DragonCON Part II

Some of the photos I took.  Just a few, actually.  The con itself was great but I have been playing around with my digital camera and the new camera app on my Android, but the truth is, I’m a better writer than I am a photographer!  Next year and other cons I swear, more pictures!  DSCF3280

At any rate, the one thing I failed to get was photos of the attendance of our rooms.  Most of our panels had great attendance and the BDSM 201 panel rocked, but I couldn’t take photos there for liability reasons.  Safety first.

The extent some folks go to for costuming is literally amazing!I In the meantime, here’s something sexy… The extent some folks go to for costuming is literally amazing!

From “His Reign” coming out October 10th from Secret Cravings Publishing
It never snowed this early in Texas. Not in November in Houston. Still, looking out of the window onto the streets of downtown Houston, Józsi saw the snow fall. The faint idea that there would be a lot of people finding out that cold winter actually does not mean shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt would be a revelation to some.
Unless you were lupine. Then you simply didn’t give a fuck.
Nothing in the States could compare to the harsh winters in any Eastern European bloc country.
Józsi inhaled sharply; cold air filled his lungs. Picking up his glass of Hungarian red wine, he took a long slow sip and sighed. The warm liquid slid down his throat but didn’t have the same warming effect as the brandy he had the night before.
Closing his eyes, he leaned back into the soft leather recliner and picked up the cigar he’d just lit. He took a draw and exhaled, filing the room with the scent of tobacco, cocoa and smoke. The scent reminded him of growing up in Hungary. He smoked the same cigars his father smoked, Proprio. Drank the same red wine his father did, and ultimately ended up the same way his father did.
Oh, Józsi could get the girl if he wanted.
He’d had plenty of opportunities growing up in Hungary amongst the wolves, and even more when he’d moved to Texas. American women were infatuated with his strong jaw, soft yet masculine accent and the way he carried himself. Women constantly asked if they could run their fingers through his long dark hair, sighing blissfully when their fingers ran over strong, broad shoulders. He’d simply flutter thick, dark lashes at them, smile and laugh a rich, masculine sound that made blood pool below a woman’s stomach.
Sometimes, they’d just look into his eyes and swoon, the intensity of his gaze evident in his dark blue irises. There was only one who was not affected by him at all. It didn’t matter.
A knock at the door forced Józsi’s attention from his memory.
Checking his watch, he noted it was only just after six PM. He took a puff on his cigar and set it down in the large dark cigar ashtray. Walking to the door, he looked through the peephole and sighed. The scent of another wolf made him anxious.CYMERA_20130831_173634
“I know you’re home,” the female voice yelled. “Let me in, it’s fucking cold out here!”
Great, Józsi groaned. It had to be her.
Opening the door, Lukina stood before him, dressed in her usual white cloak. Red curls spilled out from beneath her white stocking cap, framing her doll-like face.
He hadn’t seen her in ten years. The memory of leaving her and Ilona all those years ago came crashing back into his mind.
He shrugged it off. There was no time for the past.
Still, Lukina stole his breathe.
She pushed her way past him and headed straight for his recliner.
He frowned. “How did you find me?”
She glanced over her shoulder, “I had a little help from our bond through the witch and I did some digging on my own—”
He wasn’t about to have her stalking through his apartment like she owned everything. Józsi moved towards her and cut her off. “What the hell are you doing?”
Turning perfectly plump lips down in a frown, she sat down. Lukina picked up his glass of wine and took a drink. “I needed that.”
Growling low, he set his hands on his hips, “Aren’t you still underage?”
She wiped her mouth and smirked. “Does it matter with wolves?”
It didn’t. Wolf custom and age ran differently than human standards. Józsi sighed. “What do you want?”
She lifted the wine glass to her lips and peered over the rim, her blue eyes sparkling with interest. “I can’t pay my favorite pack mate and obsession a visit?”
Tilting his chin down, he glared at her. “No. When you show up it usually means something is wrong. Spill it.”
Looking up, she narrowed her eyes at him. “You’re no any fun anymore, Józsi. What happened?”
