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My routine is a little off at the moment because I’m actively trying to change it so I can come back to writing and have more funds to trade with, but I have found that making time for personal growth has been easier with more “freedom” in my schedule. Right now? Taking the Leap, by Pema Chodron is a quick read I’m getting through after having finished Deep Work and Miracle Morning.

I’ll come back to romance reading stuff probably on this Thursday when I go to the club.

just started the chicken I’m batching, going to play again with Monchong fish fillet, made the alkagizer batch, and will be sitting down with a cigar and my iPad for Tastytrade content I couldn’t see because only one of my girlfriends rises earlier than Market opens…haha

This isn’t the growth I envisioned, but it’s way more powerful. I like it, Sam I am!

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