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Who was that pimp wolf back in 2005?

Have you ever wondered about the soundtracks for lengthy book series? Does JR Ward continue to blast gangster rap throughout the entire, what book are we on now, Black Dagger Brotherhood series? How about Laurel K. Hamilton’s entire Anita Blake series?

For me, it’s taken almost twenty years to complete my Nights of Lust series and the soundtrack to the last book definitely wasn’t what the previous three books were. In fact, I made a complete break from the original soundtrack. When I first created the series, I had this tortured hero in mind based loosely on what I’d read of some of the darker vampire romance authors of the time. This was back in 2005 when bands like Korn and Linkin Park were highly relevant and Nu-Metal was appreciating a second wave of success. The soundtrack for my tortured characters, all three of them in the ménage I planned to write as an ongoing series because Laurel K. Hamilton was my personal hero at the time.

The playlist (Modified because of Spotify) can be listened to here.

Bands included are

Linkin Park
VNV Nation
Slipknot (Volume 3: The Subliminal Verse – STILL a great album)
The Gathering (Anneke years)
Killswitch Engage (Howard Jones years mostly)

That’s the basics and nothing from Korn is on that list after 2005. My head was in a dark space during the move to California, during my time in the Golden State and when I was working on that novel because it allowed me to get out aggression in a healthy manner. Or so I say, anyway. I wanted tormented feelings to come across in my characters, so it carried forward from ENDANGERED, to TORN and finally CURSED, which I finished earlier this year.

Fast forward a few weeks after I finished CURSED and I wanted to start DENIED, the final book in this series. Endangered was written and published first by Venus Press (Thanks Marie LaCroix) back in maybe 2005/06, but the company folded and I ended up with the rights back before Red Sage acquired it, then folded a few years back. Somewhere in there, I think TORN (formerly An Alpha Torn) was published, unpublished, then published by the now defunct romance arm of Wolfpack Publishing. During that time, I realized I needed to finish this series proper and with original artistic integrity. I know, ya’ll can stop laughing now.

Dave/Lucian is NOT my usual (for this series) depressed, heavy as hell on the heart, hero. His mates Severine and Breña aren’t, either. Korn wasn’t going to cut it for me. Neither was anything save the section of the old playlist that dealt with sex scenes.

The new playlist features more modern metal cuts and shies away from the lyrical heaviness of the old by focusing more on the musical rhythms that get me into the zone. So, some oddities made that list which can be heard here.

Cannibal Corpse’s George “Corpsegrinder” Fischer

3rd Secret (there’s a shock…for those who know, you know)
Fallujah (super stoked having seen them twice now!)
Fit For An Autopsy (Great live band!)
Shadow of Intent
Legends Shall Fall
Rivers of Nihil (Ya’ll saw that post!)
Cannibal Corpse/Corpsegrinder (that post too…)

And the like. The only carryover as mentioned, had been the music I write sex scenes to and I figured out a progressive order that works out to move with the ebb and flow of intensity during the story. Each sex scene increases in intensity and passion, but if I did my job right? You’ll have to wait for the books to come out. They need editors now, and covers!

The same with The Bodyguard and Saint in Sinner’s Eyes – That soundtrack had a lot of Devildriver and Katatonia. I’m working on the third book now but much of that soundtrack is literally the last Warforged album. Or Fallujah. Or some random melodic progressive Death metal album with SOME Devildriver thrown in for good measure, to retain the original feelings I had when I wrote that series. Oh, and maybe James Labrie’s side project. (Self, not Mulmuzzler)

I’m enjoying the evolution of my books and characters, as well as the soundtracks. I hope you will too. For now?

I don’t care for classic rock in the Biker world and my bikers are vampires of old who have advanced music tastes, despite a few of the members being born in a time when you were either a Norman or a Saxon. Some of the vampires were born before WWI but they all became bikers after the first Great War, forming a bond unlike any other until discovering another realm filled with vampires. Their time on earth ended shortly after being tasked by the Queen of Vampires to find her husband’s killer, leading the vampires to Faery where mystery and intrigue pissed them all off, but lead one biker in particular to a potential cure for his ailing sister.

She’s ready for some peace. He’s desperate to save his sister. Can they survive vamps, fae, and bikers long enough to win each other’s hearts?

Hell-bent on saving his ailing sister, Jonas, the thief of the Undead Souls Motorcycle Club is searching far and wide searching for a half-ling in order to harvest their blood.

But when arrives when he meets a sexy vampire-fae, he’s shocked to discover she’s hauling valuable cargo; he’s shocked when an undeniable attraction clouds his laser focus.

Bone weary of the constant threats on her life as a trucker, Tempest needs one more payday to retire into a very peaceful lifestyle.

Except hauling the Queen’s motorcycles makes her a prime target. When biker gang violence forces her to ally herself with the very MC originally trying to seal her cargo, she meets the one vampire who ticks all the annoying boxes. Cocky, yup. Smart-assed, in spades. Drop dead gorgeous? To a flaw. Can she trust Jonas to protect her and her cargo, or will he turn out to be another dirtbag biker who breaks her heart and shatters her dreams?

Riding Tempest is the harrowing first installment in the Undead Souls Motorcycle paranormal romance trilogy. If you enjoy heart-driven heroes and gutsy heroines, then you’ll enjoy Sascha Illyvich’s fast-paced tale.

Grab your copy of Riding Tempest and hold on for the ride of your life!

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