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I thought I’d drop an excerpt from the upcoming Total -bound release “Torn to Pieces” in which Iolite and her two handsome men must find a way to work together despite the past between Jackob and Kerian.

Also, I”m switching things up a bit here. Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ll post, so I’ll have less work but still have an active blog for you lovely readers!

Normally I prefer sexy men with longer hair but this guy caught my attention, hopefully he will grab yours too.  Many of my men are true alpha dominants but not Kerian.  Jackob is more the alpha Dominant over his pack, having to use the rough hand sometimes to uphold pack law, but Kerian tired of the brutality in his pack and chose to go a different route.

Now in this upcoming erotic romance from Total E-bound, Kerian must ask himself if he can let go of the past in light of all the explanations from his lover over past actions that seemed damning and conflicting with high moral standards.  Will he, with Iolite’s help?

Excerpt from Torn to Pieces

He slid a pair of sunglasses over his eyes, grabbed the keys from his pocket and locked up the two doors in the kitchen before exiting the house. Locking the front door, he gave it a tug to make sure it was secure. Tomorrow was a holiday for humans, but the wolves didn’t celebrate.

In Albuquerque, with a sick pack, there was nothing to be thankful for.

Not with the rival packs vying for dominance, anyway.

With a sigh, Kerian straddled his motorcycle, slipped fingerless gloves on and revved the engine. Pulling back out of the driveway, he darted into the street and raced off down the highway towards I-40.

His jaw ticked.

Kerian pulled into the far right lane and made his way downtown towards Central Avenue and 6th street, where Iolite lived.  He hadn’t seen her in a few weeks and the need for her tightened.

The drive downtown wasn’t bad, just filled with the usual pre-holiday traffic. Wind blew against his face, whipping his hair about this way and that.

Kerian wove in and out of traffic until he came to the exit for Rio Grande Avenue that would lead him down to Central.

Turning off the freeway, he slowed for the light, feeling his heart race faster as he neared Iolite’s.

She’d been a beacon of light in his otherwise bleak life. With his parents dying off from whatever disease had ravaged the packs and their old alpha succumbing to old age, the pack had suffered a great deal.

Once their alpha did pass, Kerian took the reins and the others in his pack accepted Kerian’s rule without question. He had a bloodline destiny to be ruler of the pack.

Kerian gritted his teeth at the memory of his latest loss.

Unable to tell anyone in his pack that he swung both ways and preferred having a mate of each gender to just one female would cause any wolf a lot of problems out in Albuquerque.

With humans, being bisexual was one thing. Most humans had no real pride or sense of self worth. But those who were comfortable with themselves still didn’t possess the begrudging pride of the wolf.

Jackob sought him out one night four years ago. Truly, his first gay experience, Jackob had been kind with him. He’d been the one to show Kerian how to have mind blowing anal sex.

He’d taught him things about his human body most sex experts didn’t know.

In short, he’d been a stellar lover.

Until Kerian discovered that Jackob’s pack had been the one who recently raided several banks downtown.

Jackob swore he had nothing to do with it, but Kerian had suspicions.

Jackob’s inability to answer questions with anything other than word games irritated Kerian.

Fucker. After a year, Kerian could not look the other way.

His heart still ached at the thought of his missing lover. Jackob would absolutely adore Iolite. She’d been the most understanding woman in his life and Kerian needed that.

Jackob probably did too.

It’d been way too long since he’d seen Iolite. Jobs and pack business had kept him away even though they lived within an hour of each other. His house in Rio Rancho was a straight shot down I-25.  The pack needed closeness to the mountains where they could gather herbs and find shelter from the elements outside of fears of human discovery.

Turning down Central Ave, Kerian pulled onto 6th street around the large stone building that had been recently converted to condos. Iolite’s unit was on the third floor and had a great view of downtown. What she was doing here was beyond him, the music from numerous clubs and bars often kept her awake at night. But she felt safe knowing her wolf wasn’t that far away, she’d said.

Kerian parked the bike and hopped off, rounding the corner onto Central. He cupped his hands to his mouth and shouted, “Hey, Iolite!”

She’d been standing on the balcony apparently. Her doors were open, letting in the cold.

She appeared at the rail.

“Iolite,” he smiled.

She waved a hand in the air. “Here I am, Kerian! Come on up!”

He grinned and, with a salute, walked to the front door of the building. Once inside, he headed towards the elevator, smirking at the brown and orange color scheme that had been chosen for the interior.

Once upstairs, the doors opened.

Before he could step out, a pair of arms clasped around his waist. Flinging herself into him, Iolite’s body was warmth against his. Her hair smelled of patchouli and sandalwood, her underlying scent, rose.

“Hey now,” he laughed, pulling her tighter into his body. The doors started to shut on them.

Dressed in hip-hugging jeans and a gray sweater, her hair flowed like a large soft blanket behind her. Silvery hazel eyes sparkled. Ruby red lips puckered together and blew him a kiss. “This could be like that book I read,” she winked.

He arched an eyebrow. “What book?”

Hands slid down his back and around his chest. “Goin’ Down Anthology. Four sexy authors writing hot romances.”

With a grin, he held her hands in his, the softness of her skin a complement to his roughness. “I like where this could go.”

Her mouth seized his. Soft, pliant lips caressed his mouth, her sweet lips opening to invite him in.

Kerian’s tongue swirled around her mouth, tasting lush honey and wine as it explored her, stroking her tongue along with the rest of her.

