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If all my nurses and doctors could look like the above picture I’d find more reasons than just a fluttering heart to go into the hospital!

You may have seen my posts over the previous few days.  I had to go into the Emergency Room for heart trouble last Thursday.  I spent the entire day in the ER basically and came home to rest.  Then promised I’d take the entire weekend off.  I had no choice.  It was pretty bad this time around and next time I’ll go in sooner.  Spending 14+ hours in Afib is NOT fun.

But this week I have a neurologists appointment (today actually) and I see my cardiologist on the 24th.  For the record this is only the first trip to the ER this year.  Last year I was in twice, once for my heart and another time for nerve issues.

Writers in general aren’t healthy people.  It’s not that we don’t try, many of us do.  It’s just that sometimes shit gets in the way.  Overworking, stress, emotional issues, living issues, and for a select few, abuse issues (chemical) cause problems but still we persevere to put out the books you’ve come to love and enjoy.

This is NOT an easy industry and if I COULD do something else it wouldn’t help.  I’d be in music, HA!

At any rate, I’m working on Saint in Sinner’s Eyes and am halfway through it.  Saritza assures me that it’ll only take a little more work to get Burning for Derrick where she wants it and then we can start pushing it to publishers and editors.  She’s pretty pleased with it and that  makes me feel really damn good.

After I finish Saint in Sinner’s Eyes I’ll post a few unedited excerpts for your pleasure.

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