Sexy snippet of Foreign Romance

Photo copyright belongs to the original owner.

Photo copyright belongs to the original owner.

He had to admit, tying Lili up and giving her light spankings held tremendous appeal.  The way her ass would look with a little red on it made him catch his breath.

Thankfully he was able to get out of the doghouse with that stupid waitress. He’d sworn he made no attempt to be anything but friendly toward her.

She hadn’t gotten the hint.

This was what irritated him about dating.  Sometimes people just couldn’t take no for an answer.

He didn’t blame Lili for her reaction, she had flown almost seven thousand miles here just to see him.  At least that’s the story he told himself.

Truth was, the waitress couldn’t hold a candle to Lili. But other than acting like a dufus and ignoring her, he didn’t know what else to do.  He never really dated.

But now it didn’t matter.

Liliana had been in the elevator with him, pressed against the wall only moments ago, while he inhaled her mouth, tasting not just the remnants of her beer and meal but her lush scent as well.  The one that made him drunk faster than any alcohol.

He had his hands in her hair, teeth scraping her neck while she moaned and rubbed herself against his thigh.

Then the elevator dinged, the doors opened and they looked like two deer caught in the headlights as two other tenants got on and gave cold smiles.

“Just like teenagers,” he muttered.

Then they’d finally hit the right floor and he couldn’t get the keys in the door fast enough.

He finally managed a bit of peace from her while she used the restroom.

Breath in, out.  In, out.

“Don’t change,” he told her.  “It’s more fun this way.”

She nodded and disappeared.

It’d been five minutes too long.

Damn but his body missed hers molded to it.

The door opened and one leg peaked out from the bathroom.

Daniel started for her but stopped short.  What was she playing at?

Her leg drew up along the doorframe, still clad in jeans like he’d requested.  Then it touched the floor, well just her toe.

“Daniel,” she called, her voice a lilting symphony to his ears.
“Oh Lili.”  He started for her.
By the time she’d come out of the bathroom, her hair had been freed of the ponytail and brushed out.

It surrounded her face, giving her a slightly wild look while emphasizing her heated gaze.

She broke the short distance between them and threw her arms around his neck, kissed him.

He sucked in a breath, once again inhaling her feminine arousal.  Unable to resist, Daniel dragged his hands down her sides, pulled her shirt free of her jeans and caressed hot skin until his thumbs grazed the underside of her bra.

“This has to go,” he pulled back from the kiss, stared at her.

She licked her lips, reached around and undid the clasp on the back of her bra.  Shirking out of it, she pulled it through one sleeve.

gerard_butler_05“Not the most erotic sight I know but—”

He captured her mouth again, licking her lower lip, pushing his tongue into her mouth so he could sweep it over every inch of her. He’d taste her in another few moments.

Lili’s fingers tangled in his hair, tugged his head back.  She bit his neck, pressed her hips to his.

His grip on her body tightened, he hissed out a breath through clenched teeth when she nipped him again.  Quickly, he lifted her shirt over her head and tore it off, freeing her completely.

Then he stopped and stared.

“Again, something the matter?”

Daniel licked his lips.  “No.  I just like looking at perfection before I devour it.”

She smiled, her eyes remained half open.  With her hair cascading down her shoulders, not quite reaching the tops of her breasts, she stood still holding him around his shoulders.

Firm, round breasts looked like a tasty treat.  Daniel closed his hand around one, gave her a gentle squeeze and waited for the moan.

When she let it escape her mouth, it came out throaty.

He kissed her again, then dragged his tongue down her neck and over a breast before latching his lips around the pointed nipple.  He suckled.


She cried and arced against him, holding onto him to avoid falling.

He settled a hand at the small of her back, helped her to her knees before releasing her breast.

She jerked against him.

Quickly, Daniel captured her other nipple, flicked his tongue over the sensitive nub and enjoyed how she scrambled to grab on to him.  Her moans delighted him.

Slowly, he bent her back, careful not to hurt her.

She spread her thighs apart and let him guide her down, all while holding onto him.

