Flash Fiction – Old, yet new again

New inspiration, since I’ve been considering throwing away my pen and quitting writing…this came out earlier.  It’s JUST a rough draft.

He’d worked all night with her, taming that client until the client was worn out, satisfied but not fucked, because neither of them would do that for money.  They weren’t whores, they simply had a predilection for wicked games involving canes, whips, and other fun sensual instruments.

She’d driven them back home; he’d whipped up a quick meal and poured his customary nightcap but never got to it.  The wanton gaze in her eyes told him he’d have to find another way to sleep tonight, and she had just the cure.

Once their bodies connected, the passion ignited flames of lust higher and higher, his cock driving into her, her mouth on him, neither taking without giving, receiving all the love they could muster between them, and then some.

He actually came for her, repeatedly.  Having warned her, his nerves had been a wreck when he stepped off that plane, but business mode quickly put him in the frame of mind needed to sell books, speak to adults who aspired to be writers, and insert a little humor into his serious lectures.

It took no time to switch from businessman to co-Dominant and in an instant, her client was offering more, getting more.

His only secret he couldn’t tell her. They lay awake in bed the next morning, after another glorious, love filled romp that actually replaced the tattered edges of his soul with something more than whole.

He’d stared into her eyes, saw that fiery passion, the drive she possessed, knew he was right about her.

She was the one.

But she would be a world class artist first, because he was only going to guide her, then pull back, place his hand at the small of her banucky-thompson-steve-buscemi-commits-a-shocking-murder-at-the-close-of-the-season-two-finale-ofck and catch her when she fell.

A gentle shake of his head had her laughing.

“Why the gesture?”

“You, you’re silly,” she whispered, touched his cheek with a delicate hand.


“Because you’re trying to hide something from me and protect me all at the same time.  It’s sweet but I’m older than you.”

Before he could respond, and before he had time to formulate a clever story, she placed her hand over the center of his chest, took his other and did the same to hers.  “Sweet, remember?  No mistruths, my love.”

He grinned.  “Yes, you’re right.”

“I know.”  That cocky grin she wore appeared once again and he couldn’t help himself.

He chuckled, pulled her closer and knew he’d found something worth dying for.


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Sexy snippet of Foreign Romance

Photo copyright belongs to the original owner.

Photo copyright belongs to the original owner.

He had to admit, tying Lili up and giving her light spankings held tremendous appeal.  The way her ass would look with a little red on it made him catch his breath.

Thankfully he was able to get out of the doghouse with that stupid waitress. He’d sworn he made no attempt to be anything but friendly toward her.

She hadn’t gotten the hint.

This was what irritated him about dating.  Sometimes people just couldn’t take no for an answer.

He didn’t blame Lili for her reaction, she had flown almost seven thousand miles here just to see him.  At least that’s the story he told himself.

Truth was, the waitress couldn’t hold a candle to Lili. But other than acting like a dufus and ignoring her, he didn’t know what else to do.  He never really dated.

But now it didn’t matter.

Liliana had been in the elevator with him, pressed against the wall only moments ago, while he inhaled her mouth, tasting not just the remnants of her beer and meal but her lush scent as well.  The one that made him drunk faster than any alcohol.

He had his hands in her hair, teeth scraping her neck while she moaned and rubbed herself against his thigh.

Then the elevator dinged, the doors opened and they looked like two deer caught in the headlights as two other tenants got on and gave cold smiles.

“Just like teenagers,” he muttered.

Then they’d finally hit the right floor and he couldn’t get the keys in the door fast enough.

He finally managed a bit of peace from her while she used the restroom.

Breath in, out.  In, out.

“Don’t change,” he told her.  “It’s more fun this way.”

She nodded and disappeared.

It’d been five minutes too long.

Damn but his body missed hers molded to it.

The door opened and one leg peaked out from the bathroom.

Daniel started for her but stopped short.  What was she playing at?

Her leg drew up along the doorframe, still clad in jeans like he’d requested.  Then it touched the floor, well just her toe.

“Daniel,” she called, her voice a lilting symphony to his ears.
“Oh Lili.”  He started for her.
By the time she’d come out of the bathroom, her hair had been freed of the ponytail and brushed out.

It surrounded her face, giving her a slightly wild look while emphasizing her heated gaze.

She broke the short distance between them and threw her arms around his neck, kissed him.

He sucked in a breath, once again inhaling her feminine arousal.  Unable to resist, Daniel dragged his hands down her sides, pulled her shirt free of her jeans and caressed hot skin until his thumbs grazed the underside of her bra.

“This has to go,” he pulled back from the kiss, stared at her.

She licked her lips, reached around and undid the clasp on the back of her bra.  Shirking out of it, she pulled it through one sleeve.

gerard_butler_05“Not the most erotic sight I know but—”

He captured her mouth again, licking her lower lip, pushing his tongue into her mouth so he could sweep it over every inch of her. He’d taste her in another few moments.

Lili’s fingers tangled in his hair, tugged his head back.  She bit his neck, pressed her hips to his.

His grip on her body tightened, he hissed out a breath through clenched teeth when she nipped him again.  Quickly, he lifted her shirt over her head and tore it off, freeing her completely.

Then he stopped and stared.

“Again, something the matter?”

Daniel licked his lips.  “No.  I just like looking at perfection before I devour it.”

She smiled, her eyes remained half open.  With her hair cascading down her shoulders, not quite reaching the tops of her breasts, she stood still holding him around his shoulders.

Firm, round breasts looked like a tasty treat.  Daniel closed his hand around one, gave her a gentle squeeze and waited for the moan.

When she let it escape her mouth, it came out throaty.

He kissed her again, then dragged his tongue down her neck and over a breast before latching his lips around the pointed nipple.  He suckled.


She cried and arced against him, holding onto him to avoid falling.

He settled a hand at the small of her back, helped her to her knees before releasing her breast.

