1Night Out on Madame Eve! 1Night Stand Birthday!

1Night Stand is having a birthday AND a giveaway for readers of the popular Decadent Publishing series!  Yes, this means free swag, and more!

Grand prize is a $25 Fandango gift card plus 5 1NS titles of the winner’s choice

2nd prize is a paperback from the vault plus swag
3rd is a 1NS ebook (several winners).
I have three books with them, which can be seen below!

Cover for Menage Bound, my newest 1NS from Decadent Publishing 

Siddella, a tired corporate executive needs a break from the hectic work life she leads. Overstressed, she wouldn’t mind if that break came in the form of two hunky dominant males that cater to dark fantasies involving bondage of both the mind and body.

Jason and Chase have yearned for a woman who fit into their relationship. She’d be sexy, confident, self-reliant and kinky? Damn right she would be. But her most prized possession would her acceptance of them as individuals and a couple.

When all three are separately given 1Night Stand cards, they realize the chance of a lifetime. Are they ultimately ménage bound?

Buy at Amazon


In order to cure the dreaded creative rut she’s in, Livia ends up in Las Vegas by suggestion from her therapist.  Oh and there’s a catch.  Livia’s been set up to have a one night stand with a very handsome man who promises her freedom through submission.  Can she surrender to more than just passion?

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The Playground

Jet setter and playboy Devon has a BDSM side he wants to make reality, the only catch is Shelly, the woman who would serve him perfectly left him years ago and is afraid of what living with him means. While in a Las Vegas casino he spots her.  Using 1Night Stand, he sets her up in a park, have her bound to playground equipment with only a blindfold on…and his Dominance to hopefully teach her the meaning of true love, using the one thing he knows will capture Shelly’s attention.

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And be sure to look for my upcoming release Paula’s Craving, out soon from Decadent Publishing!

New #Romance #Novel Release Schedule!

New Cover Art for my upcoming Decadent Publishing Release

New Cover Art for my upcoming Decadent Publishing Release

Hey Folks,

This post has been a long time coming but I’ve been busy as hell with all sorts of things, during which I’ve submitted stories, had acceptances and been stuck in edits HELL!  Granted, it’s needed but man does it suck LOL!

What I’m posting is proposed so far.

As of now:

His Reign (Opeth Pack Book 1)- October 2013 from Secret Cravings Publishing
Paula’s Craving – before the end of 2013 from Decadent Publishing
Raining Kisses (Opeth Pack Book 2)- January 2014 from Secret Cravings Publishing
Kisses Fall (Opeth Pack Book 3) – April 2014  from Secret Cravings Publishing
Fall into Us (Opeth Pack book 4) – July 2014 from Secret Cravings Publishing
Endangered (Nights of Lust book 1)- September 2014 from Red Sage Publishing
Untitled Opeth Pack book #5 – November 2014 from Secret Cravings Publishing
Haunted (Opeth Pack book 6) February 2015 from Secret Cravings Publishing

Plus I think I’m about to submit something to Assent Publishing, see what’s goin on there.  I think it’s good time to get busier, so you’ll be tuned in here to hit up the newest news, or catch me on Facebook at my fan page: 

The last three Opeth Pack books have to be written still.  I’m so screwed LOL!

I CAN reveal for those who have followed the series since it first got traction some time back is that Les is getting his book…and we’re actually going to lengthen and draw out the stories, dig deeper into the Prophecy and the relationships.  Looking forward to sharing with you lovely readers!

New #Cover #Art for my upcoming @DecadentPub #Romance

Just turned in the last round of edits (hopefully) for Paula’s Craving.  The story now pops closer to what I wanted from the original version I wrote almost 20 years ago.  I think with the tightened blurb and tag line it’s going to be that much better a story for my readers both old and new.  We’ve pushed some emotional boundaries, I’ve certainly pushed some writing boundaries with this story.

New Cover Art for my upcoming Decadent Publishing Release

New Cover Art for my upcoming Decadent Publishing Release

In the meantime, here’s the blurb and an excerpt:

After a wild night of passion with the man who captured her heart in high school, Paula wakes up to find Ryan gone from her bed and, seemingly, her life. Her heart knows the truth, they’re meant to be together, and she’ll use any means necessary to find him.