He turned away from her. Reaching for the bottle on the table beside him, he picked it up and retrieved another glass. Filling it with wine, he took another drink. Swirling the liquid around the bowl, he returned his gaze to Lukina. She was so tiny, so petite it was a wonder that she hadn’t been killed off as a baby.
He’d never tell her that he admired her courage.
Swirling the glass around in her hands, she looked down for a moment. Speaking low, the words came loud anyway. “Anyway, you’re needed back in Budapest.”
He scoffed, crossed his arms over his chest. “No I’m not.”
CYMERA_20130901_210339Lukina cocked a brow and scowled at him, her tone challenging his. “You don’t even know what for.”
As though he gave a fuck about challenges from other wolves. The only thing that mattered was that he was left alone as he had been for the last ten years. “It doesn’t matter,” he set his glass down on the marble countertop.
Her head shot up. “Yes, it does. It concerns—“
He shouted, “No, it doesn’t Lukina. I am not needed back there anymore.”
She set her glass down on the table beside her and stood up. Storming across the room, anger glaring in her eyes, she reached out and slapped Józsi.
The sting burned his face and made his head spin. His jaw dropped. It’d been a long time since someone had slapped him like that.
Fire burned in those deep blue eyes of hers. “How dare you turn your back on my lover. Leave the pack, fine. Let Kiba and his bullshit politics burn bridges, fine. But you gave me your word you would never turn your back on us.” Her voice rose in pitch.
His shoulders stiffened. He turned away from her, looked out the window and back at her again. “You were ten years old, Lukina. How was I supposed to know what was going to happen? Or that you’d—“
She shouted, her voice rising in pitch. “Remember? I love you, and I loved you then, but not like Ilona. You were everything to her. You were the one who was not content with Hungary. Or the pack. So,” she was now in his face, a funny sight since he was a good foot and a half taller than she, “you’ll listen to what I have to say before you make the right choice.” She punched her finger into his chest for emphasis.
Józsi turned his gaze from her and looked out the large window.
Gray skies had grown darker.
Lukina’s small hand cupped the warm spot on his cheek and forced him to face her. “You know I’m right.”
Her voice had gone from angry to soft and pleading. He hated that.
Growling low, he let the threat between them die. He wasn’t going to play her Alpha or mate. “Fine. What do you need of me?”
She returned to her seat. “First off,” she cleared her throat, “Kiba’s gone insane.”
He shrugged. “This is nothing new. We all knew it would happen one day. There is no alpha to take his place?”
She didn’t reply.
He understood the implied silence. “Oh no,” he backed off, “I’m not coming back to fulfill some goddamned prophecy to get the pack to Paradise. I swore off prophecies when I moved to Texas.”
“Yes I know.” She rolled her eyes, “you’ll leave all that shit to the now dead elders.”
He stiffened and gasped. “Now dead? What happened?”
“I told you,” she leaned forward, sipping her wine again. “Kiba went insane. The ones who could fight him lost, the others were killed by hunters.”
Józsi leaned back in his chair. “So be it. Old bastards were nothing but trouble anyway.”
CYMERA_20130830_184857Lukina stood and stalked towards Józsi with that angry look in her eyes. Hand raised, she swung.
He caught her fist this time. She was still cold from outside despite her fur layer and coat, but something else was off.
Heaving a sob, she stepped back and then threw herself onto him, wrapping her tiny arms around his large frame.
He felt wetness on his silk shirt, tears from her. She began crying, sobbing louder. “It’s not fair what they’re asking us to do, Józsi. It’s not fair.”
Józsi wrapped his arms around Lukina and stroked her hair.
She nuzzled closer, her body was cold. He inhaled her clean rain scent, tangling his fingers in her hair. “What’s going on?” His voice dropped to a bare whisper.
“Kiba’s fits of insanity have provoked others to leave and put fear into the minds of our female wolves. He’s gone off his rocker and actually abused some of our women,” she sniffled. Backing up, she looked into his eyes.
He saw himself reflected in her beautiful round eyes and wanted to tear his own heart out. Why he had left her and her sister so long ago was beyond him. It just needed to be done.
He had to ask “What of Ilona?”
Her sobs grew louder. “No, drága.” Dear. “She has been abused by Kiba.”
He ground his teeth loudly. “How did this happen?”