She jerked against him.

Quickly, Daniel captured her other nipple, flicked his tongue over the sensitive nub and enjoyed how she scrambled to grab on to him.  Her moans delighted him.

Slowly, he bent her back, careful not to hurt her.

She spread her thighs apart and let him guide her down, all while holding onto him.

He suckled, kissed, flicked his tongue and caressed both her breasts before pulling back and running his hands over silken smooth skin.  “God, I love touching you, Lili.”

“I love the way you call my name when you say it like that,” she panted, spreading her legs further.

Carefully, Daniel helped stretch her out.  “On the floor,” he snickered.

“Is this passion?”

“For you, pleasuring you any way I can, anywhere I can, is passion.  But I’d rather at least set you on…”  He snapped.  “Just a moment.” He kissed his way up her ribs, the space between her lovely breasts and then her collarbone before finally placing a delicate kiss on her sumptuous mouth.

He stood, caught the gleam in her eye.

“You’re too dressed again, Daniel.”

“Dirty American boys like to be stripped.”

She started for him.

He caught her hand, took a step forward and pressed it against the bulge in his jeans.  “Plenty of time for that in a few minutes.  I want what I want first.”


“Indeed.”  He knelt, picked her up and carried her giggling, all the way to the island in his kitchen.  Setting her down, he leaned her back and reached for the zipper on her jeans.  Then he popped the snap, reached for the waist and with her help, yanked her jeans and panties down.

Again he stared.

“You’re going to give a girl a complex,” she looked at him, moved her arms to his neck languidly.

“A good one?”

“You keep looking at me with fire in your eyes and yes.  A damn good one.”

“Good.  You deserve to see you the way I do.”

“How is that?”

Daniel knelt and grabbed her thighs, parted them.  “Like a goddess.”

Before she responded, Daniel bit the inside of her thigh, right at the knee.

She giggled.

He stroked her with his tongue, drew circles and placed chaste kisses over her hot skin.

By now she’d leaned back and begun panting, her chest rising and falling with each breath.

Daniel continued kissing up her thigh, not quite coming in contact with her pussy lips.  He’d switched sides and while he mouthed things into one leg, his fingers caressed the other until he’d cupped her ass with one hand.

She struggled to remain open for him but his other hand helped, along with the sheer size of his body.

He stepped closer, grabbed her ass with the other hand and shoved her toward him.

She squealed.

He thrust his tongue inside her velvet heat and stroked her aroused clit once, twice and a third time, dragging the sensation out long enough that she shuddered against him.

“Daniel, you’re killing me!”

“That’s the point, lover.  A mini death.  Don’t you speak like five languages or something?”

“Si—oh I don’t know, god Daniel!  So good.  So good.”

By now she breathed heavily, sweat coated her skin.

He dipped his tongue in again, savoring the honey-like taste of her pussy.  He dug fingers into her ass, used his size to hold her open.

She bucked, lifted her hips off the counter and began to move against his face.

“That’s it baby,” he dove in again, kissed her, sucked her, “come for me.  Let me devour you.”

“Please,” she begged, “It feels so good but…”

“But what, baby?”

“Like I’m going to fall!”

“I’ll catch you.”

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Guest Post – G D. Ogan and Paranormal Fun!

Immortal Relations CoverThis is from pages 65-67 of “Immortal Relations” http://amzn.com/B006ZCBT6G first of my currently three-book Paranormal-Romance Series. Maggie, a female vampire and Gary, her lover, recently changed into a male vampire are being joined by her eighteen year old virgin vampire adopted daughter Evy, for her first experience in explicit togetherness.
I found myself flat on my back on the table this time with Maggie straddling me; controlling how and when she planned on taking my essence. She was having fun, bringing me close and then backing down. I think she was showing Evy how to drive me out of my mind when it was her turn. Maggie finally looked down on my quivering body and moved forward, stepping over and off the table putting her hand up in the air, which Evy slapped in the style of a wrestling tag team match. Evy flew up on the table like Maggie had straddled me. Since there had been no foreplay with her she took a while to be able to take me in. If anything, it heightened my level of punishment not wanting to hurt her and thus not being able to find completion. But she started to warm up and allow a little penetration, then greater still, as she got more into the process. In a few more minutes, she was in full passion, and I was feeling my passion peaking as well. She controlled the joining like she had more experience than she had, perhaps because of the observations and training she had gained from Maggie and me. Finally felling waves of her internal contractions I met her coming with my own release; then she slowed and gently lowered herself to lay on me.


We stayed in that position for quite a long time, as she was in control, and I felt it best to allow her to finish the experience when she wished. Maggie wasn’t the type to hover, although I knew she was anxious to know that all was fine with Evy and that everything was alright with me as well. Perhaps she was concerned, because she didn’t allow me to find release with her. She recognized and appreciated  that I was allowing Evy to finish at her own pace. Suddenly, Evy released, jumping over me and rushing into the bathroom. We could hear her retching into the unused toilet. Retching wasn’t normally something vampires did so we were both more than concerned!


After Evy was able to come back into the room and seemed to be all right, we got dressed and decided it was time to talk to Grandmother* about Evy’s retching. Of course, Grandmother knocked on our door before we even had time to open it to go and find her; I think she’d felt the distress Evy experienced in the bathroom. Maggie invited Grandmother in and, she had no sooner set foot inside than Evy seemed to turn green, whirled around and ran back into the bathroom. We all looked at each other concerned by not sure what to do next. Grandmother went in with Evy and comforted her, until the bout of internal turmoil ended. Grandmother then asked Evy to take off her cloths so an inspection could be done.


Evy appeared both shaken and vulnerable as she lay, spread eagled on the table. Grandmother ran her fingers across Evy’s body, probing her and there, and placed her ear low on Evy’s belly. Maggie and I looked at each other.


