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I’ve been fighting the last few weeks to stay engaged but recently realized that I had all the rights back to my Samantha Powers titles because that line no longer exists at that publisher. I quickly shot an email over to the very fine folks at Decadent Publishing to see if they were interested and what I needed to do.

Because you didn’t expect this? It’s ME!

It turns out that I can send in the MS with a one-line synopsis since I’ve published with Decadent before.  I went through the old stories and queued up Paula’s Craving.  This is the story of repair, of moving forward and finding that soulmate with whom you want to grow with, only in twenty thousand words or so.  It was originally titled Cliff and was started when I was in high school.

My one-sentence synopsis: 

After a night of rekindling their passion, Paula knows Ryan is her soulmate.  But when he runs out, she’s left devastated until an unexpected encounter inspires her to fight for love one more time

As a fun little thing, here’s the playlist:


  • Missing You – Maria Martin
  • In A Reverie – Lacuna Coil
  • Paper Waves – The Gathering
  • The May Song – The Gathering
  • A Current Obsession – Lacuna Coil
  • Cold – Lacuna Coil
  • The Warmth – Incubus
  • Promenade a Paris – Circles, Spirals
  • Iolite – Claire Voyant


  • A Noise Severe – The Gathering
  • Amity – The Gathering
  • Regret – Assemblage 23
  • The Deep End – Crossfade
  • Hemorrhage in my Hands – Fuel
  • Deception:  Concealing Fate Part 2 – Tesseract
  • Language 1: Intuition – The Contortionist
  • Monster – The Gathering
  • Allure – Skyharbour
  • Sick of Man – Cold

Maybe someday I’ll do like some authors do and put them in order as to where they would appear in the writing/scene of the novel but honestly? It’s only going to top out at 20,000 regardless of whether Decadent accepts it or not.

I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t my usual heavy as fuck playlist, with death or djent (well there’s one track, two if you count The Contortionist) but outside of that? Goth metal and some Nu-Metal. The lyrical content played well with Lacuna Coil’s melodies. The same could be said of The Gathering’s older material when Anneke was the lead singer. It worked well. It fit the emotional story I was trying to put together from the ashes of the original novel length (written on a TYPEWRITER!) story I’d started so long ago. That was the piece, a pure romance with “some” sex I’d have shown, that started my trek into this business. It would have been pure, but unreadable, honestly.

Now? I’m pretty happy with the outcome despite hating it right now because I’m editing it. You know editing. “Fuck that shit. I have dishes to do.”

Voice:You have to edit.
Me: No. I have to cook this here chicken.
Voice: You have to edit. It’ll be okay.
Me:No. My kitchen needs cleaning
Voice: You really should edit
Me: You ever shut the fuck up?
Voice: Only when you edit.
Me: GFY *Goes off to edit*

Yeah, it’s like that LOL!

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