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I haven’t been able to post because of all the extra traffic jamming cellphone signals from over 80 thousand other attendees in Atlanta. But Monday was the last day of Dragoncon.

I spent too much time drinking and talking and working but met some really cool folks who wanted to actually meet me. I was pretty pleased!

The cigar herf was pretty sweet.  Had a few folks show up for that, light up premium handrolled cigars and smoke for about two hours.  Watching a beautiful woman serve was nice, then having her massage my wrists was even sweeter!

I’d like to thank Cynnara Tregarth, Kiernan Kelly, Gail Z. Norman, Stella Price and all the people who attended our EFF writer panels.  Without you, it would just be us.  And we’re all boring LOL!

The BDSM 201 panel was incredible.  People asked tough questions that required a LOT of courage to even word, let alone stand in line to ask us.

Now that I’m sick, I get to spend a day of resting before I start work at Grants Tobacconist.

Damn I’m tired though.  Whew!  Oh, and I’m sick.  Con Crud.
AND I’m feeling like shit, depressed.  Top Drop/Con Drop.


More to come!

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