Ryan thrust himself into his work to escape the hell of his childhood, but when he ran into his high school crush, Paula, sparks flew. Yet doubt crept in and he fled, shaken as he realized his love for her.

Will Ryan give in to Paula’s craving or forever remain alone?


Paula wrapped her legs around Ryan’s hips, enjoying the friction of him pistoning inside her.  His body blanketed hers.  When he dipped his head down to claim her mouth, she tasted whiskey, smelled the heady, masculine scent mixed with the aroma of their love making.

Trailing kisses down her chin, Ryan nibbled over her flesh, making each nerve stand and beg for his attention.

She tightened her thighs, gripped his broad shoulders and let him fill her to the brim repeatedly while he caressed a breast.

He pinched and drew a nipple into his mouth, forcing a moan from her.

She arched upward, loving the slick action of his lips and the flick of his tongue over her nipple.

He caressed her hips, glided in and out, rocking against her so he hit her clit just the right way.

Tightness swelled in her belly; every bit of her burned for him. She tangled fingers in his long blond hair and tried to bring his mouth to hers.

He murmured something against her then licked a trail of heat up her chest, her collarbone before finally stopping at her ear.

“Baby, I’m so glad.” Her chest heaved with each word. “Finally!”

Ryan stopped mid thrust, stiffened against her and jerked his head up.

“What?” She opened her eyes and met his gaze, found the fierceness and some other emotion in the depths of his blue irises.

The mask returned to his face and Ryan started moving rhythmically.

Paula’s breath hitched and she dug her nails into his arms. Moving her hands jerkily down his arms, until she reached his waist, she clenched onto him, urging him to thrust harder.

“So close.” She threw her head back. “So close. Come with me, Ryan. Come with me!”

He took advantage of her open mouth and captured her lips, thrusting his tongue at the same speed as his cock.

Every movement seemed to be for her. Hell, even after all this time apart, she swore they fit together perfectly.

She clawed at him, urging him toward release.

He impaled her once more, sending her over the edge.

