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New COVER ART for lovers of #shifters and #OpethPack #Wolves

Plus a steamy excerpt!  Oh and soon to be an update soon to The Opeth Pack Home!

Cover for Raining KissesUntil then, enjoy this excerpt with the new cover art for Raining Kisses!  Book TWO of the Opeth Pack Saga

Nicholaus mused over how badly some people drove down Central Avenue late at night. Odd that some people were dumb enough to not show good driving skills, knowing the cops in Albuquerque were such fascists about the dumbest things like slightly overshooting a left turn. Even if the wind was blowing hard enough to make driving difficult, which it was tonight, the cops would still pull someone over if they even thought the driver was under the influence.

Thankfully, Nicholaus didn’t have to worry about that problem right now. It took wolves much longer to get drunk.

Watching passing cars drive down Central Avenue was amusing to him. Standing on the balcony of his loft, he puffed on a large cigar, sending clouds of smoke billowing towards the somewhat cloudy sky. Another deep draw sent more smoke off towards the Hyatt Hotels, blurring the red and green lights atop the multi-story towers.

Nicholaus pulled his leather jacket tighter around broad shoulders. He pulled his ponytail free of his collar. Running long fingers through thick hair, he readjusted his ponytail and let it sweep over his slender waist.

A few people walked by, couples sometimes, sometimes groups. Talking, holding hands, laughing or acting drunk, they were all the same to him.

Stupid humans.

Well, most of them. Occasionally he spotted a lone wolf walking down the street, heading towards the nearly hundred fifty bars located in downtown, most of which resided off Central.

In another hour, dancing would be starting at The Library with the girls and their lovely short plaid schoolgirl skirts. The Coliseum, kitty corner from his loft, had just turned on their lights announcing they were open for the younger, more urban crowd.

How he missed those days, chasing the young skirts, barely old enough to get into a club, let alone buy alcohol. He’d had his share of women hit on him. Alas, he’d turned most of them down, even the ones who practically threw themselves at him. Every once in a while, there had been another wolf who came along, scenting his arousal, hoping she would find a mate. It had been hard shooting down so many beautiful women, but somehow, he’d managed. He felt too old to be fucking everything that moved and had breasts.

Looking out his balcony, he swore he saw two familiar faces. He leaned his large body over the metal railing and long strands of dark hair fell over his face. He caught sight of a pretty redhead dressed in a white cloak. Her companion, slightly taller with darker red hair, wore form fitting jeans that made her ass look oh so delectable. The first woman wore boots and black jeans and had a young face. The other woman’s tight shirt hugged glorious round breasts snugly, showing some cleavage.

He swore he knew those two—wolves?

“Lukina?” He whispered the word silently.

His breath hitched in his throat. The other wolf…Katarina?

Puffing on his cigar, he blew two thick clouds of smoke down towards the street before stepping back from the edge of the balcony, hoping he hadn’t been seen or scented.

The last thing he wanted to do tonight was revisit an old wound.

He took another long drag from his cigar and set it down on the ash tray, exhaling another large cloud of smoke that circled above his head. Reaching behind him, he grabbed the glass of beer he’d poured and took a long sip, finishing the drink. It was time for bed anyway.

Hell, he wondered what the fuck Lukina and Katarina were doing in New Mexico anyway. Last he’d heard, Lukina and Ilona, the two main pack healers, had found the new pack Alpha.

The poor bastard in charge would soon regret his decision. His destiny apparently was to lead the pack to a heaven that didn’t exist.

Slowly he backed away from the balcony and walked into the warmth of his loft.

He shut the glass door, locked it, and went to the bedroom space. While he undressed and pulled back the sheets on his oversized bed his stomach started to sink. Something was up.


Stripping, Nicholaus crawled into bed and pulled the covers over his head. He didn’t want to deal with whatever was coming his way, even if she was full figured and had lips like velvet. And damnit, Lukina was with her too. That was never a good sign.

He remembered the last time he’d seen Katarina and closed his eyes with the memories. She was hugging Krystyna, their other lover, tightly. Tears were streaming down both their faces while they waved goodbye to him and begged him not to leave Hungary.

Sighing heavily, he recalled the day after he’d boarded the plane to America. Having to hear more prophetic bullshit from their current Alpha, who happened to be losing his mind; was enough to make anyone want to leave the pack.

The looks on others’ faces when he walked down the dirt streets filled him with trepidation he had no desire to deal with.

After killing Katarina’s brother and father and blacking out, he realized the graveness of his nature. Since then, he’d refused to kill again. Swore the awakening of his true nature was more dangerous to his loved ones and the world at large.

He hated himself for wishing they would forget him. He drove him mad to think he could forget his wolf nature but he despised himself as a wolf. At least the humans didn’t have the pull of murder.

Yeah, they killed. Sure, there were numerous hopeless cases out there but the majority of humans he’d come in contact with seemed decent.

Unable to stand how the only true love he’d ever received came from them. Even now, ten years later, it burned him to think of how he’d rejected their love by leaving Hungary and the pack.

“Oh well.” He sighed heavily and rolled over to one side. Fluffing his pillow, he rested his head on it and prayed for dreamless sleep.

* * * *

Jarred from sleep by a loud knocking sound at his door, Nicholaus shouted, “All right damnit! I’m coming!”

Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Nicholaus padded towards the door. He remembered who he’d seen earlier and his stomach sank. He did not need a visit from Lukina or Katarina.

Especially Katarina.

Slipping his robe over his shoulders, he belted it and brushed long strands of his hair out of his face. A quick glance at the clock told him it was well after two a.m. Hell, he sniffed feminine scents and alcohol from the door. Shit. He didn’t have time to fully open the door before he was assaulted by a pair of tiny arms and a flurry of hair.


Caught off balance, he stumbled a few steps back; Lukina wrapped her arms around his frame before he could catch himself against the wall. “Lukina, what brings you and,” he glanced at Katarina and narrowed his eyes, “her here at this hour?”

Lukina pulled away and looked up at him with a smile. Her ruby red lips were kissable; the bastard who loved her was certainly blessed. “We thought we’d visit our favorite missing pack brother.”

“Bullshit, Lukina. Whenever you show up, something is always wrong. You always have bad news. What do you want?”

She let go and stepped back, raising her chin to meet his gaze. Deep ocean blue eyes held an angry stare. “I’m not fond of being the messenger, but it’s what I am apparently at the moment. Also, I don’t bring bad news. I bring—”

He cleared his throat. “Don’t say it. Prophecy, right?”

She nodded. “I am not fond of how the universe has chosen to send messages, but it’s the way things work. Like Józsi, and Marco before him, deal with it.”

Les’s words still rang true. He’d set shit in motion, apparently. She could be so grown up at times that it was almost irritating. “And Katarina?”

Moving strands of hair out of her face, she looked up. Her pout said it all, she was still angry with him. Her features had filled out nicely, he noted as she rubbed her arms together, covering taut nipples beneath her blouse. “I am not here of my own volition. I wouldn’t have come here if she hadn’t insisted.”

He nodded. “I understand.” His heart ached at the thought that she didn’t want to see him as much as he wanted to see her.

Lukina shoved her way past Nicholaus with a force that bumped him into the wall with oomph.

“What do you think you’re doing, little girl?” he straightened his shoulders and stalked after her.

She looked over her shoulder and glared. “Letting myself in, since you’re such a rude host.”

He put his hand to his forehead. “I wouldn’t be a rude host if I had known to expect company.”

“You did know. We smelled your cigars earlier.”

He swallowed hard. “Damnit,” he mumbled under his breath. “What do you want?”

“We need you to come home,” Lukina started to speak, but Katarina’s hand went over her mouth. “We have a situation.”

A shudder raced through him but he managed to keep his voice even. “What? Tell me what’s going on, Katarina.”

She met his stare with wide eyes. Standing before him reminded him how good she looked with her chest nearly busting out of her black top. Long red hair had been pulled back out of her face, but tears formed in the pools of her beautiful green eyes. She shivered and hugged herself.

When she wouldn’t respond, he grabbed his former mate by the elbow and tugged her inside, urging Lukina to follow. “Get in here, both of you.” He shut the door and watched Katarina’s expression.

She stopped, stared down the white walled corridor that banked off to the left, then back out the window in front of her. She wasn’t tracking, clearly.

The heater kicked on, a low rumble that startled Katarina. She looked up at the huge vents and aluminum piping overhead.

“Heater, drágám.” He pointed up at the large silver vent.

She nodded.

“Got anything to drink?” Lukina pushed past them and headed toward the living area.

