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Over my forced hiatus from the heart thing, I’ve had to spend time not working. That didn’t mean I couldn’t come up with story ideas though. Or think best about how to rework older ideas I’d never put to paper. In the upcoming few weeks, I’ll be working on a story involving a puma shifter and a witch. My love of Death Metal will play a part in this story as well as some BDSM that might come into play. We’ll see.

Destiny, a witch has a secret she hides well from her lovers, fans and more. Fronting the death metal band Ark-Kaotik, she has the voice of an angel, or the scream of the Devil. When I came up with the storyline ideally I had this singer in mind: [youtube=]

The problem with Angela from Arch Enemy though is as sexy as she is, she doesn’t sing clean. So I looked at Tristania and I LOVE this song but I’m still not sure if they’re heavy enough. Here’s the video for Shadowman, a song I write more often to now that I’m writing heavier characters and romances:


Thing is, I needed a heavier feel for this band Destiny fronts and the closets thing I can find that I LOVE is Devildriver. So enjoy this video [youtube=]

Back to the writing. Destiny fronts this band and uses her voice to ease the pain and sorrow of the audience. I’m still searching for that ultimate plot point that will bring her to Derrick, the puma but once I have it, you’ll hear of it. Until then, enjoy the music!

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  1. I love Devildriver as you know as well as Arch Enemy! Big fans of both. I have a metal series that I started on. Its contemporary, not paranormal.

    I do have a paranormal, all fem, death metal band in my head that needs a story too.

    So many ideas, so little time, bossman!

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