Evy had genuine fear in her eyes. Maggie, being the only one in the room who’d experienced a pregnancy was the first to voice what I had wondered but dismissed as impossible.


Grandmother answered Maggie immediately after she postulated her theory. “Yes, Maggie, I think you are correct! As impossible as this should be, I believe Evy is indeed pregnant!”


I felt as if my jaw would hit the floor. Evy continued to look scared, confused and sick all at the same time. Sure enough she was back in the bathroom before any of us could react and we waited many hours before she would come out!


I asked, “Grandmother, how could she be pregnant?” With her well-known sense of humor intack, she raised an eybrow at me with a sly smile on her face. I shook my head and said, “You know I’m aware what causes a pregnancy but I’m just asking how she, a vampire, could be pregnant because I thought that was impossible. Also, shouldn’t it take a while for a pregnancy to be recognized?”

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FREE on AMAZON this weekend, Dark Desires – an erotic MMF Menage

Cover for my erotic menage storyHey Readers,

I’m giving away a free story this weekend on Amazon, partially to reward my readers, long time and new for sticking with me!  Included in this email is the first chapter of “Dark Desires” a story I penned for Literotica.com several years back but didn’t finish until recently.

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Raven finds herself in the midst of needing something only two dominant men can show her. But can she realize that the power of their love is greater than her desire to remain alone? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure. Hot sex will sway her judgment until she cannot handle anymore from both Romyn and Alex. Will Raven realize her darkest desire is actually what her heart wants?



Flowers had appeared regularly on her desk since she’d seen Romyn earlier in the week.  Both he and Alex had signed the card but said nothing of it.  The other employees, most of the men anyway, figured she was being rewarded for her high work standards and increased profits due to her efforts.

Yet Raven wasn’t stupid.  She knew what this was.  Looking at the last large bouquet on her desk made her want to scream.  But she’d actually gone to the damn party to make the promised appearance, not to reminisce about the stupid flowers.

Crappy pop music played on the radio while her co-workers, some of whom were in the construction side of business, danced, talked or drank.  The few other women present glared daggers at Raven from the corner.

Rumours circled that Romyn and Alex favoured her not only as an employee but for something else. The other women clearly had their panties up in a wad.

Fuck’em.  It wasn’t her fault they didn’t care about their appearances or doing a decent job.

Leaning against her desk, Raven hung back in the crowd at the stupid office party.  She detested how much of what went on would end up in a disaster of office gossip and nonsense the next day while she remained silent and unnoticed.  The weird one who got the job done, Raven preformed her duties as a secretary better than anyone else could have imagined.

Yet, here she was.  Her crappy, watered down drink only fuelled her anger.  Her puissant pay check reminded her she worked too hard for too little.

Oh and let’s not forget she lived alone.

Her boss, Peter, approached her with a dopey grin on his face.

Raven groaned.

His fading hairline and bags under those grey eyes gave away his age.  His white shirt irritated her too.  Still she had to play nice.  “Any chance you’re free and want to cut this party short?”

She kept her tone neutral.  “Afraid not.  Having too much fun here.”

He sighed and gave her that longing look most men his age did when they saw her.

She adjusted the navy blue blazer she wore to cover a pristine white shirt.  Goddess she hated how she had to conform here.  Even down to the blue skirt she wore, thigh highs and six inch heels, she looked like the others. It was a saving grace she was able to wear her garter belt with the stockings and the lacy bra to make her feel sexy.  The thin scrap of lace barely covering her pussy completed the feeling.

She shrugged and knocked back her watered down scotch with a gasp.  The alcohol tasted like shit because it was a cheap scotch, but it was alcohol.  It would get her fucked up enough to forget going home to an empty existence.

Peter offered her one last kind smile but made his way back to the main area where most of her co-workers converged.

Running a hand through her midnight blue hair, she set her cup down and made her way towards the bartender.  “Hit me again, jack.”  She held out her glass. If she were buzzed, she could deal with this party a lot better and make her way home before Alex showed up.

The bartender gave her a cockeyed grin and poured another drink for her.

Narrowing her eyes, she leaned closer.  She didn’t bother to hold her tongue.  “Make it a double.  I’m leaving after this. And don’t fucking water it down.”

He nodded and handed her a drink.

She ran a hand through her loose strands and let it fan out over her shoulders.  She shouldn’t be here.  Looking around at her co-workers annoyed her. Tina, the drunk who ran accounting was going through a nasty divorce.  It showed; she’d been up to her eyeballs in scotch earlier.  Now she danced on top of the table with a few of the department heads cheering her on.

Her expression looked dead, Raven decided.

And Mike, good old Irish Catholic Mike, stood in the corner lecturing some poor woman about the evils of the queer rights organizations.  Dressed in a ratty t-shirt and black pants too tight for his fat ass, he ran a hand through his mullet and continued to ‘talk’ at the poor little sap stuck listening to him.

Every time he opened his mouth he proved his level of intelligence.

When he went on his gay bashing tirades, the desire to get fucked up the ass increased.

Raven snorted.  “Fat bastard.” She sipped her drink, scanned the pathetic crowd she forced herself to see every day and then decided to leave.  Slamming her scotch, she coughed from the burn of cheap liquor before setting her glass down.  “I’m out.”  She waved and slipped past a few desks into the hall where she bumped into a solid wall.

With an oomph, she turned around to see the wall wasn’t a wall but a wall of muscle.

Romyn stood with dark eyes and the dangerous smile he always wore.  The smile made her shiver but she held her ground.  Those lips caught every female within one hundred yards off guard.

Even Raven.

She swore no man would get the better of her but if any were worthy of trying, Romyn would hold that title.

“Hello,” he held her shoulders firmly in strong hands.

Long dark hair had been tied back and hung down over a fitted suit coat that emphasized a slender yet built body.  Slacks hung off hips she felt certain were made of steel.

