Yesterday’s excerpt VS THIS ONE! Faeries galore!

Chapter One


“Move the fucking line faster you cum shot posers!” HisReignGoddamn nothing irritated Millie more than when the line at her favorite Earth based Goth club moved slower than molasses. “What the fuck does it take to check ID, collect a few pitiful dollars and stamp some hands or get head from some underage human?”

“Shut up bitch!” A voice from behind yelled out, irritating her further.

Sucking in a deep breath, Millie prepped herself to butt heads with the irritating asshat who dared talk back to her. She huffed, tugged the hem of her mini skirt down over her thighs and started to march toward the sound of her annoyance, fists balled and ready to knock some heads. She spun around, seeing the few gawkers, the goth dominatrix wannabes and the skinny boys who liked the idea of sucking blood from some poor woman just so they would put out.

Before she knew it, she’d run into a wall of…

Thick muscle.

“You know he plays an extended set, shit woman. What in Diana’s name is wrong with you tonight?”

What indeed. “Virus.” That wall of muscle belonged to the shapeshifting wolf who’d saved her ass a few times from scuffs she couldn’t handle here. In true form, he’d marched up to her, clapped a hand on her barely covered ass and gave it a squeeze.

She smirked. “What the hell are you doing here?”

He eyed her up and down, looking all the more lupine and ready to devour her. “I could ask you the same thing. Last you said, you weren’t coming back for at least a few more months.”

“Yeah,” she shoved back from his chest and resumed her place in line, much to the chagrin of some of the club goers. “I changed my mind.” She couldn’t ignore the depth of his lupine scent on the cold November wind, letting it tickle her senses in that sweet way she enjoyed but would never admit to.

“Oh?” He followed, quirked a brow and moved his hand to the small of her back.

She sighed, let herself feel the comfort of his touch before nodding to his question. “Yeah, I need break, okay?”

“Trouble in Faerie?”

He had no idea. Still, she turned, studied him. All six foot five, two hundred and seventy five pounds of him, to be exact. He grinned, baring sharp fangs, “Hi.”

“Hi yourself, you big dope.” Black pants clung to all that muscle of his thighs, a shirt hung loosely off his frame, exposing more muscle than God, and of course, his hair had been pulled back into a ponytail that hung down broad shoulders most women would die to feel.

Or lick.

Green eyes sparkled, “You’re hiding something, aren’t you?”

She shook her head, aware that the punishment for lying as Fae no longer applied.

“You’re going to have to talk soon,” he moved his hand up the small of her back and pulled her into his warm embrace while the line moved forward.

“I don’t feel like talking. I feel like getting drunk and dancing my ass off.”

“You could dance it off my cock if you wanted.”

She licked her lips but let the thought slide from her memory when she remembered the type of sex he enjoyed.


Love making.

Sweet and syrupy. Nothing like fae sex. Which, of course was why she’d braved the human earth’s winter, forgetting it got pretty cold in Dallas. Not quite like the snow covered shithole she called home, the Unseelie Cyber-Kingdom, but still too cold for a miniskirt, stockings and boots. Oh, and a tight top that left her midriff showing.

He ran a hand through his midnight black hair and grinned. Then he pulled her tighter into his chest, walking with her the few steps needed until the line stopped. She allowed herself to settle against him, grateful for the comfort he provided. He’d been a friend of the family, saving her ass from one faerie court incident after another when she was younger, supporting her even though he hated her desire to enter the military.

And now he’d changed his hair color. ‘You dyed it again?”

“You noticed. You do care!” His grin widened.

She snorted. “No, I don’t. I just thought wolves didn’t need to dye their hair to change colors.”

“We do need to. Wolves aren’t like the fae in the respect of being able to change certain aspects of our features. We’re born with one coat like humans. I just grew tired of my natural brown and wanted a change. Plus, it’s sort of a requirement for getting in here.”

Unspoken requirements aside, the standard goth uniform included but was not limited to black, black, tattoos, piercings, and more black. Why the humans chased the darkness she’d never understand, but not all here were human. Some were faerie, she’d scented them when she walked from the parking lot. The wind told her many secrets, including the types of beings present tonight.

Of course much of that was training thanks to her superiors.

Yes, they’d done a damn fine job reminding her of the past version of the Unseelie Kingdom’s beauty before the Cyber-Mage took over and mechanized everything.

The throbbing mass of his erection pressed against her ass, nuzzling the crease and pushing her already short skirt up higher. She shoved against him and glared. “Relax pal. It’s not happening. We’re not compatible, Virus.”

He sniffled, then snorted. “Why can’t you love me? Just once?”

“Your version of love and mine are worlds apart, babe.”

He nodded but stroked her red hair. “You’re not kidding. Anyway, what are you doing here? I’m assuming you’re on the equivalent of shore leave.”

She nodded. “I’m trying to blow off steam before I return. Work has been hectic to say the least. And I’m not entirely here on break.”

“Oh,” his eyes widened, “Some super secret Unseelie Kingdom mission?”

“We’re a city-state now,” she snorted. “And yeah, something like that.”

“Need help?”

Of course she needed help. Virus was probably the one person she could think of off the top of her head who could help her locate Prince Faolan, leader of the Protectors. The rest would be up to her. Seduce their leader, convince him by any means necessary to join the Unseelie forces and back them, then help them defeat their enemy. “I do as a matter of fact. I need that drink and a dance partner who doesn’t knock people upside the head when he does the Gothic Macarana.”

