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Writing Checks I can’t cash…

The title is a bit misleading: as I CAN cash said checks but…WHEN. And if you’re wondering what the ever loving fuck I’m going on about, it has to do with my writing schedule and trying to handle all these releases. In previous posts I’ve always blathering on about how much I have written and […]

Friday Flash erotic Fiction – Lost and Found

Those familiar with my Reinhold stories from earlier need to know it all started via Friday Flash Fiction thanks to Maura Anderson Wiping his brow, Reinhold ran a hand through his hair.  He’d worn his black suit today with dress shoes.  He readjusted the ponytail he’d had his hair in.  A sword had been strapped […]

Finishing up!

Yup, it’s that time of year. I’m done as a writer as of a few weeks back when I had a nervous breakdown over the damn Harlequin BLAZE I was 9k from finishing. I became frustrated when I was trying to bang out (literally) every single word for the last 2k. It was NOT fun […]

Harlequin So You Think You Can Write

Since working on my BLAZE for Harlequin submission, I’ve been digging around their site and came across this week’s Editorial Week post:  So you think you can write.  I get the lame ass take off of So You Think You can dance.  Whatever 😛 Lots going on and the website URL is: It’s a […]

Harlequin’s Blaze in the Author

Monday of this week I started writing my Harlequin Blaze. As mentioned in last week’s post about writing tools, I have discarded basic plotting tools since this book isn’t going to be an action/adventure like most of my other work. The focus is more on character growth and the relationship, directly. Harlequin books are more […]

Changes in Publishing

Sascha Illyvich talks about the changes in the publishing industry concerning romance stories

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