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*From Facebook post – only lengthened*
Today I got to hear the ding in TOS – something I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing in a few weeks. I’d have heard it in my live trading account Monday, but I was kind of fuzzy headed because I’m getting over a cold shared by both lovers.  Prior til that, there was the routine of getting up, sucking down Amaro, just to suck down painkillers, just to suck down vodka/gin/bourbon, just to put something in my stomach so I COULD function, THEN sucking down coffee because I needed a clear head for work.  Guess who, by the way, has three jobs…NOT counting trader, cigar/lifestyle blogger/writer.  Needless to say, I’m grateful for the job at the Kop – it’s OUR bar.  The hotel staff basically want nothing to do with working it, because they generally don’t know the POS or how to pour/mix etc.  I am just guessing, but only Eric and I are running it for now.  For my first bar gig out of school, and my first working (non writing) job, I am pretty pleased.  It’s temporary – I need a bigger space, more routine, regulars, that sort of thing.   Oh, plus regular tips.
The trading ding, along with the little bit of writing I did last week is making me pine for normalcy, routine. I miss being a writer, but am having to figure out how to build in time to write when I can on nights when I’m not at The Kop, and trade during the day all five days a week.  I’m back in the swing of watching daily Tastytrade content in the evenings during my cigar time.
Now, I can get up, drink my alkagizer, drink my coffee, eat regular, home cooked food and I’m in minimal pain, but a foam roller has helped with that.  Oh, one thing I’ve had to add as of late, Kombucha.  Gut health is shot to shit when you take 4X800 Advil three to four times a day for most of a month.
I won’t lie, this was inspiration when I was starting the Undead Souls MC series!

I basically will be eating dinner for lunch on those days, go to work, make sure I bring my chicken and greens with me so when I have a down moment, I can eat healthy, then come home and maybe not worry about food (bullshit, it’s me…) or not worry so much. I’ll possibly be looking into foil packet batching, #slowcookersunday recipes, and keeping my alkagizers in heavy rotation. This doesn’t help with “I want to get back to writing or trading” bit.

Figuring out the new routine is going to take some adjusting. Making sure I have enough time, energy, (booze, haha) and can pick up a new routine with my writing loved ones…is going to be key.
I may have to start getting up at 10 AM…rather than 11:30.
Not sure how I feel about that LOL!  If I do that though, I may catch live Tastytrade content before the oldest GF calls.  That might be good to be up at opening bell.  It might give me meditation time, as well as some time to spend with my tarot cards too.
The goals are still in place. Return to writing, full swing. Get my Tastyworks account up there in size so I can really trade. This doing two to five trades a month is great for learning but my P/L sucks and I cannot fix that without the ability to vary strategy and underlying. Get my Tattoo to honor #OwnHerHeart, Oh, there’s a list of things I need to do, and want to do.
If The Villages at Kensington work with me, I’m here one more year. But after that? It’s time for an upgrade.
Suppose this was why I began to reclaim my time using Tim Ferriss things three years back.
Go, do be. And do it all with passion.

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