He suckled, kissed, flicked his tongue and caressed both her breasts before pulling back and running his hands over silken smooth skin.  “God, I love touching you, Lili.”

“I love the way you call my name when you say it like that,” she panted, spreading her legs further.

Carefully, Daniel helped stretch her out.  “On the floor,” he snickered.

“Is this passion?”

“For you, pleasuring you any way I can, anywhere I can, is passion.  But I’d rather at least set you on…”  He snapped.  “Just a moment.” He kissed his way up her ribs, the space between her lovely breasts and then her collarbone before finally placing a delicate kiss on her sumptuous mouth.

He stood, caught the gleam in her eye.

“You’re too dressed again, Daniel.”

“Dirty American boys like to be stripped.”

She started for him.

He caught her hand, took a step forward and pressed it against the bulge in his jeans.  “Plenty of time for that in a few minutes.  I want what I want first.”


“Indeed.”  He knelt, picked her up and carried her giggling, all the way to the island in his kitchen.  Setting her down, he leaned her back and reached for the zipper on her jeans.  Then he popped the snap, reached for the waist and with her help, yanked her jeans and panties down.

Again he stared.

“You’re going to give a girl a complex,” she looked at him, moved her arms to his neck languidly.

“A good one?”

“You keep looking at me with fire in your eyes and yes.  A damn good one.”

“Good.  You deserve to see you the way I do.”

“How is that?”

Daniel knelt and grabbed her thighs, parted them.  “Like a goddess.”

Before she responded, Daniel bit the inside of her thigh, right at the knee.

She giggled.

He stroked her with his tongue, drew circles and placed chaste kisses over her hot skin.

By now she’d leaned back and begun panting, her chest rising and falling with each breath.

Daniel continued kissing up her thigh, not quite coming in contact with her pussy lips.  He’d switched sides and while he mouthed things into one leg, his fingers caressed the other until he’d cupped her ass with one hand.

She struggled to remain open for him but his other hand helped, along with the sheer size of his body.

He stepped closer, grabbed her ass with the other hand and shoved her toward him.

She squealed.

He thrust his tongue inside her velvet heat and stroked her aroused clit once, twice and a third time, dragging the sensation out long enough that she shuddered against him.

“Daniel, you’re killing me!”

“That’s the point, lover.  A mini death.  Don’t you speak like five languages or something?”

“Si—oh I don’t know, god Daniel!  So good.  So good.”

By now she breathed heavily, sweat coated her skin.

He dipped his tongue in again, savoring the honey-like taste of her pussy.  He dug fingers into her ass, used his size to hold her open.

She bucked, lifted her hips off the counter and began to move against his face.

“That’s it baby,” he dove in again, kissed her, sucked her, “come for me.  Let me devour you.”

“Please,” she begged, “It feels so good but…”

“But what, baby?”

“Like I’m going to fall!”

“I’ll catch you.”

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Steamy Excerpt from a Romance Novel

eroticdream2834841.jpgSEO demanded I use that title LOL!  Seriously though, I was planning another excerpt from something.  Perhaps  ENDANGERED – since I’m keeping up interest in that book as Red Sage would like me to make you all wet with desire for the book…

Anyway that’s how I roll.  So…here we go:

She grabbed and sucked him into her, pulling his body into hers.  “Wolf, I cannot hate you,” she murmured into their kiss.

“I know,” he seemed smug.

“I cannot turn you away, either.”

“Are you attracted to me?”  Joséf looked into her eyes, noticing how beautiful hers were, sadness clearly expressed in the pools of color of her eyes.

“Differently than I was to your father,” Isabella replied.  “I loved him with my entire heart.  You would have been…”

Grabbing a breast, he squeezed.  Not caring where this line of thought was going, he waited for her.

Isabella groaned, parting plump lips.

He enjoyed her moans sending vibrations throughout his body.  The feeling of her licking his ear made his breath catch in his throat.  He traced circles around her ear and licked slowly down her neck.

Isabella’s hair fell forward, her eyes looked more determined.  Her lips fell to his and another hand caressed her breast.  It was Livía’s, with Joséf’s hand beneath hers.  “Like this, my drágám.”  My darling.