Nicholaus shifted his gaze on Lukina. “You’re not old enough to drink, little girl. Not in this country, nor among the humans.”

Her boots stopped and echoed on the concrete floor. She looked over her shoulder, glared at him and then strode down the hall. “We don’t and have never abided by their laws, remember? Or have you lived among them too long and forgotten our ways?”

Ouch. He sighed heavily. “There’s an open bottle of port on the counter. Bring three glasses.”

Lukina sauntered around the corner toward the kitchen, leaving Nicholaus alone with Katarina in the long hallway.

Musk and earth wafted over his nose, along with the keen smell of wolf hovering just below the surface of her smooth, dark skin. How she managed to hide the extra magic she possessed amazed him. He wondered if she’d come into her full power yet. By the scent of her aura, he’d guessed she hadn’t.

He stared into her eyes, searched their depths and wanted to beg her forgiveness instantly. In a second, he shut the thought down and forced himself to refocus his energy and thoughts on why they were here.

In the twinkle of her eyes, he swore he saw tears forming. Yet she met his stare once again with an upturned chin, before turning around, glancing at the floor and walking away.

Nicholaus let out a harsh breath, pulled her into his arms and held her head against his chest.

Slowly, Katarina wrapped her arms around him and let her hands search out for comfort.

Fingers caressed his skin and sent a tremor through him. He looked down, kissed the top of her head gently. Her skin shouldn’t have been this cold, her inner wolf should have given her plenty of body heat. She hadn’t fed. “Hug me, szerető.

Her grip around him tightened until she was flush with him. Her head nestled in the crook of his neck.

Slowly, Nicholaus caressed her hair, tugged at the braid of silken smoothness. Suddenly, his nose picked up the sweet, earthen scents of Hungary.

Of home.

Warm tears fell on his shoulder.

Drágám, what’s wrong?”

“Get me that drink and we’ll talk.” She spoke low into his shoulder, her words vibrating along his skin. Even in tears, her voice caressed his ears like a siren song.

Igen.” He helped her around the corner, down the hallway, and sat her down on his leather couch against a wall with large windows that overlooked 6th Street.

She turned around, looking out through the wall of windows before her gaze returned to him. Katarina sniffled, wiped her nose with the back of her sleeve and set her hands down in her lap. “The mountains off in the distance are nice. This is some view you have.”

He nodded. “Indeed.”

Lukina joined them and handed them both glasses filled with port.

Nicholaus took his glass, sniffed it and inhaled the aromas of dark berry, raisin and tobacco. After only a sip, he set his glass down on the table beside the couch. “Will this help your nerves?”

Katarina looked at Lukina.

Lukina nodded and took a sip of port. “It’s safe here.”

Katarina nodded again, tentatively picked up her glass and looked at the dark red alcohol. Bringing the glass to her lips, she downed the entire contents in one shot. “Another, please.”

“Okay.” Lukina took her glass and refilled it. She looked up at Nicholaus, “We have business to discuss, Nicholaus.”

He moved closer to Katarina, aware of her free hand now in his and how tight she gripped him. “I gathered that. Is this going to be a really long night? It’s already after two AM.'”

“Well,” Lukina paused, took another sip and then set her glass on the glass coffee table. “It depends.”

He sighed, arched a brow in irritation. When Lukina showed up, he’d heard she’d become the new pack messenger. That usually meant terrible things were on the way. While he’d not maintained contact with anyone from the Opeth pack, he’d still been informed of goings on through the mental pathways where words traveled with less restriction. “On what?”

“On whether you decide to help us or not.” Lukina’s stare pierced through any hope he had for a short and simple resolution.

“Of course,” Nicholaus finished his glass and handed it to Lukina. “Refill it.” Shifting his weight from one foot to the other, he looked down at the hand in his, let his gaze travel up her arm and stopped at her face. Tears silently slid down her cheeks from dark green eyes, making him ache to kiss those tears away like he had so many times in the past.

He shook the thought off. This was a new land and he was not pack.

Lukina acknowledged him, refilled all three glasses then planted herself in the chair beside the couch. “You’ll want to sit for this.”

He shook his head, “I prefer to stand, thank you.” At least he did until he’d glanced at Katarina’s sad, desperate eyes. “Okay, I’ll have a seat beside Katarina.”

Nicholaus moved a pillow, plopped down beside Katarina. Reluctantly, he threw his arm around her. When she didn’t flinch at the contact, he pulled her closer. Found her body temperature warming slightly, probably from the alcohol.

As upset as he was for having been interrupted, he couldn’t help himself. Snuggling closer to Katarina seemed natural, save for the absence of Krystyna on his other side as the third in their supposedly undying bond. “What’s so important?”

Lukina crossed her legs, looked back toward the mountains in the distance. “I love what you’ve done with the place.” She reached for her port.

Gritting his teeth, Nicholaus leaned forward. “While I don’t mind the interruption of former pack mates, I do mind losing sleep. So you’d better start telling me why you’re both here.”

Katarina began sobbing into his shoulder.

Smoothing a hand down her back, he pulled her tighter to him, holding her and rocking her back and forth gently just like he used to do when they were younger.

Her tears pooled on his shoulder. He used the cloth of the robe to gently wipe away her tears, then pushed her back and looked into her large, round eyes. It hit him then. “Where is Krystyna?” Another pack healer, she shared in the triad that should have included Nicholaus and Katarina before he left.

Lukina lifted her head, “You know we have a new Alpha.”

“Yes. And?”

“Józsi took over after he’d killed Kiba. The necessity of his ascending to the rank of Alpha is predicating Prophecy is coming true, despite some stubborn males,” she almost spat the last two words out, “desire to avoid responsibility.”

He lowered his gaze. “I could care less about prophecy. Where is Krystyna?”

“Prophecy has dictated that Józsi would rule our pack for a time until his rule has passed. In such time, we would have great enemies.”

He narrowed his focus to just Lukina, glaring sharp daggers at her. She clearly wanted to remind him of duties he shirked years ago and nothing more. The least she could do was answer his question. “Again,” his impatience ran thin by now, “You’re quoting bullshit nobody need bother me with. Where. Is. Krys?”

“She’s been kidnapped.” Katarina blurted the words out, then began to sob.

Nicholaus stiffened and felt his blood turn cold. “What? How the hell could that be? She’s a strong warrior and can fend off any attackers. Who did this and who let this happen?”

Katarina sobbed louder and fell forward into his lap.

“Son of a bitch…” Nicholaus shifted his weight on the couch so he lay against the arm. He pulled Katarina into his embrace, stroked her sides and arms in an attempt to calm her.

She rested her head against his stomach and wrapped both arms around him while his robe muted her cries.

Nicholaus ran his fingers through her long dark red hair. He massaged her scalp, tried to send calming energy into her but found himself unable, probably from exhaustion. Of course he hadn’t had to use much energy since he’d been in the States.

No need when you rarely went out other than to function as a human and occasionally as a wolf.

Of course his body couldn’t ignore the fact that her head was by his hardening groin. Of course he’d felt the throes of lust the second he’d spotted her earlier but he’d refused to acknowledge them, preferring to retire alone with his hand for the night.

Her nails dug into his bicep, bringing him back to the matter at hand.

“You did,” Lukina glared back at him, daggers in her gaze.

He stiffened. “Little girl—”

Lukina loomed forward, hard to do for such a little girl compared to Nicholaus, but she still could cut down a grown man with her sharp tongue. “No, you left, you bastard. You left your mates to die at the hands of a murderous Alpha just like my bastard mate did before we recovered him.” Lukian’s voice rose in pitch, indicative of her infamous temper.

Nicholaus’s jaw set. Yes, her seething expression put him off but he couldn’t be bothered with that. The first course of action was to figure out who kidnapped Katarina’s lover. “Skip the past bullshit, woman. Who took her?”

He tried again to ease Katarina’s sorrow but found himself lacking in the energy department. The heat in the room rose along with Lukina’s seething expression.

“The males of this pack are fucking stupid.” She cocked her hand back to toss the glass toward the island in his kitchen.

Before he clenched his fists, Katarina lifted her head.

In an instant, the air calmed, Lukina’s energy waned and things returned to normal.

Surely this was Katarina’s healing power.

“I’m sorry,” Lukina drew out a sigh. “I’m just so frustrated.” She closed her eyes, let her shoulders relax, then faced Nicholaus. “A rival pack is waging war against us, Nicholaus. They’re trying to throw the Hungarian wolves out of our lands. They’ve succeeded already by overtaking a few of the smaller packs on the outskirts of the country and have decided to move inward.”