The wind blew, pushing her skirt up higher. She reached adjust it, wouldn’t want to show the pathetic humans all the goods, they’d never buy if they saw everything. Of course when the wind blew harder, she listened.

Hoped for a sign. Even though the bass thumped loud enough that conversation by the door became difficult, the wind could normally still be heard, even in this realm.

Of course when it said nothing, it made her nervous.

The line moved again and with it, Virus and Millie. She’d kept close, enjoying the tranquil waves of energy he’d sent her way. She never knew why but Virus’s energy always seemed to center her more than any other creature. She had to thank the Lord and Lady for small favors, even though they wouldn’t hear her prayers and gratitude. At least not at home, anyway.

The line moved again and this time, Millie slipped from Virus’ embrace and dashed inside, flashing her ID and a pouty smile. She looked back, saw him reach for her.

She couldn’t help the laugh escaping her lips when she slipped inside, past the red velvet curtains and tables by the booths on her left. To her right, the colorful trash 80s room blared, covered in black brick and décor the same. She immediately rushed past the tables and short water bar toward the main bar in front of her.

She looked around, spotted a few patrons who’d showed up to avoid the cover charge before ten PM, and noted the one man looking lecherously at her.

She shot him a flippant glance, the bird and walked past him to the bar in front of her. Planting her ass in the seat, she felt amusement at the fact that mortals kept time still. So much in Faery had changed over the years but one thing remained constant. The Fae could give a shit about the passage of time. When you lived for hundreds of years, memories were held onto, but time itself carried no meaning. Up until the last few hundred years, nothing had changed.

Then the Cyber-revolution hit the Unseelie Kingdom, changing things for the worse. The land grew cold, the machines took over.

Well, more specifically, computers and logic, rather than the natural order of the Fae.

The gods and goddesses were shoved out and the land itself grew cold.

Because computers, unlike the deities, required lower temperatures to operate at maximum capacity.

Thus, holding the proletariat hostage by the military. The humans had their series of revolutions but none were this drastic. Sure, the Communists and Nazi party did major damage to humankind, but none of that compared to the hundreds of thousands of Fae who were murdered, all while changing the landscape forever.

And sealing her fate as one of the damned.

The shit was enough to depress anyone.

Which is why she made time to come to this realm and blow off steam. Balance, she remembered her father telling her, was key to holding on to who she was.

And in this moment, she was nothing more than Millie the Fae, Unseelie at worst, a sex pot at best.

Then, something popped in the energy field around her.

She spun around on the bar stool, searched the slowly growing crowd and found nothing. Shrugging, she turned toward the bar to greet the bartender, Shar.

“Whatcha have hon?”

Leaning forward, Millie looked into the sparkling eyes of the buxom redhead and reached for her wallet, “Fae whiskey please.”

Shar made sure to show plenty of cleavage, help with the tip of course. Being Fae herself, she embraced her sensuality and reminded Millie of her purpose.


Millie snorted, annoyed at the fact that her trip here was a planned tryst. Well, a military assignment, anyway.

Didn’t mean she couldn’t fuck off a little.


“Sure thing hon. You want that like normal?”

“You remember?”

Red hair so bright it could be mistaken for fire burned brightly in the darkness, emerald eyes betrayed the roughness of her tone. The sweet, round face hardly looked menacing, but Shar wasn’t one to be taken lightly. “I remember my kin, if that’s what you’re asking. Make it a double?”

Millie nodded. Shar had defected from the military and been banished from the Unseelie by court-marshal. The Cyber-Mage had been present for that one, with the intent to make an example, naturally.

The point stuck. Those who defected were banished, rather than killed. The honor lost in never being able to return home to where one grew up was more punishment than death. At least in death the soul returned to the land it was born of, and was given care by the Lord and Lady.

Not anymore, not with the computer machines taking over everything.

“What brought you Earth side?”

“Oh,” Millie waved a hand dismissively, “The usual.”

“You want a human to fuck, eh?”

Millie nodded. “Need, but not a human.” She whispered the last bit low enough that only Shar would be able to hear her.

The older fae’s eyes widened. “Plenty to choose from. Demons, dregs of society, humans, wolves,” she drawled out the last part, “anyone in particular?”

A moment later, Fae whiskey filled a glass and set itself down in front of her. Just because the humans were blind and dumb to magic didn’t mean Shar couldn’t use it.

Millie reached for the glass, aware of the calming properties of magically enhanced booze.

The smell of clove cigarettes and lush forest wafted towards her, signaling that she’d been spotted by another of Virus’s entourage.

Trevor, also freakishly tall, sauntered up behind her, set a hand on her shoulder before blowing a cloud of smoke above her head. His shaved face gleamed with sweat. She’d seen him naked on more than one occasion and the memory of her body dancing against his made sweat or something sweeter drip between her panty-less thighs. Never mind the fact that the Unseelie Fae were forbidden from mating with the wolves despite the desire to have them on their side during their cold war with the Seelie kingdom.

She couldn’t help but want him. He’d help her blow off steam with rough, biting sex and not leave her a blood covered mess like the rest of her ilk seemed to need these days.

More tranquility seeped into her, the white light around her flesh warming her despite the chill in the club.

Millie turned and was greeted by purple and green spiked hair that stood a foot taller than Trevor, silver eyes and a smile that could light up an entire room if he hadn’t been so threateningly huge. “Hi,” she shook her chest in his direction. “What’s cookin’?”