Isabella arched forward, reaching to Livía and Joséf.  Her fingers wrapped around his arm, she thrust her torso toward him.  “Touch me,” she begged.

Joséf splayed a hand over the span of her stomach, rough fingers massaging her smooth flesh.

She pealed her top off, tossing it aside.

Joséf looked at her full breasts bobbing.

Standing only in low slung blue jeans, she came back to them.

“Take those off,” he whispered.

Isabella stood, shucked her jeans and stood before him, naked.

He looked back at Livía, her robe still covering her, but open enough to give him a perfect view of her round breasts.  He licked his lips, mentally saw the wolf inside wagging his tail even faster.  His cock ached.

Livía started stroking Joséf’s cock through the sheet.

He thought he couldn’t get any harder, any larger,  his body couldn’t possibly pump more blood into his cock.  He was wrong.

Isabella sat on the side of the bed, spreading her legs open for him.  Scents of vanilla and sex filled his nose, her lips shaved. “You two are definitely different.”

Livía giggled.  “Farkas, she has…a more modernized look?”

Isabella threw her head back in laughter.  “Period clothing went out of style and I began to care less about my appearance as a Magyar.  I like it better, don’t you?”

“Yes.  But you are always a Magyar, always my drágám.”  Livía’s tongue licked around the nape of his neck where a thin sheen of sweat had appeared.  It was hot in his room.

Isabella touched him, her fingers stroking his muscled thighs.  Each touch started low, caressing his legs and moving higher upwards until she’d reached his cock.  “This was nice earlier,” she snaked a hand down his stomach.  Cupping his balls, he watched her mouth open as she leaned forward.

He hesitated.

Livía’s hands over his back threatened to melt him as Isabella leaned in closer to his cock.  Hot breath against his skin had him pleading with his eyes, arching his hips upward.  He wanted inside her mouth, inside Livía.

Isabella lowered her lips over his cock, shut them tightly and drew him in deeper, tugging the sensitive skin of his balls.

Joséf groaned, feeling Livía’s tongue on the back of his neck.  Each pump sent blood racing toward his crotch, each tender touch of Livía’s tongue had him shuddering, feeling the pressure build low in his balls.  The wolf inside wagged its tail faster, Joséf swore he saw it smiling in his head.  Wolves didn’t smile.

They grimaced maybe, but they didn’t smile.

Unless they were eating, killing or mating.  The thought came out of nowhere, but it didn’t matter.  Joséf eased a hand over Isabella’s head, clutching thick auburn strands in his fist when she darted her tongue over the head of his cock.  He heard Livía’s laughter from behind him, shook when her tongue slid inside his ear.  He reached back, touching her thigh.  When had she slipped both of her legs around him?

Isabella’s head bobbed up and down on his cock, her lips sealing tighter as she neared the head.  She moaned, reaching a hand beneath her to reach her pussy.

Every muscle stiffened, adding to the strain in his body.  Every chord, nerve and cell in his body was ready to explode, but Isabella stopped, reaching out for his chest and moving to lay on her side, still a hand between her thighs.  The other hand caressed his cock.

He shuddered against her.

Isabella reached for his chest, placing her hand where his heart was.

Her hand was warm, fingers nimble.  Her eyes were so very pretty, he thought.

Livía’s joined hers and they rolled his nipples into pebbles.

Arching his back from the exquisite pain, Joséf thought he couldn’t take anymore, but Isabella’s lips sealed over his cock and pumped him faster and faster until he neared orgasm.

“If you don’t stop, I’ll come.”

“Good,” she giggled.  She reared up on her knees.

New Sizzler Editions site LIVE!

