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I thought I’d drop an excerpt from the upcoming Total -bound release “Torn to Pieces” in which Iolite and her two handsome men must find a way to work together despite the past between Jackob and Kerian.

Also, I”m switching things up a bit here. Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ll post, so I’ll have less work but still have an active blog for you lovely readers!

Normally I prefer sexy men with longer hair but this guy caught my attention, hopefully he will grab yours too.  Many of my men are true alpha dominants but not Kerian.  Jackob is more the alpha Dominant over his pack, having to use the rough hand sometimes to uphold pack law, but Kerian tired of the brutality in his pack and chose to go a different route.

Now in this upcoming erotic romance from Total E-bound, Kerian must ask himself if he can let go of the past in light of all the explanations from his lover over past actions that seemed damning and conflicting with high moral standards.  Will he, with Iolite’s help?

Excerpt from Torn to Pieces

He slid a pair of sunglasses over his eyes, grabbed the keys from his pocket and locked up the two doors in the kitchen before exiting the house. Locking the front door, he gave it a tug to make sure it was secure. Tomorrow was a holiday for humans, but the wolves didn’t celebrate.

In Albuquerque, with a sick pack, there was nothing to be thankful for.

Not with the rival packs vying for dominance, anyway.

With a sigh, Kerian straddled his motorcycle, slipped fingerless gloves on and revved the engine. Pulling back out of the driveway, he darted into the street and raced off down the highway towards I-40.

His jaw ticked.

Kerian pulled into the far right lane and made his way downtown towards Central Avenue and 6th street, where Iolite lived.  He hadn’t seen her in a few weeks and the need for her tightened.

The drive downtown wasn’t bad, just filled with the usual pre-holiday traffic. Wind blew against his face, whipping his hair about this way and that.

Kerian wove in and out of traffic until he came to the exit for Rio Grande Avenue that would lead him down to Central.

Turning off the freeway, he slowed for the light, feeling his heart race faster as he neared Iolite’s.

She’d been a beacon of light in his otherwise bleak life. With his parents dying off from whatever disease had ravaged the packs and their old alpha succumbing to old age, the pack had suffered a great deal.

Once their alpha did pass, Kerian took the reins and the others in his pack accepted Kerian’s rule without question. He had a bloodline destiny to be ruler of the pack.

Kerian gritted his teeth at the memory of his latest loss.

Unable to tell anyone in his pack that he swung both ways and preferred having a mate of each gender to just one female would cause any wolf a lot of problems out in Albuquerque.

With humans, being bisexual was one thing. Most humans had no real pride or sense of self worth. But those who were comfortable with themselves still didn’t possess the begrudging pride of the wolf.

Jackob sought him out one night four years ago. Truly, his first gay experience, Jackob had been kind with him. He’d been the one to show Kerian how to have mind blowing anal sex.

He’d taught him things about his human body most sex experts didn’t know.

In short, he’d been a stellar lover.

Until Kerian discovered that Jackob’s pack had been the one who recently raided several banks downtown.

Jackob swore he had nothing to do with it, but Kerian had suspicions.

Jackob’s inability to answer questions with anything other than word games irritated Kerian.

Fucker. After a year, Kerian could not look the other way.

His heart still ached at the thought of his missing lover. Jackob would absolutely adore Iolite. She’d been the most understanding woman in his life and Kerian needed that.

Jackob probably did too.

It’d been way too long since he’d seen Iolite. Jobs and pack business had kept him away even though they lived within an hour of each other. His house in Rio Rancho was a straight shot down I-25.  The pack needed closeness to the mountains where they could gather herbs and find shelter from the elements outside of fears of human discovery.

Turning down Central Ave, Kerian pulled onto 6th street around the large stone building that had been recently converted to condos. Iolite’s unit was on the third floor and had a great view of downtown. What she was doing here was beyond him, the music from numerous clubs and bars often kept her awake at night. But she felt safe knowing her wolf wasn’t that far away, she’d said.

