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Here are erotic stories of bdsm, menage, lesbian love, cougar love, bisexual love, man on man sex, and the paranormal just for good measure! The author picked out his favorites from all his tales, stories that have received high reviews/praise and work he loved the best. As Illyvich writes: “An author puts their best passion into work that arouses them and it seems that most of my stories are about friends I’ve either fucked or wanted to fuck, so the passion was not hard to find!” Included are Adventurous, Mistress Anna, Aqua Dream, Chick ‘n Stu, Claimed, Community Service, Confession, Emerald Green, For Amber, Heat Wave, Lashway’s Lease, Release, Reversal, Secret Connection, and others.

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Snippet from Mistress Anna –

She wore a warm fuzzy sweater and khakis. Open toe sandals with fuzzy socks matched the winter weather outside. Her hair flowed over her face to the middle of her breasts, which were soft and round. Her skin was olive coloured, and smooth. The way she touched my hand with elongated fingers sent shivers up my spine. Her fingernails brushed against my arm while we sat and talked about guys, beer and other worldly things. I knew she was doing it purposely but I wasn’t sure if she was trying to pick me up or just be flirtatious.
“Do you want another coffee?” She asked politely.
“Yes, please.”
“Okay. My treat. This is a new arrangement for you.”
I nodded, smiled and watched her blue jeans hug her curvaceous ass. She was pretty and she knew it. She was also rich, making her the perfect mate for me. Little did I know what I was in for.
She came back holding two cups of coffee, licking her lips while she walked back to me, hips swaying purposely. She didn’t have to sell herself; I was already in. She set the two cups down and took her seat across the table from me. My arm lay on the table; she stroked it with her fingernails again. Shivers went up my spine again starting from the small of my back, traveling upwards while her fingernails slowly danced up my arm. I felt my hair stand on end at the nape of my neck.
“So,“ She began, “do we go back to my place where all of my toys are? Or do we head back to your house, and explore what you have?”
She seemed too confident. “My place will do fine this time.”
“Good.” A wicked grin eased over her face and I knew it was the end for tonight. But a feeling in my pussy told me I was going to love the new Anna. I felt the burn over my face from listening to what Anna described was in store for me. As Anna paid the check, I noticed her black backpack for the first time.
The ride home was silent; Anna held my hand gently in hers. The college radio station played its usual array of alternative tunes we listened to but neither of us actually heard. I knew from the way she looked out the window that Ana’s mind was elsewhere, probably in my bedroom. She ran her fingernails lightly over my open palm relaxing me as I drove. A throbbing sensation between my thighs rose from within; things were going to get good soon.
We arrived at my place and from the moment the car stopped, she turned it off. She stood up, eyed me with a kinky glare and proceeded to walk to my front door. My house was clean, no worries. My toys were in my bedroom, which she had remembered from the last time she spent a night over here. She headed straight for the bedroom and before I got in the front door, she came back with my soft scarves and a gleam in her eye. I knew I was already in trouble, that burning feeling in the bottom of my stomach reassured me of it.
“These are pretty. I bet you’ll look so hot tied up in them.”
“I’m usually using those for my hair or whatever, I look fine in them.” Trying to avoid being tied up didn’t help matters with my stomach.
“Oh honey, you’re going to look damn sexy. I think I’ve got a camera too. We’ll need pictures. Lots of pictures.”
I stepped through the doorway, shutting the front door behind me as she grabbed my hand to lead me back to my room.
“Okay, I’m going to go into the bathroom for a moment, be undressed when I’m done.” Anna’s voice lowered.
“Umm, okay.” She walked off and shut the door behind her while I sat my book bag down and began to remove my shirt. I undid the drawstring on my skirt and slid out of it, standing in purple bra and panties. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror over my shoulder; I thought I should really loose weight or something. My ass was too big. To Anna, that didn’t matter. In fact, she liked my ass but she’d never say why.
