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Building a Mystery(romance)

Some of you may have seen on twitter or facebook my talk of trying to write a novel in three days, starting TUESDAY!  YES!  Going to rock out the words like a buas heh. I’ve mentioned briefly trying to cross other genres with romance.  I’ve managed to get a decent foothold in science fiction/fantasy when […]

Weekly Roundup

It’s been a busy week as usual.   Editing duties are kicking my ass, worst yet, it’s MY OWN project!  I forgot how many times I used the lame phrase “the fact that…” Damn, but Covenant of Wolves 1: Stalker(Dub Mix) will be better because of my alterations and edits!  And I”ve already figured out how […]

The final dash for stories!

I promised I’d deliver a Christmas themed story to one house for an anthology, I promised the folks at Decadent I’d have more work for them and with that, I’ll end the year writing and spend more time editing, reading and relaxing. I think I’ve done pretty well as an author overall this year.  Spent […]

Nerves of an erotic author

My nerves are a little shot.  Less than two weeks from today I leave for Atlanta to attend DragonCON, the largest science fiction/fantasy convention in the US.  This itself is nothing new as I’ve been on panels the past few times I’ve gone but this time I’m on four panels, plus I’m teaching a bullwhip/singletail […]

Erotic Bondage in Romance Stories

When I started writing the Mistress Turned trilogy (currently unfinished) I had a goal in mind.  The story itself is actually based on the smart assed mouth of a woman I met once on the phone. She swore to me she was Domme and the large ego of mine couldn’t have laughed harder.  Mistress “Jackie” […]

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