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Hey Folks,

I didn’t have a post ready for this morning due to being sick all the previous weekend but today I woke up feeling less than totally devastated and sick.  I checked my email and saw a note from my editor at TEB, she accepted the revised version of the story formerly titled “Torn to Pieces”!

For anyone looking for a hot menage, the story will be going into edits soon.

Kerian’s need for a lover is great yet his time is sparse due to all the work he’s been doing to raise money for the members of his pack.  Sickness is going around and no human or traditional lupine cure can heal them. In Iolite, he finds temporary solace, even as she shares herself with another wolf.

Jackob is the alpha of a rogue pack known for being less than upstanding, yet motives have always been honorable.  In Iolite, he finds comfort and logic.

Unknown to Iolite, both wolves share a previous secret. Can they get over their past and work to find a solution for the sickness ailing wolves of the area?

If you love wolf stories, check out Bound to Her, a sexy read also out from Total E-bound.  One of my earliest paranormal romance stories for TEB, this story was originally featured in the Over the Moon anthology with five other hot erotic romance authors.  As a standalone, the story can be found on Amazon by clicking here for Kindle fans.

Excerpt here

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    1. Mostly better babe. I can work a full day again as long as I don’t push myself too hard. Still have to watch out and no cigar smoking nor can I drink much else but lo han quo beverage and water. I still need blood work this week…

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