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Yeah, we’re talking about Djent and my music obsession.  I need the heart because if this is my blog, and my site, and I’m going to lure fans in not by talking writing shop all the damn time, but by talking interest, let’s talk about “Odyssey to the West” the last album from the dynamic death/metal-core band Slice the Cake, made up of members who from what I understand, have never met in person.

I won’t go into the detailed explanation of what this masterpiece is about, someone else did that here. Short version, the album is a journey based loosely on “The Pilgrim’s Progress”, by John Bunyan. It strays from what the link above says, but I’m not familiar with the particular allegory.

But I will say that the album on full rotation, from start to 78 minutes of music, Shakespearian Soliloquy, death metal vocals, clean vocals, acoustic and heavy guitars, calm drums and death metal blast beats tied up with booming bass, has moved me. Parts of it pick up from their previous album “Other Slices” in the love department and the meaning I’ve pulled from that segment (taken possibly out of context) where as parts of it like Unending Waltz challenge my Soul.

Yeah.  Because a musician asked the right question of the emotional listener.

Unending Waltz – give it a listen.  It’s…somewhat typical for fans of more aggressive metal and fans of this band. It literally shatters me when the Oracle starts speaking, because of the questions she poses to The Pilgrim on his journey.

I’ve only known sadness until recently and this song was a huge reinforcement of what I wanted my characters to go through in order to provide you with release.  Unshed tears needed to fall while I wrote, and they probably need to fall when you read my stories if you’re digging in that hard into what I’m trying to convey.

This still falls into line with a basic tenant I’ve been learning. The Oracle once asks tough questions to the Pilgrim and makes him question himself to the point of even calling him a coward. Then she puts forth another ideal that may work better for him. “Because it’s all so simple, can’t you see?”

The entire composition of this one song gets me every fucking time.

It makes it harder to write through tears but the stories come out better because I emote.  I release.

In the end, “What are the chances, that I would come to see with such great ease?”


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