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Jaded Males – My #Writing Specialty

One of the things I’ve continued to enjoy about paranormal romances was how I could dig deeper with the emotional levels and play harder, heavier with angst, love and everything in between.  I think as a reader first, I like to experience books like roller coasters.  Even as I write this blog, I’m listening to […]

Hell of a backlist of books in my TBR pile!

After doing DragonCON and Erotic Authors Association’s first conference, plus travel and deadlines and edits hell for various projects I’m drained!  There is literally nothing in the well of ideas!  What a lot of people don’t understand about writers is that we’re actually like buckets.  We have only so many good words in us before […]

Fantasy in Romance

According to a recent post on the Harlequin Blog, the top ten most common professions of romance novel heroes were listed and Doctor came in number one. The interesting thing was that since we all write a form of fantasy anyway, you’d think the heroes might have a little less in common with reality than […]

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