Her tongue matched his stroke for stroke before wrapping around his and sucking.

Hands clasped his shoulders, tugging desperately at his shirt.

Kerian cupped Iolite’s face in his hands, caressing her mouth with his before plundering her with his tongue. Exploring every inch of her brought his cock to a hardness he hadn’t felt in a long time, and the warmth of her body pressing against his sent shudders through him.

“Mmm,” she pulled back from the kiss and hit a button on the elevator. The doors shut again. Dragging her mouth down his skin, she inhaled deeply and sank to her knees.

He heard the zipper on his jeans being yanked down. His cock sprang free into tiny little fingers that gripped him.

Kerian gripped a fistful of hair silken hair and inhaled sharply.

Velvet heat engulfed him from her mouth.

He jerked against her, unable to respond verbally.

She laughed, sending vibrations up the length of his cock.  Her tongue swirled around his shaft and stroked the underside of him.

Flames raced up his body along. His fist tightened in her hair.

Iolite shifted but kept him deep in her mouth, only to pull back oh so slowly on him and drag her lips up his length.

Kerian clenched his free hand into a tight fist.  Gritting his teeth together, he managed to groan out, “You’re killing me, babe.”

She nodded, bobbing up and down on his cock. Fingers slid between his legs, cupping his balls.

The wolf inside wanted to mount her and claim her as his but the human encouraged sharing.  Right now, Kerian couldn’t care about being anything but inside her. The way her mouth moved on him made him jerk his hips against her mouth.  He apologized silently for thrusting harder than he intended.

His cock slid out of her mouth with a loud pop. “It’s okay, silly.” She kissed the tip of his cock, smiling wide as it jumped in her fingers.

She sank her lips around him again.

Kerian hissed, stumbled against the wall of the elevator, “I want inside you!”

She shook her head, swirling her tongue up the length of his shaft again before letting him slide out of her.

Pumping his now slicked cock up and down, Iolite licked the head like a lollipop before sucking him back inside her.

Kerian sucked in a breath. “Goddess you’re hot, your fucking mouth is so hot, Iolite!” His balls drew up against his body.  Heat flushed his cheeks and sweat formed at his brow.  Kerian’s eyes shut and his breathing picked up.

Iolite had the kind of mouth that could make a man or wolf forget all about his duties or cares.

She sucked and slurped harder, faster.

The tight coil of tension neared a breaking point with each thrust of her on him.

Iolite jerked him out of her mouth. Lowering her sweater, she exposed creamy globes to his delight.

Her voice dropped to a husky note, “Come on me!”

The Paranormal Romance collection

So far, tales to include Wolf Magic, The Claiming and Dark Traders for print.

Based on the lack of fairy stories, I’m half tempted on including at least the first chapter of Siddella’s Surrender in the collection to get new readers, give the fae some props and show variety while maintaining the same genre of paranormal romance.

So far here are the synopsis’s of the three stories already going in:

Wolf Magic:  An enthralling contemporary fantasy, and a passionate erotic romance. Marco and Selene. Werewolf and witch. He is the sexy, rebellious young werewolf whose anger and violence are legendary. She is a sexy, mature witch into whose care the elders of his pack have given Marco. At once she realizes he is more dangerous and powerful that the other werewolves. To Marco she is the most desirable woman he has ever met, and he knows he will never give up until he possesses her. As she attempts to show him wisdom, he subjects her to his very considerable charms.  Something has to give – and does. As nights of torrid lovemaking and nights of the full moon when he tears himself from her side alternate, neither suspects that they are at the center of a conspiracy by the leaders of Marco’s pack, or that they may all be pawns in an ancient prophecy from the dawn of time. For the love that binds them both is bringing death nearer with every beat of their hearts. Marco is strong and Selene wise, but these are as nothing to the power of the danger that threatens them.

Dark Traders: Miranda is the SEC’s sexiest and savviest investigator. But she meets her match when she is assigned to investigate the X Corp, a company founded and run by vampires. But before she can determine if the undead have violated fair trading rules on the NYSE, Jet Curtis, vampire, X Corp.’s top hit man is sent to kill her. However, once Jet sees Miranda his thoughts turn to kissing, not killing. The two make passionate love, and then, Jet turns her into a vampire like himself. Miranda disappears. Then a year later, she returns, now one of undead, with vengeance on her mind. Can she and Jet settle their differences in order to stop X Corporation from causing chaos on the stock exchange and ruining the American economy? Here is a premium blend of dark eroticism and vampiric carnality for those who like their vampires with just a dash of sex.  (I’ve been pimping this one over the last few weeks.  Forgot how much I did enjoy this blast from the past!)

The Claiming:  Coffee Time Romances calls a story of “Timeless love, endless hate, and burning passion … a very exciting and enchanting read … a web of magic, vamp lore, and lust … action-packed fight scenes and erotic love scenes … a dream of a book!”  I just did a “damp rag” treatment of edits on this book.

And you know I’ve been pimping Siddella’s Surrender too, but do you like the extra fantasy element?  Are you a fan of the romances involving the fae and legends and seeing what I can do with them?  Do you dream of cyberpunk dystopia and fairy sex?  Or do you want to see sensual love making in a hard world where characters grow and change based on mutual love and trust even in the face of adversity and a world that’s very cold?