“You, obviously,” Trevor took another puff off his cigarette. Dressed in form fitting leather pants, boots and no shirt, his ample chest and bulging muscles rippled gracefully with each movement. “What’s new?”

“Nothing,” she took the drink from Shar and slapped a bill on the bar. “Just out for a night on the town.”

“I saw Virus a moment ago. He said you’d come in for a mission.”

Damnit, how did he always know? “No, not exactly,” she let her voice sink a few notches. The less the wolves knew, the better. She had no intention of putting her friends in harm’s way because her government called for help from the elite race of wolves who governed all the beings in all the realms.

If either Virus or Trevor were hurt, she had no idea what she’d do. It would be bad, that much was true.

She downed her entire drink, glad for the burn of the Fae whiskey, then put a hand on Trevor’s well muscled shoulder. “Dance with me?”

“Sure,” he nodded. “You only have to lead the way, babycakes.”

“Ugh,” she scoffed at his pet name. “Come on,” she downed the second drink Shar had poured for her without looking and let the booze slam into her.

Anything to forget the bullshit politics of her government, or their irrational fears of the Seelie kingdom attacking.

The Seelie weren’t quite peaceful, yet they hadn’t adopted the technological ideals the city-state of Darkness had. In fact, they were still celebrating most of their heritage traditionally, she’d heard from some of the agents who’d been sent to infiltrate.

Things were normal. The Gods and Goddesses enjoyed fertile land, light, prosperity and had no desire to mess with the natural order of things.

Fear was a mind killer, however. And in her current home, fear ruled the land, backed by the military, propaganda and scare tactics.

Trevor took her hand in his, gripped it tightly and pulled her from the bar stool. She didn’t bother pulling down her skirt, let the lecher in the corner see her ass cheek. Fucker.

She found herself on the main dance floor, facing the stage with the cross and the typical person standing by it, pretending to be crucified like Jesus. Gods the humans were pathetic in their worship of a man who was Fae, but she’d never spill that secret.

Still, the music softened, Assemblage 23 kicked on and bodies began swaying. Then Trevor pulled her to his chest, forcing her into the mass of muscle before a hand slid to the small of her back, while fingers spread over heating flesh.

Then the energy did that funny thing again.

It clicked.

He’s here.

A Tale of Two Intros – Faeries, Erotic Romance and more

HisReign_SMWhile I’m reworking the intro and subsequent chapters for the third book in the Opeth Pack Saga, I realized I had a LOT more free time.  Decided to open up Stalker, take a look at the feedback given to me by a very good friend and then go forth to change the story, make it better.

So, here’s the voting question:

Today:  The original first chapter’s ten pages:


“Goddamn, I hate these fucking cum shot posers!” Millie tapped a spiked heel against the concrete. Loud music thumped not too far from where she and a half a dozen others stood waiting for admittance to the club.

Raising her chin up, she yelled, “Move it you fucking asshole! They’re playing Combichrist!”

Some folks looked at her oddly, wondering if she were a real faery or if she were just trying to fit into the gothic scene. Her ears were typical Fae, pointed and triangular. Millie didn’t give a shit about them or the natural response humans gave her. Using her glamour often wore her out with the amount of energy it required in this realm.

The Fae were mostly an accepted race here on this plane now, they had been for over ten years now.

Tonight however, Millie was on a mission to relax before work.

The rest of the crowd dressed in dark clothing. Guys wore tight black pants, leather belts with silver studs, buckles or even rings and boots that came various lengths up the calf. Chests were covered in either black dress shirts, tank tops or no shirts. A few of the men in the line wore dresses. Some had wild hair or shaved heads, but all stood in line so they could get into Dallas’s hottest gothic club on a Thursday.

Women tended to go for the gothic witch or Dominatrix look.

Millie looked towards the bouncer who knew her by name. She shot him an annoyed glare.

He shrugged nonchalantly and continued checking IDs.

She huffed in the man’s direction, crossing her arms beneath her ample cleavage comfortably and tapping a black spiked heel against the pavement while trying to be patient with the line.

“Shut up, bitch! The song just started. And you know the DJ tonight plays an extended set of his stuff,” a large hand clapped onto her nearly bare ass.

Sucking in a deep breath, Millie started to turn around with her fist cocked. She spun around on one pointed heel, her short skirt whipping about her before she started to throw a punch into the very large body of Virus.

The scent of lupine hit her hard, knocking her off balance.

He stood six foot five, three hundred and fifty pounds and was pure wolf. He was also built like a brick shithouse. He grinned, baring fangs and smoothing a hand over his dyed black hair before readjusting his ponytail. His shirt hung loosely off large shoulders before he folded his oversized arms over his chest. Green eyes sparkled and emphasized his clean shaven face.

“Hi,” he beamed and winked at Millie before smoothing a hand over his hair.

Millie dropped her hand and wrapped her arms around the wolf. Laying her head against his chest, she whispered, “You’re a shit.” His body radiated warmth compared to hers, but it figured. Winter in this realm was colder than she often realized and she hadn’t had the brains to put on heavy clothes. Dressed in a tight corset that pushed her full breasts up close to her chin left her arms uncovered other than a faded gold band with an inscription in Gaelic.

Her skirt barely covered her ass, which Virus promptly fondled, earning him a dirty look.

