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Did any of ya’ll see this?

Parent: English Teacher Writes Racy Novels

This disgrace is an example of small mindedness in America and how closed minds can hurt people. This is rather personal to me since I know Miss Buranich and have been a fan of not only her books but her career since I bought my first one from Wings E-press almost ten years ago. So I’m wondering, what the deal is here with the media and the two pinheads who “outed” Buranich.

If you’re curious about contacting the station, here are the details;

Thanks to Sarah at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: Main number for WNEP: 570-346-7474.
Facebook page

I’m a little offended really. Actually, a LOT offended. This is the sort of stuff that makes me wonder about people in general.

Buy Judy Mays books

It’s a sad day in this country when an ENGLISH TEACHER is blasted for being a professional writer. She writes romance novels. I understand that this country was founded on judeo-christian principles including FREEDOM. She’s done nothing wrong . The news organization, the school district and the two parents causing a stir owe her an apology.

Fans however should rally in support and buy her work! The facebook fan page is here

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  1. Indeed! I must say this about this group of parents.. I know it’s wrong to call people “ignorant rednecks.” But they can hardly be surprised that ppl think of them as ignorant when they act effin’ ignorant.

    Sigh…Americans are dumb.

  2. I totally agree with you. It’s a shame really, that “parents” should be so concerned over an English Teacher’s career, as an erotic romance author, which I might ad has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, that I can see to do with her teaching job. In a world were good teachers are loosing their Jobs (budget cuts), where music programs/art programs and certain literature programs are being written off curriculums (more budget cuts), kids as young as 9 years old are attempting suicide (over bullying), and metal detectors are a MUST at the entrance of inner city schools, It truly makes me wonder
    where poeples priorities are…I am equally outraged about this Sascha.

  3. I think that the way these people are acting is a shame. Just because she writes has nothing to do with her teaching. She writes under another name and it should not matter what she does in her own time. I think this is so horrible. Shame, shame shame…

  4. well so far from what I’m hearing on the Support Judy Mays fanpage on Facebook, people are supporting her. So that’s good. Shiloh Walker is right, it’s small mind mentality, not small town…

  5. Not only did they do Judy Mays a horrible injustice, but they insulted the entire romance writers community by allowing bigoted remarks to pass unchallenged, and by treating the whole report as a dirty joke. It’s outrageous.

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