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We’re well underway with the new year and that means new projects.  Sort of.

By Sascha Illyvich

Agent Saritza Hernandez and I talked back in January about me doing another 1Night Stand for Decadent Publishing to see what sales look like and learn how their audience responds to me.  I’m really enjoying knocking out a few shorter pieces to keep exposure out and in that same vein keep a few bucks strolling my way 🙂  This third story for Decadent features a pixie-like heroine who is fed up with life and men in general.  She would give ANYTHING to find two truly dominant men who could share with her the true rewards of sexual experiences.  Using the 1Night Stand service, she fills out the questionnaire throws caution to the Vegas wind.

In the same story, Chase and Jason are a pair of very alpha men who want to find the perfect submissive.  They’re open to men but really prefer to play with a sexy, sassy and intelligent woman who can accept all the love they have to give.  I should finish “Their Virgin” this week and sub to Decadent by middle of next week.

Burning for Derrick needs me to make ONE more pass at it before I sub it to Saritza.  We had talked about editing and how it needed a better pair of eyes to go over it so I’ll probably call in a favor from one of those who owes me, see what we can do to make sure this awesome paranormal romance turned spy story gets into  good house  I’m really looking forward to letting you all see it. And the followup of course.

Then there’s Covenant of Wolves: Stalker (Dub Mix) – you’ll be seeing more cut stuff posted here.  Hot m/m sex, wolf on fae, and probably a foursome that’s getting pulled form the book.  Can’t say why yet, just trust me!  My original beta readers will recognize the story and be glad for the tremendous changes.   Oh, book two was started there also…

Also I have a new story idea involving a spy, two bisexual men and the “Road To” theme.  I’m going to pitch it to Sartiza first, then tell ya’ll.

Oh I’m also forgetting to mention the screenplay ideas that I’m working on with Amanda Rhea courtesy of casting director Elizabeth Schell.  It’s taking me a little longer than I hoped for that to get off the ground, I have a LOT to learn about screen writing but it promises to be fun.  Yeah, I’d be writing for TV.  Yay me!

Oh there’s my menage story that Total E-bound rejected, it needs a little reworking too.  The heroine needs to be more feminine.  Too bad her real life counterpart sees herself as more masculine bwahaha!  But that’s 17k right there I’ll be working on.

There is always a lot going on behind the scenes.  Something is being written or updated every single day by THIS author.  That being said, I’ll be keeping my head down and nose to the grindstone over the next few weeks.

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  1. I can’t wait to see what you’re producing, any chance you’re going to be redoing the covers of some of your earlier work?

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