She remained paralyzed by the predatory stare in his icy blue eyes.

He raked his gaze over her and her cheeks flushed with heat.

Her panties grew damp.  Damn him!  “Romyn.”  She gave him a curt nod and tried to manoeuvre around him.

Yet the sheer size of his body towering over hers made it seem impossible.

His lips curled upwards in a wicked grin. “Going somewhere?  It’s not like you to leave a company party early.”

His deep rumbling voice made her want to shed the crappy corporate restraints she’d forced herself into daily and crawl all over his body until she’d taken her fill of his cock.

And then some.

Men like him were a danger to not only her libido but her heart as well.  “I see you’re not with Alex.”

Torn to Pieces Final 3“No,” Romyn sighed, “I had to make an appearance at this droll charade and then I’m off to meet him downtown.  You should join us.”  He stepped back and held out his hand.

You know you want to.  The thought whispered across her mind like silk across her lush body at night and reminded her of her toys, only naughtier.

She coughed.  “I can’t.  Afraid I’ve got a ton of work to do and,” she coughed again, “I think I’m coming down with something.”

“That something,” he nodded, “is office boredom.  The staff is so bland I barely believe they’re allowed to work for Alex.  But,” he sighed, gave a shrug of his shoulders and raked his eyes over her body once more, “so be it.  I can’t control how he runs his company.  However,” his mouth hung open, inviting a blatant offer for a kiss Raven knew she better not take, “there’s nothing wrong with you a great night out can’t fix.”

She blushed.  That act alone reminded her why she hated being near Romyn or his equally attractive friend Alex.  The two men weren’t just eye candy.

They were Lust Incarnate.

Her pussy clenched in anticipation of images now filling her mind.  She turned away from Romyn, ever so slightly.  Coughing again, she tried to fake a sneeze but nothing came out.

The depth of his voice added to arousal already building low in her body.  He leaned forward, his mouth brushing lightly over her ear, “I think a better quality scotch would help your cold, Miss Raven.”

Suddenly she found herself being escorted down the hall towards the parking garage.  Unable to stop herself, she let his long fingers caress her wrist.  The pad of his thumb worked over her palms and sent signals racing towards her throbbing clit

Raven always prided herself on being the lone wolf in all matters, capable of making her own decisions and running her life as she chose.

But Romyn made it very difficult as always.

She blinked and in an instant found herself sliding into the passenger seat of his midnight blue BMW.  The car screamed luxury and raw power, complete with soft as butter, black leather seats.  Fresh rosemary and pine scents hung in the air but Raven picked up on the sweet smell of pipe tobacco and sandalwood.

She smoothed her dark skirt over her thighs and pressed her legs together in an attempt to alleviate pressure now buzzing about her pussy.

Romyn eased into the driver’s seat, keeping her gaze focused on those lean, long legs she’d seen a few times in shorts.  He adjusted the seatbelt across his large frame and turned to meet her.  Fire burned in those eyes.

She swallowed hard.  In a quiet voice, she spoke, “Why can’t I say no to you?”

Romyn started the car and backed out of the space with ease.  Facing forward, he pulled onto the freeway and sped towards downtown, leaving her question hanging in the air.

Frustrated, Raven kept her hands to herself the entire ride until they’d pulled into a parking lot packed with a variety of cars.  “This place,” she mouthed.

“It’s not what you’d expect of me, is it?”

Turning to face him, she blinked.   “No.”

“Good.  I hate to repeat routines and meet expectations without surprising people.”  The steady cantor of his voice made her realize he could read the phone book and bring her to orgasm repeatedly.

He was the male version of Oceania, famed audio sex goddess.

She wished she’d worn thicker panties.  The deep blue thong she wore barely covered her sex and only seemed to irritate her more.

Her matching bra didn’t help, the lace rubbed across her puckered nipples, irritating her.  If it weren’t for her black suit coat, she’d be showing Romyn and the world exactly how aroused she was.

She slid out of the car and spun around to find the parking lot filled with people forming a line towards the club.  Bass driven music pounded from the entrance while dozens of kids and younger adults dressed in Goth clothing waited to be admitted.

She knew this place, frequented it regularly but had never seen Romyn here.

He left the car, hit a button and it locked.

Her door still hung open.

He came up behind her in a whisper, setting his hand on her so softly she nearly jumped out of her skin. Cover for Menage Bound

Glaring at him, she pursed her lips together in a thin line.

He stared back but the embers of lust never left those gorgeous eyes.    “You’ll want to change out of your jacket and into this.”  He held up a heavy, forest green cloak.  It appeared to match her hair and the rest of her dress.  “Or I have something else if you’d prefer to go a little more on the skimpy side. “

Snorting, she reached for the cloak.  “You never answered my earlier question.”

He cocked his head briefly, then met her with those eyes and sensual mouth.  “Oh yes, about how you cannot seem to deny me anything. I’m sure we’ll find the answer sometime this evening. Now come.  Alex awaits us.”

Raven slipped on the cloak after shedding her jacket and tossing it over the seat in his car. With a gentle push, she shut the passenger door.  Her high heels crunched along the gravel but she kept up with Romyn’s lengthy, confident stride until they passed the crowd.  A few cries and complaints echoed in the background but Raven ignored them.  Loud darkwave music blared inside and made her want to sway seductively to the slow beat that often mimicked sex.

But she would wait.  Romyn had something up his sleeve, she knew it.

No man as powerful as Romyn did anything without thought.

A view of him against the streetlight emphasized the cut of his suit.  She noticed he tied his hair back with a coloured ribbon, not a pony tail holder like normal.

What was his game tonight?

It didn’t matter.

His hand slid easily into hers.  The difference in their hand sizes made her again feel small, vulnerable.

She hated that, yet wanted it more than anything right now.

