Book Review: Demonfire by Kate Douglas

paranormal romance at it's best!  Kate Douglas breaks from her fame as the author of Wolf Tales to bring us a new series, Demonfire.

Newspaper reported Eddy Marks thinks she knows everything about her quite hometown. She couldn’t be more wrong. Turns out Evergreen, California, is the site of a vortex that allows demons to cross over to Earth, and the only one who can stop them is an unbelievably sexy fallen demon named Dax who has just crashed into Eddy’s life.

The action was hot, the story well written and the sex, well it’s Kate Douglas so you’d not be surprised to find it hot!

My take on this book is interesting.  Unlike her Chanku Alpha heroes, Dax is what I call a reluctant hero.  In this story we see a lot of uncertainty, questioning and guesswork along with the ride and it reminds me of a good lesson for not just readers looking to start a new series, but for writers who want to see a different path. Dax is NOT a bad ass.  He’s just a demon that ended up nearly being screwed over.  He’s not unstoppable, he’s not ultra strong.  In fact, he comes off as a simple, goal oriented demon with morals. I like that.  I think readers who want something different yet captivating will find it in Demonfire.  I DO hope to see how this series develops.

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Harper Collins Cashing in on Self Destructing Library E-books

Did you hear about the policy change Harper Collins was attempting to make back in February? Yeah, basically (and do a bit more research on this, I just woke up!) they want to sell libraries copies of ebooks that self destruct after 26 uses, so the library would be forced to buy that book again.

Author Kate Douglas best-selling author of the Wolf Tales romance series and the newly released Starfire, signed the petition at and added, “Many of my really loyal readers first discovered my books in their local libraries, and have gone on to buy my stories for themselves, so libraries are, in effect, a great sales tool. I’d rather see publishers dealing with the huge issue of ebook piracy and leave libraries alone.

I have to agree with Kate Douglas and the 7 other authors who commented. While I’m all for making money as an author and for the trickle down theory to work properly, I’m not for shady tactics that get me sales. Most ebook authors are honest people and most readers are just as honest and prefer to buy from trusted sources. When you write a book and someone buys it, you’ve created an expectation, especially if they like the book they bought. If the reader found the author doing nefarious things outside of those expectations, the likelyhood of a returning sale is much less than if the author played on the straight and narrow.

The rest of the article can be found here

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From Kate Douglas – More on the Judy Buranich story

WNEP link here talks about the community support in favor of Judy Mays. Judging by the out poor of support I’m guessing that Mrs. Buranich may get her apology after all.

I hope so. She deserves only the best. WHen we have to start policing our “free time” that has me worried. Thank Goddess I can write full time and not need an evil day job, but then again I’m guessing Mrs. Buranich teaches because she loves it. That’s awesome. I refuse to separate myself from my career. I”m very proud to bring you “racy romance novels” and will always feel that way. Writing s a VERY tough and demanding job. The fact that Judy is able to both make a successful career and impact people with her teaching talents speaks volumes in both inspiration and character.

Thanks to Kate Douglas for bringing this to our attention via facebook.

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Decisions, Decisions

For those who have been following my lengthy career, you’ve noticed that I’ve been in E-books for the last ten years. It’s a good market and I’m quite happy with the results. But there comes a time in every author’s career where they want to make the jump to enhance their career and get into a bigger pond.

In this case it’s the Ocean I want to swim in. I want to be with authors like Yasmine Galenorn, Kate Douglas and Lora Leigh. I want to get advances and huge royalties and quite frankly, the only other thing I’d like to do for a “wage” is real estate.

Otherwise I’d be quite happy taking three or four months off to go travel, smoke cigars and drink while exploring the world of fine dining.

At the beginning of this year, with the help of my publicist Debbie Riley Magnus (of Magnus Consulting) we made a plan. I would do two things. First, I’d take the full length novel I had already completed for Loose ID (Sorry Treva!) and shop that around to agents. Second, I would start a new mainstream erotic romance novel that had a broader concept and updated writing skills that would showcase my growth. Then we’d shop that to agents, assuming I couldn’t get Stalker represented.

It’s been a tough road. I’ve had several rejections based on the fact that agents aren’t buying as much AND the MS is a hard sell since Stalker is a fairly brutal, BDSM erotic cyberpunk romance.

Sevearal things went through my head, first of all was, “could I hack it with this MS?”

Next, could I deal with rejection? Yeah, I could. I rarely get rejected by my publishers AND I make sales at both houses which back up their need/desire to continue buying my work. I’ve also planned on what and whom to send stories to so I know my target markets.

Writers need to understand that this is a business and in this manner we must operate.

I still have wordcount to meet. So until next week…

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