1boundaftermidnight1600x2400Sizzler Editions, a/the premier publisher of erotic eBooks since 1998, announces a new site for erotic literature junkies to access their catalog of 1500 titles, []
Built on a new, more flexible, platform with additional layers of subcategories, the new Sizzler Editions site features the ability to find related books by theme and series. Next to each book cover, readers will see convenient tabs featuring the book’s description, direct purchase links and other information. The updated site also incorporates video trailers for featured Sizzler Edition titles, and expanded Author bio pages.
Of the new site, Publisher Jean Marie Stine says, “Perhaps the biggest change is the fact that we no longer host and sell books ourselves. Readers will instead find a links, which take them directly to a book’s Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iBooks page.
“At the redesigned Sizzler Editions site, readers can not only easily find  the book they like, but they can buy it from their preferred vendor in a new tab  and have it downloaded instantly into their ebook reading device without ever leaving the Sizzler Editions site.  It’s a win-win for both readers and for us!” 

Stine reveals that the site is continuing to add improvements above and beyond the update unveiled April 2, 2013. “The new site is still very much a work in progress. We will add audio interviews with our authors, include even more features to enhance the visitor’s search experience and more titles from new erotic authors are always being added to our catalog!”Debut releases at the new site include bestselling bondage author, Powerone’s new Cold War spy shocker, Slave of the Kremlin, two novellas of paranormal romance by Sarah Bella, author of Bound by Blood, and a first-ever collection of Herotica editor Marcy Sheiner’s stories, Love & Other Illusions. Also scheduled for release in the coming weeks are Love’s Storm by Margie Church and K. B. Cutter, the second installment of their controversial trilogy about polyamory, plus a new collection of erotic science fiction stories, Skin Effect, by M. Christian. Coming soon to Sizzler Editions are the first of three books books by sexologist Amy Marsh reporting back on Love’s Outer Limits, and new books by Terri Pray, David Jewell and other bestselling authors.

Bookmark now, and start exploring the new features rolled out in the first phase of the update, and  be sure to come back for the official grand reopening on May 1st, when there will be free eBooks, special prizes and other delights.
About Sizzler Editions:
Sizzler Editions is one of the leading ebook publishers of erotica on the internet. Sizzler issued their first ebooks in 1998, and since that time have published over 1500 ebooks books. As of 2013, Sizzler Editions has more than 1,300 erotic ebooks available for sale, and a growing list of new titles.
Sizzler Editions prides itself on presenting the finest in erotica for every sexual interest and orientation. Sizzler Editions imprints include Intoxication (Erotic Romance), Submission (Bondage and BDSM), Attraction (GLBT Erotica), Scorcher (Hot & Hetero), Hot Flash (Short & Collections), Encounter (SciFi and Fantasy), Sexerience (Nonfiction), HerSelf (Women’s Erotica), Platinum (All-Time Best Sellers), Victoria (Erotic Classics), Bounty (Bargain Omnibuses), and Thrill (Mystery & Adventure).

Sascha Illyvich
Editor – Intoxication line:  Erotic Romance

Sizzler Editions
2930 Shattuck Ave. Suite 200-13
Berkeley CA 94705

Weekly Blog Post Roundup and Book Review!

Been a busy week for me.  First, today I’m over at Brenda and Steve’s blog doing a simple Q/A on writing, my upcoming release “Surrender to Love” and sticking around for another day or so.  Find me here

Did ya’ll see the review for The Playground that Night Owl Romance gave it?  4.5 Stars!  AND a Top Pick

The folks at Night Owl said the following:  ” It was a hot and steamy love story with two characters that loved and lost and found love again in the unlikeliest of places.”  Read the full review here

I was at Tonya Kinzer’s blog last week.  I think I even gave away a book.  But the interview/blog posts she hosted may look familiar to some of you.  Still, peep the link and comment.  I’m sure I left her plenty of things to ponder while I caused trouble.

Did you pick up your copy of The Playground yet?  It’s now available on

Oh I turned in the second round of edits for “Surrender to Love” and that’s looking like a Feb 7th release.  I hope ya’ll enjoy another sordid tale of sweet, sinful seduction ;)

Erotic Author Update – Video


Paranormal Erotic Romance featuring hot werewolves, a sexy witch and more!