New Release: Madison’s Cure and Other Erotica

Here are erotic stories of bdsm, menage, lesbian love, cougar love, bisexual love, man on man sex, and the paranormal just for good measure! The author picked out his favorites from all his tales, stories that have received high reviews/praise and work he loved the best. As Illyvich writes: “An author puts their best passion into work that arouses them and it seems that most of my stories are about friends I’ve either fucked or wanted to fuck, so the passion was not hard to find!” Included are Adventurous, Mistress Anna, Aqua Dream, Chick ‘n Stu, Claimed, Community Service, Confession, Emerald Green, For Amber, Heat Wave, Lashway’s Lease, Release, Reversal, Secret Connection, and others.

Out from Sizzler Editions at the following URL

Snippet from Mistress Anna –

She wore a warm fuzzy sweater and khakis. Open toe sandals with fuzzy socks matched the winter weather outside. Her hair flowed over her face to the middle of her breasts, which were soft and round. Her skin was olive coloured, and smooth. The way she touched my hand with elongated fingers sent shivers up my spine. Her fingernails brushed against my arm while we sat and talked about guys, beer and other worldly things. I knew she was doing it purposely but I wasn’t sure if she was trying to pick me up or just be flirtatious.
“Do you want another coffee?” She asked politely.
“Yes, please.”
“Okay. My treat. This is a new arrangement for you.”
I nodded, smiled and watched her blue jeans hug her curvaceous ass. She was pretty and she knew it. She was also rich, making her the perfect mate for me. Little did I know what I was in for.
She came back holding two cups of coffee, licking her lips while she walked back to me, hips swaying purposely. She didn’t have to sell herself; I was already in. She set the two cups down and took her seat across the table from me. My arm lay on the table; she stroked it with her fingernails again. Shivers went up my spine again starting from the small of my back, traveling upwards while her fingernails slowly danced up my arm. I felt my hair stand on end at the nape of my neck.
“So,“ She began, “do we go back to my place where all of my toys are? Or do we head back to your house, and explore what you have?”
She seemed too confident. “My place will do fine this time.”
“Good.” A wicked grin eased over her face and I knew it was the end for tonight. But a feeling in my pussy told me I was going to love the new Anna. I felt the burn over my face from listening to what Anna described was in store for me. As Anna paid the check, I noticed her black backpack for the first time.
The ride home was silent; Anna held my hand gently in hers. The college radio station played its usual array of alternative tunes we listened to but neither of us actually heard. I knew from the way she looked out the window that Ana’s mind was elsewhere, probably in my bedroom. She ran her fingernails lightly over my open palm relaxing me as I drove. A throbbing sensation between my thighs rose from within; things were going to get good soon.
We arrived at my place and from the moment the car stopped, she turned it off. She stood up, eyed me with a kinky glare and proceeded to walk to my front door. My house was clean, no worries. My toys were in my bedroom, which she had remembered from the last time she spent a night over here. She headed straight for the bedroom and before I got in the front door, she came back with my soft scarves and a gleam in her eye. I knew I was already in trouble, that burning feeling in the bottom of my stomach reassured me of it.
“These are pretty. I bet you’ll look so hot tied up in them.”
“I’m usually using those for my hair or whatever, I look fine in them.” Trying to avoid being tied up didn’t help matters with my stomach.
“Oh honey, you’re going to look damn sexy. I think I’ve got a camera too. We’ll need pictures. Lots of pictures.”
I stepped through the doorway, shutting the front door behind me as she grabbed my hand to lead me back to my room.
“Okay, I’m going to go into the bathroom for a moment, be undressed when I’m done.” Anna’s voice lowered.
“Umm, okay.” She walked off and shut the door behind her while I sat my book bag down and began to remove my shirt. I undid the drawstring on my skirt and slid out of it, standing in purple bra and panties. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror over my shoulder; I thought I should really loose weight or something. My ass was too big. To Anna, that didn’t matter. In fact, she liked my ass but she’d never say why.
I slid out of my panties and unhooked my bra, tossing it aside on the floor. Standing there in the cool air conditioning of my room, I began to shiver, nipples hardening at the thought of another woman touching me coupled with the cool air. My pussy reminded me of the last encounter I had with a woman. A sweet scent filled the air as I closed my eyes and let the memory take over. Before I drifted too far into the fantasy, a pair of hands covered my eyes and I felt hot breathe against my neck. Another shiver flew up my spine before one hand moved to my breast and pinched the nipple and a fingernail trailed over it.
“You’re so soft and womanly,” the voice whispered low in my ear. Was this Anna?
“I’m going to fuck you silly in a few minutes you sweet thing. Oh, you’ll look so pretty tied up, unable to move. Held captive by my hand…mmm, so precious. Your orgasm belongs to me, it’s my responsibility this afternoon Donna, do you understand?”
Her whispered voice deepened in my ears, it was so sexy! I nodded my head as her lips grazed my skin. Her touch was hot; pressing into me, I felt her naked body against mine. Round tits with large nipples against my shoulders, my pussy grew wetter.
