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This is something all of us need to read.  Since I didn’t ask for permission, I’m only posting the first paragraph or two of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s keynote speech to the RWA Nationals crowd.  It’s important because she outlines the struggles of all writers, be we big or small.  For those who don’t know, Miss. Kenyon is the author of the Dark Hunter series, a paranormal romance series that’s sparked a huge fandom and readership base because of the world she has created.  It’s different, but very much like ours.  It’s hot, it’s sexy and her characters are just as intense as romance heroes and heroines should be.


A lot of people asked me to post the speech I gave at RWA and I promised that I would. So here ya go 🙂

You know, I often joke with my hubby that one day he’s going to come home and I’ll have #1 NYT bestselling author tattooed across my forehead.

I’m seriously not joking. It is the most miraculous and surreal thing imaginable to me. Kind of like when they handed my sons to me after they were born and actually let me leave the hospital with them. What? Are you people nuts? I don’t know what I’m doing with this. OMG, it’s leaking out both ends! Help!

I wish I could say publishing was easier than parenting, but it’s really not.

I spent many years attending writers conferences as both a published and unpublished writer, sitting at big round tables, wondering… well A) will I ever be published and B) what would it be like to have the honor of being a keynote speaker.

I have to say it seriously doesn’t suck… but it is very scary  Read More on her facebook NOTES page.

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  1. I have met her and hears her speak live and she is so amazing…She inspires you with her words and gives you the kick in the ass you need..I’m a huge fan of her work…

    1. I’ve yet to meet her but she is a conundrum to me. The head hoppipng in the later novels pisses me off but teh struggle she’s gone through is one all writers can relate to. It’s a fight uphill every bit of the way . This is why I harp so much on new writers and old ones who should know better. And why my sales are up.

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