Kerian parked the bike and hopped off, rounding the corner onto Central. He cupped his hands to his mouth and shouted, “Hey, Iolite!”

She’d been standing on the balcony apparently. Her doors were open, letting in the cold.

She appeared at the rail.

“Iolite,” he smiled.

She waved a hand in the air. “Here I am, Kerian! Come on up!”

He grinned and, with a salute, walked to the front door of the building. Once inside, he headed towards the elevator, smirking at the brown and orange color scheme that had been chosen for the interior.

Once upstairs, the doors opened.

Before he could step out, a pair of arms clasped around his waist. Flinging herself into him, Iolite’s body was warmth against his. Her hair smelled of patchouli and sandalwood, her underlying scent, rose.

“Hey now,” he laughed, pulling her tighter into his body. The doors started to shut on them.

Dressed in hip-hugging jeans and a gray sweater, her hair flowed like a large soft blanket behind her. Silvery hazel eyes sparkled. Ruby red lips puckered together and blew him a kiss. “This could be like that book I read,” she winked.

He arched an eyebrow. “What book?”

Hands slid down his back and around his chest. “Goin’ Down Anthology. Four sexy authors writing hot romances.”

With a grin, he held her hands in his, the softness of her skin a complement to his roughness. “I like where this could go.”

Her mouth seized his. Soft, pliant lips caressed his mouth, her sweet lips opening to invite him in.

Kerian’s tongue swirled around her mouth, tasting lush honey and wine as it explored her, stroking her tongue along with the rest of her.

Her tongue matched his stroke for stroke before wrapping around his and sucking.

Hands clasped his shoulders, tugging desperately at his shirt.

Kerian cupped Iolite’s face in his hands, caressing her mouth with his before plundering her with his tongue. Exploring every inch of her brought his cock to a hardness he hadn’t felt in a long time, and the warmth of her body pressing against his sent shudders through him.

“Mmm,” she pulled back from the kiss and hit a button on the elevator. The doors shut again. Dragging her mouth down his skin, she inhaled deeply and sank to her knees.

He heard the zipper on his jeans being yanked down. His cock sprang free into tiny little fingers that gripped him.

Kerian gripped a fistful of hair silken hair and inhaled sharply.

Velvet heat engulfed him from her mouth.

He jerked against her, unable to respond verbally.

She laughed, sending vibrations up the length of his cock.  Her tongue swirled around his shaft and stroked the underside of him.

Flames raced up his body along. His fist tightened in her hair.

Iolite shifted but kept him deep in her mouth, only to pull back oh so slowly on him and drag her lips up his length.

Kerian clenched his free hand into a tight fist.  Gritting his teeth together, he managed to groan out, “You’re killing me, babe.”

She nodded, bobbing up and down on his cock. Fingers slid between his legs, cupping his balls.

The wolf inside wanted to mount her and claim her as his but the human encouraged sharing.  Right now, Kerian couldn’t care about being anything but inside her. The way her mouth moved on him made him jerk his hips against her mouth.  He apologized silently for thrusting harder than he intended.

His cock slid out of her mouth with a loud pop. “It’s okay, silly.” She kissed the tip of his cock, smiling wide as it jumped in her fingers.

She sank her lips around him again.

Kerian hissed, stumbled against the wall of the elevator, “I want inside you!”

She shook her head, swirling her tongue up the length of his shaft again before letting him slide out of her.

Pumping his now slicked cock up and down, Iolite licked the head like a lollipop before sucking him back inside her.

Kerian sucked in a breath. “Goddess you’re hot, your fucking mouth is so hot, Iolite!” His balls drew up against his body.  Heat flushed his cheeks and sweat formed at his brow.  Kerian’s eyes shut and his breathing picked up.

Iolite had the kind of mouth that could make a man or wolf forget all about his duties or cares.

She sucked and slurped harder, faster.

The tight coil of tension neared a breaking point with each thrust of her on him.

Iolite jerked him out of her mouth. Lowering her sweater, she exposed creamy globes to his delight.

Her voice dropped to a husky note, “Come on me!”

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