With her hand still covering my eyes, Anna fondled my other breast, rolling the flesh around in her hand, pinching skin, flicking my hardened nipple and I almost jumped against her because my nipples are very sensitive. Then her hand trailed to my stomach but she moved back away from me a few steps, and pinched my ass. I squealed. She slapped my ass, hard. As much as it stung, it felt good too. She raked her fingernails over my back and I winced.
“I want you to keep your eyes closed Donna while I get one scarf.”
I nodded. Her hand moved from my face and I felt it replaced with a soft scarf, doubled over for extra darkness. She tied it behind my head, “Is this too tight?”
“Good. Now let me lay you on the bed Donna.”
I let her push me against my bed; she pressed her sweet lips into mine slipping her tongue inside my mouth to explore before she stopped. I couldn’t see from under the scarf either. Damn me for buying dark coloured scarves. I felt my right hand lifted above my head and then my left as well, a scarf tied around to secure my wrists where they were. I felt her hot tongue caress my nipples and I arched upwards towards her mouth, now wishing she would take my whole tit in her mouth. She didn’t. She trailed her tongue down to my stomach, making little circles around my bellybutton and my skin begged for more touch, I was beginning to ache for further contact. The memory of having contact with another woman soared to the front of my mind and I felt myself being rolled over.
“Have you ever had someone’s tongue in your ass?”
“No,” she slapped my ass again as she spread my legs.
“That wasn’t really meant to be answered,” She slapped my ass harder, pressing my pussy into the bed. I tried to rub against my comforter for friction but she held my hips and slapped me again. The next sensation I felt was hard, could it be a flogger or handle of some sort? After she ran it across my back, I knew it was my hairbrush sending tingles through my body. I felt the handle of my brush probe my ass until her slicked finger inserted. The fingernail didn’t feel too pleasant but she was gentle enough for me not to complain. She wriggled her finger around until I relaxed my asshole. She slid in another finger “Oh Anna,” I cooed against her fingers while she expanded my flesh. She took her fingers out, spread my legs further apart and I felt her cool tongue probe my ass next. My body began to shake but not like a vaginal orgasm. Her nails raked across my back made me flinch, sending me bucking against her mouth. Another finger slid into my ass with her tongue until she rolled me onto my side, moved my leg out of the way and slide two fingers inside my sopping cunt. As they brushed past my clitoris my breathing picked up, my chest rose and I sighed heavily at her touch. She licked, sucked and moved her fingers about before my body was screaming for more contact with her. My skin burned for her touch, my cunt aching now for another finger to fill me up.
“Damnit Anna, oh Goddamnit Anna,” in between breathes and strokes her tongue swirled around my ass as her fingers worked my pussy. I couldn’t move my arms but I was straining against my scarf because I wanted to push her head down harder and her hands further into my pussy. I knew she was inhaling my sweet scent and would hopefully swallow my nectar as well.
She removed her tongue just as my body was on the brink of orgasm, her fingers came out of my pussy and I cried aloud.
“Anna, but why?”
She slapped my ass again, rolling me over onto my stomach. But Anna,” she placed her fingers over my mouth and I opened my mouth to suck on my scent but she withdrew them too quickly. I felt her body move closer to mine, her perky tits brush against my skin. She cupped my pussy, sliding a finger in again and I clamped down hard with my muscles but she didn’t move. Her lips came over my stomach and she nibbled little places until she found a spot and bit into my skin, sending a shock through my body. “But Anna,” I cried again and I felt her move away and the bathroom door shut again.
For the next few minutes, I heard water running until the bathroom door opened and then silence. My body still ached as I had not come yet and I was upset at myself for letting Anna talk me into this. My bedroom door shut again and I heard Anna come in. My arms still tied above my head I felt them moved upwards and another scarf tied around a bedpost to hold them up.
“I knew you were going to be difficult,” her whisper sent chills through my hair and down my back, “but I didn’t think you’d be this difficult of a girl for me. So, we’ll play on. Okay?”
I nodded my head in disgust but I wanted so badly to come.
I jumped again from the coldness on my skin. Little ice cubes dropped carefully about my body and then I felt one slide right in my pussy. I clamped hard down on it, closing my legs through the burn, but Anna spread them apart to slide another ice cube inside me. Oh, it burned so good but I couldn’t keep my legs open for Anna. I felt cold leather straps fasten around my ankles and heard a locking sound.
“Now you won’t misbehave anymore for me. You’ll be a good girl won’t you?”
She found my spreader bars. Goddamn her! Exposed with cold sensations over me, her tongue was such a welcome contrast, but it made my skin burn just as much as the ice had. I jolted my legs together but the spreader bars prevented any movement.
“I’m determined to have your pussy the way I want it. And you’re just so lovely with your legs all spread like that, bearing that beautiful cunt. Won’t you let me play with you more?”
The ice melted faster but she had a bucketful. She let me hear her hand digging around inside to pick up ice that she placed randomly about my skin. Then even through the blindfold I saw the flicker of light and the click that followed.
“That was a nice shot.”
“Anna?” I whined. She slapped my thigh with the bottom of my brush, hard.
“You haven’t learned yet Donna, you’re just going to have to lie there.”
I nodded my head as the light flickered and the camera clicked again and again. As four or five more pictures taken, I wanted badly to protest. But Anna was so insistent that I keep quiet and remain her good girl.