Paula stiffened, moaning his name while caressing Ryan’s large frame. “Come, baby!”

~~~Coming Soon from Decadent Publishing


How I DO aliens…by Jessica E. Subject

Today’s guest post comes from the fabulous Jessica E. Subject and is rather interesting! 

Yes, I know the title sounds sexual, but that’s part of the post.

I want to talk about writing aliens. For those who don’t know my books, I write science fiction romance and some contemporary romance, ranging from sweet to sexy. I know there’s more to Science Fiction Romance (SFR) than just aliens, and have some SFR stories that include clones as well, but today, I’m talking aliens.

Now, in SFR there seems to be two sides of the coin: those who say that if life on other planets exists, there is very little chance that aliens would be humanoid, and others who write aliens to resemble humans to keep them relatable.

Me? Well, the aliens in my stories are humanoid. While I don’t disagree with the other opinion, there is a reason I write fiction.

I can’t say all of the aliens in my stories are humanoid though, mostly just the heroes or heroines. It makes their passionate moments much easier to write.

And here’s a description of some of the humanoid aliens from my stories:


Frey in Celestial Seduction

He smiled, some of his confidence back while his human image flickered for a few seconds before completely disappearing. Unsure what to expect, she tried not to judge until she’d set eyes Celestial Seduction SMon his entire figure. Long, spindly fingers intertwined with hers. He tried to let go, but she held them tight. His body appeared taller and leaner than before. She saw the same black eyes, a less prominent nose and barely visible ears. His hair became jet black and appeared longer and curlier than before. Underneath luminescent scales, his skin shone a light blue.

“So, what do you think?” His mouth quirked, revealing his uncertainty.

Except for their color, his lips were the only thing that didn’t change. She leaned towards him, wondering if they would still feel the same. She had to stand on the tips of her toes to reach him, but wrapping her arms around his neck helped. The feel of his skin surprised her. Perhaps he didn’t have scales, but the pattern lay beneath his skin.

He’s beautiful.


CrashLandingFinalSmallMare and Cael in Crash Landing

But unlike any beings he had ever seen on the vids of Earth, the guy had blue skin. Not his deep, almost indigo shade, but lighter, closer to the color of the water he’d landed in. Long blond hair flowed over his shoulders, onto his muscular chest.

The man held the woman’s shoulders with his webbed hands—yes, webbed hands…


Prince Aris in An Unexpected Return

Walking into the silky rear-end of an oroke, she came to an abrupt halt. The creature had been walking at a steady pace and then stopped. She’d failed to notice in time. Wiping fluff off her face, she turned around and walked into another hard body. “I’m so sorry.”

Hands clamped down on her arms. “Are you all right?”

She stared up into deep brown eyes. Chewing her bottom lip, she nodded. If this man hadn’t been holding on to her, she would have fallen to the ground. The word swoon held no meaning for her until now.

Am I only like this because of the eletin I inhaled back home? Or was there something more she found heart-racing about the blue-skinned, well-muscled hunk of an Otarian who held her up?


Jake (as a young alien) in Alien Adoration

He had the biggest black eyes. Her parents always told not to stare, but his eyes were just so fascinating, so different than anything she’d ever seen. They contained no white, only darkness.

“You’re really an alien?”

He shrugged. “I guess.”


So, how do you like your aliens? Would you rather read about the humanoid type or do you prefer creatures that would make you want to run?



Jessica Subject is the author of contemporary and science fiction romance, ranging from sweet to erotica. In her stories, you could meet clones, or a sexy alien or two. You may even be transported to another planet for a romantic rendezvous.

When Jessica isn’t reading, writing, or doing dreaded housework, she likes to get out and walk. Fast. But she just may slow down if there is a waterfall nearby.

Jessica lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two energetic children. And she loves to hear from her readers. You can find her at jessicasubject.com and on twitter @jsubject.

Website/Blog | NewsletterTwitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Goodreads | Amazon | Authorgraph


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Never Ending Blog Tour

By Sascha Illyvich

By Sascha Illyvich

LOL!  Quite a funny thing happened when I started talking to bloggers.  Turns out, they’d LOVE to have me on their blogs so we’re doing a huge roundup and exposing what is….the Bad Boy of Romance to a larger audience.  The way I see it, the more the merrier LOL!

We’ll be talking about my 1NS books from Decadent Publishing, along with the mainstream erotic romance I’m currently going over edits for, sharing excerpts from that, my Sizzler releases and of course ENDANGERED out from Red Sage in the summer of 2014.

I think there’s a few giveaways too so you’ll want to make sure you peep the schedule often and comment.  I can’t give away books to empty entries!

So far the schedule looks like this: (Post updated as I get links)

