DragonCON Sunday

Woke up late.  Of course since I went to bed around 5 AM again LOL!  One roommate had driven me back to the hotel room and some time later my handler showed up.  I had a meeting shortly after that I couldn’t miss, but it needed to involve food and a cigar, so it got moved from the airport area to Buckhead Cigar shop, where I talked to the owner and then sat down to enjoy a Liga Undercrown while enjoying Four Roses Small batch.

I wish to hell I could have actually done more but after my meeting I was dropped off at the Hilton for my first panel of the day.  A 4 PM panel on marketing (last night’s panel was on Where should I submit!) with Kiernan, Cyn, Gail Z. Martin and Kayelle Allen I’m pretty sure.  Kayelle moderated, talked about our strengths and let us go for a few minutes before taking Q/A from the audience.

Afterwards, hanging out, wandering and food called before I met my friend Geoff and his lady for a cigar.  Then it was off to BDSM 201, which was straight up Q/A.  Brutal.  That’s all I can really say, because the questions were FAR from easy.  But the people asking questions showed a great deal of courage

After the BDSM panel let out (it was almsot 1 AM) I took more Q/A and chopped it up with some folks, readers, etc.  Got to hang with people I met last year.

I DO know there was at least one woman who was disappointed that I didn’t cross dress for the BDSM 201 panel and I have to apologize, I didn’t have room to pack my dress and heels!  Lame huh?

An hour later, handler located, ride located, other roommate located, and back to the hotel for food and SLEEP!  Bedtime was..around 5:30 AM.

Next post…Monday.

What’s on Deck for my Erotic Romance Career

Lots of interesting things going on in the world of publishing.  I’ve had a lot going on, including a partial rejection from Red Sage, that was more like a “Fix this issue and we’ll take another look because the story has potential.”  I woke up to that last Saturday and was pretty thrilled despite the hangover and previous bullshit on Friday.  (I’m dealing with government crap right now) I’m also burned out for the year.

That’s right, I have nothing left to create.  What I DO have are four projects in various stages of editing.

  1. Stalker has one scene that needs to be fixed.  Marisa has an issue with how it comes across and what it doesn’t add to the story so I’ve got to fix that.
  2. Burning for Derrick needs a complete editing job, it’s still in 1.5 draft mode.
  3. Submit to Him needs that extra something the editor at Red Sage mentioned.
  4. Surrender to Love needs me to fill out the contract/paperwork and get that back to Decadent Publishing.
  5. Both Burning For Derrick and Stalker have sequels both agents want me to work on.
  6. Oh and there’s a super sekrit project I and Amanda Rhea are undertaking.  Details will emerge on that soon.  Let’s just hope TV can handle it…

Plus I still have my editorial duties at Sizzler as the reviews are coming in from some of our new releases and I couldn’t be more proud!  However this is my AUTHOR platform so I’ll point you over to the Sizzler Editing Blog (mine anyway) in another post.

Plus we’re still getting hype from some of my earlier releases as I seek out reviewers.  I’m pretty happy this time of year, for once, despite how swamped I am.  At least I don’t have to struggle to create something entirely new.  Friday Flash Fiction will be updated until the end of the year then I might make it an archived section on the site.  Who knows.


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