“You know, if you remain my good little girl I’ll reward you.”
I nodded. The next thing I felt was soft, almost like fur. Anna trailed this over my thighs and I recognized it as my rabbit pelt flogger. She moved it up and down my left leg, closer to my cunt and then lightly, brushing it over as I arched my hips upwards. The pelt came down hard on my mound, resounding with a low thud as I felt Anna’s scorn for my greediness. She had that look in her eye; I could feel it. I was being greedy, I wanted my orgasm damnit!
“No no no, my greedy little bitch. Now I’m going to have to torture you more. You’ve got to learn patience.”
I winced again, letting a sigh escape my lips. This was going to be more difficult than I thought.
“Donna, you’ve got to enjoy the little things, like the ice, the furs, let go my little girl. Let go for me. Please?” Her low tone begged me as she swept the flogger over my stomach. Cautiously daunting the tips of the flogger over my nipples, I tried hard not to move but the urge to be caressed was so strong. The flogger moved away to be replaced by Anna’s lips, and teeth, which bit down hard on my nipples. I jerked against her mouth. The scarf that held my hands in place reminded me that I was bound for her pleasure but my body wasn’t cemented to the bed. I thrashed about, trying hard to focus on the sensations of pleasure and pain that raced through my form while she bit and sucked. She took my entire breast in her mouth now, licking all over the flesh with her tongue, pinching my other nipple until that hand went up to my neck. She pulled my head up by the underside of my neck and I felt her lips seal tightly over mine, her tongue thrust way down into my throat. Oh, she felt so good now! Her body slithered up against mine and I felt her leather boot against my crotch, rubbing, pressing harder while she kissed and sucked at my tongue. Her hand forced my head away from her lips by my hair. From my pussy, I felt the juices gathering, beginning to soak her leather but she didn’t care. Her mouth went to cover other areas of my body, my stomach, my tits, my shoulders, the crook of my neck; Anna’s lips were everywhere. Her hand shoved back into my cunt, I took her three fingers and pushed back against them, moving with the spreader bars instead of against them, as Anna moved in rhythm with me.
“Oh god Donna, you don’t know what you’ve done to me, seeing you all tied up like this. Helpless and bound, relying on your own will not to talk, not to disturb what I have in store for you.” She mouthed heavily in my ear, her warm words sending chills down the base of my skull and up into my hair, tingles which burned hot.
Her nails dragged across my skin, the heat radiating but the pain didn’t matter because she still had her fingers up my cunt and she was moving faster with me, silent moans no longer repressed.
“Anna, please let me, “ my breathing increasing, my lungs racing as she fingered and sucked, my legs straining now against the bars, wanting, wishing to close in on her fucking hand.
My body shuddered, yelling her name from deep within my lungs I couldn’t keep quiet anymore; the waves of orgasm and pleasure washed over my thighs, her hand and down the crack of my ass in a lovely euphoric feeling but Anna didn’t stop fingering. She thrust her hand harder, deeper into my cunt, spreading my lips and flicking a finger over my clitoris while the other hand slid into my ass and worked me there as well. Her lips sealed over mine but she only muffled slightly my cries of delight. The warm glow of her stare raced over me and I knew I had pleased her with my appearance.
I came again and again, spurting juice from my cunt onto the bed and down my ass again, Anna’s hands soaked. But I was not sated yet.
“Now you’re going to eat me until I come just like you, you little slut. Do you understand?”
I nodded and began to mumble something back but Anna’s pussy slammed down on my face. I thrust my tongue in deep, exploring the folds of her pussy as I inhaled her harsh scent. I loved her scent; it wasn’t quite as sweet as my own. Spicy and overpowering, but wonderful. I licked and sucked on her clit, Anna bucked against my face and her legs squeezed my head into her thighs harder. I didn’t even notice the discomfort of her legs as I ate.
Anna forced herself down against my face, almost grinding her hips into my face while I swirled my tongue around inside her hot cunt. Her own moans and screams were right along with mine on volume. She was a loud woman. I loved that about her.
“Oh yes, my slut, suck my pussy!” Her voice ragged now I knew she was close to coming but when she soaked my face with her delicious juices, I lapped and sucked her dry. Anna fell backwards and rolled off to the side of the bed.
I felt a hand reach the length of my leg with something metallic until I heard the click of my spreader bars and my leg was released. My arms were somewhat numb from having been bound; I yanked on the scarf to adjust how I rested them.
“Just give me a second honey,” that familiar sweetness was returning to Anna’s voice. “We’ll get you free in a moment,” she purred.
When Anna undid the scarves that bound my arms, I moved my arms to get the blood flow back in them. “Sorry about that, I’m still learning a few things” she nodded as she noticed me. The blindfold came off and Anna stood before me, a naked come covered mess.
“Where did-“
“I ran my hand over my body after you came, I like the feel of wetness from your cunt over me.” She was coy in her tone.
I nodded, glad to see again but tired now. I sat up to remove the other clasp from my ankle and set the bar down beside the bed. I caught a glimpse of Anna yawning in the bathroom as she washed her hands, drying the on a towel and stretching her arms outward. I caught a glimpse of her breasts; they were so beautiful, her olive skin in the light of the open window. She came back to me, sat down beside me and I knew it was time for a nap.