DragonCON 2013 ROCKED!

We kicked it off late Thursday night once I landed and was escorted to the hotel by two of my fabulous readers.  In fact those readers are in SF this month to put on a play, more details about that in a moment.

DSCF3283Friday morning had me getting my badge from a friend I knew off Fetlife, then had me roaming around until 5ish where we had the cigar herf.  I missed the hotel, thought we were on the Hyatt smoking deck.  I was told No, I said Hilton and if anyone knows the layout of that area you know it’s practically a pain in the ass to get to by going through the Marriott, so I went around.

Cigar smoking resumed, scotch was consumed, then I met up with author Cassidy Kindgston, who was scheduled to be on our Friday night panel.  Aliens and relationships, which “I” moderated *cough* if you can call it that.  The original topic was supposed to be slightly different but with DragonCON being what it is, and authors being who they are, we had to alter things for the panel to make more sense.  Kiernan Kelly, Adrienne Wilder (Sp) and crew rocked it.

BDSM/GLBT Books in Literature…I sort of went off.  On a particular famous author.  They said it was because I was drunk. Sadly, no.  That’s not it.  Stress, vehement annoyance, and more stress…but the rest of the panel kicked ass.

Then I disappeared, ended off doing gods know only what…oh wait I found another one of my readers and we snuck off for some personal time.  She’d become a great friend along with a hell of a supporter since I met her last year at Frolicon and she wanted to discuss a number of things to push my books, plus just chop it up old school because we hadn’t seen each other since Frolicon and I needed to seriously reconnect with Katie Sparkles.

Saturday, woke up late, made it on time to the Social Media Panel moderated by author Anthony Francis.  (You can check out his work here) and covered a LOT of ground on dos and don’ts of social media.  Btw, I had a ham sandwich.

MMBarField-Sascha-MJI did spend a LOT of time with authors MJ FLournoy and M M. Barfield.  They signed with Sizzler Editions recently and have releases coming out soon.  Hot romances and erotic tales.  Hell, even got a picture ;)

Showed up LATE accidentally (I blanked totally) on the Pronoun Hell panel so T. C. Blue moderated and kicked ass.  And yes, I stand by what I said.  She’ll deal.  *snicker*  Then off to a third panel that day.  I progressively sobered up as the day went on LOL!  Seriously, we had the WriteSEX panel with the same as above mentioned, only Stella Price joined us in the fray to answer questions and cover important points on how to write and function in the business of Erotica.

In those first few days it was pretty awesome, unfortunately I didn’t get to bed until 6 AM in most cases.  I do have to send a special shout out to not only my fellow panelists, but my readers, my kinky non industry friends and loved ones for helping me during what’s actually a pretty stressful time of the year, especially now.  As to why I can’t reveal, but I’m about to move to Charlotte, NC.

Ponder that for a minute.

Me.  In the South. Now I’m FROM Texas but we’re not really the South. We’re Texan.  Moving in with my mentor Morgan Hawke for a few months, I need the creative recharge.  And to put some things back on straight again.  But that’s another blog post.  I have some great news, a free book coming out VERY soon, which will be a surprise to ALL of us if you’ve been following my career and stance on certain aspects in the publishing industry but I’m learning a LOT still, after 14 years.

This free book will be a menage featuring two very sexy hunks and one incredibly mouthy yet sensual woman, based on an old friend who wanted her story told…so I wrote it.  And now I’m selling it…

Excerpt to come later this week!

DragonCON 2013 Tentative Schedule

The fabulous Kiernan Kelly and I have assembled the DragonCON 2013 panels schedule for writers attending the EFF Track.  Come by, see us, watch us drink!  Oh, and learn a few things about digital publishing while you’re at it…

Oh and we have Jennie Breeden from The Devil’s Panties with us!  I’m excited!

For those of you familiar with the layout of the hotels, it’s going to be FUN watching some of us hustle back and forth…DragonCON won’t buy us Segues.

