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After years of writing on the Female Dominant side of things, I finally put out a romantic novel featuring a Male Dominant. Ronan is a Dom, a dominant male in complete control of three submissive females in his care. Although he is insistent they obey all his rules in their entirety, Ronan can also be kind and caring and believes he knows entirely what is best for his charges.

Siddella is Ronan’s “alpha submissive”. She wants to be above the other two girls but both are older and more experienced than she, although she has been a sub for longer than they. She wants Ronan to love her as much as she loves him but first she needs to learn to totally relinquish control. This is an amazing collection of three short stories where Ronan teaches his girls how to be submissive. The life of a submissive is not just about punishment and pain, but also about trust and caring. Ronan is ultra dominant and is not afraid to show it. Siddella is not afraid of Ronan but of the chance he will disown her. The pain levels involved seem a little extreme to those of us not involved, but the complete care also given shows that cruelty is not the root of this lifestyle. Mr. Illyvich has given us an erotic view into what seems to be an exclusive world of control and possessiveness.” -Hollie, Coffee Time Romance &

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