I slid out of my panties and unhooked my bra, tossing it aside on the floor. Standing there in the cool air conditioning of my room, I began to shiver, nipples hardening at the thought of another woman touching me coupled with the cool air. My pussy reminded me of the last encounter I had with a woman. A sweet scent filled the air as I closed my eyes and let the memory take over. Before I drifted too far into the fantasy, a pair of hands covered my eyes and I felt hot breathe against my neck. Another shiver flew up my spine before one hand moved to my breast and pinched the nipple and a fingernail trailed over it.
“You’re so soft and womanly,” the voice whispered low in my ear. Was this Anna?
“I’m going to fuck you silly in a few minutes you sweet thing. Oh, you’ll look so pretty tied up, unable to move. Held captive by my hand…mmm, so precious. Your orgasm belongs to me, it’s my responsibility this afternoon Donna, do you understand?”
Her whispered voice deepened in my ears, it was so sexy! I nodded my head as her lips grazed my skin. Her touch was hot; pressing into me, I felt her naked body against mine. Round tits with large nipples against my shoulders, my pussy grew wetter.
With her hand still covering my eyes, Anna fondled my other breast, rolling the flesh around in her hand, pinching skin, flicking my hardened nipple and I almost jumped against her because my nipples are very sensitive. Then her hand trailed to my stomach but she moved back away from me a few steps, and pinched my ass. I squealed. She slapped my ass, hard. As much as it stung, it felt good too. She raked her fingernails over my back and I winced.
“I want you to keep your eyes closed Donna while I get one scarf.”
I nodded. Her hand moved from my face and I felt it replaced with a soft scarf, doubled over for extra darkness. She tied it behind my head, “Is this too tight?”
“Good. Now let me lay you on the bed Donna.”
I let her push me against my bed; she pressed her sweet lips into mine slipping her tongue inside my mouth to explore before she stopped. I couldn’t see from under the scarf either. Damn me for buying dark coloured scarves. I felt my right hand lifted above my head and then my left as well, a scarf tied around to secure my wrists where they were. I felt her hot tongue caress my nipples and I arched upwards towards her mouth, now wishing she would take my whole tit in her mouth. She didn’t. She trailed her tongue down to my stomach, making little circles around my bellybutton and my skin begged for more touch, I was beginning to ache for further contact. The memory of having contact with another woman soared to the front of my mind and I felt myself being rolled over.
“Have you ever had someone’s tongue in your ass?”
“No,” she slapped my ass again as she spread my legs.
“That wasn’t really meant to be answered,” She slapped my ass harder, pressing my pussy into the bed. I tried to rub against my comforter for friction but she held my hips and slapped me again. The next sensation I felt was hard, could it be a flogger or handle of some sort? After she ran it across my back, I knew it was my hairbrush sending tingles through my body. I felt the handle of my brush probe my ass until her slicked finger inserted. The fingernail didn’t feel too pleasant but she was gentle enough for me not to complain. She wriggled her finger around until I relaxed my asshole. She slid in another finger “Oh Anna,” I cooed against her fingers while she expanded my flesh. She took her fingers out, spread my legs further apart and I felt her cool tongue probe my ass next. My body began to shake but not like a vaginal orgasm. Her nails raked across my back made me flinch, sending me bucking against her mouth. Another finger slid into my ass with her tongue until she rolled me onto my side, moved my leg out of the way and slide two fingers inside my sopping cunt. As they brushed past my clitoris my breathing picked up, my chest rose and I sighed heavily at her touch. She licked, sucked and moved her fingers about before my body was screaming for more contact with her. My skin burned for her touch, my cunt aching now for another finger to fill me up.
“Damnit Anna, oh Goddamnit Anna,” in between breathes and strokes her tongue swirled around my ass as her fingers worked my pussy. I couldn’t move my arms but I was straining against my scarf because I wanted to push her head down harder and her hands further into my pussy. I knew she was inhaling my sweet scent and would hopefully swallow my nectar as well.