Fri 10:00pm Hil201 Interracial Discourse in Erotic Romance
Kiernan Kelly,  Adrian, Me, Fionna Zedde, Stephanie Burke

Fri 11:30pm – BDSM Authors (me, and others)

Sat 10:00pm Hil201 WriteSex
Kiernan Kelly,  Stella Price, Stephanie Burke, Sascha Illyvich

Sat – 11:30 GLBT Panel (Kiernan)

Sun 7:00 PM Down and Dirty Marketing for Authors – Crystal Ballroom
Jennie Breeden, Randal Schwartz, Gail Z. Martin, Sacha Illyvich, Kiernan Kelly, Cage, TC Blue

Sun 10:00 PM Pronoun hell
Kiernan, Adrian, Me, Cage Allen, TC BLUE, Me, Kayelle Allen(?)

Sun 11:30pm BDSM 201 Crystal Ballroom – (Yes I’m possibly wearing the pink thing I wore for Bill and LaDonna’s wedding…)
Romily (moderator), John F Sokol, Sascha Illyvich, writergirl, Kiba32b, Sir_Crovax, AtlLoki, saltygoodness

Mon 1:00pm Hil201 Kirk’s Communicator: Where Do I Submit?
Jennie Breeden, Scott Sigler, Sascha Illyvich (moderator), Adrian, Kiernan Kelly, TC Blue, Cage Allen

1st Day of DragonCON

Man what a clusterfuck!  LOL!  Seriously, got into Atlanta with no problem but the person who was supposed to have a room reserved for himself, another woman my handler and I was a no show.  It took a bit of wheeling and dealing on my handler’s part but she managed to get us a room at the Marriott Marquis, only to have us move the next night to Doubletree…by the AIRPORT!

It was a place to crash and again luck was on our side when said third friend, ie the new woman I’m hanging with at this con has another friend with a car!  HUZZAH!  LOL!

Friday night’s WriteSEX/Tantric Tentacles panel went off well.  We covered a lot of ground, everything from how to get published in erotica and why it’s still a viable genre all the way to a little more of the nitty gritty, thanks to Kiernan Kelly and I moderating that panel.

I HAD to eat better this year around so I managed to find places where I could a decent meal.  Truva, right near Peachtree Center and off Andrew Young International fit the bill for lunch/breakfast.  Handler, Attilia and I went out, had a lovely meal and then parted as they’re con-goers and I’m a worker LOL!

Afterwards, went to reg to pick up my badge, took Attilia since I wanted my handler to actually ENJOY? the con for one, and second, she works registration and could get me through the disabilities line.  I’d like to take a second to give a hearty special shout out to Mary Hardin-Moore, one of my dearest readers whom as a fan I enjoy.  She graciously gave me her badge since she couldn’t take it this year.

Badge picked up, time to meet up with author Elizabeth J. Kolodziej – one of my rising stars.  Liz is the author of Demon Protection Plan, a short in the anthology Sexiest Time of the Year.  She’s got another story coming out from Sizzler Editions sitting on her editor’s (mine) desk as soon as he returns from whatever shit hit him from the con.

We hung out, drank, talked, drank, headed to the hotel where Attilia, my Handler and I were sharing a room, drank, then Liz ditched out for a bit while i found food and prepped for WriteSEX.

It was DEFINITELY a long day and I’m pretty sure we all ended up in bed sometime around 5 AM…

Thus ends day one.  Make sure to check out Demon Protection Plan by Elizabeth J. Kolodziej, a complementary addition to Lani Rhea/JP Archer and Clarice Clique

Holy hell, dragoncon is a blast

I haven’t been able to post because of all the extra traffic jamming cellphone signals from over 80 thousand other attendees in Atlanta. But Monday was the last day of Dragoncon.

I spent too much time drinking and talking and working but met some really cool folks who wanted to actually meet me. I was pretty pleased!

The cigar herf was pretty sweet.  Had a few folks show up for that, light up premium handrolled cigars and smoke for about two hours.  Watching a beautiful woman serve was nice, then having her massage my wrists was even sweeter!