An enthralling contemporary fantasy, and a passionate erotic romance. Marco and Selene. Werewolf and witch. He is the sexy, rebellious young werewolf whose anger and violence are legendary. She is a sexy, mature witch into whose care the elders of his pack have given Marco. At once she realizes he is more dangerous and powerful that the other werewolves. To Marco she is the most desirable woman he has ever met, and he knows he will never give up until he possesses her. As she attempts to show him wisdom, he subjects her to his very considerable charms.  Something has to give – and does. As nights of torrid lovemaking and nights of the full moon when he tears himself from her side alternate, neither suspects that they are at the center of a conspiracy by the leaders of Marco’s pack, or that they may all be pawns in an ancient prophecy from the dawn of time. For the love that binds them both is bringing death nearer with every beat of their hearts. Marco is strong and Selene wise, but these are as nothing to the power of the danger that threatens them. Cover: Laura Givens.

Buy Wolf Magic from Amazon

Secondary Characters

In a recent romance by Lori Foster, she told the story of Drew Black, SBC President of the most prestigious UFC fighting organization out there and his journey into love with the heroine Gillian Noode. The story was hot and definitely due to the characters personalities, very enticing and a thrill ride but early on in the book, we got a glimpse of another character.

One of Drew’s fighters who has a troubled past decides to influence one of the supposed villains in an attempt to change her mind, only he too falls in love with the slightly naive woman. The beauty here is obvious, but for someone like me, it threw me off as a reader but not enough to make me put the book down. This had me thinking, in Forced Pleasure I had a secondary character named Gawith who just happened to be yummy piece of man that stirred Francine’s passion once she made the choice to leave Micah and go chasing tail where she might be wanted.

Thing is, not only did Gawith become part of the final scene, he ended up with his own story If I were so inclined I could actually write another bdsm tale involving Gawith, Micah, Nicholas and Francine over the two year period of his training from Gothy BDSM kid (of legal age!) to a more self confident, intuitive Dominant over Francine.

In fact, I just might do that ;)

How do you feel about secondary characters whether in bondage romances or other stories? Do they help you? Do they annoy you?

Pick up Forced Pleasure for $5.99 today

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Learning the Erotic Romance Industry Part II

image copyright held by original owner

Last Friday I left with a few tips on who to read, how to get involved in learning the erotic romance industry from the author’s standpoint. For the purposes of this blog, I’m going to reference Rebecca York, because I found her work when I moved to California and hit up the library and she as a paranormal romance author had stories that were intriguing, captivating and of course, sexy.

Her stories for me, were the first beginnings of learning structure of not only the romance novel, but the paranormal story Powerful characters, strong story lines that could go on and on, and serialization were what I picked up from her. It’s my hope that my Total E-bound release “Bound to Her” in the Over the Moon Anthology pays homage to her work.

The tips for learning this industry are simple:

Make some friends. You’ll need the support system for things like going to Romantic Times, Romance Writers of America Nationals, RomCon, and other large industry conferences. Plus that support system will keep you together when you’re ready to throw away your career, no matter HOW long or short it is.

Social Media – Learn it. Use it. Master it. It’s that simple.

Read editor blogs like mine and Guide to Literary Agents The information there is jam packed with tips outside of my experiences. Also, don’t forget WriteSEX

Take classes on craft, marketing and education. This advice hails from the importance of learning and expanding your ability to write about various genres, cross genre write and refine your voice. Unlike investing and “Get rich quick” classes, the real profits belong to both the instructor AND the students.

Continue to write and grow. Reading other romance authors gives you something which to work from, now it’s up to you to use your imagination and go forward into the wild blue yonder!