New Release! Wolf Magic

A fantasy of werewolves and witches in the twilightAn enthralling contemporary fantasy, and a passionate erotic romance. Marco and Selene. Werewolf and witch. He is the sexy, rebellious young werewolf whose anger and violence are legendary.

She is a sexy, mature witch into whose care the elders of his pack have given Marco. At once she realizes he is more dangerous and powerful that the other werewolves. To Marco she is the most desirable woman he has ever met, and he knows he will never give up until he possesses her. As she attempts to show him wisdom, he subjects her to his very considerable charms.

Something has to give – and does. As nights of torrid lovemaking and nights of the full moon when he tears himself from her side alternate, neither suspects that they are at the center of a conspiracy by the leaders of Marco’s pack, or that they may all be pawns in an ancient prophecy from the dawn of time. For the love that binds them both is bringing death nearer with every beat of their hearts. Marco is strong and Selene wise, but these are as nothing to the power of the danger that threatens them.

Read an Excerpt

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New Release: Mistress Kitty: Tales ofLove, Romance and Male Slavery

The stories that launched Sascha Illyvich’s career as a master of BDSM erotic romance. Follow the adventures of Miss Kitty and her submissive, Trent, through humiliation, punishment, training and on straight through to ecstasy. This powerful collection, available for the first time in a decade, includes such Kitty and Trent tales as So Help Me, Mistress!, Sex Swing, School Marm, Trust, A Sensual Seduction, Playtime, Spanking Trent, Just Who’s in Control, Anyway?, and more than a dozen other contemporary classics. “A Powerful Look at Female Domination!” That’s how Sensual Reviews describes the work of Sascha Illyvich


Kitty Forrester whipped the last bit of defiance from her slave. He’d broken, started crying and begging her for forgiveness, which was good because she felt drained. Cheap, even. Her slave had taken forever to break and Kitty began thinking that the Scene had nothing left to give her. She’d bet anything that Marcus, her slave, felt the same.
“Well, are you finally ready to move on?” she asked.
Marcus, a tall man with strong features, shaved head and a well built body stood up. He looked down at the ground and sighed.
Kitty reached out to touch him, but he shuddered and stepped back.
“I think I’ve had enough, Mistress.”
That was his safe phrase. Kitty nodded. Marcus turned around, picked up his trousers and shirt and threw them on. He walked out the door, hanging his head. Kitty knew she’d probably never see him again. Was it a real loss?
Yes. He’d been her ride to the club and she was the last reservation for the night.
“You’d really be better off if you learned how to treat them, Kitty.” Alexis told her over the phone an hour later. Kitty sat slumped in her favorite chair, phone cord tangled around her fingers.
“I told you, that’s not my style. I value life, all of it.”
“Men are dogs, Kitty.”
“Not all of them. The ones that have no interest in what I can give them—“
“Are not aware of their inner submissive tendencies.”
Kitty sighed. “I am in control of my life, Alexis. Let it be.”
“I don’t think you are, anymore. I think you should come see me for a healthy month of training, my dear.”
“I’ll pass, Alexis.”
“You’re missing out on a wonderful month,” she said seductively.
Kitty sighed, bid Mistress Alexis good night and tried hard to go to sleep. It had been a long week. Three new submissives to break in, a new Domme to train and then life itself had to interrupt by way of a home burglary. Luckily, nothing was lost, though it was an annoyance to repair windows with what little cash she had on hand.
All Kitty wanted from her friend was a reminder that the lifestyle was still something she could enjoy. She should have known better than to call Alexis for that sort of reinforcement.