I’d like to thank Cynnara Tregarth, Kiernan Kelly, Gail Z. Norman, Stella Price and all the people who attended our EFF writer panels.  Without you, it would just be us.  And we’re all boring LOL!

The BDSM 201 panel was incredible.  People asked tough questions that required a LOT of courage to even word, let alone stand in line to ask us.

Now that I’m sick, I get to spend a day of resting before I start work at Grants Tobacconist.

Damn I’m tired though.  Whew!  Oh, and I’m sick.  Con Crud.
AND I’m feeling like shit, depressed.  Top Drop/Con Drop.


More to come!

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Guest Post from Elizabeth J. Kolodziej – DragonCON Cherries!

I have no flipping clue how to start this blog post so I’m going to go simple.


One word. Dragoncon. Hellz yeah I’m going! And to top it off it is my first dragon…con. I’m getting my dragon cherry popped! LoL. Hindsight, maybe I should have started with that. It’s kind of funny. But whatevs.


So for the big awesome fun part of the post: where can you find me? I say we make it a scavenger hunt! Are you in?!? Can YOU DIG IT?!? I think I’m sleep deprived or drank too much coffee. That or I’m running on the fact that a certain person gave me a two and a half hour notice that I was going to be writing this post. Who knows!


I say we do it!


For a prize the winner gets a…$25.00 gift certificate from Visa to spend where ever they like. They still have those right? Plus! A book. Hmmm. How about one of Sascha’s? I bet he would LOVE to donate.

Whatever, you’ll be getting a prize so here we go!

First task: Get a picture with Sascha Illyvich. It’s what cell phones are made for.

Second task: Get Stella Price OR Kiernan Kelly to autograph some part of your body (remember to bring a Sharpie!).

Third task: I will have Vampyre Kisses bookmarks with me, ask me for one.

Fourth task: Go to Stephanie Burke and get a flyer, postcard, bookmark or business card. She should be handing something out for free.

Fifth task: Lastly, get a picture of whoever you think as the best most craziest costume on. If your in it the better if not that’s ok too.

To make it a TAD easy on you, you can find us at these events:

Friday August 31st – 10 PM – WriteSEX/Tantric Tentacles
Saturday September 1st – 10 PM – Kirk’s Communicator – Where should I submit?
Sunday September 2nd – 4 PM  – Down and Dirty Marketing
Sunday September 2nd – 11 PM – BDSM 201
Monday September 3rd – 1 PM – 50 Years, The Future!


Events I will be at for sure:
Saturday September 1st – 4 PM – Vampires, Demons and Werewolves—Oh, My!
Sunday September 2nd – 3 PM – What makes a villain?
Sunday September 2nd – 11 PM – BDSM 201
Monday September 3rd – 12 PM – Steampunk 101

On Monday send me an email with the pictures of all the stuff you got and pictures with people. We will do a drawing that following Saturday and pick a winner out of everyone who got every item on the list.

Editor’s Note – Sascha may donate, but it won’t be a book.  It’ll be something much sexier…if you can catch Sascha.

DragonCON Photos

Thought I’d post a few pictures from recent DragaoCONs.  I didn’t get to get too many this past year because my phone crapped out much of the time, but I have photos from previous years of people who repeated their costumes.  Some of the things people spend money on are amazing!  The time put into the costumes seems endless and the reward, well you’ll have to see.


DragonCON 2009 Warning, I’m not the best photographer of all.  In fact, I suck quite frankly but my friend Kayelle Allen got a ton of photos from the previous years at DragonCON and those photos are amazing.  She’s much better at that sort of thing than I am.  The variety of costumes though isn’t limited to just science fiction/fantasy, hell we saw Lt. Dangle from Reno 911 there!

My purpose the last three years has been to promote myself, Sizzler Editions and be on panels.  I think after this last year I’ve firmly established myself as an erotic author expert, being on the panels with Kayelle Allen, Kiernan Kelly, Shadowdance (BDSM Panels) and other wonderful people.  This past year I was enthusiastic to know one of my new friends is Gigi, a staffer who helped me out tremendously in planning for next year’s DragonCON.