“Do you know who is leading them?”

She shook her head. “No, not a clue. We know it’s a bunch of Turkish wolves and that the night I left to come back for Józsi and Ilona, they ransacked the village Krystyna was healing in. They kidnapped her and a few others who were loyal to Kiba.”

“Kiba’s dead now. It shouldn’t matter.” He rubbed his chin and breathed out a sigh.

“Right. But we’re a new pack now with Józsi coming into his true position.”

Nicholaus rubbed his chin, “So what now?”

“We need you to come back with us and assume your position beside Józsi.”

The blood in his veins turned to ice. He stiffened, jerked back against the couch and felt like he’d been punched in the gut. “I don’t understand. You can’t mean…”

No. Not again. That was not the fate he’d had in mind for himself. Quiet retirement among the humans suited him better than being the one responsible for more blood being spilled.

“You have a gift. You used it to protect your lovers once. You can—”

“I used it to protect them but I had to deal with the aftermath and fall out. Do you know what it’s like being an outcast? Because you did what supposedly came natural to you? We’re killers and aggressors, Lukina. That is our nature.”

“And we’re pack mates and a family. That is also our nature.”

Katarina’s words stunned him into silence.

“You don’t have to,” she sniffled, “If you don’t want to but…”

He didn’t want to hear this shit. Not after what Lukina was asking of him.

“You don’t have to come back and slaughter an entire hoard, that’s what I’m saying,” Lukina cut into his thoughts. “We need all the males we can get to help. Józsi as Alpha is doing the best he can but he’s only helping us build and rather resources while we still go out and find the lost members of this pack. Some of you didn’t leave by choice.”

“You say that as though my leaving was a bad thing.”

Lukina glared.

He looked away, turning his gaze on the mountains in the distance. At this hour, the urban hip hop club was shut down and their neon blue lights had been cut off. Street lights remained the only way humans could see. His wolf’s vision trumped humans and allowed him to see into the mountains. He sighed, unable to fathom the consequences of what Lukina asked of him.

“Has the pack not solidified under Józsi’s rule to become a force again?”

Lukina shook her head. “He’s having trouble adjusting, going through mood swings, addictions, time differences and relearning the cycle of what it means to be a wolf. Something some of us will never forget.”

He didn’t miss the bite of her words. Nicholaus narrowed his eyes. “Go on.”

“So yes, we have a new, non-crazy Alpha but he acts erratically sometimes. No, before you ask, he’s not sick. He’s not adjusting well.”

“Józsi never wanted the position of pack alpha.”

“No. But he can’t fight fate.” Katarina lifted her head again and met Nicholaus’s gaze. Her green eyes burned with desperation, pleading him to ask more questions.

“No,” he sighed heavily, rested a hand on the back of Katarina’s head, “I suppose no one can in the end, can they?”

She shook her head. “It’s all you have to do. Come home. No one is asking you to use your gift, just give us one more able body in search of Krystyna.”

The syrupy softness in her voice made his heart pound. Imagine that, after all this time.

Not like he’d ever forget.

She batted her eyelashes.

Air fled his lungs at the simple gesture. Yes, she would use her body to pull him, all the women of the pack did that with their true mates. Nicholaus fought the urge to swallow, lest he show fear and renege on his vow to avoid pack politics.

Her hand slithered up his chest, fingers spread.

Warmth flooded his chest, spread throughout each limb, including the one currently cradled beneath her belly and his pants. “This isn’t fair, Katarina.”

“Neither was letting us go, but you did it anyway.”


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Happy Holidays from The Bad Boy of Romance

STUCK CoverOfficially, the 17th is my last day in the office for the year for both editing and writing.  I have no desire to do much but read and hang out, catch up on cleaning and chores that have been piling up.  It’s been a long year, not a bad one, but a busy one.

Year in Recap: Taught Male POV for CalWriters Berkeley LIVE for the first time

Frolicon – back to back panels on Saturday, hanging with Cecilia Tan, LaDonna Allison and Barefoot Bill, (smoking on their porch at night talking to LaDonna!)  Also, the Cigar Herf!
DragonCON 2012 – more appearances, more  panels, more Sascha, and more cigar herfing!
New covers posted below!
TesseracT –  Those who followed my journey writing Paula’s Craving understand.
The Gathering – New Album called Disclosure makes me think of a certain Moldovan Pen Pal…we’ve talked more lately.  It’s good to have a reminder of who I am.
Releases, “Treasure’s Gift” “Menage Bound“, “Stuck” and “Dark Sensualities
All the RWA Classes I’ve taught this year, thank you each and every one of you!
My agents of awesomeness, for pulling me off the cliff when I was about to jump – Saritza and Marisa.
My Publicist Deborah Riley Magnus
Mary Hardin-Moore – you’re one simply hell of a fan.
Melissa, you’re awesome sauce.  Thank you for all you do for me at DragonCON
My beta readers, old, new, up coming
TreasuresGiftFinalMedMy publishers
New opportunities
Ditter baby!
Waking up every day
I think I reconnected with a part of me I’d buried both as an author and a person.

Bad things –

Fun with coumadin and alcohol: November’s hospital trip
Fun trying to catch a bus and only running maybe 200 meters, resulting in a hospital trip because I’m BACK in goddamn Afib.
Because of a careless asshole from PG&E, I was walking home one night and tripped on a grate, shoving most of my left leg through the tiny circle.  I’m still bruised.
The closing of Grants Tobacconist – This is important because it’s a historical landmark AND I spent a LOT of downtime there.  Thanks for the memories, guys.
Misunderstandings that led to another cliff I almost launched myself from
Waking up every day since the last hospital trip and not knowing what I’m getting up for or why.

Looks like overall the good outweighed the bad.  It tends to do that honestly.  Yeah, some things conflict, oh well. That’s life.

Now, an excerpt for the holidays  from Her Shelter –  An Alexandria Rayne treat

A few moments later, Reinhold made his way downstairs, dressed sans collar. He wanted to make a statement to Crissy. He was not to be taken lightly. He was a wolf.
She was a human. Powerful or not, she was the weaker one.
Moments later, he leaned against the granite countertop, sipping a cup of coffee before pouring his owner one. Smelling Crissy’s scent mixed in with the peppery aroma of the winter outside, he picked up the cup of coffee and blew on it, letting the steam waft towards his face. Crissy came in through the swinging doors, her lips pursed in a thin line. Dressed in black hip-hugging jeans, black socks and a grey shirt that had a large skull across her breasts, she wore her hair tied back. It was still damp like his.
Picking up the cup of coffee, he handed it to her.
She accepted it without a word. Taking a long sip, she set the cup down on the countertop and looked him in the eye.
For a minute, neither said a word. Their gazes locked with him feeling the intensity of her stare. Goddess, how he thought her eyes were the most beautiful he’d ever seen. darksens_sascha_2She’d

hidden so much of herself from him in the last several weeks since they’d been together, yet he picked up everything unspoken because she couldn’t look at him without giving a part of herself away.
“Is my collar not good enough for you?” She interrupted the silence.
Lifting his head, his eyes widened. “It’s fine.”
“Then why aren’t you wearing it?” She tapped her neck.
“It needed to dry. And you need—” He stopped. Closing his eyes, he searched for the words. Inhaling her scent, he picked up on the addition of cayenne. She was clearly annoyed with him.
“I need what, Reinhold?”
He opened his eyes to see her arms folded across her chest.
Returning to his coffee, he said nothing.
She stepped forward and put a finger in his chest. “What do I need?”
“Skip it,” he growled in response. The wolf inside of him let his ears lay flat across his head, a show of annoyance.
“No,” she argued. “What is it you so desperately think I need that you’d mention it not once, but twice? Tell me. I’d like to know.” She stepped back and crossed her arms over her chest again.
Looking down the line of her body, he resisted the urge to lick his lips in front of her. Reinhold didn’t want her having any advantage over him now. His body was already begging for another taste of hers, another touch, another kiss. His heart ached at the lack of contact but he mentally told himself to shut the fuck up.
“I’m waiting.” She tapped her foot.
Reinhold met her gaze. Something flashed in her eyes that looked like sorrow or some other sad emotion. Suddenly, it clicked in his mind. Crissy was scared and feeling a little protective. He wasn’t sure why, but her actions no longer seemed assholish. They reminded him of his own defensive manoeuvres.
He cleared his throat. “You’re—” He stopped, studying her. She stood with her shoulders back, breasts jutting forward and her chin out. The challenging glare in her eyes sparked the attention of the wolf inside him.

