Torn to Pieces – Paranormal Menage Romance

Torn to Pieces Final 3New cover art!

Torn to Pieces will be released through Sizzler Editions as part of the Intoxications line!

Iolite is a witch in love with two wolves, wanting, needing both to fulfill her life.  Both of them are two halves of the same being who she loves.

Jackob and Kerian are former lovers turned enemies by pack law, but without the witch’s solution for the disease ravaging the wolves, both packs will certainly die.  Both want Iolite, both want to love again but are uncertain of the consequences.

Can Jackob and Kerian get past their emotional baggage to help heal Iolite’s broken heart as well as their own in order to save their packs?


He turned down Central Ave, pulled onto 6th street around the recently converted large stone building of condos. Iolite’s top floor apartment had a great view of downtown. What she was doing here was beyond him, the music from numerous clubs and bars often kept her awake at night. “You keep me safe knowing you’re not too far away.”

The thought made him smile.

Kerian parked the bike and hopped off, rounding the corner onto Central. He cupped his hands to his mouth and shouted, “Hey, Iolite!”

She stood on the balcony. Her doors were open, letting in the cold.   She appeared at the rail.

“Iolite,” he smiled.

She waved a hand in the air. “Here I am, Kerian! Come on up!”

He grinned and, with a salute, walked to the front door of the building and headed towards the elevator, smirking at the brown and orange color scheme chosen for the interior.

The elevator reached the top floor and the doors opened.

Before he stepped out, a pair of arms clasped around his waist. Iolite flung herself into him, her body’s warmth cut through the cold chill in his. Her hair smelled of patchouli and sandalwood, her underlying scent, rose.

“Hey now,” he laughed, pulling her tighter into his body. The doors started to shut on them.

Dressed in hip-hugging jeans and a gray sweater, her hair flowed like a large soft blanket behind her. Silvery hazel eyes sparkled. Ruby red lips puckered together and blew him a kiss. “This could be like that book I read,” she winked.

He arched an eyebrow. “What book?”

Hands slid down his back and around his chest. “Over the Moon.”  Four sexy authors writing hot romances.”

With a grin, he held her hands in his, the softness of her skin a complement to his roughness. “I like where this could go.”

Her mouth seized his. Soft, pliant lips caressed his mouth, her sweet lips opening to invite him in.

Kerian’s tongue swirled around her mouth, tasting lush honey and wine as it explored her, stroking her tongue along with the rest of her.

Her tongue matched his stroke for stroke before wrapping around his and sucking.

Hands clasped his shoulders, tugging desperately at his shirt.

Kerian cupped Iolite’s face in his hands, caressing her mouth with his before plundering her with his tongue. Exploring every inch of her brought his cock to a hardness he hadn’t felt in a long time, and the warmth of her body pressing against his sent shudders through him.

“Mmm,” she pulled back from the kiss and hit a button on the elevator. The doors shut again. She dragged her mouth down his skin; she inhaled deeply and sank to her knees.

He heard the zipper on his jeans being yanked down. His cock sprang free into tiny little fingers that gripped him.

Kerian gripped a fistful of hair silken hair and inhaled sharply.

Velvet heat engulfed him from her mouth.

He jerked against her, unable to respond verbally.

She laughed, sending vibrations up the length of his cock.  Her tongue swirled around his shaft and stroked the underside of him.

Flames raced up his body along. His fist tightened in her hair.

Iolite shifted but kept him deep in her mouth, only to pull back oh so slowly on him and drag her lips up his length.

Kerian clenched his free hand into a tight fist.  Gritting his teeth, he managed to groan out, “You’re killing me, babe.”

She nodded, bobbing up and down on his cock. Fingers slid between his legs, cupping his balls.

The wolf inside wanted to mount her and claim her as his but the human encouraged sharing.  Right now, Kerian couldn’t care about being anything but being inside her. The way her mouth moved on him made him jerk his hips against her mouth.  He apologized silently for thrusting harder than he intended.

His cock slid out of her mouth with a loud pop. “It’s okay, silly.” She kissed the tip of his cock, smiling wide as it jumped in her fingers.