The official count of the convention lists around 50,000 people but I’ve been around that many people.  (It’s overwhelming!) but I’d say the numbers were closer to 90,000 people.  Yet, you’re constantly around your closets, geekiest and in some cases, kinkiest friends.

The fun is in trying to navigate the different tracks, get through the large crowds and still see everything you want to see.  I spent a lot of time outside smoking cigars and drinking with friends, new fans and old ones while talking about my books, their favorite authors, what brought them to DragonCON and more.

I have to post the next picture for my friend Stella Price as she and I are both avid Venture Bros. Fans.  But she’s hardcore!  This past year she spent most of her time at the Venture track!  He and Dr. Girlfriend were represented as was 21.

This is probably THE convention I look forward to all year long actually. Thank Goddess for my handler and roommate, Meowwl, for all her support, help and in keeping me calm after dealing with so many people…

2012 is going to be badass…

Erotic Video Update

An erotic science fiction/fantasy romoance

Real erotica, full of pain intermingled with pleasure. Love makes the sexual scenes more powerful. Sensuality Level: Scorching.” raves Ann Leveille of Sensual Reviews. Two exceptional novellas of fantasy and eros by the author Coffee Time Romance calls “Amazing!” and rates “Four Stars!” In “Sacrifice,” Ares, the God of War, is banished from Olympus, falls in love with a mortal woman and is called upon to make a very unusual sacrifice if he wants to keep her. In “Echo s Odyssey,” the wars of faery are over, but for the assassin Echo and his lover Alexandrya, a new war is just beginning. They return to faery expecting to be reunited with the third member of their triad, the princess Serenissa, only to find she and faery itself are threatened by even greater peril. Heavenly Bodies is a pair of erotic, romantic adventures dealing with carnal love between humans and gods and fairies with their heavenly bodies! Sascha Illyvich is the author of the novels “The Gift of Her Submission,” “Light and Shadow” and “Dark Traders,” among others. His short fiction has appeared on Literotica, and in many anthologies, including “Nectar of the Gods” and “Caught in the Middle.” “The sensual tone of the story flowed … the language and situations were believable. Fans will enjoy [his] heart-touching romances.” says Coffee Time Romance Reviews. “Sascha Illyvich is a wonderful, erotic storyteller. He turns you on and tugs your heartstrings- at the same time!” Sabrina Smith Moses, author.

Buy from Amazon

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Time Travel and Fiction


Xana, Warrior Princess

Image subject to copyright

How many of you remember the episode of Hercules where Kevin Sorbo and crew ended up in the future?   It was interesting having the characters fulfill modern roles of lawyer and judge if memory serves, while trying to figure out how they got where they were. Somehow I keep thinking Xena, Warrior Princess was involved too but it’s been so long since I’ve seen either show that I honestly forgot.  Yet I still proudly wear my Gabrielle Bard of Potidaea shirt around the house!

I never really got into a lot of trends in fantasy TV. I’m not a Trek junkie, except for TNG because of the hot dark haired and shapely Deana Troi.  And Beverly because she’s a redhead and I have a personal redhead fetish.  I never got into Star Wars, much past watching the movies and I still haven’t seen the current first three. Hell my current reference point for Star Wars is Geeksta/Nerdcore rapper MC Chris.

But Xena and Hercules appealed to me, more as a writer.  So it’s not a surprise that when I was creating another erotic romance story for I can’t remember which publisher originally, that Sacrifice ended up being written.

Sacrifice is the story of Ares, the Greek God of War and how his power keeps mounting such to the point that it almost threatens Hera’s.  She decides to banish him out of Olympus and send him to a 1950’s San Francisco where he’ll reside until he dies.  Oh yeah, he’s been swapped with a drunken yet highly successful Sam Spade type character named John Mars, famous PI.

After Aphrodite pops in and explains some things to him, including why he’s powerless and what to do about it, in comes Linda and she wants this famous Dick to investigate the murder of her father…except that once Ares as John Mars spots her, he has other ideas on what and where to investigate.