Still, Reinhold tamped the beast down. If he was to be a successful alpha, he would have to stop going off on people as though they were stupid.
Crissy wasn’t stupid. She just acted that way as a defensive move.
“I’m what?” She tilted her head to one side.
“You’re beautiful,” he spoke in a low tone. Reaching for her hair, he touched her, the soft strands slipping through his fingers.
An eyebrow rose. “I didn’t expect that.” Her voice was gravelly, diffused.
“What did you expect?” Reinhold sipped his coffee, smiling as he looked over the rim of his mug at her.
“I expected to be told what a bitch I’ve been. Not that I care, but it’s what everyone says.”
He smirked. “Even your sisters?”
Crissy nodded. “Yeah. Well, not in so many words. Lynne thinks I need to open up and get out more. She thinks I lack contact with others. I told her others bore me. Others do not thrill me.”
“You want someone dangerous and exciting, don’t you?”
She smiled. “Yeah,” she let the word drag on as a smile crept up her face.
“It’s why you want me.”
She frowned.
Setting his cup down on the counter, he took hers from her and poured another cup for her. “Why the frown?”
“I don’t like being analysed.” She spoke matter-of-factly.
He snickered. “Fine. Let’s play twenty questions then.”
She grinned, her lips turning upwards into a smile that actually made his heart flutter. “You’re cute.”
“Question one, why the attitude problem?”
“See?” She set a hand on her hip. “Already a bad start.”
He shot her a wry grin. “Masochistic tendencies?”
She sipped her coffee and smiled. “Yup, you’re cute.”

“You love it.” His smile was sincere. Reinhold licked his lips and took a step closer. Determined to get what he wanted, a physical release, he made sure to keep his posture somewhat submissive.
“Next question?”
“Why do you always insist on making me submit? It’s against my nature as a wolf.” He touched her shoulder.
She flinched. A moment later, she eased into his hand. “Because you’re mine. All wolves are mine and will submit to me.”
“Hmm.” He bent over her, scenting for arousal. “I could kill you though. If I let my human form drop in mid-fuck, the pain would tear you apart.”
“I’m pretty resistant that way.” She smirked.
“True.” He nodded. “But you hope I’d never do that to you. Doubt is always in the back of your mind. Isn’t it?”
“Is that question three?” she frowned.
His lips hung just in front of hers. He smelled the coffee, rich black cocoa mixed in with her natural aromas. Gone were the spicy scents from earlier which had been replaced by roses. “Odd, you smell of roses.”
A blonde eyebrow rose. “I do?”
His tongue darted out over her lips. A hand cupped her shoulder and pulled her closer. “Yes. You do.” He purposely let his canines extend.
She jerked back, but the defiant gaze in her eyes reappeared. “You’re trying to frighten me?”
A smile crept over his lips. He shook his head. “Why would I do that? I’m trying to seduce you.” His voice dropped a notch. Fangs in his mouth lengthened.
Her hands went to his sides. Sliding up the length of his body, she captured his face in her hands and pressed her lips into his.
Reinhold tasted the coffee along with her supple lips.
Nibbling on his lower lip, she suckled and flicked her tongue over the contours of his mouth before pulling back from the kiss.
He made a noise and let his fingers tangle in her baby fine hair. Grabbing a handful, he tugged her mouth away and dragged his teeth along the smooth edge of her jaw, making sure to nip and nibble frequently.
Her body shuddered against his, crushing her breasts into his chest. Her fingers held his head firmly as her mouth worked a trail of kisses up his neck and to his mouth.
Pulling away, Reinhold cocked his head to one side.
“What’s the matter, no longer feeling like the aggressor?” Her voice was a faint whisper.
Snickering, Reinhold shook his head before advancing for another kiss. “No,” he muttered against her mouth, smelling the faint traces of her musky arousal. “Waiting and observing.”
“For what?” Her mouth continued a sensual assault on his, her tongue thrusting past his lips.
Suckling on her tongue, he let her explore his mouth, his body hardening against hers. He’d been letting her control the kiss he’d initiated. Her tongue wrestled his for control until her hands slid down his body, cupping his swollen prick through his jeans. He wanted this, wanted her. But…
He had to wait.
He broke from the kiss. “Impatient, Mistress?”
Panting, Crissy shook her head. “No. Just making sure you’re not trying to top from the bottom again. You’re fun. That shit’s cute with my sister but not with me.” She gave him a grin and turned on her heels to leave. Walking out of the kitchen, she stopped at the door. “And remember, that’s my cock and you’re not to lay a hand on it unless I say so.” With that, she pushed through the door and walked away.
At least he’d made her smile and break away from that damned stolid image she’d always put out, even if it was just momentarily.
She’d poked her head back through the door. “One more thing, Reinhold?”
“Yes?” He looked up.
“If you want my collar back, I suggest you do something to earn it, young pup. Bye!” She slipped through the door and was gone.
His mouth dropped. “Lynne didn’t do that! It’s not fair!” Of course, he hadn’t received Lynne’s collar yet. Doubt that he would earn such a treasure filled his mind.
He heard her whistling a tune before footsteps sounded on the stairs.
Without his collar, he was just a submissive, not belonging to someone. What the fuck did that matter though? He was a wolf, they didn’t belong. They owned. They conquered,
Fuck the D/s aspect of their relationship. Reinhold knew it had to be that wolves were a gift to the sisters from Diana, but he didn’t have to like it.
Still, the burning pit in his stomach let him know he’d fucked up. Crissy had been the first to offer, but he stupidly forgot to put it back on after he finished his shower. Well, to be honest he didn’t forget. The gesture was done deliberately to spite Mistress Crissy.
The fact was that he was a wolf. He was never a bottom. He was a wolf who had control stripped from him at a young age. Memories of a rough childhood filled his mind, the beatings when others thought he was the weak member of the pack.
In his teenage years, he proved them wrong but was repeatedly told he’d become too aggressive.
When he entered the business world, he’d made sure to study the habits of successful humans. Those humans kept their emotions in check no matter what the perception of others. Those in power were in power for a reason.
Quite simply, they believed they were in power.
He scoffed. Wolves and humans were not so different after all. The realisation that Crissy had offered a piece of herself to him struck him in the gut with enough force to knock the wind out of him. Annoyed that he was actually fighting his baser instinct with his human one, Reinhold spun around and glanced out the window. Snowfall had dusted the tree tops and ground. The strong pull of the forest called to him. So did the call of Diana’s bond with the sisters, the bond that was ultimately a human one.
Clenching his fists, he stormed out of the kitchen. He had to apologise. Had to—
Stopping in his tracks, he realised he had to do something else other than apologise.
Reinhold had to beg his mistress for her collar.
A thousand more thoughts flew through his head. He didn’t know she was offering a permanent collar. Didn’t realise he was never to take it off. He even thought that he could tell her that she made him so hot and bothered that he simply forgot to put it back on after his shower, but ultimately the mistake was his. He’d simply taken the gesture for granted.
It wasn’t hard to do. She did tend to come off as callous and unfeeling much of the time he’d spent with her.
Was that enough to make him miss the grand gesture?
He lowered his head. He didn’t know.
Whatever she’d make him do to earn his collar would be way worse than him having to eat his own cum out of her sweet, delicious pussy.
“Fuck.” He set a hand on the door frame. “Fuck, fuck and more fuck!”

A Little Alexandria Rayne action on amazon

Interview yesterday went up at All I Want and More

Over the next few weeks I’m promoting an oldie but goodie, one of my earlier contemporary romances, “Stuck”

The fabulous folks at All I Want and More decided to have some fun.  Questions answered included something about me that can’t be googled, what’s on my nightstand and well…you get the Bad Boy of Romance around a voracious reader and I think we know how this all turns out…

Might have had her naked by the time you read this.

The link for that interview is here.  By the way, she was under me after you read and clicked on that link

Then, while searching for something else, I came across this:  Review of The Playground by Sascha Illyvich from the ladies at The Forbidden Bookshelf

Says the reviewer “A fully enjoyable read and Iʼll be checking out more from the One Night Stand series, as well as from Sascha Illyvich.”

A beta reader got back to me with some badly needed corrections for Stalker, and I’m pretty thrilled about that.  Yeah, there’s a back story on why it’s in my hands again. And I’ll save that for another blog post!

I’m pretty pleased with how things have fallen into place while I’ve been busy on another project.

Writers might be interested in my upcoming Passionate Ink workshop – BDSM In Romance:  Understanding the Lifestyle

Friday Flash Fiction – Tangled Knot of Love

Back story for those who want to know more about Reinhold and his past issues.