An eyebrow rose. “Stockings, and I assume a garter? Millie what are you doing out tonight? Your father would be furious if he found you in the mortal realm dressed like this.”

She slapped him in the shoulder. “Oh, like you care what my father thinks. Besides, he’s dead.” Leaning into his warmth, she sighed contentedly. He’d been a friend of the family for years, saving Millie from one stupid Fae court incident after another. “And why did you dye your hair again? Wolves didn’t need to do that, did they?”

“I do care,” he winked and nudged her hips with his.

The throbbing mass of his erection pressed against her thighs, dampening her lips. She glared at him and gave him a shove. “It’s not happening. We aren’t compatible, Virus.”

Lifting a hand to his forehead, he tilted his head back in mock despair and let out a sigh. “Oh Millie, when? Why can’t you love me?” He snickered.

She smirked.

He lowered his head to her ear and spoke in a low voice. “What are you doing here?”

She nudged him with her elbow. “Relaxing before work. I have a lot of shit to do in the next twelve hours if I’m going to find Prince Faolan.”

Virus stepped back. An eyebrow rose. “You’re looking for the big bad Alpha Prince huh?”

She nodded.

Unable to control the leak of tension pouring off her, Millie exhaled and leaned into Virus, grateful for his calming presence.

Finally the line moved. When it stopped again, he looked at her dead on. “I dyed my hair because I don’t have the magickal ability to change it like the Fae do. We’re born with one coat of hair that matches our fur. And I grew tired of light brown.”

A wind blew, sending chills up Millie’s spine. She listened for a moment, hoping that the wind would speak to her in this realm over the sound of thumping bass.


Just ordinary wind. She thanked the God and Goddess for that. Safety was never an issue around Virus but there were some things in her realm that even a six foot five wolf with massive strength couldn’t protect her from.

The line moved quickly, putting Millie and Virus closer to the door. Once inside, she flashed her ID and a pouty smile before the thin woman with dark lipstick waved her past the register.

Looking over her shoulder, she glanced at Virus. “But I like your brown hair!”

Heaving a groan, Virus reached for her.

Laughing, Millie slipped out of reach and into the darkness before taking a sharp left the bar area.

Red velvet drapes hung, separating the register from the two bars. One to her right was busy with patrons standing around blathering about nonsensically while the bar in front of her was fairly empty. A few patrons sat on plush red couches to her left while nursing drinks and watching the crowd. One man in particular looked at Millie with a hungry look. She shot him a flippant glance and walked towards the bar before her.

Checking her watch, she noted it was only nine fifteen, mortal time. The thing with mortals keeping time always amused Millie, because the Fae didn’t bother. Time seemed pointless when you lived for hundreds of years. Smells and sights became ways of tracking or remembering past memories until even those faded from memory.

Having seen her world change so dramatically in the last several hundred years, she made a point to balance all the death and gore in her life with a new purpose.

Living as much on her terms as possible, Millie embraced what she was.

The life of a warrior had her studying, training, fighting. Using and learning magical skills she’d become the perfect assassin and had quickly realized that a war in Faery between the two kingdoms was unlikely any time in her lifetime. Still, she should have been scouting out the area for where Prince Faolan was reportedly seen.

Not spending time in the mortal realm at the gothic club looking for a good fuck.

If her superiors knew what she was doing here, they’d have a fit and recall her ass back to the Unseelie Kingdom for discipline.

As top negotiator for the Unseelie Kingdom, Millie was the pretty face put out by the Military to coerce everyone to follow laws set by the Kingdom.

Most of the time the opposition complied.

When they didn’t, Millie hated to think of what happened to the various villages that had been burned down by technology used in the Unseelie lands.

She found her way to the bar and leaned over it, spotting Shar.

The buxom woman made her towards Millie. “Whatcha want tonight hon?” Curly read hair so bright it could look like fire parted down the center and framed Shar’s sweet face and equally persuasive emerald eyes. Her bust had been emphasized by her tight black skull and cross bones T-shirt that rode slightly above her belly. She was a knife expert and had been bartending in the mortal realm for the last forty years.

Millie always liked the tattoo of the Phoenix that Shar had on her left shoulder. “More Combichrist, and a whiskey sour. The Fae whiskey,” she shouted over the thundering electronic body music bass.

The smell of clove cigarettes wafted towards her and she knew she’d been spotted by another of Virus’s entourage.

Trevor, also freakishly tall sauntered up behind her, setting a hand on her shoulder before blowing a cloud of smoke above her head. His shaved face gleamed with sweat. She’d seen him naked on more than one occasion and the memory of her body dancing against his made sweat or something sweeter drip between her panty-less thighs. Nevermind the fact that the Unseelie Fae were forbidden from mating with the wolves despite the desire to have them on the side of the Unseelie court during their cold war with the Seelie kingdom.

Millie hated thinking about the idea that her current employers would someday attempt to wipe out the Seelie court and all its’ natural beauty. The entire war was based on a fear that had no foundation in reality as far as she was concerned.

Energy seeped into her, calming her from the stresses of the day. Millie turned and was greeted to purple and green spiked hair that stood up a foot taller than Trevor, silver eyes and a smile that could light up an entire room if he hadn’t been so threateningly huge. “Hi,” she shook her chest in his direction. “What’s cookin’?”

“You, obviously,” Trevor took another puff off his cigarette. Dressed in form fitting leather pants, boots and no shirt, his ample chest and bulging muscles rippled gracefully with each movement. “What’s new?”

