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Newest Release by Sascha Illyvich, erotic romance author at Decadent Publishing

Rae Spenser from Goodreads writes:  “I  found this story very intriguing. Sascha made ‘The Playground’ very realistic, where anyone could picture themselves in Devon’s or Shelly’s shoes by using a scenario that has affected most of us at some point in our lives. Closure is so important and I liked the emotional honesty the story displayed. The dom/sub being portrayed from a ‘non toys’ perspective, showing how simple clothes can be used, was a great addition allowing the honesty to grow along with the characters.”  – The full review can be found on Goodreads

Looks like my newer versions of DIY BDSM stories are paying off with readers who wish to see themselves in arousing situations with satisfying endings.  My two current 1NS stories from Decadent Publishing, and the third on the way deal with do it yourself bondage, dominance and things that don’t require an expensive dungeon despite the fact that the service itself may or may not be costly.  Madam Eve never talks price so…we can only assume that because of location, rigamarole and such that lots of dollars may have been exchanged.  I don’t know. I DO know that the fantasy of tying up one’s lover in the park is doable.

This trend of more DIY bondage stories started for me when I realized that living the Lifestyle was easy for ME, but not all of my readers have access to a fantastic dungeon nor do they have funds to purchase the myriad of whips and floggers I do.  I wanted to give readers something more accessible, more raw.  Basing the heroine from the first story in Forced Pleasure off a loved one who I treasure and consider a hot cougar gives that story a different flair.  The dominant in that story is younger, relatable to my age bracket yet arousing enough for the strong cougar female makes the story more realistic.  Erotica and Erotic romance are meant I believe to have an edginess to them in both emotion and arousal because humans need said things and sometimes need to make due without fancy dungeons and equipment.

In The Playground, Shelly learns the lesson slowly, that her worth was never a question.  She merely didn’t know it and it’s up to Devon to show her, using tactics that subdue on the sly.

I hope you’ve picked up your copy of The Playground at Amazon

Forced Pleasure is also available at Amazon – Ignore the wrong name on the book, it should be fixed ASAP!

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