She sank her down on him again.

Kerian hissed, stumbled against the wall of the elevator, “I want inside you!”

She shook her head, swirling her tongue up the length of his shaft again before letting him slide out of her.

Pumping his now slicked cock up and down, Iolite licked the head like a lollipop before sucking him back inside her.

Kerian sucked in a breath. “Goddess you’re hot, your fucking mouth is so hot, Iolite!” His balls drew up against his body.  Heat flushed his cheeks and sweat formed at his brow.  Kerian’s eyes shut and his breathing picked up.

Iolite’s mouth could make a man or wolf forget all about his duties or cares.

She sucked and slurped harder, faster.

The tight coil of tension neared a breaking point with each thrust of her on him.

Iolite jerked him out of her mouth. She lowered her sweater and exposed creamy globes to his delight.

Her voice dropped to a husky note, “Come on me!”

Before he had a chance to respond, she sucked him harder, faster.  Her tongue continued brushing over the sensitive spot on his head.

Kerian’s mind shattered at her touch.  Spasms started low in his gut while his knees grew weak. He reached for her shoulders, dug his nails into her.

Faeries – Erotic Romance in Fantasy

Continuing on with reference points about fantasy, I have none when it comes to Faeries.  Or that was the case when I first started jumping on the paranormal bandwagon seven years ago.  My first fairy story was probably the Merry Gentry series by Laurel K. Hamilton, an author I admire and respect despite what many of her readers say about her latest foray into BDSM.  That’s another post when I’m promoting a BDSM book again.

Aside from that, there was one other fairy romance and I barely remember it.  I just know it came out from Berkeley and that the author was a woman.

Then there’s Amy Brown’s Faeries.  The artist who paints otherworldly creatures with such beauty that my S.O. owns a few of them because they ARE gorgeous but not typical in the minds of the average reader.  Or perhaps they are.  You tell me.

Image subject to copyright Either way, the faeries have a unique perspective and give us a taste of something different in our stories, especially with the myriad of legends that surround them.

Here though, in Echo’s Odyssey, I decided to write a faery romance for Changeling press. My story was rejected (gasp, the shame LOL!) by them but a revision had it sitting at the submissions desk of the fine folks at Sizzler Editions.  An even funnier theme in this pair of stories is that I based them both off Anime.

The plot for Sacrifice I ripped off and modified slightly from a show called Case Closed.  I had to.  I don’t write real detective fiction!

And Echo the Assassin of Faery is based on Hie from Yu-Yu Hakusho!

Now for the blurb:  The wars of faery are over, but for the assassin Echo and his lover Alexandrya, a new war is just beginning. They return to faery expecting to be reunited with the third member of their triad, the princess Serenissa, only to find she and faery itself are threatened by even greater peril

I think I just posted something about fantasy in erotic romance awhile back too, with almost a similar title LOL!

Wait, I did.  Fantasy in Romance  But my keywords are funny..

Anyway you’re more interested in Heavenly Bodies.  So go buy it from Amazon now!

Different Realms in Romance Fiction

Buy Siddella’s Submission

One of the beautiful things about writing fantasy romance is that I can play god. As I explained in an earlier post I was able to create a different world that had its own environment, rules, and societal structure that gave me a fertile playground to create romance stories.   Siddella’s Surrender and the followup Siddella’s Submission, both take place in the land of Fearie, what some consider to be a realm of it’s own. In magickal workings, it’s often shrouded in mystery and the sidhe are characterized as cute, sexy and slightly impish. That’s a cute image, definitely but the truth is that in magic, things are not only not always as they seem, but sometimes the reality is much harsher.

Erotic Fantasy Romance with Bondage

The world I created in Siddella’s stories comes from my Covenant of Wolves world where Earth and Faerie are different realms connected by portals. This is nothing like the science fiction and fantasy that Star Trek writers often use, this is more akin to reality for many who actually practice magick. Star Trek came from the imagination of a very brilliant man with endless possibilities and a series that has lasted well over 40 years. The world I created in Covenant of Wolves has produced the Siddella books, an entire series that IS tied into the Covenant of Wolves universe with a similar plot and consistent feel. Theoretically I could probably write at length about a variety of different main characters who play important parts in the concept of overthrowing the dictator of the Unseelie City-State.