“Nothing,” she took the drink from Shar and slapped a bill on the bar. “Just out for a night on the town.”

Trevor cocked a manicured brow. “On Earth? I figured things would be more exciting in Faery.”

Millie sipped her drink, enjoying the slight burn from the fae whiskey. She nodded. “Not at all. The same bullshit politics are continuing in the court about waging war with the Seelie for final domination and they’re,” she sighed heavily, “sending someone in to persuade the Protectors to join us.”

Trevor nodded. “Who are they sending in?”

She wiped her brow, moving dark red and purple curls out of her eyes. From her right, she saw the main dance floor, packed with bodies swaying and moving to the beat of the Combichrist mix that the DJ had started ten minutes ago. The beat of the music pounded loudly against her chest, drowning out the noise from earlier in the day.

Millie knocked back her drink and ordered another.

“Oh,” he nodded, slapping down money for her drink. “I see. So you’re supposed to talk to Prince Faolan?”

“Shit yeah,” she nodded and took the drink handed to her. She started to knock it back, but Trevor put his hand over the rim of her glass.

“Sip it. Then let’s dance. I hear they’ll play Covenant next.”

“Stalker?” Her eyebrows rose.

He nodded, reaching to touch her. “Yeah. After Combichrist.”

Millie felt instant peace at the connection. Her heart rate slowed, her pulse became audible in her own ears over the heavy bass beat. Her nerves calmed as the alcohol’s warmth spread throughout her body, making her feel warm at first, then cool again before her body temperature returned to normal. Tension eased off her shoulders.

It didn’t matter that seducing wolves was considered high treason.

Millie had escaped that penalty through protection of her superior and some document doctoring.

Besides, she had personal reasons for agreeing to this mission that had nothing to do with the Courts.

Sipping her drink, she let her hand fall down the length of Trevor’s body. Taking his hand in hers, she led him to the dance floor.

A wave of magick tickled her senses.

Millie looked up and met eyes with the deadliest and most sexy wolf in the entire club. She gasped. There he is.

It wouldn’t be a bad night after all.


Dominant Vs. Alpha – For Carrie Anns Alpha Male Blog Hop

In a discussion with publicist Sharon Aviles, we’d discussed my teaching romance authors how to write BDSM and incorporate the elements of the Lifestyle into their romance stories.  She’d said that the interesting thing was in traditional non kinky romances, we call Dominant males, Alphas.

Sure they may not be kinky but both men have to take charge of situations.  Both men feel the need to control and the underlying reasons behind this need for control is generally the same.  A belief that his way can guide his heroine into safety feeds his need to be a leader.  I teach this often in my course on how to write from the male point of view.  It’s aimed at romance authors but the lessons still apply to a broader spectrum of fiction writers.

Often times both men will be in powerful positions either as corporate CEOs or highly trained military experts, these men are used to getting their way.

In the bedroom we see similarities too.  Whether he’s using ropes and handcuffs, spankings and scarves, or just good old fashion strength to make his point, he’s still on top.  His goal is pretty much the same, drag something from the woman that she wants to give but doesn’t know how.  She’s generally afraid to ask and that fear is often masked as stubbornness or anger.  Sometimes it’s blatant fear.


As a guide, the dominant male must guide the submisisive on their journey towards inner peace, as the alpha male must show the reasons he’s overprotective.   Bondage becomes a tool used to strip away control and bring out emotions needing to be dealt with while the Alpha male may use consensual force to do the same.  In effect, he’s binding the heroine and making her choose another path, one that leads to growth, rather than stunted movement.  Different plot devices can show us these traits from both sides.  Using the react vs respond method of character development talked about on WriteSEX, we can get this accomplished as writers.

His ability to see past her defenses as an alpha male or Dominant is what spurs him on to guiding her.  It’s not until he’s learned to grow through the plot that he realizes he’s guiding her as she’s guiding him, but that’s another article.  In the end, the two types of men are really one and the same.  Our labels are just for publisher and reader convenience as they help us define the characters for the appropriate markets.

When I wrote Lord Frika in Siddella’s Surrender, I definitely created a very sensual Alpha.  He had to make decisions on the fly, aware of the potential consequences all while keeping in mind the outcome for his newly found power source, Siddella, the Thief of the Low court.

Enjoy an excerpt;

A wind blew through the empty streets.  Military vehicles had made sneaking into the club difficult as they were on the lookout for Frika now. Word of the Thief of the Low Court escaping an assault had made it around military circles in the area.

Despite the fact that his strength slowly ebbed here, Frika was still stronger than anyone else, thank the Goddess above.  It wouldn’t last though. Remaining in the Land Between Realms was the only way to truly keep his strength at full since the inception of the power draining grids here in Faery.

With some luck and the power he possessed, Frika managed to sneak past the guards in the fetish club Siddella had been led to.  A bit of a slip up caused delay but once he’d found where the two MPs had taken Siddella, he made his way towards her.

Heart racing, he knew what he’d find. When he did find her, the power of their binding unleashed in him with such violence that it became impossible to control.

But the rule for the Black Angus was simple.  The quieter one was, the more one could hear.

The two guards torturing Siddella had caused her to bleed profusely.  Her wounded body smelled of burnt flesh.  Ugly cuts marred her perfectly pale skin.  Teeth marks on her shoulder, along with the bruises near her spine would have made a lesser being wince but Frika knew what had to be done.

