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I’m not one to really pay much mind to the holidays, honestly I just see it as an excuse to drink (more) while I write LOL!Image

But even an author needs downtime and what better way to spend it than with an escape?

On my reading list, the following titles from my local library:

Starfire – Kate Douglas.  I recently picked up DemonFire, the first in her new series NOT Chanku related and realized I’m three books behind LOL!  A quick search of her site btw revealed just how far behind I am with her work, but that’s the life of a writer!  I was fortunate enough to meet her back in ’08 at RWA Nationals!

Next up would be Cynthia Eden.  I discovered her as a reviewer for Coffee Time Romance several years back and became hooked instantly.  ImageNot only is she a hell of a storyteller, with heat and passion and romance to boot, but she’s a really sweet author!  Have yet to meet her, but Never Cry Wolf has me only 40 pages in and hooked.  Simone is a badass, there’s no doubt in my mind and I’m sure we share some of the same inspirations for heroes in our stories. So far the plot keeps getting deeper and I can’t put the book down, except that I can’t smoke cigars and read outside due to the darkness and cold!

The sex scenes…well I remember reviewing her earlier work through Kensington and them being delicious, I think you’ll enjoy the new ones too 😉  I hope I can finish this book this weekend.

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