She removed her tongue just as my body was on the brink of orgasm, her fingers came out of my pussy and I cried aloud.
“Anna, but why?”
She slapped my ass again, rolling me over onto my stomach. But Anna,” she placed her fingers over my mouth and I opened my mouth to suck on my scent but she withdrew them too quickly. I felt her body move closer to mine, her perky tits brush against my skin. She cupped my pussy, sliding a finger in again and I clamped down hard with my muscles but she didn’t move. Her lips came over my stomach and she nibbled little places until she found a spot and bit into my skin, sending a shock through my body. “But Anna,” I cried again and I felt her move away and the bathroom door shut again.
For the next few minutes, I heard water running until the bathroom door opened and then silence. My body still ached as I had not come yet and I was upset at myself for letting Anna talk me into this. My bedroom door shut again and I heard Anna come in. My arms still tied above my head I felt them moved upwards and another scarf tied around a bedpost to hold them up.
“I knew you were going to be difficult,” her whisper sent chills through my hair and down my back, “but I didn’t think you’d be this difficult of a girl for me. So, we’ll play on. Okay?”
I nodded my head in disgust but I wanted so badly to come.
I jumped again from the coldness on my skin. Little ice cubes dropped carefully about my body and then I felt one slide right in my pussy. I clamped hard down on it, closing my legs through the burn, but Anna spread them apart to slide another ice cube inside me. Oh, it burned so good but I couldn’t keep my legs open for Anna. I felt cold leather straps fasten around my ankles and heard a locking sound.
“Now you won’t misbehave anymore for me. You’ll be a good girl won’t you?”
She found my spreader bars. Goddamn her! Exposed with cold sensations over me, her tongue was such a welcome contrast, but it made my skin burn just as much as the ice had. I jolted my legs together but the spreader bars prevented any movement.
“I’m determined to have your pussy the way I want it. And you’re just so lovely with your legs all spread like that, bearing that beautiful cunt. Won’t you let me play with you more?”
The ice melted faster but she had a bucketful. She let me hear her hand digging around inside to pick up ice that she placed randomly about my skin. Then even through the blindfold I saw the flicker of light and the click that followed.
“That was a nice shot.”
“Anna?” I whined. She slapped my thigh with the bottom of my brush, hard.
“You haven’t learned yet Donna, you’re just going to have to lie there.”
I nodded my head as the light flickered and the camera clicked again and again. As four or five more pictures taken, I wanted badly to protest. But Anna was so insistent that I keep quiet and remain her good girl.
“You know, if you remain my good little girl I’ll reward you.”
I nodded. The next thing I felt was soft, almost like fur. Anna trailed this over my thighs and I recognized it as my rabbit pelt flogger. She moved it up and down my left leg, closer to my cunt and then lightly, brushing it over as I arched my hips upwards. The pelt came down hard on my mound, resounding with a low thud as I felt Anna’s scorn for my greediness. She had that look in her eye; I could feel it. I was being greedy, I wanted my orgasm damnit!
“No no no, my greedy little bitch. Now I’m going to have to torture you more. You’ve got to learn patience.”
I winced again, letting a sigh escape my lips. This was going to be more difficult than I thought.
