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Judy Mays Fires Back

Yeah, I know I said in my last video blog that we should lay this to rest and leave her alone but she had to go and up and defend herself LOL! Seriously, she gave us an update on Publisher’s Weekly. Go and leave a comment! Then swing by and pick up a book or […]

Last Word on Judy Mays

[youtube=] You all can watch the video above, leave comments about Mrs. Buranich and the situation at hand and just feel free to move on now. Things have blown over, the town and people who love and support her did the right thing and we’re proud of that fact. Once again, thanks for the extra […]

Former Student Defends Mrs. Buranich

[youtube=] It’s high time people defended something right for once. The American dream is based on freedom to pursue one’s passion as long as it serves man and hurts no one. WRiting erotic romance AND teaching English for over 20 years…yup I’d say she’s a patriot. Judy Mays Website Buy Celestial Passions – Brianna

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