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After doing DragonCON and Erotic Authors Association’s first conference, plus travel and deadlines and edits hell for various projects I’m drained!  There is literally nothing in the well of ideas!  What a lot of people don’t understand about writers is that we’re actually like buckets.  We have only so many good words in us before the inspiration has run out and we’re fucked.  On empty.

I’ve been running on empty for the greater part of this month, moreso since I came back from the cons.  Next year’s going to be harder because I’ve already been told I’ll be at Frolicon, in addition to YNOT Summit, DragonCON and RWA.  I’m aiming for RT as well but my focus is to talk to readers next year and meet all of you.  Well, as many of you as I can anyway!

But the two agents I have who are the best in the world are requesting the next book in the series both have from me.  I’m thrilled but I have a problem.  I’ve got nothing to give them!  I’m on fumes!  No amount of booze can fix me LOL!

New music helps.  Watching Burn Notice on repeat helps too.  A little. But what I’ve found so far that refills me is reading.  So I hit up my local library and put several books on hold by favorite authors of mine.  Diane Whiteside, Angela Knight, Christina Dodd, that should get the well back to a point where I can create new material that doesn’t SUCK!   Already I’ve been roped into the idea that Decadent Publishing wants a story from me, so I have an idea but we’ll see if I can write it.

If that goes well they’ may get a few more from me.  We’ll see.

Even blog posts are hard to come up with.  And the weather’s getting nasty in California, (read dark and gray and the sun goes down earlier) so I simply want to hide away and do very little.   I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve stepped down my marketing efforts, not for annoyance factors but for time and energy factors.  I’m beginning to see the seasons play a factor in my writing.  It sort of messes with me LOL!

Guess we’ll see hm?

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  1. I can just image the bucket gets running on empty after so much time. I know that my daughter…(I call her the music guru…*S*) says her only inspiration she can rely on is music. She been redesigning her website on music that she’s put off for over a year because her muse just up and got tired of waiting for her I think…*S* Anyway she went on a photo shoot for a concert in Portland Oregon last month and now her muse is driving her again…*S* I secretly thank JP of Rabbit Junk for encouraging to come and shoot their concert or she would have just not gone.
    What music do you love out of my own curiosity? My daughter supplies me with great music, and to me it’s a blessing.


    1. Darcy,

      It’s not been fun when I have two agents asking for work from me to be completed. Then they see me cranking out another story for another publisher haha! I’m making slow progress on that whole reading thing though.

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