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Last week in downtown Atlanta I was fortunate enough to slip into the hotel and hang out with some of my author friends all weekend while the Romantic Times Convention was going on.

Red Queen (Dorothy Shaw) moi, Kelly Langford

Highlights include:

Me yelling “I am not going to fuck that!” – in response to a text I was sent.

Embarrassing myself by showing up to Sue Grimshaw (Of Random House) while carrying not one, but TWO large beers…

There’s probably a reason Dorothy’s pic is on here twice…BWAHAHAHAHA
Brooklyn Ann

Spending time with Cecilia Tan, Dorothy Shaw, the Night Writers group dinner, Brooklyn Ann and her Sexy Genius (Dude really is pretty awesome.) Speaking of Night Writers, our ever faithful, always supportive crochet girl, Kelly Langford was able to make it to the convention and hang out.  Meeting her was a definite highlight.  She’s one of the biggest readers I’ve met, a lovely woman, and a big heart to boot.  I’m happy she could make it here for this.  <3 Kelly 🙂

Incriminating photos…  (Looking at you, Tonya!) and memes…

Meeting Juls Berghammer for drinks on Thursday was good, especially after the hectic bullshit I had to deal with trying to get a bottle of decent rye that didn’t require me to give up my first born.

Real highlight of Thursday was hanging with one of my biggest supporters (Louisa’s East Coast counterpart) Kerry Adrienne. Lia Davis was also there and we chatted, played with spinners (get your mind right!) and drank.  Oh, and might have done a FB live…but there’s no evidence of that…

Unless Rebecca Royce kept that video…


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