July 8th – Heather Long
July 15- Desiree Holt
July 16 – Jessica Subject’s Mark of the Stars
July 18th – Ditterverse
July 23rd Decadent EDGE blog – The Allure of Menage!
July 26th – The Book Tart
July 27th – Deneale’s Blog!
July 29th – Decadent 1NS Blog
July 29 – Ashlyn Monroe
August 2nd – Jessica Subject
August 5th – Tara Lain’s place
August 8th – Susan Johnson (Talking  Paranormal Romance)
August 10th – Tina Donahue‘s place
August 15th – Desmond Haas
August 20th – Cerise Deland
September 9th  – The Writers Challenge
September 17th – Cindy Spencer Pape’s slot for Naughty Author Chicks!
October 8th – Nine Naughty Novelists (Pushing ENDANGERED and Torn to Pieces
October 12th – Romance Junkies
December 2nd – Jessica Subject (she REALLY likes me!)
December 4th – Liz Crowe


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Audio Excerpt from Paula’s Craving – a Decadent Publishing Novella

I thought I’d share this too, especially since it’s my BIRTHDAY and I KNOW ya’ll love hearing excerpts read ;)

No cover art yet, mainly because I gave the artist license to understand and know Decadent’s market.  If it sucks, I’ll fire it back but considering my last several covers from artist Fiona Jayde have been pretty awesome, I can’t see her screwing this up!

Brief excerpt from Paula’s Craving (sex)

I’m looking forward to sharing the story with you after 20 years of it being buried within me!

Decadent Buck a Book Sale – Blog Hop

Daily Dose of Decadent Blog put this out earlier in the month and I completely missed telling you about it. While my releases aren’t on this list, there are a TON of great books being discounted so be sure to follow the blog hop!


In case you need some Decadence from me:  Unedited Excerpt from my contemporary romance Paula’s Craving follows –

Paula wrapped her legs around Ryan’s hips, enjoying the strength in his body.

He thrust inside her, entwined arms cradling her close like she imagined he would.

The weight of his body blanketed hers now, his mouth fell on her.  He tasted masculine, of honey and whiskey, his aroma a heady scent mingling with their arousal.

He trailed kisses down her chin, nibbling over her flesh, making each nerve stand up and beg its turn for his affections.

She tightened her thighs around him, wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and let him fill her to the brim over and over again.

Ryan caressed her breast, pinched the nipple and took it in his mouth, forcing a moan from her.

She arched her breasts upward, loving the wet suction of his lips and the flicking of his tongue back and forth over her nipple.

He caressed her hips, drove slowly in and out, rocking his hips against hers so he hit her clit just the right way.

Tightness swelled in her belly.  Every bit of her burned for him.  She tangled fingers in his long blond hair and tried to bring his mouth to hers.

He murmured something against her breast, then licked a trail of heat up her chest, over her collarbone before finally stopping at her ear.

“Baby, I’m so glad,” she panted, “Finally!”

Ryan stopped mid thrust, stiffened against her and jerked his head up.

“What?”  She opened her eyes and met his gaze, found the fierceness and some other emotion in the depths of his blue irises.

Quickly, he masked his emotions again and began a slow, rhythmic movement that made Paula’s breath hitch.

She dug her nails into his arms, moved her hands jerkily down to grip his waist and help him thrust harder.

“So close,” she threw her head back.  “So close, come with me, Ryan.  Come with me!”

He took advantage of her open mouth and captured her lips, thrusting his tongue in at the same speed he drove his cock in.

Every movement seemed to be for her.  Hell, even after all this time apart, she swore they fit together perfectly. Ryan had been the shy one in high school but she caught onto his little game.

He’d been on her mind again.  Ryan always occupied her mind at the oddest times, providing unspoken support when she most needed it.  Then, she bumped into him at one of her local haunts and when his eyes met hers, her heart hammered.

Just the same way Ryan’s hips did against hers.

Every bit of contact against his skin wasn’t enough.  She clawed at his hips, urging him on before his final thrust sent her over the edge.

Paula stiffened, moaning his name while running her hands up Ryan’s large frame. “Come baby!”

At that moment, he did, his cock pulsing rapidly inside her.

She squeezed him harder, dug her heels into his ass while she ran her fingers through his hair and stroked him.

His breathing labored, heart pounded loudly against her chest.

Finally, he settled down and lay over her, blanketing her.

A few minutes passed.  Paula shifted, reluctantly slid Ryan out of her, tugged off the used condom and discarded it.  Someday she’d like to feel him explode inside her.  Right now, his suggestion of safe sex both warmed her heart and irritated her.

Padding over to the bathroom, she grabbed a washcloth, cleaned herself off and sauntered back to the bed in her Vegas hotel room.  Looking at Ryan’s muscular frame and the way his hair fell over his face, softening his features, made her heart flutter a little.

Slowly, she crawled back into bed beside him, felt him clutch her possessively.

A smile crossed her lips as she closed her eyes and let the sound of his even breathing send her into dreamland.

