Bound After Midnight Cover – Erotic Paranormal BDSM Romancae

1boundaftermidnight1600x2400Finally, we wait no more!  The long awaited anthology from Sizzler Editions authors Margie Church, Bonni Sansom and me, “Bound After Midnight” has a a cover AND a release date!

Three tales of paranormal romance and bondage:

In my story Finding Eternity

In search of his destiny, Solan is wounded by his opponent and left for dead.  Rescue in the form of a sensual vampire who drags him back to her castle and heals him.  Instant sexual attraction complicates things as Solan’s destiny unfolds before his eyes and he is faced with either learning true mastery, including owning the woman he’s growing to love, or watching her die before his eyes.

Katherine’s life has been unfulfilling until she feels the pull of her life mate slipping away.  Upon rescue, she realizes what sustains her is his love, not blood.  Except his uncertainties prevent him from fulfilling the role of Master to her slave.

Will Solan realize his true destiny is with Katherine or will she die of a broken heart?

Bonni Sansom brings us Hunter’s Bounty –

Being a Vampire bounty hunter had its perks. Lana Drake knew this all too well. But meeting her new client, Devon Brody awakens a bloodlust that brought out the submissive in her.

After Devon’s sister Zara is kidnapped, Devon hires Lana Drake, vampire bounty hunter to find her, only to negotiate payment with his blood.  After the first feeding, he quickly realizes her submissive nature pairs well with his Dominant side.

What starts off as passing time in a no holds barred sexual D/s relationship quickly progresses to something Lana can’t handle, until Devon reveals his true nature when he saves her from the vampire clan that kidnapped his sister.  Can Devon and Lana resolve their feelings for each other?

Margie Church leaves us with a taste of Cream On The Crop –

After growing up in politics, Neha Thompson craves privacy. Her new farm seems the perfect place to create a new life, until peculiar events bring the sheriff to her door.

Jamaal Cooper’s feelings about black rights angered some of the locals during the 1948 Freedom Train movement. His body was found on Neha’s farm, and his murder remains unsolved. For 65 years, his restless spirit has harassed the property owners, driving them away one by one. Neha is next.

When Jamaal uncovers Neha’s most secret desires, she’s faced with a choice to submit to this ghostly Master or be driven away like the others.

Now, for the release date:  February 21st!  Look out for this awesome anthology!


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