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But I have an excuse LOL! I started working retail. More properly, stocker. Even more official: Overnight stocker for CVS. The good news is that I have finished editing Second Chance Summer, and I have formatted it as well, so I need only upload it to Amazon and it’s ready to go for sale. I had to rework the dedication, the original was too personal.

The bad news is I don’t know what the fuck day today is unless I check a calendar. I’m eating as I type this and I’m pretty sure it’s Thursday. But working the overnight shift like I do has me severely confused often unless I look at my iPhone, because only then do I know today or whatever day it is is a day I go or don’t go into work. Oh, and if I pull my hair back, it’s terribly tangled when I come home and shower. If I braid it, it’s less so, but that still sucks. And it’s hot in the bedroom during the day thanks to Georgia summers. I need to figure out the blackout situation better, too.

At least my cat snuggles with me while I toss and turn and ‘don’t ‘sleep.’

Much like TaxSlayer, the folks I work with are hella dope and I appreciate everything about them. Even the fact that I’m the second oldest night shift employee, LOL!

What’s next you ask?

I have to go through the final Shifter Spies book and edit it. It needs a little work because I rushed it in parts and I don’t like how I wrote the heroine with the impression she’s a female Lupin, but acts like she’s weak “AF” as the kids say.

Kids are dumb. Just say “As Fuck.”

Point being, maybe if I can explain the change in behavior as a growth, then at the end, have that grown version of Female Lupin come out, that’ll maybe make me happy, which might make you a happier reader. I don’t know. I’m hoping for maybe an August release to end this trilogy. That’s enough time to run this book through my software, plus my mind, while still being confused about the days.

Maybe in July, I can start writing again. I want to finish my Harlequin submission, but the first 10,000 words need to be rewritten. I know what needs to be fixed, but it’s easier to rewrite than to fix. I’m excited to share an Enemies to Lovers romance with you.

Second Chance Summer is an “Age Gap” Second Chance Romance. I hadn’t heard the term Age Gap romance before since it tends to be a thing for contemporary romance, but the gist of this story is that she’s 18 years older than he is and they’ll run into each other in Seaside, OR. For those who didn’t click the link (don’t you love me?) here’s the blurb:

She wanted a change before she felt old and useless. He needed something to pull him from his self-induced prison.

Sandy knew the aches in her body wouldn’t disappear if she didn’t change her life. At fifty-four, she’d made a successful career for herself, but it came at a mental and physical cost that left her deciding to burn her world down. She’d sell off everything, including her successful advertising business, and drive across the country. Little did she know, Seaside, Oregon, with its peaceful beaches, beautiful ocean view, and small-town feel would reopen a wound she thought had closed thirteen years earlier.

Craig thought his life was awesome. Great job, always busy, plenty of money, and an understanding with whomever he spent time with. Until he looked at his existence and found it to be not just boring, but empty. His remedy? Cut communication from his old life, throw his bag in his car, and drive north from Oakland, CA. Stopping at Seaside seemed to bring him respite until he saw the one woman who shattered his heart thirteen years ago.

When he seduces Sandy and confesses his feelings for her, it quickly goes south, leaving him with only one option. Return to his previous life.

Except Sandy’s realization of how deeply they loved one another forces her to find him, and hope to salvage things until she accidentally smashes her SUV into his Porsche.

Can our lovers overcome their past and give romance a second chance, or will they end up brokenhearted and alone?

Preorder your copy of Second Chance Summer and follow our May/December romance for passion today.

Literally a pic of me 20 years ago today. I turned 45 on the 28th of June so, HAIL CANCER WOLVES!

I’ll make every reasonable attempt to get back to updating the website once shit settles. I know, it’s been some time, but I understand Night Shift takes a LOT of getting used to. I’m not promising a lot of new output this year, meaning no new words outside of this novella and my HQN submission, but I have plenty of material in the pipeline for release. Personal shit needs handling first. And I AM still looking for that full time WFH IT job. But that’s another rant.

For those keeping score, sausage and peppers over bowtie pasta with a Helles by AndyGator.

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