The next morning Paula woke up to an empty space beside her.  No note, no remnants, nothing.

Ryan had disappeared.

She grit her teeth and bit back tears at the thought he’d  give her an incredible time then leave without so much as a kiss goodbye.

That didn’t seem like him.  Well, actually it did but it wasn’t the real him.

No man bared his soul in bed to her like Ryan had.

Paula sat up and wiped away tears she couldn’t stop from falling, then steadied her resolve.  “You’re not getting away from me, Ryan.”

Look out soon for Paula’s Craving, coming from Decadent Publishing

Dark Knight – a 1NS submission

Hey Folks,

I’m coming off an editing project by one of our new, talented Sizzler Editions Authors and wanted to share the latest for those following along with my author career.

As many of you know, about two weeks ago, I finished “Dark Knight” as an intended submission for Decadent Publishing.  I’d had some success with my earlier 1NS books, talked things over with the agent of awesome, Saritza and then decided to give them a few more.  So, here’s the plot:

Best Selling Romance Novelist Mark Knight is stuck, and tired.  The rut he’s been in has hindered his creativity over the last few weeks such to the point that he’s behind deadline (aren’t we all?) and unable to really find his muse for the next book in a series.  That is, until his friend Jason (You’ll recognize him and Siddella from Menage Bound)

Katherine “Katie” Harpner is recently divorced, tired, stressed and in need of a drastic change.  Her friend convinces her that the 1NS service can grant her every fantasy, including a special one involving Fiji, meeting a stranger and giving her a chance.

When the two meet…

Let’s just say Katie giggles a lot.  Sexy giggles.

I hope this story does what I want it to, for the muse I wrote it for.  And I hope the folks at Decadent Publishing enjoy it enough to publish it.  I’m still waiting to hear back on Paula’s Craving, so hopefully I’ll have those two plus a third once I write another 1NS later this Spring.

Oh, in case it’s not obvious, I’m VERY fond of curvy women.  Just like Mark Knight.  Perhaps…a tiny sneak peak.


He made his way back into the kitchen.  Looking at the time he realized he needed a drink.  Madam Eve promised Scotch, a few bottles of wine, juice, water and of course food.  Once he’d poured his first drink, Mark brought the glass to his lips and started to take a sip when he heard a soft click.  The door opened.

As Mark started to sip, the most gorgeous woman walked through the door.

He stood, half sip in hand, staring at her.

“Hi.  You must be Mark.”  She stepped in, gently shut the door behind her and looked at him.

“Either that’s really good scotch or you’ve never seen a woman before.”

The haze he’d been in shook off and Mark swallowed the gulp of whiskey he’d just taken, coughing from the burn down his throat.  “No,” he poured a glass of water, took a drink, then set the glass down.  “Just not used to seeing a truly beautiful woman walk through the door.”

He swore he saw round cheeks turning red.

Dark brown hair fell around her face, framing it and giving it a fullness that reminded him of the moon.  Vibrant, perfect.

She had to have some Indian in her if he had to guess.  Smooth skin bared and showed cleavage that hardened him instantly.  Her tight fitting jeans hugged luscious curves and showed off firm legs he hoped would wrap around him later this evening.

The most intriguing feature of her though, remained her eyes.  Sparkling green emeralds, wide with…an emotion he couldn’t name, blazed brightly in her face.  Hell, her perfect mouth had his cock standing at attention but he couldn’t tear himself away from her eyes.

“You’re either using that as your pickup line or…”  She stepped forward. “I’m sorry, it’s been a long flight.”

He nodded and watched her with predatory precision.

Jerky movements became smoother as she made her way toward the kitchen.

“I’m Mark.  How about I pour you a drink.  Then we can sit and relax.  This is…a little unorthodox for both of us.”

She nodded, dropped her suitcase by the couch and made her way to the bar stool across the counter from him.  “I’m Katherine—Katie though.”

“Pleased to make your acquaintance Katie.”  He hated how ‘fake’ he sounded just then.

She must have picked up on his thoughts because she giggled.

Music to his ears.  This woman could be…

No.  It couldn’t be that simple.  Nothing ever was for a writer.

He shook off the thought, extended his hand like he had manners and waited.

“I’d love a drink,” she reached across the marble counter, gripped his hand in hers.

A firm, yet feminine handshake greeted his, made his cock harden even more.

She ran fingers over her ear, brushing back strands of hair he imagined had to be silken smooth.  Hell, it looked perfect, framing her face, softening her features.  It also drew attention to her lips.

Perfect lips, her moth a veritable dessert all its own if he had to guess.  Which, he hoped to taste shortly.


The roughness in her voice reminded him of honey, slow, dripping over a woman’s body while he licked it up and devoured her, enjoying the sounds of her need in every breath.

He again forced himself to focus.  This was a match making service.  They needed to establish if they even had anything in common, and a drink was the ultimate icebreaker.  “Scotch?  Or do you have a preference?  We’ve been fully stocked.”