The flesh and blood faery held his prick in hand, hard and ready to rape her.

Frika couldn’t have that.  With quick speed, he’d cloaked himself in a spell, snapped the necks of both the guards and reappeared visible in time to reassure his lover that he was here in time for her.

Seeing her damaged body meant one thing.

He’d have to act without haste or she would die.

The fae had grown weak over the centuries from exposure to technology. Their true power came from the sensual, the sexual.  The CyberMage had attempted to stomp that down when he stole the throne.

Somehow, Siddella had become a prude, listening to the propaganda that the city-state blathered about how only those who were sexually active held one purpose.

Procreation.  It bothered him that any faery would take such a human, Christian stance.

“You’re safe with me now,” he whispered against her cold skin.

She shivered but remained unconscious.

Using the last of his magick, he repeated the invisibility spell that would hold long enough to sneak past some of her debtors and out of the club undetected.

Rejoining Virus and Anya just a few blocks away, he set Siddella’s body down against a wall.  Taking off his floor length leather coat, he set it around her shoulders and adjusted her for comfort.  “

Anya was the first to speak.  “See you made it back safely.  Good.”

Frika nodded.  “They were nearly done with her.”

Virus shuddered visibly. “I hate this nightmarish world.”

Again, Frika nodded. Reaching into his pocket, he thumbed the flash drive. “She really is something else, isn’t she?”

Stepping forward, Anya held out her hand. “I need that drive if we’re going to analyze the holes in the security system and deactivate the grid.”

Frika fingered the drive. “What are your plans?”

“Get back to Earth and look at the data, of course.  I have some friends who are almost like gods in their own right.”  She gave him a wicked grin.

“So be it.”  He tossed the drive to her. “Wait though. Could it really be that easy to shut the grid down?”

Siddella moaned. “Oh my fucking head.”

Frika knelt by her side and took her hands in his. “You’re awake.”

Shaking her head, she rubbed her eyes. “It’s possible because the Cyber-Fae aren’t very clever with their encryption methods.  Despite the complex technology used here to create the mechanized beings, we’re still not that well advanced in security programming.”

Virus leaned back against a wall and crossed his arms.  “You’re saying that an amateur could hack their systems?”

“No.” Siddella took in a deep breath and looked around.

Her magickal sensors hit Frika’s.  He sent back calmness to her.

A few tanks drove by.

All four of them shrunk back into the shadows of the dark alleyway.

“It seems the city is on total lockdown since this revolution you started has come underway.”

Frika smiled.  “Phase one.”

She turned to face Anya.  “To better answer your question, no.  The amateur hackers built a secure system based on your WHAX software.  Faery magick and intellect enhanced it.  But I’m a hacker.  A true hacker, meaning I like to solve problems and be free doing it.”  She glowered at Frika.

He shrugged his shoulders.  “The ideal of submission is that there is freedom in slavery.”

She glared harder.  Returning her glace at Anya and Virus, she continued.   “Anyway, the truth is, I’m not that strong a fighter but I’m that good a cracker.”

“I see.” Anya slumped down beside Virus.  “So what do we need to do when we get this back to Earth?”

“I’d have to come back with you to show you.  It’d be easier to let me do it but this deity that Frika passed onto me,” she jerked her thumb in his direction, “won’t let me.  She’s hell bent on murder.”

Frika sighed.  The green hue of the sky had taken on a bright neon color.  The land itself rotted  around them, starting with the sky. He swallowed hard.  “I’m thinking if the strikes continue on the various city-states while we make our escape back to Earth then you can do this?”

“It’s much better if we stay here and infiltrate them.”

He wanted to stop her and shut the idea down.  But he couldn’t. Mate that she was, she was also someone who possessed knowledge he and the rest of the Black Angus did not.  “What do you think, Anya?”

Anya shrugged. “What choice do we have?”

Frika’s lips pursed together in a thin line. “We need better control over your deity my sweet.”  His eyes narrowed and groin hardened.

Backing up against the wall, Siddella put her hands up defensively. “Don’t look at me like that.”

He kept his voice to a low whisper.  “I can help you control her.”

She started to stand but fell back against the wall and on her ass.  “No!” She looked at him with wide eyes.

He stepped closer to her and held out his hand. With her snow white hair framing her face, she looked almost like a porcelain doll wearing an oversized coat.  His heart beat an extra time at the fact that his tiny mate was not only skilled but nearly as stubborn as he was.  “You’re the only faery I’ve ever met that rejected their sexuality.  Do you realize you’d have more power if you’d accept yourself?”

Pulling the coat over her naked body, she looked away.

He knelt down before her and took her head in his fingers.  Lifting her chin to meet his gaze, he studied her, noted flecks of gold in her dual colored red and silver eyes.  She smelled of Unseelie, scents that reminded him of times of old.

Her bottom lip quivered.

Softly, he brushed his lips over hers.  “You don’t have to fear me.”

“I don’t!”  She retorted but the words didn’t come out as though they held meaning.

Buy From Amazon

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Sinfully Sexy Playlist for Covenant of Wolves 1: Stalker(Dub Mix)

The image above is what I based Millie’s character on in Stalker(Dub Mix) because it shows a level of sensuality and ice, cold pixie and nudity.  It was the spark for the story and the soundtrack which led me to write the piece originally for Loose-ID until it got picked up by Agent Marisa Corvisiero of Corvisiero Literary Agency.  I’m in the process of giving the story one last round of edits before sending it to Marisa and letting her work her magic with the story.

