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Siddella’s Submission (Part Two from Siddella’s Surrender)

Erotic Fantasy by Sascha Illyvich
123 Pages
$5.99 at Renaissance E-books

When we last left the perilous world of the Unseelie, we were faced with a difficult challenge.  Take one virgin faery in a world of darkness and brutal sex and show her the love and gifts of the powerful Black Angus, legendary Guard Dogs of Faery by controlling her desires and bringing out her true nature as a submissive.

But the goddess that somehow inhabited Siddella’s body wanted vengeance for the wrongdoing that the Cybernetic beings have created as the new Unseelie City-state.

A smart Dominant, Frika knew this wasn’t the best course of action for either his mate or the land in which Siddella came from.  Can he show her through her own natural desires that healthy sex can include bondage and a different kind of pain?

Siddella’s story is really one about transformation and change that D/s relationships can have. As the Fae must learn to accept their past and fix the present for the future, Siddella must learn to accept who she truly is, a change that forces growth or the deaths of so many, including her beloved master Frika.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did.


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