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The thrill of the bisexual lifestyle for some tends to involve a naughty bit of thinking where more is merrier. Indeed this can be the case and when I was coming up with story ideas, I put myself in the driver’s seat literally, trying to come up with things that turned ME on in hopes that not only could I write a hot story but that I could write a story that turned the reader on as well.

Copyright belongs to origional owner Room for One More is a collection of six hot bisexual tales.  In Lashway’s Lease, Lindsey desperately wants something from an on again off again fling and knows that once she’s got control of his cock and ass, she’s got true control of a real estate empire—at least to get her the apartment she wants.  And in Emerald Green, we the sexy Naomi who dares Alex to fulfill his fantasy of being with a guy, going so far as to sweeten the deal with her hot mouth!

The older stories are just that, older stories written for various contests and story sites such as Three Pillows, which used to be a paying market.  They still pay I understand but their response time has slowed. But they share a lot of great content for the male bisexual, which is hard in this world because many men think we’re confused. We’re either gay or straight, pick one.

Why? I’m not a fan of the writer but when I read that Gore Vidal suggested man is neither homosexual or heterosexual, but his experiences are of one nature or the other, it struck a chord in me.

My characters are very real people.  In every story here you’ll find some aspect of me, right down to the snobbery people have known me for.  (I call it sophistication but whatever 😛 ) You’ll find love, you’ll find a smidge of kink, but mostly you’ll find a good time between three human beings who express their sexuality and share it with each other.

In short you’ll find my erotic fiction to capture the human sexuality experience.

Read another excerpt?

Sure I’ll post.  Ready? This one’s from Morgan’s Poker

The breeze from the fan sent chills over Sascha’s body.  Clutching his arms, he kept his mind on the cards he’d been dealt.  Henry was a shitty dealer so far tonight, unless the cards were stacked against Sascha’s favor.

“Are you chicken shit?”  Morgan glared at Sascha while watching him remove the last article of clothing.  “I mean, you’re the least clothed of us here.”

Sascha smirked and ran a hand through his hair.  “Yeah, I know.  Don’t remind me.”  His thick erection bobbed between his legs.  He kept his gaze focused on Morgan’s breasts, nipples peaked from the cold air blowing from the vent behind him.  Morgan’s fiery red hair had been pulled free of its ponytail so that her hair flowed around her round face, accenting luscious ruby red lips and deep forest green eyes.

She settled ah hand on a very naked hip.  “We’re both looking yummy. Those were your words.”

Despite the wanton need to lick a trail from her thigh to her pussy, he remained neutral in his expression.  “I am fully aware of that, Morgan.”  Sascha looked at his cards again.  Ace high. He didn’t have a fucking thing.  He suspected Henry had been playing dirty all night with Morgan’s help though he couldn’t figure out how.  Though, Henry had lost enough hands to show off broad shoulders, a flat stomach and olive skin so smooth it looked edible.

To Sascha and Morgan, it was.

Sitting in just her black g-string, Morgan narrowed her eyes.  “Then what are you waiting for?  Up the bet to two minutes of sucking his cock.”

Heat crept up his face and the pit of his stomach fell.  He smirked at Henry. “Fine.  Two minutes added if I lose.”

Henry laughed.  “Great, I could use a good blowjob from either one of you right about now!”

Eyeing his cock, Morgan chuckled.  “Don’t forget you have to suck his cock too.  Last I recall, both of you had a debt to each other.”

Sascha swallowed hard.  Sucking Henry’s cock would be a first for Sascha, but Morgan suggested he get his curiosities out of his system before they had their hand fasting ceremony.  Besides, it wasn’t like she didn’t have a minute of blowing them each anyway.  A lot could happen in a minute with three people’s mouths locked to each other’s genitals.

Of course it didn’t help him that Morgan knew just how eager Sascha was to suck dick, either.  The fantasies he’d told her while they fucked made her wetter.  When she repeated what he’d told her earlier, his tongue swirled over her folds faster, flicking against her clit like his salvation lie in her pussy.

Which it did.

“So, you lose this hand and we determine that you suck Henry off for five minutes?”

Glaring at Morgan, he sighed.  “Are you trying to set me up?”

She grinned sheepishly with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.  “Yes.”

Sascha groaned.  Looking at his cards again, he took a deep breath.  “Show’em if you got’em.”  He splayed his pitiful Ace high hand across the table.

Henry snorted.  “Ace high?  This is what you are betting against me?”

Sascha nodded.  Looking at Morgan, he waited for her snickers to become full blown laughter.

“Well?”  Sascha’s impatience grew.

Henry laid down his cards, one at a time.

Ten of hearts.

Jack.  Same suit.

Queen.  Another heart.

Butterflies began dancing in Sascha’s stomach.

Next card.  King of hearts.

A sinking nervous feeling hit the pit of his stomach with the force of a sledgehammer.  His cock hardened more and moisture oozed from the head.

Two of hearts.

“Two of fucking hearts?”  Sascha blinked a few times.  Leaning forward, he picked up the card and threw his head back in laughter.

Tossing her hand on the table, Morgan stood and hooked her thumbs around the tiny strip of cloth and slid her panties down luscious legs.  “He beat me.  I had nothing.”

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