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It seems these folks LOVE giving away books and prizes to lucky readers, and I just can’t stay away from the hop.  We’re celebrating Julie Kenner and her new release TODAY!

From 12/1-12/10 Random House readers can hop from blog to blog for a chance at these fabulous gifts:

 Also, I’ll throw down a copy of A Christmas Favour, my contemporary erotic romance to some lucky commenter on THIS blog!  There will be a few posts related to this, so stick around the entire blog hop!

  An excerpt from A Christmas Favour (different one!) can be found below!

Two Years Before
Christian looked at the two wine glasses, plates and silverware sitting on the table around a large, stuffed turkey. The aroma of apple pie baking in the oven wafted through the kitchen and dining area along with other scents.
He smiled at Angela. She really had outdone herself this year, even if it was just the two of them together again.
Taking two of her candles from the mantel over her fireplace, he brought them to the table along with her lighter.
Angela tilted her head and glanced at Christian. “What are those for?”
“Tradition.” He lit the candles then poured a glass of wine for Angela and another for himself.
“Oh, that’s so sweet of you.”
He reached for her and let a finger caress her cheek.
Her breath caught in her throat, and he smothered a smile at her telltale reaction.
“Let’s eat.” Chris reached for the knife and began to carve the turkey.
Some time later, almost too full to move anymore, he forced his body up and cleaned the kitchen for Angela. He took the pie out of the oven and set it on the counter to cool. The second bottle of chardonnay chilled in the refrigerator. Two glasses sat in the freezer, chilling as well. Chris built a fire in the fireplace, pulled Angela to her feet and hugged her, feeling her warmth against his own body. His erection nudged against her belly. He wanted to act on it, but it seemed somehow inappropriate.
“Wanna snuggle?” He set his dishtowel down on the table.
“Sure.” She smiled, and her eyes lit up like stars.
Settling against the back of the couch, Christian let her slip her arm behind him.
Slowly, her fingers began circling a spot on the small of his back.
“Hey, Angela, work on my lower back, too.”
“Gladly.” Angela grabbed his shirt, lifted it over his head and tossed it aside. Her mouth dropped when she saw how built he was. “Wow.”
Christian looked over his shoulder to see her eyes wide, mouth dropped open. “What…?”
She touched him, placing her hand flat against his skin.

Cover for my first contemporary erotic romance out from Total E-bound
Cover for my first contemporary erotic romance out from Total E-bound