Here’s another excerpt from Bound to Her

Letting out a breath of relief, Luka smirked. “It’s not that. I was checking to see if you were okay. What happened?”
Setting a hand on her voluptuous hip, Michele turned towards his liquor cabinet. Walking over to one of the open bottles of bourbon, she picked it up, took the top off and took a long sip, gulping down quite a large amount before returning the bottle to its former place. “Fucking sitting in the car waiting for my sister,” she glared at Tiffany for emphasis, “and this asshole comes up to it, sniffs it then transforms. I’m not about to fear you assholes, so I shoved open the door and transformed, as well. We grappled and fought for a moment before he apparently realised whose house he was in front of. He said something about needing to kill you before the full moon in a few days. The rest you know.”
A closer glance at her eyes revealed she was holding back information. Luka filed that away for later when they had more time.
“So, what’s the deal, anyway? Why is someone slightly more psychotic after you?”
Resting against the table, Luka grinned. The unmistakable scent of arousal came from Michele, wafting towards his nose. “Because I’m the ruler of this territory.”
Her eyes widened. She looked at Tiffany and groaned. “You’ve been serving the head of all of the packs in this area?”
Tiffany nodded. “Proudly for the last year.”
Michele snorted. “He’s still a loser.”
Snickering, Luka kept his attention focused on Michele. “You want me. I can smell it. And according to the pendant, you and I need each other.”
She made an unladylike noise. “What the pendant or anyone else says has no effect on me. I am not part of this territory.”
A brow rose. “Do you live in this area with your sister?”
Michele turned her head away. “It doesn’t matter. I don’t want anything to do with wolf politics.”
Luka stepped closer to Michele, keeping his eyes on her body. He watched how the ovals of her eyes narrowed with each step he took. He no longer needed the necklace to tell him what his heart already knew. Whether she wanted it or not was another matter, but he had to get her in his bed and at least make it appear to Lajon and the others he had a mate who would balance him.
He jeered. There was no way this young vixen could balance him. She was all aggression and attitude.
Still, he couldn’t stop himself from cornering her.
She lifted her hands in front of her. “What are you doing?”
Catching them in his, he spoke with his voice dropping lower with each word. “What I need to do in order to make sure you’re healing and will continue to live.”
The panic in her voice caused it to squeak. “I’m fine, I swear it. See?” She pulled away the collar of the robe and bent her head to expose her neck.
A cough sounded behind them.
Luka glanced over his shoulder at Tiffany.
“I’m still here.” She crossed her arms in front of her and tapped her foot.
Luka glared.
Tiffany smirked and wandered out of the kitchen.
The husky tone in Michele’s voice couldn’t be missed. “Goddamn it! Why did you have to send away the only thing keeping you safe?”
Returning his focus to Michele, he cocked an eyebrow. “Keeping me safe?” He stepped closer and was now mere inches from her. He reached out to touch her cheek with a tender hand. Her skin was soft, supple and smooth.
Her head jerked.
He caught her and forced her mouth to his in a heated kiss that started out hard, conquering, but eased to a softer pace with each taste of her.
Her mouth opened for him, letting his tongue slither in and out, around her lower lip.
Luka tasted her, picking up the bourbon spice along with her natural honey and rose, perfumed scents he could find himself easily intoxicated by if he didn’t take some modicum of control.
She sucked in a breath and clutched his arms, pressing her body against his. “Damn you,” she growled against his skin.
Chuckling into her flesh, he stepped back, taking her with him. “Damn me? What for?” He resumed his assault on her mouth with his.
She pulled from the kiss, running her hands up and down the expanse of his shoulders. “For making me want another wolf so badly. It’s been so long…”
He captured her again, clutching a fistful of hair. Tugging her head back, he licked a trail down her jaw, swirling his tongue over the sensitive part of her neck.
She moaned, pulling him tighter against her.
His cock bobbed against her stomach, and despite the robe and his slacks, he could still feel her heat. “You know the rules of this game, then?”
She groaned. Her hands reached his ass, squeezing. “Yes.”
Luka gripped her thighs, heaving her off the ground. “Yet you hate it and are still giving in.”
Nodding, she said, “It’s just sex.” She locked her legs around his waist and reached between their bodies. “May I?”
He nodded, shaking against her. “It’s more than that. You feel it, too, don’t you?”
Another groan. Her hand reached the snap on his slacks, undoing it and unzipping him quickly. Her body pressed into his with deft movements that had her panting, begging for him.
The strength it took to hold her with one arm while she clutched onto him would amaze anyone. Grabbing himself with his other hand, he found her heat, intense enough to travel up the length of his cock before he’d even pressed it against her nether lips.
Michele tensed her thighs, pushing herself off him just slightly before slamming down on his cock.
Both of them shuddered and moaned into each other.
Luka positioned them so she was against the wall, wrapped around him still. The scent of lupine and rose carried through the air, wild and free.
Her wet pussy clenched him, welcoming him with a tightness that didn’t want to let go.
He tangled one fist around her hair and suckled on her neck, tasting and biting the skin so sweet. “Goddamn, you’re slick.”
Michele bit into his shoulder and cried out. “You’re well on your way to becoming that way too, bud.”
Luka started bucking against her, using the wall and her round ass for momentum.
Each thrust made her breath catch. She squeezed her legs together around him and tossed her head against the wall.
Luka kept suckling on her neck, careful to avoid the wound on the other side. Hands on her plump ass squeezed her while he enjoyed the feel of her pussy caressing the length of his dick.
Her juices coated him, making her tight passage even wetter and his throbbing cock even harder. She burned him with her kisses, with the way her muscles clenched around his body.
They fit together perfectly.
Rhythmic movements had them slapping against each other with an almost trancelike sound with nails gripping, claws digging into flesh and teeth scraping against skin.
Each thrust upwards sent Michele’s head lolling back and forth against his shoulder and the wall.
Luka maintained his pace, keeping in time with the way her body deliciously jerked against his, allowing him to drive himself in deeper and deeper with each thrust.
Her moans grew louder, her grip on him more desperate.
The familiar sensation of tightness started low in his balls. Luka slowed down, adjusting his angle to penetrate her with less intensity but more focus on her clit.
Strong thighs wrapped even tighter around his waist and seized him. “I don’t want this.”
H e was panting, his heart racing, his breathing becoming laboured. “You need it.”
Between deep breaths, Michele shook her head, her hair falling over her face to darken her features. “No. I can’t be tied to another Alpha.”
Luka reached between them and pinched a nipple taut.
Her head fell back against the wall. Her skin was sweat-covered and reddened. “No, please no, Luka!”
“You need to come.” The demand in his voice couldn’t be mistaken.
Michele growled but stopped when her breath caught in her throat. Panting, slamming onto him, she hurriedly picked up the pace.
Luka spoke in stuttered speech. “Orgasm. Is. Nnnear, isn’t it?”
She didn’t respond verbally. Her body bucked and tensed up around him, muscles clenching the base of his cock.
With each withdrawal, vice-like pressure rubbed him and pulled his own orgasm closer to the surface.
Tweaking her nipples again, he dipped his head down to her neck and flicked his tongue around her satiny skin, tasting the saltiness and earthy musk that had appeared during their fucking. It wouldn’t take but one word and a call of the wolf’s power to bind her to him.
Did he dare?
She wasn’t in love with him. Didn’t seem to want him. But her body certainly didn’t reject his.
The pack, the greater good, needed this. Needed a leader with a mate. He’d just have to force her hand if the humans were to be saved.
“You love this?”

