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Productive day

The dishes are being done now in the dishwasher, carpet is vacuumed, bathroom is acceptable to both girlfriends and the kitchen smells of Hungarian goulash. Sheets are clean thanks to my beautiful younger lover running point while I spent the entire day catching up on $AMZN ads class material since missing two days last week […]

New Novel in the works…

Years ago I wrote, and in 2016 REWROTE what was called Stalker: Dub Mix.  It was a basic cyberpunk-esque paranormal romance where the Unseelie Kingdom of Faery had been turned into a mechanized realm reminiscent of Ghost in the Shell: SAC. Now? Started the second novel, currently titled Crossing the Rubicon. I think it’ll be […]


*From Facebook post – only lengthened* Today I got to hear the ding in TOS – something I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing in a few weeks. I’d have heard it in my live trading account Monday, but I was kind of fuzzy headed because I’m getting over a cold shared by both lovers.  […]

How To Write – Five Traits for Better Heroes

In this video we discuss the five things  writers need to utilize for better hero creation! Vlog Highlights: 2:40  Needing a Flawed character 3:14  If the hero isn’t reliable, then what? 3:42  The difference between change and growth 3:56  Talking the intelligence quotient 4:44  Why I tagged Lucifer in this video – Because of a […]

Price Reduction on #Paranormal #Erotic #Menage Novels

Hello Readers, Wanted to drop a line and let you know that Wolf Magic has been reduced in price to $0.99 on Amazon! From the author of the USA Today Recommended novel of lycanthropy and romance, Torn to Pieces, comes this enthralling novella of werewolf and witch. Marco and Selene.He is a sexy, rebellious young […]

Quick Update

I’ve been down for awhile, working on several projects, finishing up things.  As of now, my latest release “Menage Bound” is the last story I’m giving Decadent Publishing for awhile.  I’ve talked with my agents and I really need to focus on the larger stories that audience build and showcase more of the features of […]

New Workload Post – Writing, Stories and Projects

We’re well underway with the new year and that means new projects.  Sort of. Agent Saritza Hernandez and I talked back in January about me doing another 1Night Stand for Decadent Publishing to see what sales look like and learn how their audience responds to me.  I’m really enjoying knocking out a few shorter pieces […]

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