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Thank GODDESS I live in Oakland.  YNOT Summit is here this week and I’m on a few panels with M. Christian, Jean Marie Stine et. al.  I’ve probably consumed more alcohol in day one than I have all week or month LOL!

Seriously though, the convention itself is an experience for authors and I’ve been surprised so far at how many people have A: actually READ my one page, and B: want to talk, even if they aren’t looking to do business.  This just reaffirms the power of an author platform.  The beauty here is I”ll let you folks read about that on my publicist’s page.

For now, know that the travel aspect of travel SUCKS! On a really reader related front, I’ve come up with a few ideas I think you’ll love.  For starters, anyone who has read the snippets of my Puma/Witch erotic romance story know there’s  a brother involved in initially helping Derrick rescue his soul mate, Sonja.  Derrick’s brother Max was talking in my head last night, needing his own story.  Thank the folks at ACC Cigars and James LaBrie for that one.

James LaBrie’s album Elements of Persuasion has a track on it called In Too Deep.  It’s pretty bad ass, sets the theme for a spy novel.  He’ll need a sexy as hell Heroine and some adventure.  And blackjack.

Forget the Blackjack.

How about some inspiring music by which to read by?  Or write by…


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  1. As one of the webmasters that have braved the front row of the panel on writing, I will say you did a great job. You are in Oakland and thank Goddess? We should probably know each other.

    1. Haha yes we should. Glad to have you in the front row. Also, if you’ll note I “generally” don’t promote adult business URLs on this site cause most of them are bullshit but this one can stay. All others can haz jealous bitches LOL!

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