Sascha’s Series Novels

Burning Desire Series – Spies, seduction and shifters!  How far will they go to protect their loved ones?  Assent Publishing acquired this series as of March 2014!

Covenant of Wolves 1: Stalker (Dub Mix) – Think Terminator Meets Gone with the wind..with a BDSM twist!   The Unseelie Kingdom is overrun by technology and the inhabitants are threatening a war on the Seelie Kingdom that would affect the Mortal realm.   It’s up to Prince Faolan and his legendary Protectors, the group of supernaturally enhanced wolves and his mate, Millie the Fae to stop the impending disaster!  Not for the faint of heart and currently represented by Marisa Corvisiero of The Corvisiero Agency.

Nights of Lust Series  – A small group of unlikely heroes faces an entire Criminal Organization for the fate of the World while discovering true love.  ENDANGERED has been PICKED UP BY RED SAGE!!!!!

Elemental Love Series –  Can love save the balance of our world from the perils of evil?

The Opeth Pack Saga–  Menage Paranormal romance    Now at Secret Cravings Publishing. 

Can we avoid a fate set in motion since before birth or can we change our destiny?  Unity through love is the key to Paradise and only a select group of wolves and their mates can open the way for the other wolves on Earth.