Reinhold paced. “Did that deal close?”  Picking up his cell phone, he glanced at his email

Katalin took the phone from him and slipped it in her pocket.

“Yes,” she sighed.  “Don’t be gay.  The money’s there.”

Reinhold reached for Katalin.

She swatted his hand away.  “No.  Come on, let’s go.”

He shoved his hands in his pockets.  “Where are we going?  I have promotions to do, you know.”  Heaving a sigh, Reinhold followed closely behind Katalin, watching the sway of her skirt over her very curvy ass.  He licked his lips but remembered his promise to her.

No sex until he’d de-stressed.

He’d pondered begging for one microsecond but realized no true Alpha would ever beg for something like that.  Besides, Katalin would just bitch at him anyway.

Katalin pulled keys from her purse and slid inside the driver’s seat of her Mercedes.

Reinhold slid in the passenger seat.  “Where are we going?”  Reaching into his pocket, he retrieved the Bluetooth headset and set it into his ear.

“To see someone who can help you.”

His shoulders stiffened.  “I don’t need help.”

Katalin stated the car and pulled onto the freeway.

“Yes.  You do.  You’re a stressed Alpha and it is affecting everything.  Those two deals closed.  That book is in edits now and the manuscript behind it has cover art finished—“

“But there are—“ Two fingers pressed over his lips.

Katalin revved the engine.  “Shush.  It’s been handled.”

Slowly, her fingers whispered over his rough whiskered face.

The drive was silent and led them far from the city.  Occasionally, Reinhold reached for Katalin’s pocket where his phone was but she slapped his hand away and glared at him.

Katalin reached over without looking at him and pulled his tie loose with one hand.

He started to adjust it.

She slapped his hand away.

He glared at her.  “Remember who is Alpha, little girl.”  His tone was curt.

She grimaced.  “Fine,” she stuck her tongue out at him. “But let me do what I need to do, k?”

He sighed and nodded.  The car came up to a large two story Victorian style house that had been repainted recently.  A few kids played in the yard along with an adult male who was very tall.  Reinhold wondered who they were.

When a female came out of the front door, it hit him.

He turned to Katalin.  “You brought me here?”


Reinhold squinted as the full figured female made her way towards the car.  Katalin turned off the ignition and opened her door.

Reinhold followed.

“I knew you’d come.”  The sweet voice echoed the woman’s expression.  “How is he?”

Katalin grinned.  “A bastard as always.  But he’s in need of you, Kathy.”

“Hey!”  Reinhold got out of the car and stood tall, keeping a weary gaze on the dark haired female with thin black rimmed glasses.

“Hey yourself,” she sashayed towards him after hugging Katalin.  “Come this way.”

Reinhold started to offer his hand to her but backed off.

The dark haired woman’s eyes narrowed.  “Don’t mind him.  I told you, it’ll be fine.”

He let out a long breath.  “Okay.”

“Tea, Katalin?” Kathy pulled Reinhold past the two kids and rather large male into the house with Katalin in tow.  The door shut behind them.

Pulse beating loudly, Reinhold looked around at the furniture, a mess of papers, books and things scattered as one would expect in a house full of people

Kathy led them to a large couch.  “Have a seat and I’ll be back in a moment with tea.”

Katalin took a seat, crossing her legs.  Reinhold looked at Katalin.

She smiled, her eyes beaming with amusement.

His brows furrowed. “Little girl, you’re amused.  Why?”

“No reason.”  She giggled.

“I need to check my email, sweetheart.”  He moved but Kathy appeared and set a cup of tea down before Katalin.

Kathy took Reinhold’s outstretched hand in hers.  “Come with me.”

Reinhold took her hand in his and was led down the hallway into a dark bedroom.  “Sit,” Kathy patted a space beside her on the soft bed.

Reinhold sat at the edge of the bed, keeping an eye on the door.  “What’s up?”

Kathy reached for his Bluetooth device and removed it.

“What are you doin—“  Two fingers pressed over his lips.  She tilted her head and smiled.

Her fingers slid over the tie, undoing it and removing it from him.

Reinhold stood, confused.

Kathy brushed her fingers over his cheek.  “I feel it here,” she reached behind his head and freed his hair from the tight braid.  She set the braid on the nightstand beside the bed and sat down.  “Remove your jacket.”

Reinhold did as he was asked and set it aside.

Smiling, Kathy leaned back against the bed and stretched out her legs.  “Come here.” her arms were open.

“I don’t understand.  You’re—“

“A sensualist.  It’s okay,” she patted her lap.  “You’re not going to back away from me now, are you?”

Reinhold shook his hair out and nodded.

“Good.”  Kathy picked up a wooden brush from the nightstand.  “Ready?”

Reinhold inhaled and let out a long, slow breath.  He moved closer to Kathy, cautiously laying his head down on her warm thighs.  “You’re soft.”

Kathy snickered.  “I should hope so.  I’m a woman.”  She began playing with strands of hair, running her fingers through them, brushing them slowly.  Her touch brushed his face occasionally and lingered.

Reinhold closed his eyes and opened himself to her magick.  Slowly, with each brush stroke, with each touch, he felt himself sink a little deeper into relaxation.

A few moments later he opened his eyes to see that a beautiful redhead joined them.  She sat beside them, her hand in his.


“Right here my prince.”  Katalin appeared in the doorway, kneeling before the threesome and resting her head on Reinhold’s thigh.  “Where you always need me.”


More Friday Flash Fiction

Lost and Found
Fae Troubles
Dance of Tails

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Kinky Book Reviews Loves GIft of Her Submission

Review: Gift of Her Submission by Sascha Illyvich

Gift of Her Submission - Male Dominant Female submissive BDSM/bondage romance

Gift of Her Submission
Author: Sascha Illyvich
Publisher: Sizzler Editions
Purchase: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Renaissance

Rating: 4 of 5 kinks!

Book Blurb:
A Man who Lives the Life writes His First Book about Dominant Men and the Women who are Their Slaves! With subs and former subs scattered across the country, bestselling author Sascha Illyvich has waited till now to create a picture of cruel masters who force the women they have chosen to submit and then teach them to love it! By turns savage, ravishing bdsm, and heart-pounding romance The Gift of Her Submission defies description.

Review by Gabrielle:
This book gives us a glimpse into the lives of Ronan and his three submissive’s. Each woman is unique and each one is special in her own way. There is a rubenesque woman who needs help with her self-esteem, a masochistic woman, and a woman who wants to learn and belong.  Each story shows us a pivotal time between each woman and Ronan.  The sex is hot and heavy but we also get to see the relationships that build between Ronan and the women. I enjoyed all of the woman equally. Every story had depth and emotions in it that made me like not only Ronan but the women as well.


Read more here

Read excerpts here

Thank you Kinky Book Reviews!  I’m delighted you enjoyed my book.  I intended for the stories to touch the hearts and minds of the readers.  That’s why I felt this was a powerful look at BDSM and probably why the publisher told me this book had legs.  It’s still one of my highest rated books despite the followup attempts I’ve made to write another best seller in the same vein!

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What’s on Deck for my Erotic Romance Career

Lots of interesting things going on in the world of publishing.  I’ve had a lot going on, including a partial rejection from Red Sage, that was more like a “Fix this issue and we’ll take another look because the story has potential.”  I woke up to that last Saturday and was pretty thrilled despite the hangover and previous bullshit on Friday.  (I’m dealing with government crap right now) I’m also burned out for the year.

That’s right, I have nothing left to create.  What I DO have are four projects in various stages of editing.

  1. Stalker has one scene that needs to be fixed.  Marisa has an issue with how it comes across and what it doesn’t add to the story so I’ve got to fix that.
  2. Burning for Derrick needs a complete editing job, it’s still in 1.5 draft mode.
  3. Submit to Him needs that extra something the editor at Red Sage mentioned.
  4. Surrender to Love needs me to fill out the contract/paperwork and get that back to Decadent Publishing.
  5. Both Burning For Derrick and Stalker have sequels both agents want me to work on.
  6. Oh and there’s a super sekrit project I and Amanda Rhea are undertaking.  Details will emerge on that soon.  Let’s just hope TV can handle it…

Plus I still have my editorial duties at Sizzler as the reviews are coming in from some of our new releases and I couldn’t be more proud!  However this is my AUTHOR platform so I’ll point you over to the Sizzler Editing Blog (mine anyway) in another post.