He shivered

beneath her touch, his cock growing instantly hard.”
“I’ve never seen you shirtless. You’re built like a god.” She swept his ponytail over one shoulder and continued rubbing, her fingers digging into a rough tense spot on his shoulder.
He braced himself against the side of the couch and felt her hand slide around his waist.
“I could get used to this, Angela.”
“I bet you could.” Chuckling, she continued applying pressure into the knot.
He hissed, clenching his teeth. He let out a sigh.
Lithe fingers crept up and down his back, making the hairs at the nape of his neck stand up.
“You’re very good at this.”
“Thank you. I used to love doing this.”
Her touches became lighter, softer.
Christian felt her breasts bump against his back. He was on the verge of turning around and kissing Angela, but he reigned himself in.
Best friends didn’t do that.
“My fingers are tired. Mind if I stop?”
He tilted his head and winked. “Only if I can lean back and cuddle.”
Angela laughed, a silky, sensuous sound. “Of course.”
Chris fell into her arms, careful of his erection.
She spread her legs apart and let him settle into her body. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she let out a soft sound.
He made every attempt to stifle the images flashing through his mind. Images of Angela sitting on his lap, writhing over him. His body wouldn’t let him. He trailed his finger across her thigh under her pyjama bottoms.
Angela didn’t protest.
Chris looked up at her. Her eyes seemed lost.
Innocence shined through her timid expression. Shifting to faced her more fully, he looked into her beautifully expressive eyes. “Angela, I love you.”
Her lips curled into a smile. “Chris, that’s so sweet of you. I love you, too. Thank you for our time. Thank you for coming to cheer me up.”
“You mean a great deal to me, too, Ang—”
She leaned forward, and her lips sealed over his sweetly.
Christian didn’t resist. Instead, he let her lips caress his, felt her tongue licking his bottom lip. She was softness, femininity.
Angela seemed ready to push forward, but Chris pulled away.
He stood up, hesitating then sat back down beside her, angling his body towards hers.
“Angela, what was that?”
Her eyes begged him as her jaw dropped. “Chris, I’m…I, uh, I don’t know.”
Angela leaned forward into his body and tasted him again.
“Chris, this just seems right to me. Can you understand?”
“Yes. And I do love you. But—” What was she thinking?
She kissed him again, this time pulling her body into his, and he took the cue.
He wrapped his hungry arms around her tiny body, pulled her into him, inhaling her scent. She was fresh and smelled of bubble bath and lavender.
Chris didn’t hesitate anymore. He reached for Angela’s shirt and lifted it over her head, exposing round breasts, a flat belly and smooth skin. The sight of her topless was enough to stifle his breath.
He reached for her breast, stopping short of touching her.
“Chris, please…” Her lips moved, but no other words came out. Her eyes silently begged for more contact.
Eagerly, his mouth went to her body, caressed her nipples, brushed over her sternum to her stomach. Christian kissed his way around her, caressing her neck with his fingers. Gently tugging at her hair, he ran his fingers through her dirty-blonde mane.
She threw her head back, pushing her body into his mouth.
Hungrily, he continued kissing and licking a trail down her body, working his way towards her belly.
Angela’s hands caressed his shoulders, gripped his arms. She pressed her palms against his chest.
Christian couldn’t help himself anymore. Reaching for her pyjama bottoms, he slid them down her hips, exposing her to him.
His eyes wandered down the line of her body, stopping at her hips. “You’re so damn sexy,” he breathed. Reaching for her, he cupped her then slid two fingers inside her heat.
Gasping, Angela arched her hips into his hand. “Touch me. Just like that.”
He’d wanted to hear those words from her for so long. He’d spent many nights fantasising about making love to his best friend. Now he was about to realise his dreams.
Pressing the heel of his palm into her, he spread his fingers apart inside her. Feeling her velvety slickness contract in response to his slow circular movements, he watched her.
Angela settled against his hand, shifted her weight and spread her legs apart farther. “I’ve wanted,” her mouth hung open but no more words came out.
“Tell me, baby.” Looking into her half open eyes, Christian realised that she’d succumbed to the same powerful emotions he had. In that instant, he knew they were meant for each other.
“I want…” she stuttered, “I want your…” She reached out and patted his cock. “This!”
Working his fingers against her clit, he continued watching her. Her skin was flushed and very hot to the touch. Christian leaned forward, taking a breast in his mouth. Suckling her nipple, he flicked his tongue over the sensitive tip and felt her writhe against him in time with his fingers’ ministrations.
She rested her head against his, moaning louder with each delicate stroke of his fingers.
Christian moved from one breast to the other, releasing her with a popping sound before seizing the other nipple between his lips.
Angela’s hands found his hair, gripping him, digging into his scalp. Her hips undulated faster beneath his hand with each stroke.
“Oh goddess, Chris, oh goddess.” Angela’s hands wrapped around his shoulders.
She pulled him into her. He moaned into her breast and sent her over the edge.
Her breathing increased, going from deep breaths to short pants in a matter of seconds.
Watching her, he saw her eyes close, felt her shaking.
Angela’s moans became a loud yell when the orgasm hit her. Convulsing, gripping Christian’s head, squeezing her legs around his waist tightly, she bucked against his hand.
Chris held on as her orgasm exploded beneath him. Strong thighs gripped him, holding his hand in place so hard he could barely wriggle his fingers inside her. It didn’t matter. He’d made her come.
Hard. He felt like a king.
Her eyes opened, and a large grin crossed her face. “I’m not done yet.”
“Oh?” He raised an eyebrow, hiding a smile.
“Yes. I need something with more substance.”

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