The playlist in such a brutal land as the Unseelie kingdom includes the following songs:

VNV Nation – Rubicon
VNV Nation – Epicentre
Assemblage 23 – Fallen down
Combichrist – Shut up and Swallow
Combichrist – Get Your Body Beat
Combichrist – Fuck That Shit
Combichrist – Sent To Destroy (The video helps!)
Nile – User Maat Rae
Nile – Annihilation of the Wicked
Nile – The Language of the Shadows
Killswitch Engage – As Daylight Dies
VNV Nation – Tempest
Icon of Coil – Transfer: Complete
Icon of Coil – Love As Blood
Claire Voyant – Iolite
The Gathering – Monsters

It’s a highly electronic soundtrack because I created a cyberpunk world of Faery and this keeps me in the mood.   There is actually more NILE on the list and I’m sure at some point I’ll go through here and nail down what songs really stick for what parts, but this is how I write stories.  Using music, taking lyrics, ideas, melding them together with what I hear and love and then throwing in a romance plot.  There will be excerpts released as well as cut scenes soon as I have the ability to do so!  And oh yeah, this is a hotter book than 50 Shades…

Faeries – Erotic Romance in Fantasy

Continuing on with reference points about fantasy, I have none when it comes to Faeries.  Or that was the case when I first started jumping on the paranormal bandwagon seven years ago.  My first fairy story was probably the Merry Gentry series by Laurel K. Hamilton, an author I admire and respect despite what many of her readers say about her latest foray into BDSM.  That’s another post when I’m promoting a BDSM book again.

Aside from that, there was one other fairy romance and I barely remember it.  I just know it came out from Berkeley and that the author was a woman.

Then there’s Amy Brown’s Faeries.  The artist who paints otherworldly creatures with such beauty that my S.O. owns a few of them because they ARE gorgeous but not typical in the minds of the average reader.  Or perhaps they are.  You tell me.

Image subject to copyright Either way, the faeries have a unique perspective and give us a taste of something different in our stories, especially with the myriad of legends that surround them.

Here though, in Echo’s Odyssey, I decided to write a faery romance for Changeling press. My story was rejected (gasp, the shame LOL!) by them but a revision had it sitting at the submissions desk of the fine folks at Sizzler Editions.  An even funnier theme in this pair of stories is that I based them both off Anime.

The plot for Sacrifice I ripped off and modified slightly from a show called Case Closed.  I had to.  I don’t write real detective fiction!

And Echo the Assassin of Faery is based on Hie from Yu-Yu Hakusho!

Now for the blurb:  The wars of faery are over, but for the assassin Echo and his lover Alexandrya, a new war is just beginning. They return to faery expecting to be reunited with the third member of their triad, the princess Serenissa, only to find she and faery itself are threatened by even greater peril

I think I just posted something about fantasy in erotic romance awhile back too, with almost a similar title LOL!

Wait, I did.  Fantasy in Romance  But my keywords are funny..

Anyway you’re more interested in Heavenly Bodies.  So go buy it from Amazon now!

Heavenly Bodies – A Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance

My first book to go into print was actually a collection of three stories, a vampire romance,  (first one I ever wrote) a time travel story dealing with greek gods, and then a Faery story known as Echo’s Odyssey.

The vampire story got cut due to length and word count specified by the publisher but it’ll see print soon.

An erotic science fiction/fantasy romoance“Real erotica, full of pain intermingled with pleasure. Love makes the sexual scenes more powerful. Sensuality Level: Scorching.” raves Ann Leveille of Sensual Reviews. Two exceptional novellas of fantasy and eros by the author Coffee Time Romance calls “Amazing!” and rates “Four Stars!”

In “Sacrifice,” Ares, the God of War, is banished from Olympus, falls in love with a mortal woman and is called upon to make a very unusual sacrifice if he wants to keep her.

In “Echo s Odyssey,” the wars of faery are over, but for the assassin Echo and his lover Alexandrya, a new war is just beginning. They return to faery expecting to be reunited with the third member of their triad, the princess Serenissa, only to find she and faery itself are threatened by even greater peril. Heavenly Bodies is a pair of erotic, romantic adventures dealing with carnal love between humans and gods and fairies with their heavenly bodies! Sascha Illyvich is the author of the novels “The Gift of Her Submission,” “Light and Shadow” and “Dark Traders,” among others. His short fiction has appeared on Literotica, and in many anthologies, including “Nectar of the Gods” and “Caught in the Middle.”

“The sensual tone of the story flowed … the language and situations were believable. Fans will enjoy [his] heart-touching romances.” says Coffee Time Romance Reviews. “Sascha Illyvich is a wonderful, erotic storyteller. He turns you on and tugs your heartstrings- at the same time!” Sabrina Smith Moses, author.

Buy from Amazon

PS, I have like 5 copies left from MARCON that I’d be more than happy to sign, send out for $20, which includes postage.

Different Realms in Romance Fiction

Buy Siddella’s Submission

One of the beautiful things about writing fantasy romance is that I can play god. As I explained in an earlier post I was able to create a different world that had its own environment, rules, and societal structure that gave me a fertile playground to create romance stories.   Siddella’s Surrender and the followup Siddella’s Submission, both take place in the land of Fearie, what some consider to be a realm of it’s own. In magickal workings, it’s often shrouded in mystery and the sidhe are characterized as cute, sexy and slightly impish. That’s a cute image, definitely but the truth is that in magic, things are not only not always as they seem, but sometimes the reality is much harsher.