* * *
Monday morning, Kitty woke up, dressed and drove off to work. Her day had barely begun when her car stalled in the middle of the interstate. After thirty minutes, a tow truck had pulled her to work and given a basic diagnosis of what was wrong with her car. Great, more money to be spent after spending a small fortune on a taxi.
Her boss’s refusal to hear her reason for her tardiness almost sent her over the edge, but Kitty bit her tongue. She knew better.
Besides, he was a top who wouldn’t listen to anyone below him. In the grand scheme of things, men like him were better suited to becoming furniture or pony boys. Reality dictated different.
Outside, raindrops began to splatter on the windows. Great, rain. What the hell else could go wrong, she thought.
Don came up behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist and she spun free.
“You know you want me,” he said.
“You’re a fool. What do you want, Don?”
“Lunch with you?”
She sighed. “Sure, I could use the company, but if you touch me again, you’ll be eating your hand through a straw, understood?”
Don put his hands up in defense and took a step back. “You’re the boss.”
“I like that phrase.”
“Care to. . .” Her cold glance stopped him from finishing his sentence.
After a quick lunch, the bill came. Don reached for his wallet and his expression changed. Kitty frowned.
“Damnit, it seems I’ve left my wallet at the office. Kitty could I ask a favor?” His face was red with embarrassment.
She hoped that he wouldn’t pull this stunt today. It just wasn’t a good day.
“Sure. Don’t worry about it, Don. It’s a Friday, right?”
“Yeah. I honestly didn’t mean to do this today, Kitty. I had good intentions of. . . well Fridays aren’t ever good days anyway.”
“Naturally,” she sighed.
“I’m really sorry,” he said.
Kitty pulled out her credit card, paid the bill and walked outside. She reached into her purse, pulled out a cigarette and started to light up. Just as the flame touched the tip of her cigarette, a car raced past her, and soaked her as water splashed over her.
She stood there in her dress clothes, cigarette still in hand and sat down on the curb. She had the urge to cry, but she wouldn’t. Not now. There wasn’t anything that would pull her out of her fowl mood.
Don came out of the restaurant, offered her a towel and drove her back to the office.
“Would you like me to drop you off at home so you could change?”
“Forget it Don. I don’t have time for your games today.” Don was always after Kitty. He liked his women a little bigger, fuller. Said they were more beautiful when they had curves. Kitty certainly had curves. But she had no attraction to Don.
“No, I’m not trying that trick today, Kitty. I’m just offering a ride home to change.”
“Fine. Thanks.”
Kitty pulled out a brush from her purse, brushed her hair and put the brush down on her lap. The wooden handle had been worn down along with the backside of the brush. It’d been broken a few times on various submissives. Don knew which ones had been lucky enough to receive her punishments. He always prayed that she’d take him to bed and to her dungeon.
Kitty never mixed business with pleasure. He wasn’t even supposed to know about her kinky side, except that they’d seen each other at the same singles club many years ago and he’d recognized her from work.
And he’d lusted after her from the first moment he spotted her. At first, Kitty had her hopes up for Don, but he turned out just like all the other wannabes. His interest had been empty at the time. Kitty watched him work a crowd of females into a frenzy of some sort. She couldn’t tell from where she stood whether it was passion or anger. Probably a bit of both. Don had a tendency to be somewhat misogynistic at times.
The poor fool.
“Kitty, are you listening to me?” a voice rang out. “Earth to Kitty.”
“What? Oh,” she opened her eyes. “I’m sorry Don, what were you saying?”
“I asked if you wanted to come out to the bar tonight with a few of us and just kick up your heels. Nothing special. I promise. And I’ll even buy you a drink.”
“How noble.”
“C’mon Kitty, it’s Friday. Just one drink.”
Again she sighed. “Fine. Just one drink.”
* * *
Two drinks into the night and Kitty already had two men begging for her phone number. Neither man was worth it, but they’d behaved themselves well enough. Maybe she’d get their numbers and call one of them. Maybe.
Jake looked promising. Tall, slender, blonde, and attentive to her needs. He’d refilled her water, brought back a bourbon and coke for her, even paid for her drink without asking or being told.
Don was right. Tonight had made her feel a little better. He sat across the table from Kitty, lit cigarette in his mouth. “You gonna take one of them home?” he asked.
“Nope. What business is it of yours, anyway?”
“None. Just curious, Kitty. They’re college students.”
“Tonight their babes. I feel twice as old as I am.”
“You still look great, doll. Hell, if college students are hitting on you, then something must be going right.”
“Yeah, I suppose.”
“Can you handle them if I change my mind about going home with either of them?”
“Yeah. But you haven’t committed to either one, so what’s the big deal?”
At that moment, Diego, a dark skinned Latino, appeared. “Can I get you anything, miss Kitty?” he’d asked in his thick Puerto Rican accent.
Miss Kitty. . .what a nice ring it had. “No. On second thought, bring back another bourbon and coke. Where’s Jake?”
“He’s, uh. Well, he’s. . .”
“Out with it, boy.”
“Out back throwing up. I’m really sorry ma’am,” his accent was cute. And he was sober. It was almost decided in her head who she was going home with.
“Tell you what, Diego. Sit here with my friend for a few moments. I’ll be right back. Lady things.”
Kitty stood up and offered Diego her seat. The little frat boy sat down next to Don, who almost looked intimidating if it weren’t Don. He’d take care of Diego for her.
She picked up her purse and headed towards the ladies room. She walked in, turned the water on and washed her face off. Kitty stared into the mirror, looking for something. She hadn’t been with a real man in ages, and none of the partners she’d played with had been worth her time as submissive men, either. They were too young, too new, inhibited or afraid.
After her failure with Marcus, Kitty truly felt alone. Dallas had it’s share of BDSM clubs, but after reaching a certain age, the scenes start to mimic each other and the thrill disappears. Kitty longed for that thrill and felt certain about what was missing from her life.
Of course, with Don walking towards the men’s room with Diego on his arm, she wasn’t going to get it tonight.
This wasn’t a singles bar, either. Except that a single man sat at the end of the bar, mulling over a drink. He caught a glimpse of Kitty staring at him and turned his head just enough to peak her interest.
She took the bait. What did she have to lose? Diego and Jake obviously weren’t the type she needed to go home with.
Kitty sauntered up to the bar and took her seat next to him. She moved loose strands of hair away from her face and looked at the bartender. “Another bourbon and coke,” she said.
“Let me get that,” the stranger said. He was taller than she, built from the looks of his suit. He had a five o’clock shadow, strong jaw, a very kissable mouth. The gleam in his eyes wasn’t a reflection from the crappy bar lighting. He was undressing her with his eyes!
Kitty blushed. “Thank you. Sure.”
“What’s a woman like you doing here?”
“What do you mean?” The bartender came back with her drink. She picked it up, sipped it and let the cool liquid slide down her throat. The stranger’s eyes never left her. In fact, she felt his glance burn throughout her like the bourbon had. Very sexy indeed.