Once inside, Romyn’s hand pressed against the small of her back added to the sensation of overwhelming darkness beginning to envelope her.  Raven let him lead her to the bar, like she could stop him.

He turned, looked at her with a heated gaze and flared nostrils. “What would the pretty lady like to drink?”

Wriggling her eyebrows at him did nothing to distract the burning intensity of his gaze.  His eyes made her ever so aware of the now soaked thin scrap of lace between her legs.  “Didn’t you say I needed a better scotch,” she coughed, “to alleviate my cold?”

He chuckled.  Turning to the bartender, he slapped down a large bill, whispered something in the guy’s ear and nodded.

The bartender grinned and obliged.

Fingers from seemingly nowhere ran through her hair.

Her nostrils flared and he relaxed into the press of those fingers at the base of her skull.  They began massaging tension her, easing tension out of her until she’d nearly slumped back against Romyn’s body.

She took the scotch handed to her and brought it to her lips. Already, caramel and oak drifted upwards before she’d taken the first sip.

Then the scent of cigar, thick and heavy surrounded her.

Raven sipped her scotch and let the heat calm her nerves.  She knew who stood behind her puffing a cigar.  Alex.

“Good to see you,” Romyn turned Raven in his hand to face Alex.

The voice that responded rasped over her senses like raw silk.  Even in the darkness, she saw the blonde man for what he was.  His almost snow coloured hair fell down past his shoulders in a loose braid.  Eyes were difficult to see but she swore he licked plump lips at the sight of her.

His gaze raked over her as though he were studying her. “Hello Raven.  So glad you could join us.”  His hand reached for her shoulder, pushing the cloak back to reveal the white shirt her nipples currently puckered against.

She raised her glass.  “Last place I’d expect to see the owner of the company.”  She looked him up and down, becoming envious of the shirt hugging his thin yet muscular form.  Alex was all power in a small package.

Her eyes continued journeying down, past the large belt buckle keeping his leather kilt up.  Black thigh high boots completed the look and gave him an almost Viking biker look added to his conquering gaze.

Heat flared between her thighs and liquid pooled faster.

Gods, she was soaked.

Standing between the two men towering over her somehow seemed to block out the rest of the club goers.  “What would a man like either of you be doing here?”

They both took her by the shoulders and wordlessly escorted her past several tables and a huge stage where a cross hung on permanent display, complete with a crucified Jesus.   People swayed to pulsing bass that reminded her of the throbbing little bud begging for attention from these two men.

Yet she couldn’t involve herself with either of them.  One, she worked for them both.  Two, just…no!

Raven feared what she would do to either of them if given a chance.  She had a past of ruining men and sending them running scared for their lives.

She wasn’t violent, just very much a taker.  Raven realized she would never be completely satisfied with one man, for he couldn’t give her enough of what she sought.

Unnamed, she easily drained that feeling out of most men in a matter of weeks.

Setting down in a booth against the corner of the stage, the two men flanked her.  She took another sip of her scotch and let it soothe her racing nerves.  What could they possibly want with her?

Romyn sat on her left, Alex on her right.  Both men kept their eyes facing the outward dancing crowd but their hands remained on her.

It became difficult for her to breathe.  Confined. “I need…”

Alex looked at her with a stare hot enough to make the liquid between her thighs creamier.  “You should relax.  You work so hard for my company and we just wish to show our appreciation.”

His voice rumbled low in her ear and made her skin itch.

She had to get out of these clothes.  Smoothing the cloak behind her, she kept one hand on her drink and the other at the hem of her skirt.   Perspiration dotted her forehead.

Eyes facing forward, she watched various people dressed in semi sheer to almost see through clothing, body parts hanging out with the obvious exceptions for men.  A few women wore tops that let their breasts show way too easily.

Some women danced with other women as though in captivated lust filled love, others danced with complete abandon to a song that talked of love until death.

She licked her lips.  Raven did like the female figure.  But her appreciation ended in the bedroom.  Love was for fools.  This lesson she knew well.

The men flanking her seemed more interested in her body.  Good, because she had no heart to give them.

Romyn’s fingers slid down her arm until his thumb reached the pulse in her wrist.

Alex’s hand somehow found its way onto her stocking clad thigh.

She squirmed and pressed her legs together.  You could always say no.

She scoffed at the idea.  Raven never turned down a good fuck, especially if the two men were as powerful and capable as Romyn and Alex.  A part of her realized she needed to feed off the lust, let it build inside her and contain it until she could get another fix.  If she was truly human, then she would emulate her favourite demon, the succubus.

Alex looked questioningly at her. “Something the matter, Raven?”

His voice pulled her from her thoughts.  She took another sip of her scotch and shook her head.  “Nothing I can’t fix.”

Yet she sat between these two men like she was the one up on the cross being ogled for sins she had yet to commit.

Romyn’s fingers continued circling her skin, sending shivers racing through her.

She shot him a glare.

He didn’t move from his pose, leaving his profile to her while working his hand over her flesh in such a simple gesture.

Normal women wouldn’t be aroused.

Raven was far from normal, she remembered.

She was so not normal that she was sitting in a gothic dance club with her boss and his silent partner, letting them both paw her like a pet.

She rather liked being in this position.  Perhaps she could have some fun at their expense.

Setting her glass down on the table, she took Alex’s hand and slid it higher up her thigh.

“You’re playing with fire,” his voice roughened against her ear.

Rough, calloused hands caressed her inner thigh.  Drawing little circles over her skin, he slowly inched up her skirt.

She grinned.  “You’re the one playing with things that burn, Mr. Wolfe.”

“Then burn me.”  His tongue flicked along her outer ear while his voice sent another wave of ecstasy through her already heated skin.

The snap on the back of her skirt popped.  She jerked against the hand remaining at the small of her back and heard the masculine laughter she would always recognize as Romyn’s.

Deep, male, thick with desire, his laughter affected all of those around him, but right now it managed to drown out the heavy beat of the music.

