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A pair of romantic bondage novellas

Time for Sex Scene Saturday and we’re going to stick with the trend of milking 50 Shades fame!  This excerpt comes from the first novella in Forced Pleasure, a pair of romantic bondage novellas out from Sizzler Editions.

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Blurb:Two more romantic tales of bondage from your humble author are served up in this collection. In Forced Pleasure, we have the struggle between want and need as Francine looks to help her relieve Micah’s stresses in a most unusual way only to realize that her lover Nick has plans of his own to handle both of their hearts. In Sweet Submission, Gawith is happy with his new kinky, poly family but the one thing that dogs him is the mistake he made with the woman who captured his heart.  Samantha is the perfect submissive, older, caring, loving and into the Lifestyle with just as much gusto as Gawith.  But his mistake could cost him the one thing he needs in order to be complete. BDSM tales in their own right are romance stories, though not always told in the typical fashion or given the typical outcome.  But to those who understand What It Is That We Do, there is a beauty never missed.


A fresh vase of red roses sat atop her desk and scented the room.  It also brightened her mood until she realized Micah was responsible for the flowers.


A note sat beneath a bottle of Aspirin and a glass of water. Francine sighed.

The back of her head hurt from slamming it back against Micah’s desk during his pussy eating session last night.  She rubbed the sore spot and acknowledged the memory with a little smirk before walking into her office. Her mind had raced with dozens of questions, most of which she swore she needn’t bother with since Micah was only going to fuck her.

When she spotted the note, she picked it up, flipped open the paper and smiled. He’d apologized for being rough with her last night.  The pills, extra flowers and water he’d picked up before she came into office.

The sun shone through the window, blaring down on Francine.  The rays made the red in her hair stand out and she made sure to take advantage of that when Micah walked past her.

Except that he ignored her.

Despite the release from last night, the second she saw Micah, her sex drive kicked into high gear.  There was definitely a difference in how she felt, as though a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

She should be grateful for the reprieve from the self-imposed stresses in her life. Instead, she was torn between being annoyed at him and wanting more.

Most of the day dragged by with Francine handling odd chores for Micah.  She’d talked to Nick on the phone earlier in the day, told him about the little incident, to which he’d laughed.  “You always were the one to instigate and rouse a man,” he told her. “I’ll be home soon enough and perhaps…we can see where this goes.”

That little bit made her heart race.  Micah was a very caring dominant male and had shown her that last night when she sobbed into his shoulder.  It wasn’t like her to have that sort of release with anyone except Nick.

He’d hardly spoken to her all day.  His office smelled like fresh pipe and the door had been left open. Any phone calls she put through to his office had gone straight to voicemail.

Squeezing her thighs together did nothing to release the steady buildup that made her want to prod and push him.

The door opened and Micah walked past her, pipe in hand.  The long gait in his stride exuded confidence.

Her curiosity rose.  She started after him but the look in his eyes showed his obvious concentration. Excitement sprinkled in his eyes despite the weary look on his face.

He was very work focused, that she admired.  The woman in her yearned to comfort him, hold him close and stroke his thick, satiny hair while they lay in bed together.  That same creature in her demanded she stalk after him, stop him and fuck him on the hardwood floor.

Micah came through her office again and headed into his.  “Oh,” he poked his head out, winked and continued, “Lunch is being delivered.”

The playful look in his eyes was hard to miss and made her wonder what he was up to.

Instantly, her thoughts went to last night’s impromptu bondage involving her skirt, panties and top that restricted her movements.  She unconsciously licked her lips.

Being tied up wasn’t something that took power away from her; rather, it gave her freedom.  She was tired of being the one in charge in her daily life and the fact that Nick traveled a lot meant that she had to do more than the usual woman when it came to taking care of not just a house but her own life.

In a true dom/sub relationship, Francine would probably be happiest.  She could get to live the life she wanted, one where control was given and taken at will, without thought.

Her heart wanted the freedom and security provided by a man who loved her.

In short, she wanted the same thing every other woman wanted and deserved from their partner.

She needed that release. Several years of dealing with overburdening family had ingrained bad habits into her psyche that were hard to break in the confines of normalcy.  Her sister was always begging for money, her parents constantly nagged at her to get a decent job and get out of the sex industry.

If they saw how corporate she’d become up until recently it still wouldn’t make a difference. Her parents were ultra-religious.

Previous boyfriends couldn’t understand her. Nick was the first one to truly get who she was.  Francine needed control, needed to have some freedom in when to exercise it, and then have it ripped away when she’d tried to take advantage of Nick when she grew scared of the emotional bond forming between them.

Nick saw to it that she was restrained often and given everything it could but for her heart it wasn’t enough.  She needed to give more, give deeper.  Nick had never truly allowed her that opportunity due to him being on the road a lot.

The first time they seriously played, Nick had broken through a number of barriers. He’d used her old fear of restraint against her to show his trustworthiness.

Men in the past had often broke her heart with typical I love yous and bullshit like that.

But Nick took her on a journey with rope, one that involved him keeping his word.

That night she’d expunged the fear of restraint. He’d done just what he said he was going to do by simply tying her up with a vibrator buzzing just above her clit.  If she moved, he untied her, walked out of her life.

Buzzing from the toy created a dire desire in her to obey as her body controlled her rather than her mind’s fears.

She yearned for more of that. Boundary pushing broke her, remade her.

With a heavy sigh, Francine propped her feet on her desk and leaned back in her chair.  She sighed, closed her eyes and listened.

The sound of Micah’s pipe lighter clicking echoed between the two offices.  Shortly after, the smell of sweet aromatic smoke wafted past her nose.

She inhaled deeply, breathing the scent of his pipe into her lungs as she imagined him up close, riding her as he should have last night.

A hand slid down the length of her body, over her luscious breasts and abdomen and between her thighs.  She parted her legs and bunched up the skirt so that she could cup her pussy.

A finger dipped inside.

She threw her head back when a second finger pushed past her lips.

“Open your eyes,” a male voice commanded.

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