Plus we’re still getting hype from some of my earlier releases as I seek out reviewers.  I’m pretty happy this time of year, for once, despite how swamped I am.  At least I don’t have to struggle to create something entirely new.  Friday Flash Fiction will be updated until the end of the year then I might make it an archived section on the site.  Who knows.

The final dash for stories!

I promised I’d deliver a Christmas themed story to one house for an anthology, I promised the folks at Decadent I’d have more work for them and with that, I’ll end the year writing and spend more time editing, reading and relaxing.

I think I’ve done pretty well as an author overall this year.  Spent some time talking with both agents Marisa and Saritza about next year, talked to Jean Marie Stine about promotions for Sizzler Intoxications and have a lot going on already.  I haven’t had a lot of releases and that bums me out but the stagnation on the release front doesn’t mean that I haven’t been writing!  Paranormal Erotic Romance featuring hot werewolves, a sexy witch and more!

The Decadent 1NS series has two more titles from me coming once I sit down and write them.  Covenant of Wolves 1: Stalker(Dub M ix) is being shopped around to different publishers by my wonderful print agent, Burning for Derrick I’ll start editing at the end of October! Yay me!  LOL!

It’s been a good ride this year, quite frankly.  I’ve achieved a great deal of back end success.  Much more to come!  Hopefully by the time this has been posted I’ll be halfway through edits on Burning for Derrick!

How about an unedited excerpt?

Derrick woke up in a soft bed. His body ached, his stomach was sore and there were bruises on his forehead and pain in his back.  No doubt he had a few bruises.

He moved to brush strands of hair back from his face and tried not to grunt.  Then he saw the beauty next to him.

Sonja lay beside him still wearing his trench coat, jeans as she had the day before and a top that begged for removal because it was holding back beautiful breasts.

He licked his lips.

Then he stirred.  And pain set in.

Sonja’s eyes opened. She shook.

Quickly, Derrick reached for her, caught her hand and rolled onto his side so he faced her.  “Shh,” he pressed two fingers against her lips.

Tears streamed down her face.

He wanted to kiss them away.

Stilling his mind, he leaned over her and did the one thing he could think of that could distract her from whatever horrors raced through her head.

He kissed her.

She sobbed into the kiss.

Derrick tasted the sweet plumpness of her lips with a soft press of his mouth against hers.  He kept his eyes open, gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

Sonja shifted against the bed and his body.  A hand reached for his face, small yet lithe fingers stroked along his chin.

He hardened instantly at her touch.  Careful to steady his reaction against rising hormones, Derrick pressed his body against hers, feeling the softness of her breasts beneath his jacket.  “You’re still wearing my coat,” he teased while licking her chin.

She laughed and kissed him back, taking his face in her hands while moving beneath him.  “It fits. Perfectly in fact.  I think I’ll keep it.”

He chuckled, a low sound that widened her eyes. Was she scared?  Judging by the way she kept her hands on his face, probably not.  He bent down, nipped her exposed neck and waited a moment. Her pulse beat steadily.  His puma wanted to taste the creature beneath it.

Hands fisted in his hair and dragged his mouth to hers again.  She tasted of fear, yet the powerful thrum of lust rested just at the shoreline of emotions.  He could smell it, taste it.  And with a thumb and forefinger, he caressed a trail of heat down her collarbone into exposed cleavage.

She shuddered, arched her breasts upwards and into him.

Derrick pulled back from the kiss and looked at her.  Red hair sprawled beneath her and fanned out.  Her round face held some color, lips were primed and plump for more kissing.  And the blue-silver of her eyes sparkled. “Maybe you should wear only my coat.”  The possessiveness in him surprised him, but didn’t stop him from making a claim on her.  It didn’t matter that they were two different beings, at this moment all that mattered was the heat between them.

“Patience, cat.  We have some time.  Right?”  An eyebrow arched.

He didn’t know, truthfully.  Derrick wasn’t even sure where they were or how they got here.  All he remembered was that he’d taken out the man who was about to shoot her point blank.  He couldn’t have let that happen. At the thought, the urgency of their sexual encounter reared its head.

He’d almost lost her and that would be bad for so many reasons.  The security of the world could be at stake, but something deeper made her more important to him.

The way she he kept stroking his shoulders distracted him.

Nails raked along exposed skin and goose bumps appeared on his flesh.

Derrick parted her thighs with his leg and pressed into her heat.

Damn but she was hot even through her jeans.

She hissed, gripped his shoulders tightly and lifted up to catch him across the throat.

The puma inside growled.  Derrick fought the beast back down.  Sonja may be a witch but to his knowledge she was still a human, probably unfamiliar with dominance acts.

She bit his neck again.

A shiver raced through him and he realized he didn’t care if she was aware or not.  She was driving him mad with little things.

The third time she’d reached for his neck, Derrick backed off and rose above her.  “I need,” he started to speak.

She shifted and cupped him.

He almost lost it.

The puma’s tone changed.  Even the beast inside recognized the core principle that it and Derrick shared.

They were both male.

“I know how to play dirty,” she laughed breathlessly, “And I’m not afraid of the big beast, either.”

“You must not be that bright,” he dipped his head down and flicked his tongue over a breast.  He found the hem of her shirt and pulled it off, only to have it caught by his coat.

“You’re going to make this difficult, aren’t you?”

“You just said I wasn’t that bright.  So I think I should.”

He was determined to strip her until all she wore was that playful grin.  “Fine.  Two can play this game, Sonja.”  He slid away and reached for her with one hand.

She scrambled to get away but his height gave him an advantage.  Capturing her wrist, he pulled her to him, brought his mouth down on hers and wrapped his arms around her curvy frame.  She felt so good in his arms, so soft, supple.

Her body rocked against his.

He thrust his tongue past her lips and into her mouth.  Hands gripped his shoulders again but he forced her hands at her sides.  Using the added strength of the puma, he shoved the coat off her shoulders and down her sides so that it bound her arms.

Then he pulled back from the kiss and started licking a trail down her jaw, over her neck until she mewled.

“Perfect sound,” his voice filled with gravel as he continued to lick and kiss her neck, collarbone.

She struggled against him.

He’d done his best to keep his negative thoughts at bay.

He had to.  She was able to read his mind and all he wanted her to see now was the simple fact of unchained desire.

He pushed the coat down the length of her arms, exposing flesh and ridding her of one more protective layer against his sensual assault.

When their mouths met again, he let her tongue past his lips and let her stroke and suckle him.  With the coat finally pushed off her arms, he could now reach for the hem of her shirt. He tugged at it and broke from the kiss. “Do you want this, Sonja? I’ll stop,” he had to choke those words out, “if you want.”

She nipped his bottom lip.  “Fuck me, Derrick.”

The desperation in her voice couldn’t be missed but neither could the sultry emphasis she’d put on the first two words.

Derrick lifted her shirt up and tore it off her head, exposing beautiful round breasts that made his mouth water.   His cock stiffened painfully.  “My gods you’re lovely.”  He pushed her back at arm’s length and stared at her.

She let out a heavy sigh, “Are you going to ogle my tits like one of my rabid fans or are you going to play with me?”

He loved her demanding, breathy voice.

Now she was pushing him down onto the bed so she could straddle him.

“You’re wearing too many clothes.”  Her voice dropped dangerously husky.

Part of him wondered if that was her natural voice or any vocal training .He’d remember to ask later.


Her hips enveloped his thighs.

He reached for her and caught her breasts in his hands.  Sitting up, he gave her breasts a squeeze.

She moaned and began fumbling with his shirt.  “You can take this off,” she tugged at it, “or I can yank it off and you’ll need a new shirt.”

Before he could respond, she’d ripped the shirt off him, exposing him.

She let out a low whistle. “I guess we’re even now.”

“Are you going to stare at me,” he chuckled, “or are we going to fuck?”

Her mouth curled up in a smile.  She pushed her hands against his broad chest, batted her eyelashes and scooted her ass over his crotch.  “We’re going to fuck.  Now.”

Derrick braced himself.

Sonja slithered down his body, covering his chest with kisses and bites.  He’d shivered against every one, especially when she moved back up his chest and took a nipple in her mouth.

She bit down, applying gentle pressure and suckling, just like he’d do to her momentarily.  Yet the sensation shot through his body and sent all thought flying out the window. Logic too failed him.

He’d started to lose control of the feelings he’d carefully held onto and walled up, but there wasn’t any way in hell he was going to let Sonja take them from him.  Nor would he let her fix his mind with her voice.  “You’re only allowed to use your body to do this, sweet Jesus!”  Her teeth grazed against his now exposed hip.