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Harlequin’s Blaze in the Author

Monday of this week I started writing my Harlequin Blaze. As mentioned in last week’s post about writing tools, I have discarded basic plotting tools since this book isn’t going to be an action/adventure like most of my other work. The focus is more on character growth and the relationship, directly.

Harlequin books are more about the story between the heroine and hero. The Blaze line has a focus on hotter sex and a little more boundary pushing. That being said, I can’t delve deep into the male or female mind and find the core issues because my characters are human. If I were aiming for the Nocturne line things might be a little different. but this is a launch pad for me.

Transitions from one genre to another are often hard for many authors. The dual nature of our Craft requires us to be diligent in our pursuit of telling the tale we can as best as we can, all while remaining true to ourselves. The funny thing here is that business comes into play.

When we throw business into the mix, we now have to learn to balance career and want, monetary gain and need. What’s best for our souls and our wallets. For many authors, this is where they draw the line. Many won’t waste time on the harlequin trashy romance novel.

Fuck that. I will. Not only do I LIKE the trashy novels, but I can WRITE them. This being a business, I might as well sell out, right?

Or am I just doing what makes great business sense since I’ve seen a large number of authors come from HQ’s umbrella and become bigger names. If business should be about doing what you like, then why not write for this publisher and hit the mainstream NY romance publishers at the same time?

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