“It’s a singles bar. Is your husband an asshole?”
Kitty sighed.
“Oh, I’m sorry.”
“No, it’s not that. I’m single, silly.”
“I see. My name is Trent.” He took her hand from her drink and kissed it.
Her skin burned from his tender touch. The dominant in her wanted to see if he was testing her. The sensible non scene woman wanted to get laid.
“That’s a pretty name. It reminds me of sweet and sinful, all at once.”
“If my mother only knew. . .” Kitty turned her head away.
“Would you like to leave the bar and go somewhere a little quieter, Kitty?”
Now is my chance! “Yes. I know a quiet little place away from here that’d be perfect for us.”
“Okay. Great.” Trent waited for her to stand, dropped some change on the bar and walked behind her. The poor boy didn’t know what she’d had in mind for him tonight, but by the look on his face, it wouldn’t matter.
He was interested.
She walked out to her car with him still following. He reached an arm out, grabbed the handle of her door and opened it for her. It was like a Domme’s wet dream come to life, or perhaps she was reading into it more than she should.
Trent sat beside her, said very little and kept his eyes forward. Trent was odd, and Kitty couldn’t figure him out like she could every other man she’d picked up in a bar. It wouldn’t matter soon, she’d have him writhing on her bed, screaming for his release after begging for hers. Certainly, he could stand a few light swats across the ass.
And a few swats with her flogger. And to have his face between her legs. . .the thought made her wet and she realized that she didn’t have panties on as she adjusted herself in her seat. Her scent had traveled up to her nose.
Kitty flicked on the air conditioning, but it only made it hotter in her car, since it was out of anti freeze.
“I’ll cut to the chase,” Trent broke the silence. “I want you tonight, Kitty.”
Kitty’s heart skipped a beat. His voice rang through her ears and resounded throughout her body.
“Come again?”
Trent said nothing, but cupped her chin in his hand and turned it towards him. He pressed his lips to hers, gently at first and then more forcefully as their kiss deepened. Sparks went off inside her head while Kitty savored the flavor of his lips. She slid her tongue inside his mouth, taking control of the seduction. Trent molded his lips to hers; let his hands squeeze her shoulders only to have her press her full mounds to his chest. Her nipples hardened beneath his heated touch. Her core was liquid now, as she wondered if this stranger would go along with her kinky fantasies.
“Come home with me,” she said in a husky voice.
* * *
Thirty minutes later, Trent lay naked atop her bed, bound with silk scarves. His own anxieties had been masked by his arousal and Kitty’s seduction. She had coaxed him free of his clothes while she remained dressed. The thought of being naked before a sexy, clothed woman was enough of a turn on. One of his fantasies, in fact. The bondage thing was different, and he was afraid, just a little. She was a stranger, after all.
Kitty came sauntering into the room, glancing down at Trent’s body. His cock was large, thick and full for her. She felt the thrill of seduction coarse through her veins and the smile across her face was hard to conceal as she played her role of Mistress.
“What do you want?”
Her breath fell on his ear and his cock strained upwards.
“Tell me, what do you want?” she whispered again.
Trent said nothing. He sighed and strained his arms against his bonds, but Kitty had him bound pretty well. He was surprised, but silent.
“Close your eyes,” she said. Kitty produced a feather from behind her and ran it over Trent’s stomach. He tried not to laugh, but he was ticklish. The feather grazed over his chest, his face, back down his torso and finally, over his cock. Kitty seemed pleased with his body’s reaction as his cock pulsed for her.
He was a magnificent creature. Would he submit to her? Just for tonight, would he be that hungry for her? The look on his face, even with his eyes closed said yes. Every muscle in Trent’s body was tight with anticipation, the same feeling Kitty had when she was first bound, tied and teased, and a glance at his cock made her smile.
She reached down for his cock, gave him a stroke and listened to him breathe. She slapped his thigh to break his concentration and his eyes shot open.
“Shh,” she said. Kitty did something out of role for a test. She freed one of his hands, lowered her lips over his and kissed him. He was reticent at first, but went willingly as she stroked his cock with one hand. It was like his body was giving in, but his mind resisted.
“Savor,” she said when she pulled away from the kiss.
Trent nodded, eyes still closed.
“Your mind won’t let you see that you want me because you’re bound.” She said in a calm voice, “but what do you want?”
Now it was Trent’s time to speak. He was sure she wouldn’t hurt him, but the slap on his thigh made him question her. His cock ached to be inside her, his hands needed to be all over her body. His needs drove him to thrust his hips upwards towards her hands, but she kept them just out of reach of his cock. Trent began to sweat; he licked his lips and parted them to speak, but nothing came out. His body was in shock.
“Tell me, what do you want?” she said, this time her voice was strained and dispassionate. Kitty took his cock in her hand gently, stroked him slowly just a few times before waiting for his response.
Still silent, his erection throbbed in her hand. His body was comfortable, but his mind felt trapped, constrained. What was wrong with him?
“Your mind won’t let you see that you want me,” she whispered. Kitty stood and released his cock. The warmth from his body had gone, but his arousal still remained. Trent had no idea what was wrong with him, other than the fact that he wanted badly to fuck this woman, to release everything to her and keep his hands on her curves.
“Watch me,” she said.
Kitty walked over to the stereo, turned it on and music came from the speakers. She started to sway her hips, sensually. Trent’s eyes followed her hips. He watched her remove her top inch by inch, exposing cream colored flesh against the soft hues of candlelight. She caressed her breasts, taking one in each hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.
“You can’t touch me just yet,” she said.
“I want to.”
“You don’t get it. This is for me,” Kitty growled.
“You’re an insatiable woman.”
“And you’re a bad boy.” Kitty smiled, she had Trent where she wanted him until he flashed a cheeky grin.
Trent frowned.
“That’s my little devotee,” she said. Her movements continued until she’d slipped her hands over her hips. His gaze followed over her and he seemed to be devouring her every inch of bared flesh.
She stepped closer, leaned over him and let her hair fall over his skin before pressing her breasts to his. His chest was warm to her touch. She knew exactly what he was feeling because he was fire to her cool. “What do you want?”
Trent wasn’t able to resist much more. Even the failures that held him back mentally couldn’t stand the amount of desire rushing through his body for this woman. The voice insides his head kept telling him to speak up, tell her of his desires. Submit.
“Fuck me,” he said.
“That’s what I wanted to hear.” Kitty pulled off her skirt, revealing her naked figure. She picked up a foil packet, ripped it open and sheathed Trent’s engorged organ.
“Now, just follow my lead.”

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