The rub in all this is that they both fall for each other but Ares being who he is, hasn’t figured out what the lesson is before he totally fades away and is replaced by this John Mars persona.

But once the relationship is established, Ares and Linda have a choice.  What will they do?

Buy Heavenly Bodies from Amazon

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MarCON 46 – Home now!

I had a lot of fun at MarCON, the Multiple Alternate Realities Con in Columbus OH.

Got into LAX, changed planes, set in for a long flight and I can’t remember if I ate on that flight or if I was fine from the scant (and I do mean scant, only had one beer) alcohol in my system at this point. Either way when I landed in Chicago, I made a B line for breakfast. Pancakes, bacon, Guiness. That did the trick since I was trying to keep caffeine consumption low.  For those not aware, I sort of have a bad heart.

Image copyright belongs to original owner


Landed in Columbus slightly early I think and Tiffani was there on time to pick me up. She dropped me off at the hotel where Kim (Shadowdance) met me and hugged me pretty tightly. I got to meet Avery in person too though I’m sure we met at DragonCON the year before when I sat on a panel with her. He and I left back to their house so I could nap for a few hours. What a difference THAT made.

Friday’s schedule:

7:00 – Author Signing.  That didn’t go over too well, mostly due to lack of traffic and extra cold air conditioning in the hotel.
10:00 Paranormal Romance (apparently I was the moderator but didn’t know it until last night)
11:30 – Reading with TammyJo Eckhart.  We read from three different pieces.  I read from Heavenly Bodies, Siddella’s Surrender, and Bound to Her from Over the Moon anthology.

Afterwards, bed. At 3 AM. would have been earlier but Shadow stayed up and we talked.

Next day up by 11 AM, thought I’d smoke a cigar and eat and go but ended up eating thanks to Avery making me bacon and toast, sucked down water, pills, we left and I was on time for my panel on Trends in Fiction. That was pretty fun, being there with Rosemary Laurey and two others, but I think next time some better direction (in both panels0 would have been nice. Last two weeks were crazyfucked up. So my mind was a wreck.

Afterwards, found Shadow, Jojo, somehow acquired another fangirl I’ll most likely never see again (damn redheads) and then decided it was time for my Saturday ritual: SIt back, light up and relax.

Ended up attracting a few more crazies…hell there were even homeless people in Columbus! Also it seems odd that to so many strippers I seem familiar. I’ve been in a total of four strip clubs total, two were for “work” purposes (I used to flyer promo) one was with Rob and the other was at Cybernet 2009 cause I wanted to see what Larry Flynt had actually done.

Otherwise I don’t really care for overpriced drinks, girls who flirt for a half assed seduction and wouldn’t understand if I wanted to break out the floggers…

Had 11:00 Panel on Why Kink. Here’s the rub. It was “moderated by Sascha Illyvich and whoever shows up”

Guess who was to talk to about 30 mostly non kinky people about what and why kink exists and how popular it is. Thank GODDESS I was a Toastmaster. I talked, wore my voice out after an hour and a half. The Fetlife meet and greet was scheduled for same time as the panel but the man who scheduled it ended up in my panel so he moved it to after the discussion. We covered what kink is, definition of bdsm and how it differs, sexuality and kink, why kink of course, a typical BDSM scene or how a kinky sex scene might go, took some Q/A.  Well we is the royal we.  I mean me.

After that, I raced around to the various groups in the room, asked what they thought, got some good positive feedback and then met Shadow and Avery downstairs where I knocked back two more scotch and sodas in tribute to Simon Templer.

Bed again at 3 AM. Up the next day at 11:00, at the Con at 1 PM. Rosemary and we had lunch together. It was nice to talk to her, get her opinion on some of the industry, RWA, and just bullshit. Again, someone I’ve known for ten years and are glad to call comrade.

Last panel was on Writing gay Characters. Guess who got stuck moderating that too? Yours truly. It was fun though as Denise Verrico and Rosemary were beside me. This is called “menage” LOL!

Overall it was a pretty fun experience and though the date is changing for next year I look forward to it once again.


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