“Donna, you’ve got to enjoy the little things, like the ice, the furs, let go my little girl. Let go for me. Please?” Her low tone begged me as she swept the flogger over my stomach. Cautiously daunting the tips of the flogger over my nipples, I tried hard not to move but the urge to be caressed was so strong. The flogger moved away to be replaced by Anna’s lips, and teeth, which bit down hard on my nipples. I jerked against her mouth. The scarf that held my hands in place reminded me that I was bound for her pleasure but my body wasn’t cemented to the bed. I thrashed about, trying hard to focus on the sensations of pleasure and pain that raced through my form while she bit and sucked. She took my entire breast in her mouth now, licking all over the flesh with her tongue, pinching my other nipple until that hand went up to my neck. She pulled my head up by the underside of my neck and I felt her lips seal tightly over mine, her tongue thrust way down into my throat. Oh, she felt so good now! Her body slithered up against mine and I felt her leather boot against my crotch, rubbing, pressing harder while she kissed and sucked at my tongue. Her hand forced my head away from her lips by my hair. From my pussy, I felt the juices gathering, beginning to soak her leather but she didn’t care. Her mouth went to cover other areas of my body, my stomach, my tits, my shoulders, the crook of my neck; Anna’s lips were everywhere. Her hand shoved back into my cunt, I took her three fingers and pushed back against them, moving with the spreader bars instead of against them, as Anna moved in rhythm with me.
“Oh god Donna, you don’t know what you’ve done to me, seeing you all tied up like this. Helpless and bound, relying on your own will not to talk, not to disturb what I have in store for you.” She mouthed heavily in my ear, her warm words sending chills down the base of my skull and up into my hair, tingles which burned hot.
Her nails dragged across my skin, the heat radiating but the pain didn’t matter because she still had her fingers up my cunt and she was moving faster with me, silent moans no longer repressed.
“Anna, please let me, “ my breathing increasing, my lungs racing as she fingered and sucked, my legs straining now against the bars, wanting, wishing to close in on her fucking hand.
My body shuddered, yelling her name from deep within my lungs I couldn’t keep quiet anymore; the waves of orgasm and pleasure washed over my thighs, her hand and down the crack of my ass in a lovely euphoric feeling but Anna didn’t stop fingering. She thrust her hand harder, deeper into my cunt, spreading my lips and flicking a finger over my clitoris while the other hand slid into my ass and worked me there as well. Her lips sealed over mine but she only muffled slightly my cries of delight. The warm glow of her stare raced over me and I knew I had pleased her with my appearance.
I came again and again, spurting juice from my cunt onto the bed and down my ass again, Anna’s hands soaked. But I was not sated yet.
“Now you’re going to eat me until I come just like you, you little slut. Do you understand?”
I nodded and began to mumble something back but Anna’s pussy slammed down on my face. I thrust my tongue in deep, exploring the folds of her pussy as I inhaled her harsh scent. I loved her scent; it wasn’t quite as sweet as my own. Spicy and overpowering, but wonderful. I licked and sucked on her clit, Anna bucked against my face and her legs squeezed my head into her thighs harder. I didn’t even notice the discomfort of her legs as I ate.
Anna forced herself down against my face, almost grinding her hips into my face while I swirled my tongue around inside her hot cunt. Her own moans and screams were right along with mine on volume. She was a loud woman. I loved that about her.
“Oh yes, my slut, suck my pussy!” Her voice ragged now I knew she was close to coming but when she soaked my face with her delicious juices, I lapped and sucked her dry. Anna fell backwards and rolled off to the side of the bed.
I felt a hand reach the length of my leg with something metallic until I heard the click of my spreader bars and my leg was released. My arms were somewhat numb from having been bound; I yanked on the scarf to adjust how I rested them.
“Just give me a second honey,” that familiar sweetness was returning to Anna’s voice. “We’ll get you free in a moment,” she purred.
When Anna undid the scarves that bound my arms, I moved my arms to get the blood flow back in them. “Sorry about that, I’m still learning a few things” she nodded as she noticed me. The blindfold came off and Anna stood before me, a naked come covered mess.
“Where did-“
“I ran my hand over my body after you came, I like the feel of wetness from your cunt over me.” She was coy in her tone.
I nodded, glad to see again but tired now. I sat up to remove the other clasp from my ankle and set the bar down beside the bed. I caught a glimpse of Anna yawning in the bathroom as she washed her hands, drying the on a towel and stretching her arms outward. I caught a glimpse of her breasts; they were so beautiful, her olive skin in the light of the open window. She came back to me, sat down beside me and I knew it was time for a nap.

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