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Fucking SEO, right? I did some reading on Amazon Keywords, those seven keywords we pick out to help our books become discovered. A Best Practices blog (or seven) suggested my blogs and website should reflect those themes I write about when it comes to the paranormal. I’m allowed to cover vampires, wolves, witchcraft, the Fae, all manner of things. I can even expand into music and vice because of the novels I’ve written!

So, that means more cigar and booze related posts, despite this one!

Look, if I’m not entertained when I write these blogs, then you probably won’t be either. And since it’s been suggested that I start doing newsletter swaps to promote my Decadent Publishing release, I need entertaining content for those nights when I get drunk and nostalgic.

I know, I’m spending all this time on Endangered and my Nights of Lust series, yet I’m pushing the Vampire MC! CRAZY, no?

Oh, I’m the only author who does that? LOL! Kidding.

It dawned on me when I was reworking parts of Riding Tempest, and when I started writing Cursed and Denied. The latter two set about with some of the traditional Dracula heritage I think at one point or another, Isabella referred to Dracula’s practice of staking bodies outside the castle as deterrents to oncoming attackers. Later, I make a Castlevania reference, where Livia suggests wanting to burn drug infested areas of San Francisco in a Dracula-Style slash and burn style rage to inspire terror and again, squash thoughts of rebellion. Oh, and the Night Hordes (yes, I ripped that off too) were NOT Dear old Dracula’s creation.

Of course, he’d been mentioned in Denied as having been around longer than the Mistresses of the series, and once again, his death plays a role in the lore used to create an even more vile organization that is a pawn in the games during my Nights of Lust series.

That will be out in completion in the next year. Books three and four are in editing stages right now since I wrote them BOTH this year!

Again with Dracula lore but in my Undead Souls Vampire MC trilogy, I went a different direction. Dracula was the creator, the original vampire but when I built up Faery, I built up another dimension for the vampires to return to if they chose, after riding the lands of Faery and solving their problems.

I have more vampire novels in my head, on the way. With those novels will come more research, some different spins. I think Decadent Publishing is eventually going to release my two Dystopian short novellas Finding Eternity, and its follow-up, The Awakening. While the heroine in Finding Eternity is a vampire, her offspring in the next story is only half, I believe. If there’s an Alucard outside of Castlevania, I’ll look to pull from that.

Credit goes to the original photographer and model, cosplaying my favorite vampire heroine, Lenore. If you know who to credit, please let me know so I can do the same.

Since I did mention it above, I finally chose a new title for what was once An Alpha Torn – it simply needs me to have the funds for a cover. The Nights of Lust series, which I originally intended to string out like Laurel K. Hamilton has with her Anita Blake and Merry Gentry stuff, ends at four novels, three of which are over 90k. The second one is around 70k or so. The reading order will be as follows:


Unless something changes drastically, the market tells me otherwise, or I get a wild hair, I probably am done with mĂ©nage romances for a while. I’ve tossed around the idea of a sequel series to the Opeth Pack Saga, and the potential for that to be as emotionally heavy and dark as the original exists. It’d be the offspring, if I did. But for now? I couldn’t even keep all my vampires and wolves separate in Endangered. The mixing of the species, oh no! LOL! Trying to figure out the dynamics is hard enough in real life because it doesn’t have to make sense, but on paper? Everything has to be tight, which means more work, even though it’s enjoyable. When I get a hankering again, I’ll definitely spend more time researching Dear Old Dracula for something. In the meantime, I have Wolves and Fae, Vampires and Fae…it’s fucking raining Otherworld Creatures up in this bitch! BWAHAHAHAHA!

A rogue werewolf with a heart of gold. An undead Queen seeking salvation. Can they work together to rescue their city from a criminal organization?

Did you notice the subtle shifts in this cover?

JosĂ©f Staganov’s conscience won’t let him look the other way, even when his police department is turning a blind eye toward crime. But when he commits atrocities while under the influence of a dangerous substance used to create addicts out of shifter and vampire alike, he finds himself at the mercy of the seductive ruler of the city, and his own self-destructive regret.

Vampire Queen LivĂ­a feeds on the thrill she gets from ruling San Francisco with her own brand of justice. When a criminal organization forces a regime change, a cornered and frustrated LivĂ­a fights back until her loved ones are threatened. Lost and afraid, she finds herself seeking aid from an addict with a hero complex who constantly tests her heart.

Can Joséf and Livía fight a multi-front war, restore order, and save the city while discovering unbridled passion between them, or will their struggles be in vain?

Endangered is the first thrilling tale in the Nights of Lust paranormal romance series. If you like fierce passion, tormented heroes, and feisty women, then you’re sure to enjoy Sascha Illyvich’s tale.

Buy ENDANGERED to jump into this page turner today!

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