Playlist for my new erotic 1NS – Paula’s Craving

Most of you know I write to music and that influences the direction/tone of the story.  With my new 1NS, tentatively titled Paula’s Craving, this couldn’t be any more true.

The story gist I’m still working out, but my Street Team has seen a few excerpts but the premise is still to be laid out fully.

Due to changes  in health, I’m making changes in my writing habit, so this may take a little longer. In the meantime, here’s the back story:

Paula couldn’t believe her luck when she contacted the 1Night Stand service and was set up with her old high school crush!  Yet, after a weekend of rousing passion, Ryan disappears., making her wonder hat happened.  When she returns Vegas to take time off, she’s convinced by a stranger (not to my longtime readers!) that she should pursue this crush if he’s really worth it.

Ryan’s astounded when he runs into the one woman in his world he never  thought he’d see again after high school, yet he feels he’s so damaged that the only thing he can do is give in to his primal desires, sate her the best he can and then slip away in the night.  Only,  when he returns to Vegas for work, he runs into a familiar (to longtime readers) face who points out that he needs to either pursue his crush or let her go for her sake.  When he contacts the 1Night Stand service, he swears he’s going to let Paula go.

But Madame Eve’s magic works in mysterious ways.  Will the two lovers reunite and learn to move forward together?

The story has a more feminine feel to it due to the history behind it and my heroine’s desire to save  the hero from his own demons.  WIth that, the playlist can easily be divided into Paula’s songs, and Ryan’s songs.

Paula’s Songs:

  1. Paper Waves – The Gathering
  2. Meltdown – The Gathering
  3. Stately Lover – Lacuna Coil
  4. Heroes for Ghosts –  The Gathering
  5. Iolite – Claire Voyant
  6. Amity – The Gathering
  7. The May Song – The Gathering
  8. Reverie – Lacuna Coil
  9. Veins of Glass – Lacuna Coil

Ryan’s Songs

  1. Concealing Fate Part 2 – Deception –  TesseracT
  2. Concealing Fate Part 3 – The Impossible  – TesseracT
  3. Concealing Fate Part 4 – Perfection- TesseracT
  4. Concealing Fate Part 5  – Epiphany – TesseracT
  5. Monsters – The Gathering
  6. It’s all Good – Cold
  7. Sick of Man – Cold

As you can see it’s remiss of my usual death and speed metal but the story itself is being written differently.  More on the history in another post…

In the meantime,  on with the holiday celebration!  A Christmas Favour

“This is a lovely story of a star-crossed couple who have trouble making decisions that will lead to their ultimate happiness. Set against the backdrop of Christmas, it is a story of love, loss, heartbreak, and happiness. I had never read anything by Sascha Illyvich prior to this novel, but will definitely be adding more of his work to my TBR list!
”  – Barbara Hunt Alexander, a reader!

Grab this book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Total E-bound

Sexperiences in Writing!

I’m guessing the fabulous folks at Decadent do not want me disclosing my sexperiences, but I must mention them in brief as this draws readers and works on people’s natural curiosity about the sexual nature of erotic authors.

The fact is, the encounters an author has, make for a fuller experience in writing, provided the author has had numerous adventures.  If not, the author is left living vicariously through pornography, erotica, other means.  (Like me)  Being the Bad Boy of Romance, this actually works in my favor, as it justifies my flirtation, my drinking and premium cigar smoking all while providing an illusion, an image of something readers expect.

I’ve been talking with other authors about the unspoken author/reader contract and how upon publication, if the author platform does not define the relationship, the experience a reader gets from an author’s book, then the reader defines it.  This is not a bad thing, but it’s not the best for attracting the most attention for the group of readers your book is targeted to.  If however, every blog post, every interaction, tweet, facebook status, and book all say the same thing, then the AUTHOR is defining that contract.

Just like I defined the contract here.  Reading my books will give you an experience you’ll never forget.  The reviews paint Menage Bound as a hot sexy read where the characters are lifelike and real, and the reviewers could imagine themselves in that world.  And frankly, some of them WANT that fantasy.  Maybe I’ve lived it.  Maybe not.

Image copyright to original owner

In my world, my books tend to be about trust on a deeper level. And in my latest 1Night Stand, Menage Bound, Siddella must extend trust in the 1NS service that she can have a fantasy played out.  Two hunky men, both dominant, both not fighting OVER her but instead, working well within the boundaries she sets.  Jason and Chase must trust the same service, then extend said trust to Siddella for her acceptance that two men can have a healthy long term sexual relationship that involves pushing boundaries and growth.

Find out if they can do it by going to Amazon and buying Menage Bound!

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