When did she slide his jeans down?

It didn’t matter. He was hard and hot and now in her grip.

“How did you?”

She arched a brow.  “Witch, remember?”  Then she bent forward and stroked his cock with her tongue while her breasts pressed against his thighs.

His balls drew up against his body and the warmth of her mouth enveloped him.

He hissed through clenched teeth and gripped the bed sheets tightly.

Her mouth worked up and down the length of his shaft.  Her tongue snaked around the thick head of his cock, making his breath race.  His heart beat faster and faster in tune with her sucking.  “If you don’t stop I’m going to come.”

She popped the head of his cock out of her mouth and grinned, “That’s the point.”

Not if he could help it.  Somehow, for some reason the urge to sink himself inside her was what he needed most.  “No.”

She lifted her head and let strands of hair fall on each side of her face, giving her the look of a witch bent on seduction, “You’re cute telling me no, babe.  But,” she gave him one last lick, “I am dying for this.  So,” she slid up the length of his body so that her breasts pillowed against his chest. Their eyes met.  “Fuck me, cat.”

He couldn’t ignore the commanding tone in her voice.  It wasn’t filled with magic, it was just…her.

Sultry, sensual and slightly dominating.

His hands caught the waist of her jeans and tugged down.  “These are coming off.”  He couldn’t maintain control for much longer but he needed to lose himself in her, not in front of her.

With a hard yank, he had her jeans and panties down over her ass.  A hand came down on her rump.

She hissed and bit him again.

“You’re taunting a wild animal.” He growled, rolled them both over so that he was on top now.

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Story Snippet – Whiskey Spread

Actually this is half of my erotic story “Whiskey Spread” that’s in the Cougar Anthology, edited by Jolie DuPre.  I too have a thing for older women ;)

The Cougar Book - featuring Sascha Illyvich

Morganna washed the last glass of the afternoon before casting a longing glance at the door.  Her bar was clean, liquor cabinets were stocked full and ready for more patrons to come in and fill the place with lively stories, cigar smoke, and booze until 2 a.m. when the place closed.  She set the rag down on the wood bar and sat on a stool beside a rather large collection of whiskeys, bourbons, and cognacs.

All the ashtrays had been wiped out again, the humidor stocked full of premium smokes and a few empty match boxes with the bar’s name had been thrown out, replaced by fresh, full boxes for her regulars and the casual stranger who strolled in.

It was Tuesday, meaning her favorite customer would probably wander in around eight or so; thirsty and ready to stare at her breasts while she worked.

Nicholas was an unusual man.  For starters, he was young.  She guessed he was probably in his early twenties, but that was based on his appearance, not what he chose to drink or where he decided to hang out.  The age of her normal clientele averaged mid-fifties unless someone stumbled in, not knowing this was a cigar bar, not a club atmosphere.  Nicholas never paid any attention to women closer to his age, either.

Also, he normally ordered a high-end scotch, neat.  And he always smoked his own cigars, usually Nicaraguan or Dominican high-end like Padrón or Diamond Crown Maximus.  Said he liked the older flavors.

She liked the fact that he liked mature things.

Licking her lips, she walked past the bar to the door and flipped the sign to reflect that they were now open for business until 2 a.m. Making her way towards the humidor, she slid the glass case open, pulled out a vitola and scanned the bar for a cutter.  Spotting one by the beer tap, she retrieved it, held the uncut end of the cigar to the guillotine and clipped off a part of the cap.  Bringing the cigar to her lips, she pulled out her torch lighter and lit the end of her cigar, puffing until the entire end was on fire.  She cut the flame and took another puff, sending a thick cloud of sweet smoke billowing throughout the air to erase the faint yet distinct smell of cleaning products.

She took her time to savor the earthy, coffee flavors of the Honduran made cigar before returning to behind the bar.

A few minutes later, the stereo played old school jazz music and a few older businessmen had come in ordering mixed drinks and smoking.  Morganna tended to their needs, keeping a watchful eye on the front door in hopes that Nicholas would show up sooner, rather than later.

After a few more hours had passed, the bar had begun to fill with the after-work crowd.  The business set from the financial district in downtown San Francisco came in to smoke, chat and unwind in a smoker-friendly haven.  John, the new second shift bartender, handled most of the customers while Morganna slipped off into the office behind the bar to handle paperwork and freshen up.

Shutting the door behind her to drown out the music, Morganna looked into an old mirror that hung on the back of the door.  The little makeup she wore emphasized jade green eyes while ruby red lips accentuated her freckled skin.  She tugged at her sweater, adjusting it so her ample bosoms showed better.  Jeans fit her hips snuggly complete with ankle high boots with pointed toes.  Her hair had been held away from her face by a clip in the back that centered a pony tail down the length of her back along with the rest of her mane.

She had no idea why she was going to all the trouble to make sure she looked so good for this one customer. He was probably in a relationship like many men his age.

Chalking her insecurity up to her age, Morganna shrugged her shoulders and reached for the door.

She stepped back into the bar area but took a quick step back out of sight.  Nicholas was sitting at a seat by the window, and there was a brunette with him.

Her heart sank.

The brunette leaned forward on her elbows, waving her hand through the thick cloud of smoke coming from Nicholas’s cigar.

His hair hung down the length of his back and caught the light off the fixture above so that it reflected a deep blue so dark it looked black.  His charcoal gray shirt fit snuggly over broad shoulders and was tucked into navy colored slacks.

Morganna licked her lips; her nerves ready in anticipation of Goddess only knew what.  Then she took a glance at the brunette sitting across from him nursing a…cola?

Was she his girlfriend?

Sizing her up, Morganna stepped out from behind the spot she was in.  A tall patron caught her attention, waving a credit card.

“Damn it.”  Impatiently, she waved at him to signal he had her attention.  “What can I do for you hon?”

He blushed, ran a hand through his curly, blonde hair and opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out.

She followed the line of his baby blue eyes roaming down her body until they’d met her assets.  Or rather, her breasts.  “I see.  You’re new here, aren’t you?”

He nodded.

She cleared her throat.  “No wonder.  You’re too obvious.  I take it you’d like to close your tab?”

He set his card down and nodded. “Yeah.  I’m sorry.  It’s been a long day and seeing someone as pretty as you made my day.”

Morganna forced a smile to her lips and took his card.  “Just the two beers, Rob?”

He shrugged. “I just don’t have it in me to drink much anymore.  I’m getting older. Have to rein it in after a few, ya know?”

An eyebrow rose. Pursing her lips together at the sight of the brunette leaning into Nicholas and brushing a hand across his arm irritated her further.  “Just how old are you?”

Rob winked, dropping his tone so that clearly he was flirting.  “I could ask you the same thing.”

She smirked.  “Yeah, but I’d answer honestly.”

Frowning, Rob took the slip from her and put his card in his pocket.  He offered her a fake smile and slid off his bar stool. “You a regular here, hon?”

He was trying for more charm.  Great.  “Yeah.  I happen to know the owners very well.”  She winked for emphasis and waved him off while another customer ordered a beer.

Morganna sighed and looked in the direction of where Nicholas and the rather annoying brunette were sitting.

He was gone but she remained.

Something possessive inside her drove her to maneuver past John to get a better look at this annoyance who felt she could capture Nicholas’s company.

Grabbing a bottle of eighteen-year–old Glenlivet, she poured a scotch into a rocks glass and made her way to Nicholas’s table.

The brunette wore a simple black skirt and a salmon-colored top that came down about half shoulder. Her hair was pulled back tightly, her lips were too thin and her eyes reminded Morganna of the vacuous stares of too many stupid, nonsensical thoughts running around her head just waiting for someone to ask, “What’s on your mind?”

Setting the drink down on the table, Morganna picked up Nicholas’s empty glass.

The brunette spoke in a high pitch that irritated Morganna further.  “Excuse me, we didn’t order another round.”

Morganna shot a vicious grin at the brunette. Her shoulders stiffened but she forced herself to remain polite.  “I know.  Nicholas is one of my regulars.  This one’s on the house.”

The brunette waved a hand to cut through the thick smoke from Nicholas’s cigar.  “Ugh, I hope he’s almost done here.”

Morganna spied him outside pacing back and forth with one hand up to his ear to cover it from the noise that often occurred around Pine Street.

Reaching for the window, she slid it open. A breeze blew in and sucked some of the smoke away from the stupid bitch.  “You his girlfriend?”

Brunette coughed into her hand.  “As if.  I couldn’t date a man like him.  He’d have to quit smoking and drinking.”