That’s something else by the way. The reality I’ve created in this universe is based on fact and my attempt at creating a cyberpunkesque land where dystopia reigns supreme because of a class system not unlike what we face today, only with more obvious differences. There is the ruling class, the ruling power above them and below them both, the poor, downtrodden and miserable. But even in the ranks of the military, we have a game of usurp afoot with Millie the Fae, who has taken on a sort of Michael Westen spy trait while Prince Faolan is more the Dominant Alpha wolf with ties to the Moon Mother.

Both of them come from higher class backgrounds, and in contrast, Siddella is a theif, in fact she’s more a Lupin type, able to unlock any safe, steal any jewel, but she’s become an unknowing pawn in the game of Usurp the CyberMage. The wrench in the entire story is her falling in love with Frika, Lord of the famed and Legendary Black Angus.  BDSM plays a heavy part in the world of Faerie, particularly in the Unseelie where things are so cold that the only way for the inhabitants to feel is through the use of heavy, dangerous kink.  In the more Victorian (so far, I haven’t written it yet!) Seelie Kingdom of Light, mental BDSM is used.  Overall I still have to maintain the main romance plot in all my work, and hopefully once you’ve read Siddella’s Surrender and Siddella’s Submission, you’ve found that I’ve done just that.Erotic Fantasy Romance with Bondage

New Release from Renaisance E-books

Heavenly Bodies
176 pages
Sizzler (April 13, 2010)


“Real erotica, full of pain intermingled with pleasure. Love makes the sexual scenes more powerful. Sensuality Level: Scorching.” raves Ann Leveille of Sensual Reviews.

Two exceptional novellas of fantasy and eros by the author Coffee Time Romance calls “Amazing!” and rates “Four Stars!”

In “Sacrifice,” Ares, the God of War, is banished from Olympus, falls in love with a mortal woman and is called upon to make a very unusual sacrifice if he wants to keep her.

In “Echo s Odyssey,” the wars of faery are over, but for the assassin Echo and his lover Alexandrya, a new war is just beginning. They return to faery expecting to be reunited with the third member of their triad, the princess Serenissa, only to find she and faery itself are threatened by even greater peril.

Heavenly Bodies is a pair of erotic, romantic adventures dealing with carnal love between humans and gods and fairies with their heavenly bodies!

Sascha Illyvich is the author of the novels “The Gift of Her Submission,” “Light and Shadow” and “Dark Traders,” among others. His short fiction has appeared on Literotica, and in many anthologies, including “Nectar of the Gods” and “Caught in the Middle.” “The sensual tone of the story flowed … the language and situations were believable. Fans will enjoy [his] heart-touching romances.” says Coffee Time Romance Reviews. “Sascha Illyvich is a wonderful, erotic storyteller. He turns you on and tugs your heartstrings- at the same time!” Sabrina Smith Moses, author.

Read an Excerpt

Siddella’s Submission Out NOW from Renaissance E-books

Siddella’s Submission (Part Two from Siddella’s Surrender)

Erotic Fantasy by Sascha Illyvich
123 Pages
$5.99 at Renaissance E-books

When we last left the perilous world of the Unseelie, we were faced with a difficult challenge.  Take one virgin faery in a world of darkness and brutal sex and show her the love and gifts of the powerful Black Angus, legendary Guard Dogs of Faery by controlling her desires and bringing out her true nature as a submissive.

But the goddess that somehow inhabited Siddella’s body wanted vengeance for the wrongdoing that the Cybernetic beings have created as the new Unseelie City-state.

A smart Dominant, Frika knew this wasn’t the best course of action for either his mate or the land in which Siddella came from.  Can he show her through her own natural desires that healthy sex can include bondage and a different kind of pain?

Siddella’s story is really one about transformation and change that D/s relationships can have. As the Fae must learn to accept their past and fix the present for the future, Siddella must learn to accept who she truly is, a change that forces growth or the deaths of so many, including her beloved master Frika.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did.



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