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Last week I was forced to take a few days off of not doing anything, so I caught up on my reading. I just finished Taming the Moon by Sherrill Quinn, No Mercy by Sherrilyn Kenyon, (when did Ash get married?) and two Vonna Harper novels. Both of those were pretty heavy and I’m not sure if it’s the setting of the book, as they both had desert themes, or if the level of intensity in emotions was so heavy between the characters that I just felt the pressure.

Either way this was good as Miss Harper was able to ramp up the intensity and desire for each character’s outcome until the sex relieves the tention, and the cycle builds again.

Well, the story I have in mind for Ravenous Romance has that. My next projects are the following:

Submit to Him – a book in the Reinhold series. Reinhold is a wolf owned by the Sisters of the Moon as are all wolves. He’s a Switch with a soulmate who is helping him rebuild the pack he rules over. The sisters, a Dom, a Switch and a Sub are all heartmates to him. Submit to Him will deal with Theresa’s submissive needs.

As the baby of the family of witches, she’s always used to being pushed back from the front lines for her safety. Reinhold included, as he’s quite a dangerous wolf, even if he is her heart mate. Yet she’s craved more than what her sisters have allowed her.

Reinhold knows she has needs, understands them but has his soul mate to deal with. Her indifference towards the three witches who should have taken better care of the pack and wolves instead of bitching about what the Goddess didn’t give them has caused a rift. Can Reinhold work this out with them all, applying lessons learned from his Dom and his soulmate while satisfying Theresa’s submissive needs and deepening the connection between them?

I INTENDED to write that entire story while listening ONLY to Mudvayne but that’s probably not going to happen. I can’t lock myself into a pattern like that, even if the band DOES have five albums out.

The other story is untitled but will be based on the Bob Hope, Bing Crosby “Road to” movies. Only with a bisexual twist I’m not sure if I’m going to put in a heavy issue there or if it’ll read much lighter in style. Still doing the plotting for that one . But it will be a MFM, and yes the men will love each other!

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