Romyn’s tongue swirled around her neck.  Teeth sank into flesh.

She writhed against him, closing her eyes and mind to everything but the feel of Alex’s hands crawling up her thighs and Romyn’s lips pressed against her neck. “Does it get hiked up those lovely thighs, Raven?  Or do you stand and let it fall to the floor?”

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Sascha Illyvich
http://saschaillyvichauthor.com – The Bad Boy of Stories so Hot they Must be Whispered!


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Signed print books

I still have four copies of My Sexy Valentine, and one of Dark Sensualities and Primal Instincts that could be yours, signed!  


The first is a four author anthology of hot Valentine day stories featuring Daisy Harris, Em Petrova, Michael Mandrake and Ike Rose, covering both gay and straight relationships, and a super scorching orgy (thank you Em!)

The second book is my anthology of paranormal erotic stories, also spanning the sexual orientation lines.

To get your copy send $30 via Paypal to stpbigbangbaby@Yahoo.com with your name and address and they will go out this week!

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Steamy Excerpt from a Romance Novel

eroticdream2834841.jpgSEO demanded I use that title LOL!  Seriously though, I was planning another excerpt from something.  Perhaps  ENDANGERED – since I’m keeping up interest in that book as Red Sage would like me to make you all wet with desire for the book…

Anyway that’s how I roll.  So…here we go:

She grabbed and sucked him into her, pulling his body into hers.  “Wolf, I cannot hate you,” she murmured into their kiss.

“I know,” he seemed smug.

“I cannot turn you away, either.”

“Are you attracted to me?”  Joséf looked into her eyes, noticing how beautiful hers were, sadness clearly expressed in the pools of color of her eyes.

“Differently than I was to your father,” Isabella replied.  “I loved him with my entire heart.  You would have been…”

Grabbing a breast, he squeezed.  Not caring where this line of thought was going, he waited for her.

Isabella groaned, parting plump lips.

He enjoyed her moans sending vibrations throughout his body.  The feeling of her licking his ear made his breath catch in his throat.  He traced circles around her ear and licked slowly down her neck.

Isabella’s hair fell forward, her eyes looked more determined.  Her lips fell to his and another hand caressed her breast.  It was Livía’s, with Joséf’s hand beneath hers.  “Like this, my drágám.”  My darling.

Isabella arched forward, reaching to Livía and Joséf.  Her fingers wrapped around his arm, she thrust her torso toward him.  “Touch me,” she begged.

Joséf splayed a hand over the span of her stomach, rough fingers massaging her smooth flesh.

She pealed her top off, tossing it aside.

Joséf looked at her full breasts bobbing.

Standing only in low slung blue jeans, she came back to them.

“Take those off,” he whispered.

Isabella stood, shucked her jeans and stood before him, naked.

He looked back at Livía, her robe still covering her, but open enough to give him a perfect view of her round breasts.  He licked his lips, mentally saw the wolf inside wagging his tail even faster.  His cock ached.

Livía started stroking Joséf’s cock through the sheet.

He thought he couldn’t get any harder, any larger,  his body couldn’t possibly pump more blood into his cock.  He was wrong.

Isabella sat on the side of the bed, spreading her legs open for him.  Scents of vanilla and sex filled his nose, her lips shaved. “You two are definitely different.”

Livía giggled.  “Farkas, she has…a more modernized look?”

Isabella threw her head back in laughter.  “Period clothing went out of style and I began to care less about my appearance as a Magyar.  I like it better, don’t you?”

“Yes.  But you are always a Magyar, always my drágám.”  Livía’s tongue licked around the nape of his neck where a thin sheen of sweat had appeared.  It was hot in his room.

Isabella touched him, her fingers stroking his muscled thighs.  Each touch started low, caressing his legs and moving higher upwards until she’d reached his cock.  “This was nice earlier,” she snaked a hand down his stomach.  Cupping his balls, he watched her mouth open as she leaned forward.

He hesitated.

Livía’s hands over his back threatened to melt him as Isabella leaned in closer to his cock.  Hot breath against his skin had him pleading with his eyes, arching his hips upward.  He wanted inside her mouth, inside Livía.

Isabella lowered her lips over his cock, shut them tightly and drew him in deeper, tugging the sensitive skin of his balls.

Joséf groaned, feeling Livía’s tongue on the back of his neck.  Each pump sent blood racing toward his crotch, each tender touch of Livía’s tongue had him shuddering, feeling the pressure build low in his balls.  The wolf inside wagged its tail faster, Joséf swore he saw it smiling in his head.  Wolves didn’t smile.

They grimaced maybe, but they didn’t smile.

Unless they were eating, killing or mating.  The thought came out of nowhere, but it didn’t matter.  Joséf eased a hand over Isabella’s head, clutching thick auburn strands in his fist when she darted her tongue over the head of his cock.  He heard Livía’s laughter from behind him, shook when her tongue slid inside his ear.  He reached back, touching her thigh.  When had she slipped both of her legs around him?

Isabella’s head bobbed up and down on his cock, her lips sealing tighter as she neared the head.  She moaned, reaching a hand beneath her to reach her pussy.

Every muscle stiffened, adding to the strain in his body.  Every chord, nerve and cell in his body was ready to explode, but Isabella stopped, reaching out for his chest and moving to lay on her side, still a hand between her thighs.  The other hand caressed his cock.

He shuddered against her.

Isabella reached for his chest, placing her hand where his heart was.

Her hand was warm, fingers nimble.  Her eyes were so very pretty, he thought.

Livía’s joined hers and they rolled his nipples into pebbles.

Arching his back from the exquisite pain, Joséf thought he couldn’t take anymore, but Isabella’s lips sealed over his cock and pumped him faster and faster until he neared orgasm.

“If you don’t stop, I’ll come.”

