power spilled into her body in a silent display of energy transference—her body continued growing warmer as white, healing energy filled her.

Her hair spilled around her, blanketing her. Her dress rippled around her legs, exposing her ankles and calves to the cold wind, though she still held the warmth of the wind’s energy.

“I call my two lovers to me so I can share my love with them. Let them know my needs call them. This is my message on the wind. With the power of the Goddess, I call Jackob and Kerian, come hither to know my touch!”

Within seconds, the wind died down.

Iolite’s hair floated onto her shoulders, blanketing her back, breasts.  She wrapped her arms around her to protect against the cold wind.

The message would be sent.

Iolite’s body clamored for the touch of both her lovers, her heart begged for contact, sensual and otherwise.

Polygamy was an idea as old as time, but something new for Iolite.

Her last relationship had left her thinking she was barren. The bastard was a demon who preferred drugs to her company. When she let him go, she showed him a portion of her true power, sending him screaming into the night.

She hit him with enough magical force that he didn’t think twice about whether he was hallucinating or not.

Meeting Jackob and discovering that he wasn’t an overly possessive wolf was a godsend for her. Then she met Kerian and found someone with which she had a lot in common.

Both wolves were of the mindset that the problem in Albuquerque needed to be dealt with. Neither wanted to hear the suggestion of working with the other.

It broke her heart.

Hunting in Albuquerque had grown scarce. Land was plenty. The coyotes were starving at this point, as were the ravens thanks to the outside invaders.

She’d heard on the wind that times were going to be tough but she hadn’t imagined that they’d be this tough. Sickness from the outsiders had infected numerous wolves in both packs, killed off more than the feud had consumed.

It worried her.

The number of deaths crept up slowly. It disturbed her to find out that the great packs of Albuquerque, which had once claimed most of the land before the Indians had taken control, had died off due to sickness that could possibly be cured with simple magick.

Still, her spell was not something she could work without lupine help to guide the energy to the proper parties. DNA was a new addition to her studies. She’d discovered just what differences magical and non magical beings had when she’d seen DNA strands beneath a microscope at the University of New Mexico. It wasn’t a noticeable thing at first, but the magical beings had an extra unidentified chromosome. Iolite neglected to tell anyone just yet.

The scientific world wasn’t prepared to hear about magic.  Some things couldn’t be explained with logic.

Although people in Albuquerque believed somewhat in Indian rituals, the town had grown into a city that had become populated with crime, thus breaking away from tradition.

Magick was good when used for the right purpose, but was better when guided by those in need.

With a sigh, Iolite shoved herself away from the rail and walked back inside her loft. Pouring herself another drink, she sat down and closed her eyes. The sensation of the Dubonnet’s alcoholic burn slid down her throat, warming her. She focused her attention on the air, on the energy softly swirling around her.

Kerian would come first; he’d be here within a day or two. She knew he was much closer than Jackob. Kerian’s energy was near, the familiar scent of sweet flowers and love was faint, but in the air. That much she was certain of. His energy circled around her head, around her heart, filling her with a warmth she hadn’t felt in quite some time.

Jackob would come next; his beast would run the hills and valleys to get to her. Hopefully he wouldn’t intrude on Kieran’s visit. Though if he did, she’d have to deal with it right then.

Or maybe he would invade and she could have her way with both men. Her heart skipped a beat in anticipation of the idea.

She licked her lips at the thought. His delicious body could pin her to the bed and drive itself inside her until she screamed for mercy while another pounded her ass…

Though a tremor ran through her at the thought. Neither wolf was jealous of the other man, but neither of them knew each other, either.

The fact was that both were from warring packs. Iolite had no idea what started the feud over land but she didn’t care. Feuds like this were often long, drawn out and pointless. Once the generation that started the feud died out, Iolite felt that the feud should die with them.

Except that these two generations of wolves had been tearing each other apart for centuries. And for what? Dirt.

Land in Albuquerque was plentiful for both packs, though they’d both be better off in Colorado or somewhere more western where there was more forest.

Albuquerque was known for dry climates, hot summers and very cold, yet dry winters.

Though Iolite had lived in Albuquerque all her life, a move could do her some good. Change was welcome in her world, even if it was initially upsetting.

Still, she needed to see her lovers. Needed to feel the balance each brought to her, needed to give to them a part of her that would heal them.


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Unedited Audio Excerpt – aimed at 1NS

My excerpt from Hot Knight, a potential 1NS for the fabulous folks at Decadent Publishing.  I thought I’d share something from that too.  Again, the audio quality is a little rough but that will change over time as I upgrade equipment!

Enjoy the sweet tale of Mark Knight and “Katie” Harpner in Fiji and remember to tell that special someone you love them!

Excerpt read by the author for Hot Knight


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