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Did you hear about the policy change Harper Collins was attempting to make back in February? Yeah, basically (and do a bit more research on this, I just woke up!) they want to sell libraries copies of ebooks that self destruct after 26 uses, so the library would be forced to buy that book again.

Author Kate Douglas best-selling author of the Wolf Tales romance series and the newly released Starfire, signed the petition at and added, “Many of my really loyal readers first discovered my books in their local libraries, and have gone on to buy my stories for themselves, so libraries are, in effect, a great sales tool. I’d rather see publishers dealing with the huge issue of ebook piracy and leave libraries alone.

I have to agree with Kate Douglas and the 7 other authors who commented. While I’m all for making money as an author and for the trickle down theory to work properly, I’m not for shady tactics that get me sales. Most ebook authors are honest people and most readers are just as honest and prefer to buy from trusted sources. When you write a book and someone buys it, you’ve created an expectation, especially if they like the book they bought. If the reader found the author doing nefarious things outside of those expectations, the likelyhood of a returning sale is much less than if the author played on the straight and narrow.

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  1. I agree with Kate Douglas. The majority of the books that I have purchased (and yes this includes ebooks) are a direct result of being able to find them in my local library first. Forcing the library to repurchase ebooks is short sighted and makes little sense from a business standpoint. Without libraries there would be very little reading much less purchasing and most of the pub houses would perish. Just my opinion 🙂

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