Morganna snorted.  As if.

Stupid Bitch turned in her seat to face Morganna, giving her a clear view of the woman with too-thin eyebrows and a waifish face.  She crossed her arms over her tiny chest in a defensive posture. “My name’s Shannon.  You are?”

“Morganna.  I own this bar and am quite fond of smokers and drinkers, at least those with sophisticated taste.”

Shannon spoke dryly.  “Pleasure.  Hopefully we’ll be done soon as we do have personal business to tend to after this is over with.”  She gestured with a hand.

Blinking in disbelief, Morganna cleared her throat and stuck out her chest.  “Tell Nicholas once he gets back in that this one’s on the house.  He’ll know who from.”  Satisfied, Morganna sauntered back to the bar to assist John with the rest of the night until her shift ended.

Dragging herself out of the bar around 12:30, Morganna took one look up and down Pine Street and decided to head home.  She’d already had a few drinks, smoked her share of sticks for the night and had worked her ass off.

The cool breeze that San Francisco was known for whipped around her, blowing her hair back from her face.  Deciding to grab a taxi back home, she sighed in exhaustion and made her way down Pine towards Market Street where most of the cabs would still be running this late at night.

Once she’d acquired a cab, she piled into the backseat and gave the cabbie the address to her home.  Slumping against the seat, she pondered what Nicholas was doing with such an airhead of a woman.  Shannon said they had personal business together, which meant she wanted to fuck Nicholas.  But he wasn’t the type to go for the rip it and dip it girl.

He liked longevity.  Maturity.

And a woman with a figure.

She swallowed hard.  What if she’d avoided his flirtations too much back at the bar and he’d decided to move on.

No, she told herself.  That wasn’t possible.  He’d been a regular on Tuesdays for the last three years and hadn’t once brought a woman in with him.  He’d always come alone.

By 1:30, Morganna had slid into the warmth of her bed, wishing for company.  She knew exactly who she wanted and let the thoughts of Nicholas’s strong hands gripping her thighs while he drove himself into her settle her into sleep with a renewed determination to go after what she felt belonged to her.

The next day Morganna slid out of bed, padded into the shower and began to wash, taking time to masturbate beneath the showerhead.  She liked her curves, didn’t mind the extra few pounds and knew she had the attitude to back up her choices in life. Having spent enough years doing the various things she had made her a solid woman any man would be proud to call mate.

But Nicholas was with some airhead last night.

Bartenders often developed relationships with their regulars, but this was beginning to feel strange for Morganna.  Perhaps it was the routine of every Tuesday night for the last three years.  A girl got used to routine that excited her.

Two hours later, Morganna was exiting the BART train station when she bumped into a very tall man.  Her eyes widened when she realized who it was.


He turned around, a scowl on his face that quickly changed into a smile.

She frowned.  Despite her disappointment at seeing him so quickly, her body reacted to his presence.  Nipples puckered beneath her velvet top.  The material irritated her more.  Not wearing panties, the crotch of her jeans rubbed against her pussy when she took a step back.

Dressed as handsomely as ever, his facial hair reflected a five o’clock shadow pattern. The deep blue shirt he wore complimented his eyes and made the tint of blue in his hair stand out.  Eyes widening, he extended his arms and opened them to hug her.  “Morganna!”

She couldn’t resist his embrace.

His arms wrapped around her, pulling her into his body.

The hardness of him against her softness made her wet between her thighs.  She gave in and hugged him back.

Pushing her at arms length, he offered a shrug.  “I’m sorry about last night.”

Her lips pursed together in a thin line.  “What do you mean?  I have no claim on you.”

She covered her mouth at the realization that she’d blurted out something that sounded completely obnoxious.

Tilting his head, Nicholas blinked.  “Actually you sort of do.  See, last night was the three year anniversary that we met and I wanted to bring you a treat.”

Her heart thudded loudly in her chest. “Really?”

He nodded. “Yeah.  I figured you might not remember because you see tons of people come through your bar but…”  His voice trailed off.

She arched an eyebrow.  “But what?”

He set his hands in his pockets.  “But fucking Shannon. She’s been after me for weeks.  I tried to brush her off but she was persistent until last night.”


Nicholas nodded slowly.  “Turns out, she can’t stand the fact that I don’t go to church, like fine cigars and scotch and even worse?  Apparently I flirt with the older women.”

Heart still pounding, her lips curled upwards in a smile. She wasn’t going to give into her desires this early, but she was going to have some fun with him.

Running a hand through his thick mane, Nicholas continued, looking downward at the ground before setting his gaze on her lips.  “I wanted to spend the night with you and close down the bar.  I even planned to take the next day off.”

She saw color appear on his cheeks and had to stifle a giggle.  “What happened?”

“Shannon drove me back to my place and tried to seduce me. She got sick because I smelled of cigars and whiskey.  I had to drive her back to her car.  Ended up coming back here only to find you’d left for the night.”

Morgan’s eyes widened.  She hadn’t thought he’d come back.  He never did. “You always leave just before my shift ends.”

He cupped her cheek, his hand warm against her skin.  “I hate disturbing you at the bar.  I love your company honey but…,”  his voice trailed off.

She leaned into the palm of his hand. Sensing he was holding back information from her, she decided to press him.  “But what?  Come on, spill it.”

Nicholas dropped his hand.  Inhaling a deep breath, he let it out slowly.  He muttered the words Morganna barely caught.  “The only way…”

Her breath caught in her throat.

Grabbing both her shoulders, Nicholas pulled her to his and dropped his lips against hers.

Pressing into him, she tasted the faintness of cognac on his breath along with the velvety steel tongue of his that plowed between her lips.

Her body responded to his kiss, every nerve steadied to alertness.  Her hands clutched at his biceps, pulling him deeper into her.

Their tongues wrestled for control of the kiss and even though Morganna was a good six inches shorter than Nicholas, she won out.  Molding her body to his, she shifted so her thighs trapped one of his between hers.  She wasn’t a hussy, but damn did she get what she wanted!

Hands tangled in her mass of hair, pulling her head back to expose her neck.

Kisses trailed down along the line of her jaw, down her neck and back up to meet her mouth. His lips were pliant beneath hers.

She swirled her tongue over his bottom lip before invading his mouth, exploring, touching, caressing his until he’d pulled back and smiled.

Her heart pounded against her chest, and she staggered until he reached out and caught her with a gentle grip.

“Wow.” Morganna’s pussy clenched in anticipation of more to come, but Nicholas just stood there.

The goofy look on his face didn’t disappear but he wiped a hand across his lips.  “I’m going to remember that taste forever.  I almost need a smoke after that alone.”  He wriggled an eyebrow.

She smiled, licking her bottom lip. “I have an idea,” she reached for him, twirling a fingernail around his chest.

A sparkle appeared in those deep, sea blue eyes. “Yeah?”

“Come by the bar Sunday.  We’re doing a special scotch tasting and I think I have some stuff you’d be definitely,” her voice dropped several notches, “interested in.”  She patted her stomach for emphasis.  Fingers slid into the waistband of her jeans and down lower until she reached her pussy.  Dipping her fingers in just slightly, she kept them there a moment, watching him watch her.

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NaNoWriMo – Your thoughts?

Monday is the first day of National Novel Written in  a Month, month haha!  Are you participating? As usual, I stick to my guns that real writers don’t bother with this event because we’re mostly already on deadline and adding one more deadline with no guaranteed results is pointless. Most of the authors I’ve talked to already are stressed but on massive deadlines with projects that will keep them working close to the end of the year.

But for those who are participating there could be some redemption or benefit, right?  If you’re going to try this career, you’ll need to develop discipline and NaNo will do that.  If you’re forced to write every day, even just for fun it will give you an idea of what career authors do.  It will potentially teach you to plot fast, write faster and not worry about the fears that hold you back from publication.

My main goal is to finish “Surrender to Love” my story about Livia, the artist who lacks world experiences and at the suggestion of her therapist, moves to Las Vegas and engages in a one night stand.  Only when Bruce shows up at her door, he’s the opposite of his appearance.  Large, looming, powerful, Bruce could have any woman he wants.  But due to a troubled past and the things he wanted in a mate, Bruce had difficulty in moving on until his previous mentor taught him a different way to live.  Can  he convince Livia that submission to her could be the key to experiencing an entirely different life if she’d simply surrender to love?

Aimed at Decadent Publishing’s 1NS line.

Newest Release by Sascha Illyvich, erotic romance author at Decadent Publishing

Until then, enjoy the cover for

my upcoming release “The Playground!


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