“Good,” she giggled.  She reared up on her knees.

Dominant Vs. Alpha – For Carrie Anns Alpha Male Blog Hop

In a discussion with publicist Sharon Aviles, we’d discussed my teaching romance authors how to write BDSM and incorporate the elements of the Lifestyle into their romance stories.  She’d said that the interesting thing was in traditional non kinky romances, we call Dominant males, Alphas.

Sure they may not be kinky but both men have to take charge of situations.  Both men feel the need to control and the underlying reasons behind this need for control is generally the same.  A belief that his way can guide his heroine into safety feeds his need to be a leader.  I teach this often in my course on how to write from the male point of view.  It’s aimed at romance authors but the lessons still apply to a broader spectrum of fiction writers.

Often times both men will be in powerful positions either as corporate CEOs or highly trained military experts, these men are used to getting their way.

In the bedroom we see similarities too.  Whether he’s using ropes and handcuffs, spankings and scarves, or just good old fashion strength to make his point, he’s still on top.  His goal is pretty much the same, drag something from the woman that she wants to give but doesn’t know how.  She’s generally afraid to ask and that fear is often masked as stubbornness or anger.  Sometimes it’s blatant fear.


As a guide, the dominant male must guide the submisisive on their journey towards inner peace, as the alpha male must show the reasons he’s overprotective.   Bondage becomes a tool used to strip away control and bring out emotions needing to be dealt with while the Alpha male may use consensual force to do the same.  In effect, he’s binding the heroine and making her choose another path, one that leads to growth, rather than stunted movement.  Different plot devices can show us these traits from both sides.  Using the react vs respond method of character development talked about on WriteSEX, we can get this accomplished as writers.

His ability to see past her defenses as an alpha male or Dominant is what spurs him on to guiding her.  It’s not until he’s learned to grow through the plot that he realizes he’s guiding her as she’s guiding him, but that’s another article.  In the end, the two types of men are really one and the same.  Our labels are just for publisher and reader convenience as they help us define the characters for the appropriate markets.

When I wrote Lord Frika in Siddella’s Surrender, I definitely created a very sensual Alpha.  He had to make decisions on the fly, aware of the potential consequences all while keeping in mind the outcome for his newly found power source, Siddella, the Thief of the Low court.

Enjoy an excerpt;

A wind blew through the empty streets.  Military vehicles had made sneaking into the club difficult as they were on the lookout for Frika now. Word of the Thief of the Low Court escaping an assault had made it around military circles in the area.

Despite the fact that his strength slowly ebbed here, Frika was still stronger than anyone else, thank the Goddess above.  It wouldn’t last though. Remaining in the Land Between Realms was the only way to truly keep his strength at full since the inception of the power draining grids here in Faery.

With some luck and the power he possessed, Frika managed to sneak past the guards in the fetish club Siddella had been led to.  A bit of a slip up caused delay but once he’d found where the two MPs had taken Siddella, he made his way towards her.

Heart racing, he knew what he’d find. When he did find her, the power of their binding unleashed in him with such violence that it became impossible to control.

But the rule for the Black Angus was simple.  The quieter one was, the more one could hear.

The two guards torturing Siddella had caused her to bleed profusely.  Her wounded body smelled of burnt flesh.  Ugly cuts marred her perfectly pale skin.  Teeth marks on her shoulder, along with the bruises near her spine would have made a lesser being wince but Frika knew what had to be done.

The flesh and blood faery held his prick in hand, hard and ready to rape her.

Frika couldn’t have that.  With quick speed, he’d cloaked himself in a spell, snapped the necks of both the guards and reappeared visible in time to reassure his lover that he was here in time for her.

Seeing her damaged body meant one thing.

He’d have to act without haste or she would die.

The fae had grown weak over the centuries from exposure to technology. Their true power came from the sensual, the sexual.  The CyberMage had attempted to stomp that down when he stole the throne.

Somehow, Siddella had become a prude, listening to the propaganda that the city-state blathered about how only those who were sexually active held one purpose.

Procreation.  It bothered him that any faery would take such a human, Christian stance.

“You’re safe with me now,” he whispered against her cold skin.

She shivered but remained unconscious.

Using the last of his magick, he repeated the invisibility spell that would hold long enough to sneak past some of her debtors and out of the club undetected.

Rejoining Virus and Anya just a few blocks away, he set Siddella’s body down against a wall.  Taking off his floor length leather coat, he set it around her shoulders and adjusted her for comfort.  “

Anya was the first to speak.  “See you made it back safely.  Good.”

Frika nodded.  “They were nearly done with her.”

Virus shuddered visibly. “I hate this nightmarish world.”

Again, Frika nodded. Reaching into his pocket, he thumbed the flash drive. “She really is something else, isn’t she?”

Stepping forward, Anya held out her hand. “I need that drive if we’re going to analyze the holes in the security system and deactivate the grid.”

Frika fingered the drive. “What are your plans?”

“Get back to Earth and look at the data, of course.  I have some friends who are almost like gods in their own right.”  She gave him a wicked grin.

“So be it.”  He tossed the drive to her. “Wait though. Could it really be that easy to shut the grid down?”

Siddella moaned. “Oh my fucking head.”

Frika knelt by her side and took her hands in his. “You’re awake.”

Shaking her head, she rubbed her eyes. “It’s possible because the Cyber-Fae aren’t very clever with their encryption methods.  Despite the complex technology used here to create the mechanized beings, we’re still not that well advanced in security programming.”

Virus leaned back against a wall and crossed his arms.  “You’re saying that an amateur could hack their systems?”

“No.” Siddella took in a deep breath and looked around.

Her magickal sensors hit Frika’s.  He sent back calmness to her.

A few tanks drove by.

All four of them shrunk back into the shadows of the dark alleyway.

“It seems the city is on total lockdown since this revolution you started has come underway.”