Erotic Fantasy Romance with Bondage

The world I created in Siddella’s stories comes from my Covenant of Wolves world where Earth and Faerie are different realms connected by portals. This is nothing like the science fiction and fantasy that Star Trek writers often use, this is more akin to reality for many who actually practice magick. Star Trek came from the imagination of a very brilliant man with endless possibilities and a series that has lasted well over 40 years. The world I created in Covenant of Wolves has produced the Siddella books, an entire series that IS tied into the Covenant of Wolves universe with a similar plot and consistent feel. Theoretically I could probably write at length about a variety of different main characters who play important parts in the concept of overthrowing the dictator of the Unseelie City-State.

That’s something else by the way. The reality I’ve created in this universe is based on fact and my attempt at creating a cyberpunkesque land where dystopia reigns supreme because of a class system not unlike what we face today, only with more obvious differences. There is the ruling class, the ruling power above them and below them both, the poor, downtrodden and miserable. But even in the ranks of the military, we have a game of usurp afoot with Millie the Fae, who has taken on a sort of Michael Westen spy trait while Prince Faolan is more the Dominant Alpha wolf with ties to the Moon Mother.

Both of them come from higher class backgrounds, and in contrast, Siddella is a theif, in fact she’s more a Lupin type, able to unlock any safe, steal any jewel, but she’s become an unknowing pawn in the game of Usurp the CyberMage. The wrench in the entire story is her falling in love with Frika, Lord of the famed and Legendary Black Angus.  BDSM plays a heavy part in the world of Faerie, particularly in the Unseelie where things are so cold that the only way for the inhabitants to feel is through the use of heavy, dangerous kink.  In the more Victorian (so far, I haven’t written it yet!) Seelie Kingdom of Light, mental BDSM is used.  Overall I still have to maintain the main romance plot in all my work, and hopefully once you’ve read Siddella’s Surrender and Siddella’s Submission, you’ve found that I’ve done just that.Erotic Fantasy Romance with Bondage

Deeper fantasy – Worldbuilding

Hello Readers,

I thought today I’d talk a little about the world I built for Siddella’s Surrender, since it’s the release I”m featuring this week, and the followup will come out next week. The book itself isn’t high fantasy, but I did build a fantasy world around Siddella. The plot is the basic romance plot, hero and heroine are at odds even though the sex is great but Siddella and Frika, of the Black Angus. The type of society I set up here is one that’s fairly dystopic (if that’s a word) in that the great equalizer, Technology, has actually caused a rift in the inhabitants of the UnSeelie Kingdom. Traditionally thought of as the Kingdom of Darkness and sensuality, a carnal kingdom in that the faeries who used to rely on magic now rely more on advanced technology.

Three classes of Faeries exist due to the forced will of the CyberMage.

The CyberFae – Mechanically, technologically enhanced Faeries who rely very little on natural magic in favor of the tech that has turned their bodies into cyber beings, more machine than man.
The Menace – Faeries who either rejected and rebelled against the tech, or who rebelled halfway through when they realized what it would do to them
Everyone else – Those who weren’t strong enough to survive the “upgrade” or those who were not high enough in society to be used for anything other than fodder. In short, the non ruling class.

The world itself is harsh, computer run and very technically enhanced. The idea for this story came from a Combichrist song and video shown below.

Combichrist has a very tech feel to their music since he’s considered Aggro-Tek. Or Aggressive Techno Music.

In that video and the one for Sent to Destroy I pulled elements out of the somewhat dystopian society and threw them into my world of Faery.

With this story I was hoping to pull more of the science fiction/fantasy crowd into my world and show I could write more than just contemporary erotica and paranormal romance. But I can’t write high fantasy and traditional science fiction tends to bore me. So I wrote stories that crossed genres and focused on the character development, sort of the way a lot of anime does.

I DID want to create a world i could use again the same way sci fi/romance author Kayelle Allen has with her Tarthian Empire. I hope you enjoy the conflict between Siddella the Thief of the Low Court and Lord Frika, of the Black Angus

Erotic Fantasy Romance with Bondage

Buy Siddella’s Surrender for $5.99

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Siddella’s Surrender: An erotic fantasy with Bondage

Erotic Fantasy Romance with Bondage

Kinky Faeries with a Taste for B&D! Siddella, Thief of the Low Court of Faery, discovers she’s stolen something very valuable to the cybernetic ruling class. Crashing a party, she doesn’t realize that the Black Angus, Faery’s legendary guards are present.

With voracious sexual appetites that make modern BDSM players cringe, she fears the Black Angus will find out her one most personal secret along with the data she stole. Lord Frika has organized the Black Angus in an assault on the cybernetic ruling class of the Unseelie Kingdom in an attempt to begin reversing the damage computers and technology have done to Faery. Seeing Siddella, he realizes that this little party crasher is more than just a thief and that she holds the key to not only restoring Faery but to his heart.

Can a thief who values freedom fall in love with a fierce fighter with a taste for chaining his lovers and then degrading them in every way he can imagine? Can the two them work past personal issues to save Faery from a fate worse than death? Or will her forced surrender be too much for the Faery to handle? “A powerful look at domination!” -Sensual Romance Reviews

Read an Excerpt

Buy Here for only $5.99

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