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I’m getting a lot of traffic from and for the folks at Romance at Random, so hopefully this is a sign I’m going to have books there.  We can always hope and pray, right 😉

To celebrate our new release, Naughty & Nice, (on sale 11/5) written by authors extraordinaire, Ruthie Knox, Molly O’Keefe & Stefanie Sloane, we’re hopping! Make sure to visit each site to increase your chances to win!
I figure it’s also a good time to start promoting my contemporary release A Christmas Favour, a story I wrote years back but still is one of my dearest due to the heroine being based off my sister!

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Can love unite two best friends that yearn for each other, even after years have passed?

Angela does have the blessed luck to have a best friend with a very handsome body and a kind heart. She’s managed to end up single during the holidays and having Christian come up from Houston to cheer her up has made a huge difference in her life. Things were going fine until a little playfulness became arousal and they ended up making damn sure neither suffered a cold winter night together!

Christian has been incredibly blessed with his life. He’s been given the IT job of his dreams, has the income he needs to feel secure and has the support of his long time best friend, Angela. What more could he ask for? Well, turns out he asked for her in his bed, over and over again and he wound up getting it. But his work schedule interferes with their relationship and causes heartache on both sides. Will he be able to figure things out and convince her that he’s the one for her?

Excerpt –

Soft candlelight flickered in the darkness accompanied by the sounds of laughter. Angela’s bed had been covered in perfumed rose petals earlier, but some had stuck to Christian’s naked body. When he moved, some of petals fell from his body, and Angela laughed.
Blindfolded and bound, Christian stirred against his bonds. “Very cute.” He smirked.
Vanilla and jasmine added to the scent of arousal. Angela crawled over his body, watching his expression change from excitement to pure arousal as she let her breasts touch him.

“I can’t stand waiting,” Chris growled.
Angela nuzzled his neck and moved her tongue over the cleft of his ear. “Good boys get what they want only by being good.”
“What about naughty boys?”
“They get punished.” Her little dominatrix outfit suited her well. She looked in the mirror at herself. Dressed in a black skirt and matching top, with no panties, she felt sexy. She straddled Chris and slid her bottom over his chest and back towards his cock, rubbing his erection against her ass. He squirmed. She raked her nails lightly over his chest, bent down and kissed a nipple. Chris hissed when she nipped him.
“Easy, there.” Angela rubbed her slickness over him.
His cock twitched. She took him in her hand, squeezing his head lightly, and he groaned.
“You’re killing me,” he moaned.
“That’s the point. Now, the fun begins.”
She reached over to the nightstand and picked up the burning candle.
Chris couldn’t see much through the scarf covering his eyes, but when he yelped, Angela knew her action had the desired effect. His cock strained further against her ass.
“I’m dying to be inside you.”
Angela slid down his legs and drizzled wax over his chest and stomach, admiring the sight of him squirming beneath her. She was so aroused when she straddled his legs that his thighs were slick.
“You’re so wet,” he murmured. He tried to lift his hands from above his head to touch her, but remembered they were still bound. “You’re enjoying this too much.”
Angela laughed. She set down the candle. “I am. The tables are turned, Mr. Edwards. I’m in control now, and that means you’re not going anywhere.”
“Who said I’d want to?”
She sank his prick deep inside her and cried aloud when he was all the way inside. She undulated her hips and felt every inch of Chris’ cock fill her up. Leaning forward, she let her hair fall over his chest and continued to squeeze her vaginal muscles around his turgid member.
“You’re killing me,” he groaned. “Just a little more and I’ll be there.”

“I don’t want you to come yet. If you do, you’re spent, and I’m not ready to give that up yet.” The harshness in her voice was more from having to let him slip out.
“Oh darling,” he cried when she hovered herself just over the tip of his cock. “You don’t know how much I’m prepared to give you.”
Slowly, she lowered herself onto him, inch by painfully agonising inch until she had all of him inside her again. She smoothed her skirt over his thighs, making him squirm with little pinches as she trailed a fingernail over his skin through the cloth. Each time she removed him from her, he jerked his hips upwards to meet her, but she was just barely out of reach each time. Still, she felt the heat between their bodies as it threatened to consume them both.
She saw the frustrated look on Chris’ face and grinned.
“You’re incorrigible,” he said.
“And you’re adorable. Maybe this’ll make you remember to come see me…” She trailed off as the first of many climaxes washed over her. She quivered, squeezed her legs tightly around his waist and came, impaled upon his cock, pausing only long enough to let him calm down for a second round. She fell over his chest, her breasts crushed between their bodies, and looked at him. The evidence of his arousal was still apparent on his face.
“I’m far from finished with you.”
“Good, because I’ve not had my fill.” Chris tried to assert his dominance but had trouble, since he was still bound to the bed.
Angela removed the blindfold and looked at him, his eyes opened wide to adjust to the light. His face looked softer in the warm glow of candlelight. She touched his chin, trailing a fingernail over his jaw and down his neck.
“You’re beautiful.” He licked his lips.
Angela moved off him and took him in her mouth. She tasted her arousal on his cock mixed with his pre-cum. Like hot velvet, her tongue pressed around his tip as she licked and tasted him like a lollipop. “This could be your Christmas present,” she said.
He hissed. She ran her tongue along the underside of his cock, felt the weight of his balls in her hands. She gave him a gentle tug. He squirmed.
“Was that too much?”
“Oh, honey, no. But if you don’t stop soon, I’m gonna—”

“Explode for me,” she whispered and took him all the way in her mouth again, and out, working him with her hand. A few more strokes and he came, shooting warm liquid against the back of her throat. After he’d come, his cock still pulsed in her mouth, and Angela felt a surge of pride.
She moved over to kiss him. “You taste good.”
“You taste even better.”
Angela sealed her lips over his and reached for his wrists. The knot came undone quickly, and Chris wrapped his arms around her waist as he tasted himself on her lips.
“I’d like to see you strip for me.”
She giggled. “Maybe later. I’m not finished with you.”
His eyes widened. “Really, now?”
She took his cock in hand and gave him a reassuring squeeze. “Really.”
Chris’ smile widened, as well. He tangled his fingers in her hair and brushed it aside. Angela caught a glimpse of them in the mirror on her wall. They looked perfect. Her heart felt like it was expanding in her chest as he stroked her back.
They lay together for another awhile in silence, but Angela’s body still ached for more. Chris’ cock nudged against her thigh. She was glad to have someone who could keep up with her demanding sex drive.
She rose and bent over Chris, giving him a view of her luscious breasts as they spilled out of her top. Straightening, she slipped off the skirt and turned around. She bent over again, slowly, catlike and removed her top then stood naked before Chris and let him drink in the sight of her.
Chris got up to meet her, crushed her body to his and kissed her fervently. She broke from their kiss and pushed him back down.
“Sit, lover boy,” she commanded. “This is for both of us.”

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Don’t forget to check out what’s new from Ruthie Knox, Molly O’Keefe, and Stephanie Sloan!


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