Frika smiled.  “Phase one.”

She turned to face Anya.  “To better answer your question, no.  The amateur hackers built a secure system based on your WHAX software.  Faery magick and intellect enhanced it.  But I’m a hacker.  A true hacker, meaning I like to solve problems and be free doing it.”  She glowered at Frika.

He shrugged his shoulders.  “The ideal of submission is that there is freedom in slavery.”

She glared harder.  Returning her glace at Anya and Virus, she continued.   “Anyway, the truth is, I’m not that strong a fighter but I’m that good a cracker.”

“I see.” Anya slumped down beside Virus.  “So what do we need to do when we get this back to Earth?”

“I’d have to come back with you to show you.  It’d be easier to let me do it but this deity that Frika passed onto me,” she jerked her thumb in his direction, “won’t let me.  She’s hell bent on murder.”

Frika sighed.  The green hue of the sky had taken on a bright neon color.  The land itself rotted  around them, starting with the sky. He swallowed hard.  “I’m thinking if the strikes continue on the various city-states while we make our escape back to Earth then you can do this?”

“It’s much better if we stay here and infiltrate them.”

He wanted to stop her and shut the idea down.  But he couldn’t. Mate that she was, she was also someone who possessed knowledge he and the rest of the Black Angus did not.  “What do you think, Anya?”

Anya shrugged. “What choice do we have?”

Frika’s lips pursed together in a thin line. “We need better control over your deity my sweet.”  His eyes narrowed and groin hardened.

Backing up against the wall, Siddella put her hands up defensively. “Don’t look at me like that.”

He kept his voice to a low whisper.  “I can help you control her.”

She started to stand but fell back against the wall and on her ass.  “No!” She looked at him with wide eyes.

He stepped closer to her and held out his hand. With her snow white hair framing her face, she looked almost like a porcelain doll wearing an oversized coat.  His heart beat an extra time at the fact that his tiny mate was not only skilled but nearly as stubborn as he was.  “You’re the only faery I’ve ever met that rejected their sexuality.  Do you realize you’d have more power if you’d accept yourself?”

Pulling the coat over her naked body, she looked away.

He knelt down before her and took her head in his fingers.  Lifting her chin to meet his gaze, he studied her, noted flecks of gold in her dual colored red and silver eyes.  She smelled of Unseelie, scents that reminded him of times of old.

Her bottom lip quivered.

Softly, he brushed his lips over hers.  “You don’t have to fear me.”

“I don’t!”  She retorted but the words didn’t come out as though they held meaning.

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According To Ditter: Male Romance Authors…Thoughts?


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Lucky Seven

I was tagged by the beautiful Cristal Ryder for this, so here’s the rules:  The Rules:
Go to page 77 of your current MS.
Go to line 7.
Copy down the next 7 lines/sentences, and post them as they’re written. No cheating.
Tag 7 other victims …er, authors.

From Burning for Derrick (Had to break rules)

Her first orgasm rolled through her body hard enough to shake him.  Moaning louder with each thrust against him, her muscles squeezed every inch of his length.  “Come for me, Sonja,” Derrick wrapped his arms around her waist and tried to roll his hips against her.

Her mouth sealed around his, she inhaled.  No doubt she picked up the scent of cigars, of his lust and heady sex.

If he wanted to, he could overpower her, roll her on her back and make her submissive, just what the puma wanted.  But he wouldn’t.  Stubborn, it’d only piss her off.  There was no need to force her submission when she distracted him beyond delight by merely holding his shaft tightly.

She squeezed him and slammed down on him.  With an arm free, she pushed against him and had him on his back.

The puma growled in annoyance.

Derrick could give a shit.  Creamy heat enveloped his shaft and drew him closer to his own release with each pump.  Each breath, every moan, brought them closer together.


Em. Lynley
Kiernan Kelly
Dawn Montgommery
Em Petrova
Liz Crowe
Lani Rhea
Amber Rose Thompson

DragonCON Photos

Thought I’d post a few pictures from recent DragaoCONs.  I didn’t get to get too many this past year because my phone crapped out much of the time, but I have photos from previous years of people who repeated their costumes.  Some of the things people spend money on are amazing!  The time put into the costumes seems endless and the reward, well you’ll have to see.


DragonCON 2009 Warning, I’m not the best photographer of all.  In fact, I suck quite frankly but my friend Kayelle Allen got a ton of photos from the previous years at DragonCON and those photos are amazing.  She’s much better at that sort of thing than I am.  The variety of costumes though isn’t limited to just science fiction/fantasy, hell we saw Lt. Dangle from Reno 911 there!

My purpose the last three years has been to promote myself, Sizzler Editions and be on panels.  I think after this last year I’ve firmly established myself as an erotic author expert, being on the panels with Kayelle Allen, Kiernan Kelly, Shadowdance (BDSM Panels) and other wonderful people.  This past year I was enthusiastic to know one of my new friends is Gigi, a staffer who helped me out tremendously in planning for next year’s DragonCON.


The official count of the convention lists around 50,000 people but I’ve been around that many people.  (It’s overwhelming!) but I’d say the numbers were closer to 90,000 people.  Yet, you’re constantly around your closets, geekiest and in some cases, kinkiest friends.

The fun is in trying to navigate the different tracks, get through the large crowds and still see everything you want to see.  I spent a lot of time outside smoking cigars and drinking with friends, new fans and old ones while talking about my books, their favorite authors, what brought them to DragonCON and more.

I have to post the next picture for my friend Stella Price as she and I are both avid Venture Bros. Fans.  But she’s hardcore!  This past year she spent most of her time at the Venture track!  He and Dr. Girlfriend were represented as was 21.

This is probably THE convention I look forward to all year long actually. Thank Goddess for my handler and roommate, Meowwl, for all her support, help and in keeping me calm after dealing with so many people…

2012 is going to be badass…


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